Jewish Father Faces Death Threats as Wife Tightens Vice

by W.F. Price on June 26, 2014

Rivky Stein, mother of two and Orthodox Jewish wife to Yoel Weiss, has not found civil family law courts to be quite enough for her. Although she’s accused her husband of rape and of punching her in the stomach when she was pregnant (which could bring an attempted murder charge), and even had him falsely arrested on multiple occasions for allegedly violating a restraining order (dismissed each time), she won’t be satisfied until her husband abandons the only card he has left: the Jewish custom of the “get,” which stipulates that only men can grant divorce under religious law.

An Orthodox Jewish woman who has been unsuccessful in her attempts to secure a religious divorce from her husband has brought her case to social media, hoping to convince him to finally grant her a “get.”

With the help of family and friends, Rivky Stein, 24, created a Facebook page detailing her purportedly nightmarish relationship with hubby Yoel Weiss, 31, whom she married in a religious ceremony shortly after she turned 18 years old, in 2008.

“I want my get very badly,” she told the News. “But this is not just about me. It’s about fixing the problem so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

They had two children together, but Stein left Weiss after a series of alleged abuses, which she says included raping her and punching her in the stomach while she was pregnant. She says she never sought to have him criminally charged, but is now speaking to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

Weiss, who runs an Internet search engine optimization firm, denies abusing his estranged wife.

The couple never formally obtained a civil marriage license, both partners said.

Instead they used a Jewish marriage contract, called a ketubah , which is technically illegal [editor: Not true. The Ketubah is a legally-enforceable civil contract and not "illegal"] but still recognized by family court.

According to strict Jewish law, a woman is considered married, locked in and unable to remarry, until her husband grants the formal divorce document. That means Stein cannot move on with her life until she gets the get .

He insists he’ll give it to her as soon as their messy custody battle is hashed out in family court.

“This is something that’s settled together,” he said. “That’s how the Jewish thing goes. Ever bought a house and moved into it without paying?”

But community leaders contend that’s a poor excuse.

This is just the latest in a string of stories about Jewish men facing down lynch mobs incited by their wives for the purposes of obtaining a get and forcing husbands into unconditional surrender in civil courts. If Mrs. Stein used only the civil courts, like most women, she’d almost certainly emerge victorious in custody and child support fights. She’d also have no trouble obtaining a civil divorce if she’d bothered to get a civil marriage in the first place. No contract – Jewish or not – can override family court decisions on these matters. Actually, what she’s trying to do is force civil courts and/or opinion to make a ruling on a marriage that doesn’t legally exist in the state of New York.

However, in the Orthodox Jewish community, she’d be ineligible for an Orthodox Jewish remarriage regardless of what the state says. Although I don’t know the facts in this case, if a woman is so dead set on being able to remarry immediately after separation, that’s a red flag for adultery. It means there’s a high likelihood that she’s already got another man lined up. Mrs. Stein, who is a svelte, cute 24-year-old, probably wouldn’t have a problem finding another man in a community where most young women are already married and the men without wives have limited options. If she hasn’t already, I’d be highly surprised. If not, it would be easy to let the dust settle and then when Mr. Weiss calms down and they have a custody schedule they can both live with, he’ll give her the get.

But no, Rivky wants it Right Now!, and she isn’t about to make any concessions on custody that might limit her mobility and force her to cooperate with her icky husband. So she’s pulling out the big guns, gathering an army of beta white knights, some of whom have, according to Mr. Weiss, threatened him with death, and now she’s using the media to paint her husband as a monster. She’s even using the typical treacly feminist pablum about “freedom” and “rights.” Feminists have a childish conception of freedom and rights that essentially means “freedom from responsibility” and “right to do whatever I want.” I’m sure she genuinely feels that her freedom and rights are being violated, but you know, this isn’t the Pale of Settlement, but rather New York, where she’s free to abandon the dictates of her religion if it doesn’t suit her, and has every right to do so. What more could she ask for?

A lot, apparently.

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TFH June 26, 2014 at 14:47

I have long noticed a distinct trend of Jewish men in America overtly not wanting to marry Jewish women.

This leads to Jewish men often marrying WASP women, and Jewish women often getting no one (except possibly some hapless Asian man who is unaware of the risks).

The most Orthodox of Jewish men may have thought they were immune to these risks, but apparently not, as per this.

