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Comments will be largely unrestricted and unmoderated, but there are a few things we don’t want to deal with because we have little time or patience for flame wars. So, for the benefit of readers, here is a preliminary list of things to avoid when commenting:

  1. Unprovoked personal attacks
  2. Attacks based on religion
  3. Race-baiting
  4. Excessive profanity
  5. All caps
  6. Nonsense
  7. Bullshit
  8. Soliciting (without prior approval)

We will edit or delete offending comments at our discretion. Keep in mind that editing and deleting comments is not indicative of our stance on any particular issue; it is simply a measure taken to douse out flame wars and encourage intelligent commentary.

Additionally, comments are solely the opinion of the commenter, and therefore do not have anything to do with the editorial policy of The Spearhead.

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