Family Court Judge Threatens Deployed Submariner With Loss of Custody and Issues Arrest Warrant

by W.F. Price 06.21.2014

I’d like to file this under “things that would never happen to a woman.” A family law judge in Michigan, otherwise known as a kidnapper in a robe, has ordered Matthew Hindes, a man who is serving somewhere deep under the waves on a classified mission, to show up in her courtroom. If he doesn’t, […]

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Feminist Fathers

by W.F. Price 06.20.2014

Some guy in New Jersey got a lot of online attention recently because he was wearing this laughable t-shirt announcing to the world that his daughter makes the sexual rules. Because his daughter is 20 and lives in American society, that’s pretty much a given in any event, but he felt the need to broadcast […]

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Tricia Romano Pouts in Response to “Trolls”

by W.F. Price 06.19.2014

When I wrote about Tricia Romano’s Salon piece, I wasn’t all that hard on her. Sure, she gave her piece a nasty title, trashed an entire class of men and exhibited an outsized sense of entitlement, but as far as I know she’s never actually screwed a guy over personally. I try to save the […]

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Obama’s Children’s Crusade: Probably a Smuggling Racket

by W.F. Price 06.18.2014

The sudden “Children’s Crusade” of Central American kids across our southern border has outraged Americans, but nobody seems to know who is behind it. Certainly, it’s partly Barack Obama’s fault for enticing the Central Americans with promises not to deport kids, but how could tens of thousands of children suddenly make it all the way […]

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by W.F. Price 06.17.2014

One of’s editors, a fellow who goes by “J.F. Sargent,” has been making the rounds building a case against men who stand up to gender feminism. He’s been channeling the SPLC, which gives us a good idea of where Sargent is coming from. Frankly, I think the guy should identify as J.F. Sebastian, who […]

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Rowing The Cut

by W.F. Price 06.17.2014

[I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, so I wrote down one of my memories from the early 90s in Seattle. Some things about the city - or what it was - are worth preserving.] Each morning the alarm would sound at quarter to five, and each time my eyes would open seconds before it […]

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The Talk for Young Men in the Military

by Elusive Wapiti 06.16.2014

Dr.Φ at the blog Delenda Est Cathargo has had a front-row seat to the military’s latest effort to make the armed services safe for military women…from military men.  He has three posts up thus far on this topic, entitled “War On Nerds: SAPR Edition“, “SAPR Day Scenarios“, and “People vs Values”, with likely more to […]

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Creepy Feminists Won’t Leave Pop Stars Alone

by W.F. Price 06.13.2014

There has been a recent obsession amongst feminists with having female pop singers and stars come out as feminists. They are doing their best to recruit them to “the cause,” and have had some success, but only with the R&B demographic of Beyoncé et al., and the one teenage pop star – Lorde – whose […]

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Goodbye, Grandpa

by W.F. Price 06.12.2014

My grandfather died yesterday at age 91, leaving me with no surviving grandparents. I’m sad he’s gone, but he lived a good, long life. Aside from the war, there was little that went wrong for him. Born into a wealthy New York family that lived on Long Island Sound, he decided to carve out an […]

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The Dogs Who Watch the Gates

by W.F. Price 06.11.2014

One day, after being hassled by the so-called “bao an,” a sort of unofficial police force in China comprised of shiftless youths, I vented my frustrations to a Chinese friend. “Don’t worry,” he said, they’re just “kan men de gou.” What that means is they’re just dogs who watch the gate. The Chinese way of […]

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A Criticism of MRA

by W.F. Price 06.10.2014

Over the last few years as I’ve written about and studied “gender” issues, I’ve come to the conclusion that women are not going to change — at least not in our lifetimes. Nor will men. I suppose one could call it cynicism, but I prefer to think of it as acceptance. Are women going to […]

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Another Couple Shootings; More to Come

by W.F. Price 06.09.2014

On Friday, a young man opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University, killing one and wounding several others. He was subdued by a student security guard with pepper spray while reloading. The shooter, named Aaron Ybarra, was delusional and and had homicidal fantasies for years. Yesterday, a young couple killed two policemen in […]

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Modern Day Mail Order Brides

by W.F. Price 06.09.2014

In a new twist on a very old practice, a professional matchmaker recently founded a startup to fly young women from New York to the Bay Area to meet men in the tech industry. The idea is that there’s a surplus of women in New York, and a surplus of men of means in the […]

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D-Day: Was it Worth It?

by W.F. Price 06.06.2014

My grandpa had a bird’s eye view of the D-Day landings, seventy years ago today. He flew tactical bombing missions, watching the invasion unfold beneath him. Compared to his earliest missions in ’43, it wasn’t that dangerous. The Luftwaffe had already been reduced to hit and run attacks, and couldn’t challenge the US Army Air […]

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