Does Breakdown of Traditional Relationship Model Encourage Paraphilias?

by W.F. Price on January 24, 2014

I’ve never before seen so many men who are into “alternative” sexual behavior in my life as I see today. Weird fetishes from child porn to bronies seem to abound, or is it just media attention? I can’t say for sure at this point, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that there are indeed a lot more odd obsessions out there than there used to be.

While this is speculation, I wonder whether societies in which relatively few men are involved in stable relationships with women tend to end up this way. Sexual energy is, more or less, a constant variable. Remove the traditional outlet, and it’s bound to discharge elsewhere.

As I see men hauled off for child porn on the news, insane love affairs with cartoon characters and other abnormal expressions of lust, I wonder whether this would be so much of a problem if more men were paired off with women. Probably not.

When we talk about sexual freedom and its benefits, it seems we ignore the costs. When the number of unattached men hits critical mass, and we’re headed in that direction, sexual order breaks down, and people begin to behave like pigs at the trough.

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August January 24, 2014 at 12:04

The explosion of mental illness too. The reality of a spouse & children you are responsible for grounds most folks. Now, a lot of these folks go weird because of the modern diet skewing hormones, but the existence of a real family would keep them trying to maintain normalcy.
If you got a standard, you don’t always manage to keep the standard, but you are likely to be far closer to it than if you don’t have a standard and you just let yourself slide.

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geographybeefinalisthimself January 24, 2014 at 12:22

“When the number of unattached men hits critical mass, and we’re headed in that direction, sexual order breaks down, and people begin to behave like pigs at the trough.”

Remember to blame this on feminists’ mulish insistence on obliterating two-parent families before they try to project blame onto men. There is really no incentive for a man to attach himself to a woman, so blame women for the breakdown of sexual order.

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Anonymous Reader January 24, 2014 at 12:33

Well…yes and no. In the last 20 or so years the industrialized world has become much more connected in the data sense. A man who would have not given serious consideration to something as weird as the brony scene back 30+ years ago can find all sorts of stuff with a simple web search, I’m sure. People are often affected at the margin and not just economically. Anal sex was illegal for years, I am certain, and then began to be decriminalized in the 70′s. It is still controversial in many subgroups in the US, but it’s well on the way to normalization thanks to avant-garde sex-ed classes and media saturation. Not just saturation in porn, but in over the counter magazines like Cosmo, in fiction like 50-Shades. So if what used to be an unlawful deviancy becomes a shady practice then goes on to be what Mom and Pop do on a Saturday night, that moves the “deviancy” line, doesn’t?

Except that it moves the line in multiple dimensions, and for multiple people. I was at an electronics store the other week and idly spent time looking at hi-definition displays. As I stood there, it hit me that surely porn is going hi-def as well, so what’s it going to be like for some teenaged young man to get his first taste of sex from a 4-foot wide screen with high definition porn on it? Is this the edge of TFH’s prediction?

And returning to the moving line – online communities surely exist for any paraphilia one wants. I frankly don’t want to know details, I’m just reasoning. So suppose a young man is a nerd, is rejected, blah blah and stumbles across the brony subworld, and finds online people he can share feelings with. Now he’s “normalized” within that world.

Returning all the way back to your point, Welmer, I am inclined to agree that breakdown of the traditional model creates sexual tension / energy that’s going to find its expression somewhere, it just happens to be a world where anyone can find some online community that will assure them “Really, you’re ok, you’re one of us” no matter what they may be in to.

Sometimes I wonder if towards the end of this century it will come to pass that most of the electrical energy of the web will be expended by AI bots patrolling it for various forms of “bad thinking”.

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W.F. Price January 24, 2014 at 12:41

Remember to blame this on feminists’ mulish insistence on obliterating two-parent families before they try to project blame onto men. There is really no incentive for a man to attach himself to a woman, so blame women for the breakdown of sexual order.


I think it goes without saying, but maybe I should have made that clear.

Aaron January 24, 2014 at 12:47

“Paraphilia describes the experience of intense sexual arousal to highly atypical objects, situations, or individuals. Paraphilic behavior may be illegal in some jurisdictions, but may also be tolerated. …”

Paraphilia is a new word to me and I think I’ve heard lots of new words during the years I lived in California.