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ng85 June 26, 2014 at 14:59

I found a Youtube video of her describing her situation with her husband. She’s pretty damn cute, but she’s got crazy eyes.

And TFH, great point about Jewish women. I don’t know what it is about them, but most are extremely unlikeable even by AWALT standards. I have a Jewish roommate who has a serious mommy issues due to an extremely overbearing mother, which in turn lead him to be really neurotic. I also see this with an extended family member who married a Jewish woman and is now raising kids with her. I don’t know if it’s a cultural or religious thing, but the consensus is that many Jewish men want nothing to do with Jewish women because their worst fear is that they’ll turn into their mothers.

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geographybeefinalisthimself June 26, 2014 at 15:03


Aren’t Reform Jewish women the ones who have inflicted more feminism on Gentile men of any walk of life, than say, Senegalese women have inflicted feminism on non-Senegalese men, for lack of a better comparison?

My heritage is Irish and Italian, and I have no solidarity with women of either heritage or both combined as they are probably more supportive of feminism than women of quite a few other demographics.

I don’t think Reform Jews would be as supportive of feminism if they had an illegitimacy rate rivaling that of African-Americans. I don’t think they would be as supportive of feminism if the abortion rate among Reform Jewish mothers was 75 percent. Remember, feminists have never encountered an abortion that they didn’t like and would have no problem with three out of four pregnancies being aborted, despite any protestation to the contrary they may make.

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ng85 June 26, 2014 at 15:06

Also, in that video notice how she mentions the husband monitored her phone and online activity and tried to control her actions and that makes him a monster. But if she were to do the same to him no one would bat an eye, mostly because that’s how most marriages in the US are. Most women have insane trust issues and will snoop or log onto your email or Facebook any chance they can to make sure you’re not cheating or doing things they don’t like. And if a woman is rejected by a man she really likes she’ll usually resort to tactics to get in touch with him that would be considered stalking if a man did that to a woman.

Even though I’m a MGTOW I’d like to think that I’m also an ideal feminist because I believe in true equality between men and women. But of course double standards are the biggest thing standing in the way of true equality, and I doubt they’ll ever go away, so for now gender relations will always be a power struggle.

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TFH June 26, 2014 at 15:14


Aren’t Reform Jewish women the ones who have inflicted more feminism on Gentile men of any walk of life, than say, Senegalese women have inflicted feminism on non-Senegalese men, for lack of a better comparison?

Perhaps. I wouldn’t have wanted to stereotype them, but Sheryl Sandberg has singlehandedly set a horrible example….

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Wilson June 26, 2014 at 15:25

Always some loony detail in these accounts “When he was raping me he wouldn’t let me kiss him on the mouth because it wasn’t about intimacy”. This detail probably comes from hookers in the movies who will do anything except kiss, and the rest of her story probably comes from the Lifetime Channel

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W.F. Price June 26, 2014 at 15:32

Aren’t Reform Jewish women the ones who have inflicted more feminism on Gentile men of any walk of life, than say, Senegalese women have inflicted feminism on non-Senegalese men, for lack of a better comparison?


Nah, I wouldn’t let non-Jewish women off the hook. Feminism was a mass movement, and Jews are only a few percent of the national population. If anything, more Jewish women cashed in on it in a big way over the last few decades, but that’s more a reflection of the Jewish social entrepreneurial tendency than some innate feminist proclivity.

The Jewish women who were real gender-ideologue feminists were a pretty sorry bunch. Take Andrea Dworkin and Shulamith Firestone for example. Both were mentally ill malcontents. Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, however, preached feminism and got rich off it, but never really lived it — they were just lucky opportunists at the right place at the right time.

In US history, feminist movements were entirely dominated by Anglo women until the 1960s. Incidentally, these Anglo women had more success when it came to crafting matrifocal family law and increasing female power (e.g. suffrage and prohibition) than Jewish women ever did. If you want to take the truly long-term view, it may eventually turn out that supplanting Anglo women was what it took to finally kill the 200-year-old movement’s momentum.

Iowa Jim June 26, 2014 at 15:36

From the article at Yahoo’s Shine site:

When Rivky Stein was just 18 years old, she married Yoel Weiss, a man eight years her senior from a wealthy family who had been courting her.

So she was an eighteen-year-old gold digger.

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Uncle Elmer June 26, 2014 at 16:24

“Svelte” is Latin, not Yiddish.

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Jimbo June 26, 2014 at 17:00

the sopranos had a funny episode about this very issue, the woman’s family hired the sopranos gang to get the “get” from the husband.

