Guest Authors

If you would like to submit as a guest, be sure to include a title, your name (pseudonyms/pen names are fine), and a link to your blog if you have one and would like to be linked. The link is important because you will likely get quite a few referrals from the article.

I am open to a wide variety of ideas, but quality is important, so try to keep the language and thought consistent, tight and interesting. Personal stories are OK, but only as an example to bolster a point. One of the things I can’t stand about feminist and mommy blogs is that their posts are often all about the writer’s personal life and experiences, as though we all care about their latest shopping excursion or that creepy guy who said something “disturbing” to them.

In terms of format, plain text with html tags is best, but if you’d like to attach a word processor file to the email that’s fine. For some people, including links and pictures may be easier using MS Word or another similar program, so don’t feel as though you need to learn html to make a submission.

Send guest submissions to:

editor (at)

Contributing Authors

For those who would like to become contributing authors, the same standards apply, but I will also need some samples of previous writing, preferably on a blog you run, before I can sign you up. Being a contributing author means that not only can you link your blog from the articles you write, but you will have a dedicated link in the sidebar as well, visible to all visitors to The Spearhead. This will provide a steady stream of referrals, and give you an opportunity to gain exposure for your blog. To keep that link, I’ll require regular submissions, but one a month will suffice.

Additionally, as a contributing author, you will be able to simply log in to The Spearhead and post your work through the admin interface. I will then look it over and schedule it, usually for the next day. Feel free to post the same content on your own blog — at this point The Spearhead has enough subscribers and readers that we don’t need to be overly exclusive with content.

To inquire about becoming a contributing author, use the contact form


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