For Tuesday SF Meetup Recognition

by W.F. Price 03.23.2014

When I meet up with people in San Francisco, it might be helpful if they can recognize me, so I’m posting a very recent picture. Below, you can see me with my wife a couple weeks ago on her birthday. I’m still sporting my Northwest winter coat in the pic (unshaven and in need of […]

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What the Hell Does Feminism Mean?

by W.F. Price 03.20.2014

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find a consistent cultural message about anything, so it is to be expected that certain political movements and ideas are plagued with confusion, but nothing beats “feminism” for mixed messages. Recently, the most prominent feminists in the news have been Sheryl Sandberg, Katy Perry (who just discovered […]

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More Info on San Francisco Dinner/Meetup

by W.F. Price 03.19.2014

Although I’ve received a half dozen confirmations on the Doodle meetup page, I made the poll confidential and didn’t ask for emails, so I’m having a bit of a tough time getting in touch with people who indicated interest there (altogether it’s looking like we’ll have around ten people). So if you signed up for […]

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Wimpy Young Pundits

by W.F. Price 03.18.2014

I don’t usually judge men by their appearance, but when there’s a widespread trend in any given place – that is, they all share something in common – I pay attention. Lately, Heartiste has been pointing out the blatant effeminacy of the elite young punditry. He has a point. I can’t think of any mainstream […]

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Update on San Francisco Meetup

by W.F. Price 03.17.2014

Looks like next Tuesday afternoon/evening may be the best time for meeting up in San Francisco. So far there are just about a half dozen people who have expressed interest (four on Doodle), which sounds good to me. However, more are welcome, so feel free to check in on the Doodle link if you’re in […]

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Asset Forfeiture as Institutionalized Corruption

by W.F. Price 03.17.2014

Over the years, constitutional safeguards protecting people from arbitrary seizure of property have been gutted, and due process tossed by the wayside. There were two parallel legal developments that contributed to this trend. Both happened at around the same time. One was the “war on drugs,” and the other was family law, or, as it […]

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Pussy Riot and Fred Phelps

by W.F. Price 03.17.2014

Fred Phelps, patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church, is reportedly on his deathbed following a falling out with other members of his church and family. I have tried not to pay much attention to Fred Phelps, because for all intents and purposes he is working for the destruction of traditional family norms in the US […]

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The Murky World of Sex on Campus

by W.F. Price 03.16.2014

The LA Times published a correction yesterday to an article published late last year. In the article, which appeared on the front page, the LA Times reported that Occidental College did not disclose a number of sexual assault reports. A front-page article in the Los Angeles Times on Dec. 7, 2013, was incorrect in reporting […]

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The Diversity and Influence of the English Diaspora in The US

by W.F. Price 03.15.2014

I’ve long been interested in linguistics and dialects of English, so I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the people who came from the motherland: who they were, when they came, which parts of England they came from, etc. Roanoke, The very first English colony in US territory failed, probably as a result […]

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Hoist on our Own Petard

by W.F. Price 03.14.2014

Why is the West politically helpless in the face of Russian neo-Soviet aggression in Ukraine? Because the Russians are playing by the same script our cultural elite has embraced for the last two decades, and doing a better job of it. In Germany (and some other European countries), left wingers and progressives are siding with […]

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Feminist Professor Assaults Minor over Pro Life Signs

by W.F. Price 03.13.2014

For years now, campus liberals have been getting away with shameless bullying of anyone who openly disagrees with their radical politics. They have grown so bold that one University of California (Santa Barbara) feminist studies “professor” named Mireille Miller-Young attacked a couple of kids – including a 16-year-old – who were holding anti-abortion signs. Before […]

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Lena Dunham had a Bad Week

by W.F. Price 03.13.2014

It looks like Lena Dunham’s performance on SNL last weekend, which was widely panned, has led her to re-think her career and consider quitting acting. The skit with the lowest ratings was the one in which she attacked MRAs, but her Bible skit didn’t sit all that well with viewers either. Dunham’s rise to stardom […]

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Doodle Link for SF Meetup

by W.F. Price 03.13.2014

A friend suggested I use a Doodle poll to see when people might be available to meet up in San Francisco, so I chose a few days and times that are probably plausible for me (for now). If I can get a few people to commit to something early it will be easier to settle […]

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San Francisco Meetup

by W.F. Price 03.12.2014

I’m headed down to SF in less than two weeks’ time, and this could be a good opportunity for some of us to get together and enjoy a little conversation and fellowship. I’ll have a pretty flexible schedule down there, and would be happy to arrange a gathering that could accommodate the maximum number of […]

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