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Nemo June 26, 2014 at 17:03

This should be a cautionary tale for any blue-pill men who mistakenly think that a “religious” girl will automatically follow the tenets of her religious upbringing.

It’s been said that women only find God after the devil has no further use for them.

That means that religion is used tactically by women to get married, or re-married after a divorce. Women rarely care about religion unless they can use it to manipulate a man to do what they want him to do.

If they don’t need it to cajole a man into marriage, most women completely disregard religion and only “find Jesus” (or Yahweh or whomever) when they once again need a veneer of respectability to induce a man to marry.

So what if the word of God contradicts her desires? He’s just another guy, and He can’t tell her what to do!

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jay June 26, 2014 at 18:15


You cannot equalize what is fundamentally different with diminishing sexual dimorphism into androgyny.

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jay June 26, 2014 at 18:15


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evilwhitemalempire June 26, 2014 at 22:23

“When he was raping me he wouldn’t let me kiss him on the mouth because it wasn’t about intimacy”
I certainly hope his lawyers can bring this up.

“Why on earth would you want to kiss a rapist?”

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Troll King June 27, 2014 at 01:32


Maybe Should have posted this under the feminists boycott article but here it is.

Comedian Amy Schumer gives a speech at Gloria Steinem’s Feminist bday party where she:

1. Egotistically talks about being a alpha widow…that’s my reading
2 Talks about how she was basically a needy loser
3 and describes in comedic detail basically raping a drunk guy.

Cant even make this shit up. I guess ‘yes means yes’ doesn’t matter when it is a blonde feminist comedian recounting her liberated sexuality at Gloria Steinems birthday party. The fuck.

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David June 27, 2014 at 06:53

The pressure in this case is enormous. I got an emailing from an orthodox rabbi in Connecticut who is trying to get his whole congregation to put pressure on to force the guy to give the get.

This law is above the power of rabbis to do. The get is “black letter law”, not ambiguous.

I asked the rabbi while he was asking us to go against the Law. He never replied. If this girl really doesn’t respect the Law, she should step outside of it into secular society.

The video is nonsense, the cops have investigated and found her claims to be groundless. She advises people to call the cops. She did it, and it was investigated.

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aaron June 27, 2014 at 07:12

Note how her eyes frequently move from center to lower left. I’m no expert in lie detection yet I recall a professional describing that movement as indicating a lie or a form of manipulation. BTW her long haired wig piece can cost $1,000 to $2,000 or more so I’ve been told by orthodox Jewsish friends.

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aaron June 27, 2014 at 07:45

Rivky has loudly marked herself. A woman claiming victimhood will always find some supporters or believers in her story regardless of n truth and evidence. Many in the orthodox community know there are two sides to all marriage stories and will not neccessarily be running to Rivky’s defense though women will more than men. She has also gone public something often deeply frowned upon by the orthodox. Rivky might not find a husband since she has marked herself as an aggressive opponent willing to break social taboos. Among many of the orthodox, marriages also includes the family and even the family’s rabbis input if the two extended family’s will be compatible. It is much easier for a single or divorced orthodox man to get (re)married than a 24 year old divorced Jewish woman with two kids who has bashed her first husband on youtube.

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Joe June 27, 2014 at 12:07

easy solution. Give the father custody, give the wife a divorce. End of discussion.

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TFH June 27, 2014 at 13:51


easy solution. Give the father custody, give the wife a divorce. End of discussion.

One would think. Even her second man would prefer that, for obvious reasons.

Yet, since custody is tied with payments to women (and the mother does not have to show she spent the money on the kid), this is not allowed under our perverse system. The child is used as a conduit to give free money to the mother.

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sestamibi June 27, 2014 at 16:39

As a member of the Tribe myself, I dated both Jewish women and shikses when I was single, and found absolutely no difference in them with respect to their sense of entitlement: they were all spoiled brats.

Married now 17 years to a Jewish woman, and have never regretted it.

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justlooking June 28, 2014 at 17:18

But, seriously, can a man rape his own wife? I know the stupid western laws recognize marital rape, but the fact is, the creator of marriage does not recognize such. The Bible clearly stated that the wife’s body belongs to her husband. And the husband’s body belongs to the wife.
How can you rape your own body?

As per the woman being cute, I am not sure I agree. She is just average looking to me. And she needs to tone down the makeups.

