In Opposing Govt. “Brother’s Keeper” Program, Gloria Steinem Reveals Extent of Female Favoritism

by W.F. Price 09.02.2014

In perusing the news today, I found an article about Feminists’ involvement in the Ferguson disturbances. My first reaction was to wonder what on earth feminists have to do with the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown. Could they really be concerned about police killing men? Impossible. Domestic disturbance incidents, usually involving women, are probably […]

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SPLC Evokes Elliot Rodger to Smear MRAs

by W.F. Price 09.01.2014

Recently, I noticed that the SPLC’s newest Intelligence Report featured Elliot Rodger, and then attempted to tie him into Men’s Rights, which his manifesto proves is an absurd association. Rodger was a narcissist with an extreme sense of entitlement and a pathological case of envy. Some tie him in with the incels (involuntary celibates), but […]

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A Practical Definition of Feminism

by W.F. Price 09.01.2014

Commenter Schopenhauer states that women’s power is based on their sexuality, dismissing feminism as a “pure power grab” and not in the least intellectual. Feminism was never anything even approaching an “intellectual movement.” It was always a pure power grab. I drove this point home to my sons the night they were watching this awards […]

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Beyoncé Clarifies Meaning of “Feminist”

by W.F. Price 08.31.2014

Beyoncé has been flying the feminist flag for a while now, despite being a bit ambivalent about the term just a couple years ago. I suspect it’s her husband Jay-Z’s idea — a PR stunt to deflect criticism of the raunchy sexual exploitation he’s relied upon for years to make the big bucks. It has […]

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Feminists’ Deafening Silence on Rotherham

by W.F. Price 08.29.2014

After news came out that some 1,400 English girls, including some as young as 11, were lured and coerced into sex slavery by Pakistani gangs in North England, there’s been a media blackout in feminist circles about the crimes. All it takes is one false rape allegation leveled against white college boys by a stripper […]

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Paternal Leave

by W.F. Price 08.28.2014

The last six weeks have served as a reminder of what it’s like to have a baby in the house all over again, and they’ve brought the matter of parental leave back to mind. If, as things stand today, both parents are expected to work to get by, maternal leave should be a given due […]

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The New Queen of Indie Gaming

by W.F. Price 08.28.2014

When Uncle Elmer linked news of the Zoe Quinn affair(s) last week, I looked over the story and found myself mostly just appalled by the behavior of these “adults” involved in the gaming scene. Quinn herself isn’t much of a surprise, but given how easy it was for her to sleep with so many guys […]

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Why Aren’t There More Women in 3D Printing?

Thumbnail image for Why Aren’t There More Women in 3D Printing? by Uncle Elmer 08.27.2014

I have railed in the past about the emergence of “coding bootcamps” for women so no need to get unhinged here about how these initiatives are really just gravy trains for strip-mall colleges and phony social justice warriors. Many community colleges provide better resources and costs for learning computer technology, and Albuquerque’s Community College of […]

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Women’s Lib Places Home Ec in Men’s Hands

by W.F. Price 08.19.2014

Elmer linked to a Salon article in which feminist writer Tracy Clark-Flory admits to going on spending binges and then asking her husband to take her credit cards and manage the money. The other day I told my husband, “I want you to take my credit card,” and then grimaced with a sudden pang of […]

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Who are the Anarchists in Ferguson, and Who’s Funding Them?

by W.F. Price 08.18.2014

The Daily Mail has a picture of the white rioter shot and critically wounded in Ferguson, and he is surrounded by a few other whites who have the typical anarchist getup of masks and hoods. The police did not open fire that night, so the logical conclusion is that he was shot by another protester […]

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When Billionaires and Looters Make Common Cause: Jack Dorsey in Ferguson

by W.F. Price 08.18.2014

I just sent my kids back to their mom for the rest of the summer, so a semblance of peace and quiet is returning to my little home. My son really likes his little brother, and my daughter is growing up fast and becoming quite competent for an eight-year-old. I’m still a bit of a […]

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G.K. Chesterton

by W.F. Price 07.25.2014

Yesterday, a commenter pointed out that G.K. Chesterton had made a point very similar to my own and in very similar terms many years ago. Not having seen it previously, I was a little taken aback by the similarity. Not because I thought the idea was entirely original when I wrote it down, but because […]

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When “Humane” is Anything But

by W.F. Price 07.24.2014

Another condemned convict has died slowly on the gurney as a yet another state botched another execution. After being poisoned with lethal drugs, James Rudolph Wood III took an hour and forty minutes to die, presenting witnesses with a macabre spectacle as he gasped and heaved and resisted death. Finally, after a deacon with a […]

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Debunking the Patriarchy Myth

by W.F. Price 07.24.2014

Feminists believe that all of recorded history is one litany of subjugation of womankind, ended only in recent times by the brave and stalwart feminists, who wrested power from the patriarchy (how they did so is not usually explained). It’s bunk, and people only believe it because they have extremely limited knowledge of history. The […]

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