Using the Fireteam as the Model for Political Activism

by W.F. Price 04.07.2014

To get things done at a local level, we start with small, tactically agile teams that resemble the smallest military unit: the fireteam. The infantry of the US Marine Corps and Army is built around the fireteam, which is comprised of four soldiers. Each soldier in the team has a role, including rifleman, grenadier, automatic […]

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Teams vs. Herds

by W.F. Price 04.06.2014

Shlomo’s comment prompted me to think about why men aren’t making much headway in promoting their political interests. The obvious answer is that men compete with each other and tear each other down, but then again women do the same. However, men and women compete in a different manner. Women compete as individuals. For example, […]

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Comment of the Week: How Men Lost the Political Gender War

by W.F. Price 04.06.2014

Shlomo goes into some detail explaining why men’s issues have failed to gain traction: Over 30 years ago, women’s groups in Massachusetts held hearings to change divorce laws. Per usual, they were active, informed, and organized. Men’s groups, on the other hand, were blase about the whole thing. They felt no need to attract new […]

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Divorce Corp: A License to Steal

by W.F. Price 04.05.2014

After reading a few reviews, I watched Divorce Corp, a movie released earlier this year that exposes the inner workings of family law courts, which have become the most rapacious of all public institutions and spawned a particularly vile class of professionals who feed off of broken families like packs of hyenas. Not long into […]

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A Humble Suggestion for Conservative Opponents of Same Sex Marriage

by W.F. Price 04.04.2014

As Brendan Eich is being dragged over the glowing coals of gay fury, some have pointed to his forced resignation from Mozilla as an example of gay McCarthyism, others of the intolerance of the left in general, and on the other side some are celebrating an enemy getting what they think he had coming. Because […]

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Hanna Rosin Chimes in on Helicopter Parenting

by W.F. Price 04.03.2014

I’ve come to have a grudging respect for Hanna Rosin, because despite the fact that she so often comes to the wrong conclusion about things and has such a difficult time seeing the root cause of problems, at least she’s bright enough to see where things have gone wrong. In an article for the Atlantic, […]

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Feminists Promoting White Knighting in Bars

by W.F. Price 04.02.2014

Jake Blumgart, writing for Slate, proposes a new effort that’s almost guaranteed to go horribly wrong: bouncers and bar staff getting more involved in policing interaction between men and women at their establishments. Bartenders and bouncers already deal with unruly customers, but that isn’t enough. Now, we need a sort of barroom VAWA that requires […]

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Violent UCSB Feminist Professor Victim of “Trap”

by W.F. Price 04.02.2014

Poor Mireille Miller-Young, set up and trapped by cunning teenage pro-lifers, is just a hapless tool who was “triggered” into committing crimes. After all, who could expect an adult with a postsecondary education to behave in a rational manner around a provocative teen? You want a recipe for confrontation? Take a bunch of graphic photos […]

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Entry Level Drone – Experience Required

by Featured Guest 04.01.2014

[Editor: A reader submitted this interesting piece on the modern workplace, which offers some insight into why young men may not be all that ambitious these days.] By HGW I have a Job Interview. I’m wearing a suit. Dressed ‘accordingly’. Why though? Why the suit? Why do we have to dress the same? Is it […]

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Fighting for Equality for Fathers is a Fool’s Errand

by W.F. Price 04.01.2014

When the divorce industry really took off in the 70s, fathers’ rights groups soon emerged. Men were getting hammered by attorneys and judges, and there was an immediate backlash. From that moment, fathers began to frame the debate in terms of equality. There was even a widely-viewed film starring Dustin Hoffman – Kramer vs. Kramer […]

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The Cowardice of the SPLC

by W.F. Price 03.31.2014

It came out a few days ago that the SPLC’s official partnership with the FBI has been severed for one reason or another. It was always inappropriate for the SPLC to be involved in federal criminal justice operations, as it is a blatantly biased organization, and perhaps the SPLC’s relentless attacks on Christians have finally […]

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How Liberal Democracy Discriminates Against Traditional Families

by W.F. Price 03.31.2014

We Americans don’t have much of a tradition of criticizing our political system because until recently it has worked pretty well for us. This is in stark contrast to most other modern nation states, which have gone through far more broad political changes than we have over the last couple hundred years. Aside from the […]

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A Good Time

by W.F. Price 03.26.2014

I’m happy to announce that I had a great time during our little Spearhead rendezvous in San Francisco. A half dozen of us spent time together eating, conversing and getting to know each other at the Grand Hot Pot Lounge. Despite being from various and diverse occupational, religious and ethnic backgrounds and spanning three decades […]

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Grand Hot Pot Lounge

by W.F. Price 03.24.2014

I’ve chosen the Grand Hot Pot Lounge on 3565 Geary Blvd for our get together. Here’s the Yelp listing, which includes a map. I’ll be there at 6PM Tuesday (tomorrow) evening. If you’d like to confirm, send me an email at wfprice (at) welmer (dot) org. Otherwise, just show up and I’ll be there. Sichuanese […]

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