The Spearhead — Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious that American men – particularly those of the post-boomer generations – have fallen into a cultural gap. Our voice is barely a whisper in the traditional media, we are consistently portrayed as worthless buffoons and advertisers ignore us.

But underneath the gossip shows on TV, the newspaper articles written by elderly columnists and the parade of empty-headed starlets there is a rising murmur of dissent — a growing dissatisfaction with the shabby state of affairs. There is a palpable feeling that our legitimate grievances have been ignored even as more and more indignities are heaped on our heads.

Some of us have finally started to find our voice, and a number of blogs dedicated to men’s issues have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, creating something of a movement. But “movement” might be the wrong term, because in our contrived and artificial society the meaning of that word has come to be associated with dilettante radicals with bullhorns and giant puppets making appeals on behalf of sea turtles or some other exotic cause. What sets our movement apart is that many men, because of the real injustices so many of us have faced first-hand, have come to a common awareness that there are serious political, legal and cultural problems that plague men in our society.

Rather than engaging in status displays of conspicuous righteousness, we are raising our voices in defense of ourselves, our families and our fellow men, which is a far more ennobling thing to do than raiding weasel farms or getting involved in intertribal disputes halfway around the world.

This magazine is an expression of our growing voice, and combines the talents of some of the Anglosphere’s best bloggers on men’s issues. We don’t all have exactly the same opinions or the same solutions, but we’re all dedicated to tackling the same injustices and building a better society based on honesty and a realistic assessment of human nature. And, finally, we’re also dedicated to providing top-notch content that will inform, educate and entertain readers.

Enjoy our magazine!

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