Feminists to “Boycott” Men’s Conference

by W.F. Price on June 25, 2014

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In a stunning admission of defeat, feminists are urging fellow-travellers to boycott the AVfM-sponsored International Men’s Conference in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. One can sense a shifting of the tide – a loss of initiative – as instead of confronting, challenging and shouting people down feminists have scattered into the woods. It’s really pretty funny that they’re calling it a “boycott.” Hamster much?

Their continual promotion of violence through their writing should not be tolerated. Actions such as proclaiming that October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month be renamed to “Bash a Bitch Month,” saying women don’t just desire but beg to be raped and their hosting of a manifesto by Tom Ball that calls for the firebombing of court houses. We are not in opposition to real issues that men and boys face in our society but their hatred for women that they are using those issues to hide behind.

We have had numerous people reach out to us to let us know of the very real danger we could be in by protesting. Due to concerns for physical safety we have decided the best way to oppose the conference that is now going on in St. Clair Shores is to keep our distance. With AVFM’s history of attempting to provoke protestors, harassing individuals by following them to their cars or home, and filming or photographing them in order to release their private information online we don’t feel that protesting at the VFW hall could keep people reasonable safe.

While there may be others who decide to protest the conference, we want to make it perfectly clear that there are real concerns for safety. If you are planning to protest the conference, please make sure the people who are coming are informed enough about the kind of vicious tactics that AVFM has used to derail and trivialize the response to their own ideology.

This is actually a pretty significant development. Of course, anyone with any knowledge about women’s nature could have predicted that once men actually started to stand up for themselves this would happen, but in my life I can’t think of one example of feminists retreating in such an ignominious manner. It’s sad that it took so long for men to finally make a stand, but better late than never.

I suspect that one of the reasons feminists are hiding is that they are afraid one of their own will actually be arrested or justifiably smacked down for some especially stupid threat or attack. This proves that Paul Elam’s tactic of announcing his willingness – actually, desire – to trade blows if it comes to it was pretty savvy. If you announce that you won’t fight back, then people think that gives them a license to attack you — it’s human nature. For example, the Christian admonition to “turn the other cheek” is frequently misunderstood as requiring Christians to helplessly submit to attacks, whereas it was actually a highly contextual piece of advice in a legalistic society. It’s a warning to people to avoid falling into the trap of provocation.

One thing that I have observed in my studies of gender politics is that supplicating to women does not win men favors in politics any more than it does in a pickup scenario. However, women will always say that it does. Conservatives, for some reason, fall for it, and believe the stories about how they need to supplicate in order to win votes. But all one needs to do is point out that AVfM has never supplicated, yet the organization enjoys a great deal of support from women (even a little too much for my tastes). How could this be possible? Obviously, it’s because women generally admire men who stand up for themselves, whereas they despise those who don’t.

The only men’s movement that will ever get anywhere is an unapologetic, and even sometimes a little savage, movement.

Now that one has finally arrived, I think I’ll enjoy sitting back and watching the opposition scatter to the winds until all that’s left of it is a few blabbering, clueless male feminists wondering where all their female allies disappeared to.

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