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Edward Benjamin June 29, 2014 at 00:25


Reform Jewish woman have the highest abortion rate in America proportionate to their numbers. This is a major factor in the demographic collapse of non-Orthodox denominations in the U.S. Within 50 years, there will probably be parity between Reform and Orthodox, after which the Orthodox will be the majority.

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Edward Benjamin June 29, 2014 at 00:28

It should be noted that there is a problem with “agunot,” women who have been abandoned by their husbands without a Get, and who are therefore unable to remarry. That may not be the case here, but one shouldn’t deny the issue.

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Maaldweb June 29, 2014 at 02:46

Based on what we know about the 1st wave of feminism it was indeed largely a movement of females of anglo-protestant background.
But 2nd wave feminism (in my opinion the purest form of feminism) was almost entirely jewish.

I cannot understand how can anyone really turn a blind eye to that since the organised jewish community still openly celebrates its participation to the feminist revolution of the 1960s and they meticulously detail the achievements of jewish feminist leaders.

the list is endless….

Funny quote from the above article. “Judaism and feminism go together like Courtney Love and hitting people with microphones….” Naomi Wolf

Now lets see an interesting comparison. Back in the beginning of the 20th century it was common knowledge that a very large number of the rank and file, and even more of the leadership of the marxist and communist parties in Europe were Jews and if we believe what Nixon found (and confided to his assistants) almost all americans who spied for the US were of jewish origin. The reasons for that association are many but lets not go into it…

Since then of course the public acquired a bad taste for communism and moreover the USSR eventually military supported the Arab enemies of Israel, hence the deep involvement of a very large number of jews with communism was silenced and the organised jewish community wants now to forget that association, which of course also implies that it isn’t politically correct to bring it up.

That doesn’t happen with feminism though since the elite and the public are still VERY fond of feminism. Thus the role jews played in feminism has not been airbrushed from history as it happened with the role jews (mostly atheistic to be fair) played in communism

Perhaps now that feminism has begun affecting jewish couples as well, the stance of the jewish community will be altered. Who knows, perhaps 20 years from now anyone who mentions that 1960s feminism was almost exclusively a jewish affair will be called a conspiracy nut. Stranger things have happened…

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Dire Badger June 29, 2014 at 22:51

“Who knows, perhaps 20 years from now anyone who mentions that 1960s feminism was almost exclusively a jewish affair will be called a conspiracy nut.”

Twenty years in the future? try ten years in the past and even today.

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Edward Benjamin July 1, 2014 at 01:16

@Dire Badger

Jews have been represented in almost every major political movement of the 19th and 20th centuries that were not fundamentally antisemitic. This includes Left and Right-wing movements. All these movements, however, have been majority gentile and gentile-led. Moreover, the Jews involved were generally doing so for ideological reasons that had nothing to do with Judaism or the Jewish people; except perhaps for the hope that these movements would foster greater tolerance for the Jews, which usually did not happen. In the case of Jewish communists, many of the these Jews adopted anti-Jewish attitudes due to their ideology, such as Trotsky, who consistently denied any Jewish identity and participated in the suppression of Jewish culture and identity in the USSR.

In any case, blaming the ills of an overwhelmingly gentile society on the Jews is both inaccurate and has a decidedly ugly history. If you want your movement to succeed, adopting views that have historically proved self-destructive is something you might want to rethink.

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ballbuster July 1, 2014 at 16:42

She is a c*nt with a capital “C”!! Yeah, he’s going to give her the “get” before custody matters are decided!!! LOL, now that’s funny!

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celebratehomogeneity July 2, 2014 at 08:19

I was raised Reform Jewish, and went to Fairfax High in Los Angeles when the school was virtually entirely Jewish. Even in their teens, the girls struck me as conniving, scheming, clawing, gimme-gimme types who were looking not for love in a marriage, but a high-income walking wallet. I noticed at my reunions over the years that virtually none of them are still in their first marriage, and they still have this aura about them that is a big, huge warning sign.

It turns out I am homosexual, so I view all of this from an outsider’s perspective. My brother is heterosexual, and never, EVER wanted anything to do with Jewish women.

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Will S. July 2, 2014 at 20:42

A few months back, a similar case of a Jewish woman whining about not being able to get a get happened, except she is Israeli, and her husband is American:

As you can see, he was willing to grant it to her if he’d have access to his kids at a fair level, but it was her own wicked intransigence that was making him refuse to grant it to her.

