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by W.F. Price on June 25, 2014

Dear readers,

I’ve greatly appreciated providing you with regular commentary, news and essays for nearly five years at this point. It has truly been a labor of love.

Currently, I write for about 2,500 regular readers, with an average article being accessed about 3,500 times through the site. I’m quite satisfied with those numbers, because I know people aren’t reading the site to be part of some club or forum, or because they were misled by promises of cash or sex, but rather for the content. Too much of the Internet is cluttered with clickbait and thoughtless text aimed primarily at search engines. I’m not concerned with garbage content, nor do I want garbage traffic.

However, I am consciously bucking the trend by not using the standard gimmicks that make money online. I like to publish thoughtful material. I don’t want to promise that people can make a quick buck or get laid using my techniques. I’d be lying anyway, and lying doesn’t come naturally to me.

The result of this idealism on my part (some might call it obstinacy) is that The Spearhead doesn’t exactly haul in bags of cash. At this point, however, I need cash — badly. I have another baby due any day. I have bills due, and I just moved to a new place where I have no network to speak of, and therefore few opportunities as of yet.

If you’re a reader who appreciates the content offered up on a regular basis on The Spearhead, I’d appreciate some support. I’ve cleared up my issues with Washington state DCS and I can now deposit checks and money orders without worrying about the bank dinging me with a $100 “garnishment fee” (yes, they are that brazen in theft) every time I make a deposit, and I’m in what seems to be a stable family situation. Things could be worse, but times are pretty lean, and when there’s a baby that only adds to the stress.

So if you enjoy The Spearhead on a regular or even casual basis, please offer some support so I can keep it online and keep writing for you and offering featured articles by others. I guarantee that my perspective will remain independent, but always loyal to readers and to the principle of making the world a better place for men and their families.

Thank you.

Please donate through PayPal or send check or money order to:

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