Mark Driscoll’s Un-Brotherly Behavior Catches up to Mars Hill

by W.F. Price 07.02.2014

Mark Driscoll founded the Mars Hill Church in Seattle some fifteen years ago, determined to bring conservative Evangelical Christianity to the most radically left wing city west of the Mississippi. He had great success, despite – or perhaps because of – the hostile political climate. In unchurched, liberal Seattle it’s easy to position oneself as […]

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PRIDE Toronto Boots CAFÉ

by W.F. Price 07.01.2014

Barbara Kay, who spoke at the Men’s Conference in Michigan, wrote a column yesterday about the arbitrary ejection of CAFÉ from Toronto’s Pride parade, held last weekend: The annual Pride event in Canada’s biggest city is supposed to be a celebration of all things and causes relating to gay culture and, more broadly, to formerly […]

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From The Spearhead to the National Debate on Marriage and Interpartner Violence

by W.F. Price 06.27.2014

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that Heartiste posted a Bureau of Justice Statistics graph I used last year to demonstrate that feminist fearmongering about husbands was putting women in danger. Heartiste retweeted the post when I first published it, so he gave The Spearhead credit for the research, and I’m glad he reposted the […]

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Jewish Father Faces Death Threats as Wife Tightens Vice

by W.F. Price 06.26.2014

Rivky Stein, mother of two and Orthodox Jewish wife to Yoel Weiss, has not found civil family law courts to be quite enough for her. Although she’s accused her husband of rape and of punching her in the stomach when she was pregnant (which could bring an attempted murder charge), and even had him falsely […]

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Feminists to “Boycott” Men’s Conference

by W.F. Price 06.25.2014

The Spearhead needs your help to stay online. Without support soon, the site cannot survive as a resource open to all visitors. Please contribute financially to maintain men’s journalism as a viable opinion and news outlet. Anything helps. In a stunning admission of defeat, feminists are urging fellow-travellers to boycott the AVfM-sponsored International Men’s Conference […]

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Support Independent Men’s Journalism

by W.F. Price 06.25.2014

Dear readers, I’ve greatly appreciated providing you with regular commentary, news and essays for nearly five years at this point. It has truly been a labor of love. Currently, I write for about 2,500 regular readers, with an average article being accessed about 3,500 times through the site. I’m quite satisfied with those numbers, because […]

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Interesting Comment of the Week

by W.F. Price 06.24.2014

Commenter hindsight2020 recently left a comment on the April 16 article “Once a Man, Always a Man” that I thought was worth sharing. He writes about the “Hijras,” India’s transgender/eunuch caste. It isn’t a pretty picture, and perhaps it’s something we ought to keep in mind as the US marches onward toward institutionalized transsexualism. I […]

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Mormon Church Draws Line in Sand, Excommunicates Feminist

by W.F. Price 06.24.2014

A woman who has consistently defied church elders, doctrine and repeated orders to stop pushing her agenda has just been excommunicated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The decision by the Mormon church to excommunicate the founder of a prominent women’s group marks a stern statement at a time when the […]

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The Slow Shift South

by W.F. Price 06.23.2014

In just a week or so, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union is set to renegotiate contracts for its West Coast port workers. The ILWU has a long history in Seattle and San Francisco, and has won incredibly sweet concessions from ports over the decades. A foreman, for example, makes over $200,000 per year, and […]

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Seattle Minimum Wage Blowback: Daycare Set to Become Really, Really Expensive

by W.F. Price 06.22.2014

A lot of the arguments for the 50% minimum wage hike in Seattle are along the lines of this: “What’s the problem? You’ll only have to pay a little more for your hamburger or pizza, and that’s nothing to complain about.” This is really how your typical Seattle progressive thinks. However, they weren’t thinking too […]

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Family Court Judge Threatens Deployed Submariner With Loss of Custody and Issues Arrest Warrant

by W.F. Price 06.21.2014

I’d like to file this under “things that would never happen to a woman.” A family law judge in Michigan, otherwise known as a kidnapper in a robe, has ordered Matthew Hindes, a man who is serving somewhere deep under the waves on a classified mission, to show up in her courtroom. If he doesn’t, […]

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Feminist Fathers

by W.F. Price 06.20.2014

Some guy in New Jersey got a lot of online attention recently because he was wearing this laughable t-shirt announcing to the world that his daughter makes the sexual rules. Because his daughter is 20 and lives in American society, that’s pretty much a given in any event, but he felt the need to broadcast […]

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Tricia Romano Pouts in Response to “Trolls”

by W.F. Price 06.19.2014

When I wrote about Tricia Romano’s Salon piece, I wasn’t all that hard on her. Sure, she gave her piece a nasty title, trashed an entire class of men and exhibited an outsized sense of entitlement, but as far as I know she’s never actually screwed a guy over personally. I try to save the […]

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Obama’s Children’s Crusade: Probably a Smuggling Racket

by W.F. Price 06.18.2014

The sudden “Children’s Crusade” of Central American kids across our southern border has outraged Americans, but nobody seems to know who is behind it. Certainly, it’s partly Barack Obama’s fault for enticing the Central Americans with promises not to deport kids, but how could tens of thousands of children suddenly make it all the way […]

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