A Criticism of MRA

by W.F. Price 06.10.2014

Over the last few years as I’ve written about and studied “gender” issues, I’ve come to the conclusion that women are not going to change — at least not in our lifetimes. Nor will men. I suppose one could call it cynicism, but I prefer to think of it as acceptance. Are women going to […]

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Another Couple Shootings; More to Come

by W.F. Price 06.09.2014

On Friday, a young man opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University, killing one and wounding several others. He was subdued by a student security guard with pepper spray while reloading. The shooter, named Aaron Ybarra, was delusional and and had homicidal fantasies for years. Yesterday, a young couple killed two policemen in […]

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Modern Day Mail Order Brides

by W.F. Price 06.09.2014

In a new twist on a very old practice, a professional matchmaker recently founded a startup to fly young women from New York to the Bay Area to meet men in the tech industry. The idea is that there’s a surplus of women in New York, and a surplus of men of means in the […]

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D-Day: Was it Worth It?

by W.F. Price 06.06.2014

My grandpa had a bird’s eye view of the D-Day landings, seventy years ago today. He flew tactical bombing missions, watching the invasion unfold beneath him. Compared to his earliest missions in ’43, it wasn’t that dangerous. The Luftwaffe had already been reduced to hit and run attacks, and couldn’t challenge the US Army Air […]

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New Brunswick Shootings

by W.F. Price 06.05.2014

As I’ve been settling in up here on the Canadian Marches, as I like to call our formerly contested borderlands in the Northwest (kind of an inside joke for local history buffs), I’ve found that I get a lot of broadcast Canadian TV channels. So, as I’ve been watching the news it’s been nice to […]

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Feminists Resort to Accusing AVfM of Wire Fraud

by W.F. Price 06.04.2014

Now that AVfM has raised the money required to pay the police to hold their conference in Detroit, feminists are attempting to deny that, following alleged phone threats, the Doubletree Hilton in Detroit demanded $25,000 in protection and insurance money for the June event, instead suggesting that the threats were manufactured by AVfM as a […]

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Seattle’s Regressive Progressivism

by W.F. Price 06.04.2014

Seattle’s new $15/hour minimum wage is making national news because it’s such a sudden and large increase. Washington state already has the nation’s highest minimum wage at $9.32/hour, but that wasn’t cutting it in Seattle, where costs have skyrocketed over the last five years or so. The median rent for a two bedroom apartment, for […]

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Extortion and Appeasement

by W.F. Price 06.03.2014

I heard about the AVfM Detroit hotel controversy a few days ago, and thought I’d keep my mouth shut until Paul Elam made up his mind about how to handle it. It seems donors came through and paid off the protection fee plus associated insurance, which came out to $25,000 — about what I guessed […]

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Advice for Seattle Tech Workers Who Want to Meet Women

by W.F. Price 06.02.2014

Having suffered through Tricia Romano’s long whine about how hard it is to find hot guys in Seattle, I thought I’d offer some suggestions for the tech workers who have to weed through these types in order to find a decent girl. Anecdotally, I’ve heard that Seattle has a lousy dating scene. I wouldn’t really […]

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Middle-Aged Journalist Blames Lack of Love Life on “Brogrammers”

by W.F. Price 06.02.2014

Tricia Romano, who apparently went to grad school at the University of Washington in the 90s, which would put her right around 40 give or take a couple years, has declared that techies are responsible for her lackluster sex life. Not to dump on Ms. Romano too much, but she doesn’t exactly stand out from […]

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The Allure of the Mountains

by W.F. Price 06.01.2014

Just about every year it seems someone dies on Mt. Rainier, but the truth is that it isn’t quite that common — that’s just the average. However, if you consider all the climbing and skiing deaths in all of Washington state, people do die pretty much every year. That doesn’t include those lost in the […]

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Removed Rodger eBook, but Need More Projects

by W.F. Price 05.30.2014

At Dalrock’s request, which was reasonable, I took down the post containing the eBook of Elliot Rodger’s manifesto from the main page. I’m keeping the file, but moving it to a resource for academics and law enforcement, because it may actually be true that the general public will think I had something to do with […]

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What do Feminists, Elliot Rodger and Ta-Nahesi Coates Have in Common?

by W.F. Price 05.29.2014

Right before the Isla Vista massacre, The Atlantic published a long screed by Ta-Nahesi Coates which, by listing grievances against whites, made the case for reparations for blacks. I read the article, and found parts of it to be highly disturbing, particularly the implication that white Americans should be held collectively responsible as Germans were […]

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Looking for a Graphic Designer for Book Covers

by W.F. Price 05.29.2014

I could probably find someone locally, but for manosphere projects it would be nice to pass some business along to a fellow traveler. Anyone interested should get in touch through the contact page and send a couple samples or a link to a portfolio. When I get ebook or print jobs, I’ll contract out the […]

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