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Maaldweb July 3, 2014 at 02:12

@Edward Benjamin

Sorry but your message is absurd and disingenuous.
Nop jews aren’t equally involved in all political movements as you argue. I don’t know many jewish Czarists, or jewish generals in the White
Army during the Russian civil war, but from the top 9 Bolsheviks 7 were jewish ( Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Radek etc) that in a country where jews were a tiny minority (btw the Mensheviks, the liberal opposition to the Czar had even more jewish leaders, in fact their leadership was exclusively jewish ). Neither I know many jewish members of right-wing traditionalist parties in Europe. I mean really, Jews even refused to vote for the Republican party in the US even when the neocons (an essentially jewish movement) got hold of the party in order to promote wars in the middle east in favour of Israel.

Jews in the western world are traditionally associated with left-wing ideas, to doubt that borders the hilarious since they don’t even deny it. The reason is that since they think and act as a highly cohesive minority group within gentile societies they believe that the more the said societies lack ethnic, national and cultural cohesiveness it is more difficult to turn against them. It has been argued that it is merely a survival strategy and that is why you see all major jewish organisations pushing and supporting immigration (especially from third world countries) and amnesty for illegals. I personally believe is something more sinister and has to do with their culture and perhaps even certain interpretations of their religion. But lets not go into that right now.

The involvement of Jewish groups in altering US law in favour of immigration by non-european countries is well documented. The role of Hollywood in promoting feminism, portraying white heterosexual males as the pinnacle of evil, advocating every form of degeneracy as normal etc is also obvious to anyone. Jews in Europe are also instrumental in promoting the destructive ideas of multiculturalism, open borders etc.

Politically correct MRAs (I use the term very loosely here) love to speak about the destructive influence of cultural marxism but they refuse to look at the origins of that ideology which is, the entirely jewish, Frankfurt School.

Does that mean that jews are the sole responsibles for the aforementioned problems of the western world? Of course not and I doubt that even the most extreme on the Right will ever deny that something has been going wrong with the average european at least since the French Revolution. But at the same time it would be equally ridiculous to close are eyes to the fact that the organised jewish community has supported, for its own reasons, all those movements and ideas that exacerbated the fall of the western world (feminism, cultural marxism, communism, miscegenation, suicidal altruism towards your enemies etc etc).

There are people here (and in right-wing circles) who would argue that no matter the above facts we should avoid at all costs to say anything about the jewish angle. They will downplay the role of the jewish involvement in the mess we are today, they will deny the grip the organised jewish community has in the media and in all aspects of public life and they will parrott the ADL/SPLC party line.
Most of them don’t even seem to be able to admit to themselves that the reason they chose that approach is precisely because all the things they publicly deny are true and by promoting the ‘don’t mention the jewish angle’-strategy obviously acknowledge it !

But unfortunately you may refuse to choose your enemies, but that does not constrain your enemies from choosing you. How is that ‘love-affair’ between the manosphere and the SPLC evolving?

Anyway this message is quite long so I will stop here with a little advice for you. I don’t doubt that there are jewish male out there who have been ruined by feminism or who are genuinely right-wing or in favour of a return to the Patriarchy (as I am) or are merely dissatisfied with the modern liberal world. And honestly none asks you to turn against your co-ethnics, but none will ever believe you are honest if you are more interested in absolving the blame from the organised jewish community and its policies, especially with such a clumsy way, than working towards our common goals.

I think that is a short of a litmus test for any person of jewish descent who doesn’t want to reinforce the belief that most antisemites hold i.e. that jews involved in counter-liberal ideologies and movements are merely entryists, as were the neocons in the Republican party.

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Cuban Guy July 4, 2014 at 19:22

If you want to know who holds power- ask who cannot be criticized.

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Edward Benjamin July 5, 2014 at 06:06


Jews have traditionally supported the Left because the traditionalist Right has historically been antisemitic; often saying, as you do, that modernity is a Jewish plot.

Like it or not, however, the modernity you hate is a gentile creation and, as usual, rather than facing your own guilt you choose to blame us for it.

In America, Jews have supported liberalism because they believed that a) it would help them achieve a better life, like other immigrants; and b) it would oppose antisemitism. But again, liberalism is a gentile invention, and if you hate it, look to your own.

