PUA Hater Identified as UC Santa Barbara Gunman

by W.F. Price on May 24, 2014

Elliot Rodger, apparently an incel (involuntarily celibate) who posted on PUAhate.com, has been identified via a Youtube video (not police so far) as the shooter in the Los Angeles rampage that has claimed the lives of at least seven. In the video, an eerily calm Rodgers, seated in a black BMW, expresses his hatred for the women who reject him and all sexually active men, vowing to snuff out their lives in a bloody killing spree:

I’ve heard of PUAhate.com (the forum has been shut down since the shooting — Business Insider has an article with some comments here), but I’ve never checked it out, as getting laid is not an issue that concerns me too much. In fact, when Heartiste wrote some time back that mass murder could be caused by lack of access to sex, I thought he might be exaggerating, but when I read about the shooting last night the thought did cross my mind. Seems he was right.

Here’s a darkly prescient passage from the above-linked Heartiste piece:

…as the West reverts back to the ancestral sexual market that is currently in operation in sub-Saharan Africa, we are going to see a growing eunuchracy of involuntarily celibate betas and the marginalized men in their ranks decide that exiting in a blaze of hot lead beats living in loveless obscurity.

I do feel bad for incels, but have some trouble understanding why they think that getting laid will end their troubles and make them happy. In my experience, sex has caused me more trouble and cost me more than any other activity I’ve engaged in. Not that I advise avoiding it, but rather that one should be careful what one wishes for.

I also find it hard to relate to people who can’t get laid. Especially when they are 22, not all that bad looking, and driving a BMW. Hell, at 22 I didn’t even have a car and I was getting more action than I needed. Never had a dry spell until my divorce, and that was entirely voluntary. My main regret is not having exercised more restraint when younger. It leads me to wonder whether Elliot Rodger didn’t have unreasonable expectations. He did mention hot blonde sorority girls, so maybe that was his problem: he was playing out of his league.

In any event, some feminists are now trying to blame MRAs for the killings, despite the fact that Elliot Rodger clearly doesn’t care about anything other than sex, and in fact hates men who do have sex, which includes the overwhelming majority of men who care about men’s issues/rights.

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