Going Full Prog With J.F. Sargent Hire

by W.F. Price on June 17, 2014

One of’s editors, a fellow who goes by “J.F. Sargent,” has been making the rounds building a case against men who stand up to gender feminism. He’s been channeling the SPLC, which gives us a good idea of where Sargent is coming from.

Frankly, I think the guy should identify as J.F. Sebastian, who was killed by Roy, Rutger Hauer’s character in Bladerunner, after developing an unfulfilled crush on Pris, Darryl Hannah’s character. Sebastian is an aspergery dweeb with Methuselah syndrome. He invents little toys to keep him company, because he doesn’t have any friends IRL. Hot blonde replicant Pris manipulated him at will, which proved to be his undoing at the hands of the vastly superior and more desirable Roy, who was Pris’s lover.

Given that Sargent is enlisting the SPLC, which is a domestic blacklisting resource with ties to left-wing terrorists like Floyd Corkins, it’s only fair that we keep an eye on Sargent as well. At this point, I don’t think would fire him, but putting some pressure on the guy is probably a good idea.

J.F. Sargent attended Garfield High School in Seattle, as did I, which gives me a little insight into the little fellow. He isn’t originally from Seattle, but thrived in its prog scene for years, and was clearly indoctrinated there. When he went to Garfield in the 2000s, it was a far more elitist institution than it was in the early 90s when I attended the school. He may well know anal rap virtuoso Macklemore, also a Garfield alum, personally.

I’m not sure why Cracked hired this guy, as I know a couple Cracked writers personally, and they are stand-up men. Certainly they don’t buy into his bullshit. But I can only assume that someone in upper management put his (or more likely her) finger to the wind and figured out where the gas was coming from, and ASSumed that America’s men would buy into the garbage little twats like Sargent dump on them.

So if you’re reading this and care to do a little activism, why not write and ask why they are alienating one of their most important demographics by hiring a little partisan bloodsucker like Sargent. Do we really want to read his missives on “misogyny” and “white male entitlement?” It’s like listening to a toddler tell you off for not cutting the crust off his bread and filling his baba with apple juice, and that isn’t funny. It’s annoying as hell.

Write Cracked here to tell them what you think of Sargent. I’m sure the feminists love him, but feminists are about as funny as a cancer diagnosis, so they hardly count. If Cracked wants to go full feminist, I invite them to do so. The site has already cast the first stone, so it’s fair game at this point. Frankly, I invite them to ridicule us even more.

When men have their children taken away and are reduced to poverty, it’s so god-damned funny after all, right?

We’ll see.

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