There are only two political movements of the past 200 years that have originated in the Jewish community and been supported by it: The Jewish Bund, which was socialist and advocated Jewish autonomy; and Zionism, which merely asks that gentiles afford the Jews the same courtesy they extend to themselves, i.e. freedom, political independence, self-determination, and military power.

The Jews who were involved in communism explicitly rejected any connection to the Jewish community and, in fact, suppressed it. The USSR eventually became openly antisemitic and – you may note – one of the most successful anti-Soviet movements of the ’70s and ’80s was that of the Jewish refuseniks.

“I personally believe is something more sinister and has to do with their culture and perhaps even certain interpretations of their religion. But lets not go into that right now.”

No, let’s: It’s antisemitism. Good luck with that. In classic masculine fashion, we’ll fight you with everything we have, and we’ll survive you, as we’ve survived everyone else.

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Jim July 5, 2014 at 09:17

A Jewish man once told me to NEVER marry a Jewish chick. I asked him why but he only said, “Just don’t”. I guess this is why.

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Cuban Guy July 5, 2014 at 11:05

sestamibi June 27, 2014 at 16:39

Regarding: “As a member of the Tribe myself, I dated both Jewish women and shikses when I was single, and found absolutely no difference in them with respect to their sense of entitlement: they were all spoiled brats.”


I can understand your fear of the PC police- but by acquiescing- you are only enabling them.

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KW July 6, 2014 at 13:38

@ Edward Benjamin

The thing is though, some individual Jews may be fairly wealthy, and Jew’s as a group tend to be among the best at group organization(from my understanding a good number of the main organizers of the MRM are Jewish), but I think the Bush family and others of their ilk have far more to do with open borders as a way of pushing their North American Union then Jew’s.

Honestly, I doubt Jew’s hate Caucasian enough that they would aim for a Pyhrric “victory”, as the level of antisemitism, as well as hostility towards Caucasian’s among the unwanted immigrants in America and in Europe is alarming to say the least.

And if there was a grand conspiracy, you would think every Jewish person would keep up on it, as Edward brought up, all those things you blame Jew’s for, Jew’s themselves who drink the leftist cool-aid suffered from as well.

We can sit here arguing about the past stupidity of our peoples, or look towards a future of common cause and common benefit. I think individuals like Maaldweb’s inner paranoia is set off due to the mentality of “Jewish or Gentile” adopted by both Christians/Caucasians and Jew’s; but that debate isn’t relevant here.

When we make mistakes, we should be kind enough to point out one another’s foolishness without the need for saber rattling or needless rhetoric.

We are all here because regardless of race or creed, we face a common enemy , common problems and a common desire for unity to face those problems.

For the record though, the “modernity”, or the mindlessness of the educational system(produce cogs instead of thinkers) is technically the creation of the Prussian/ German establishment, and the first communist revolutionaries where German(see the 1848ers). And the German State of Volga in the USSR was granted many special privileges because German Soviets where huge supporters of the USSR as well. But when the Nazi’s invaded the USSR, Stalin took it out on the loyal Volga Soviet Germans, a fate Soviet Jews would of shared if Stalin didn’t die when he did.

In many respects Maaldweb, the things you accuse Jew’s of us German ethnic individuals are guilty as well in all honesty. Even now in parts of America, some German Americans support leftist insanity with the same zeal as Jewish American leftists. The most terrifying thing to realize is that there isn’t some grand conspiracy, by some shadowy “others” out there.

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Edward Benjamin July 7, 2014 at 01:41


“The most terrifying thing to realize is that there isn’t some grand conspiracy, by some shadowy “others” out there.”

I agree. The most terrifying thing of all is to realize that no one’s in charge. It’s chaos out there. And we have to do the best we can with it.

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bob July 17, 2014 at 18:06

Cuban Guy July 5, 2014 at 11:05 said:

The same reason you tell JAP (Jewish American Princess) jokes, if you want.

As a “member of the tribe”, (by descent; I’m actually agnostic), I’ll start: What is a JAP’s ideal house? No kitchen, no bedroom.

Also: per this Gallup poll, 41% of Jews disapprove of Obama. Seems like some of us aren’t getting the memo.

Don’t worry though – when I say I disagree with Obama’s policies, all the white goyishe Liberals call me a racist too.

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Dick Jones July 30, 2014 at 18:47

Oh, please note, as usual, most of the “rank and file” Jews know nothing about these (above) facts, most that know can’t do much about it (many of these have an unfortunate habit of having nasty mishaps ending in their premature deaths).

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