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by W.F. Price on June 24, 2014

Commenter hindsight2020 recently left a comment on the April 16 article “Once a Man, Always a Man” that I thought was worth sharing. He writes about the “Hijras,” India’s transgender/eunuch caste. It isn’t a pretty picture, and perhaps it’s something we ought to keep in mind as the US marches onward toward institutionalized transsexualism.

I can provide a clearer picture of the eunuch situation on India. They are called Hijras and have an ancient and active Hijra community with their own temples, laws and bizarre practices. They live unencumbered by society and get a free pass since they are believed to have magical powers. They were guardians of concubines and harems due to their male strength and inability to have sex with the women.

Eunuchs are a revered (prayed to out of fear) group in India. They show up at weddings, and at childbirths and have to be paid off to go out of fear of a curse, kidnapping or simply to get them to leave and not make a scene. Their primary revenue is begging through intimidation, running brothels and child trafficking. More recently some banks started hiring eunuchs as debt collectors for their ability to humiliate people at their homes and offices.

Actual birth defects are extremely rare and seldom are they sent to eunuchs. Most Eunuchs are of 2 kinds: Transvestites (men who act like eunuchs during festive season and on Fridays) and castrated ones. Thats the bizarre part. Eunuchs get their children through kidnappings or as promised offerings for a wish fulfilled. Boys are preferred. Girls are put to work in brothels. The boys are taken to their temple. The boy’s penis and testicles are tied tightly with a thread overnight till its numb. It is then severed with a razor blade. Over weeks, if the boy survives the bleeding and infection, he is now a blessed hijra. He is then trained and put to work as a sex slave till he is old enough to get into the intimidation business. This community continues its practices under the guise of religious freedoms and no government has the capacity to deal with this small fragmented group all over the country while it faces bigger national challenges.

Hijras appear on TV, movies and almost every popular bollywood actor has played one at some point.

Post liberalization in the 90s, Indian NGOs needed cool new initiatives and thus the pride walks came about. No one cared. They got their permissions without a hitch, police escorts for the march, massive press coverage as they walked chanting government oppression. The parades lacked the color and drama of trannies like in the west. Trannies were co-opted into this parade to bring the requisite color, flamboyance and other garish antics a true pride parade needs.

All they have done is give modern societal sanction and glamour to a bunch of vile criminals and the cruelest child abusers.

India gets its daily share of environmentalists, evangelists, SJWs and nobodies from the LGBT community who condescendingly believe their quick visit and listening to NGO sales pitch before heading to party in Goa… was somehow instrumental in changing India. Broadcasting their new found mysticism and 3rd world badge on twitter and fkbook alongwith with posed photographs of destitute kids on a dust road (with mandatory cow) after they retire in nice coffeshops and lounge pubs to update their feelings on their macbooks about (insert suffering) they are witnessing and then helping themselves to sanctimonious credentials on introduction bios.

Sorry about the rant. It pissed me off so much I had to comment.


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