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Brian January 24, 2014 at 14:11

Everybody has their own taste when it comes to intimacy and I think people should be free to do what they in this area provided that parties transact voluntarily and people aren’t hurting others. The man bizarrely in love with a cartoon pony imposes absurdity onto others by interacting with others as if his fantasy is reality. He can play make-believe on his own property and on his own time, but not pester others with it.

That guy will really snap in public, won’t he?

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Walhaz January 24, 2014 at 16:24

@Brian – “This guy will really snap in public, won’t he?”

Haha, yes….yes he will.

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Boomer January 24, 2014 at 16:26

or is it just media attention?

Yes, that’s all it is. When you have 24 hr news and all of these other media sources today they sometimes keep playing the same story over and over to fill time and people get the impression that certain things are more common than they really are.Then when you add to this things which were not even illegal a decade ago like “child porn” and expand the definition to such an extreme degree that almost anything can fit it appear that there’s a sudden “epidemic” of it.A child used to mean a real child and porn meant a depiction of some sexual act. Nudity was not porn. A naked picture of some 16yo was not porn, it was nothing. Today a “child” may be just shy of 18 and porn may mean a fully clothed girl posing “provocatively” in the mind of some anal retentive man hating spinster DA.

“stable relationships with women” ?

I doubt that there was ever a time when this existed outside of some idealized Hollywood film.Perhaps there was little government interference 30 years ago in personal relationships but this doesn’t mean that people themselves were any more stable or that females themselves were any less ball busters. They just couldn’t run to the cops and make some complaint against some guy they wanted to take vengeance on because you needed real evidence not some boo hoo hoo sob story which they’d laugh at.

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The Other Jim January 24, 2014 at 16:29

I can’t help think that the destruction of traditional relationships has led women to some very dark places as well. These cases of female teachers having sex with their underage male, and sometimes female students seem to be occurring more and more. I used to think it was merely the MSM trying to get ratings by highlighting these sensationalized cases but I’m mostly convinced that since the Feminists and Sex Positivists have destroyed the social fabric and debased individuals we’re going to see more aberrant sexual behavior in the West in the near future.

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Walhaz January 24, 2014 at 16:59

The rise in these types of fetishes is probably not new, but it seems that way because of media saturation, and the fact that modern society shows more acceptance of bizarre fetishes, non-masculine behavior, etc. Fortunately, child porn is still considered unacceptable.

Imagine decades ago if a man told people he was going to marry a cartoon character, or admitted he liked dressing up as a little girl and playing with dolls, he would get his ass beat.

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Vektor January 24, 2014 at 17:05

Yes, the destruction of marriage, the return to the tournament model of the sexual market, and the general narcissistic behavior most women, the high risks and costs of having any relationship with a female….all of these and more have created a market demand for alternatives.

Porn is already a multi-billion dollar market and this is just the beginning. HD porn, interactive porn, VR sex, sexbots, etc. All of these will change human relations profoundly in the near future.

How many people out there already live a significant portion of their social lives online? How many people already use porn on a regular basis? As the alternatives increase and the stigma fades it is likely that a lot of people will use the alternatives as their primary sexual outlet, and over time become averse to normal relationships. Probably not a majority of people, but a economically noticeable percentage. The technosexual humans.

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Oswald Spengler January 24, 2014 at 20:21

“Imagine decades ago if a man told people he was going to marry a cartoon character, or admitted he liked dressing up as a little girl and playing with dolls, he would get his ass beat.”

Or he’d be locked up in a mental institution for observation, for his own safety and the public’s at large.

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FTLOTBP January 24, 2014 at 21:45

Take away something people need (relationships) and something will replace it. (Human) nature abhors a vacuum.

Today’s bronies would have just been normal, healthy husbands and fathers a few decades past. That was taken away and look where we are now.

And technology: super-stimulating HD porn will destroy a lot of men’s abilities to have real sex, to form relationships, and to live normal lives. Porn was one one of those substitutes. Real women were taken from us and porn offered by TPTB as an alternative. Something will always fill the vacuum.

Welcome to the post-feminist techno dystopia.

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Jacob Ian Stalk January 24, 2014 at 22:37

And you thought white feminism was over. Only the incubation phase is over. The disease and transmission phases are underway. The treatment, recovery and immunisation phases are still very much in their infancy.

The work is not done yet.

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DCM January 25, 2014 at 02:59

The basic question that needs answering here is whether such things ever existed to this degree all along. If they were basically just ignored or well hidden there won’t be many records for comparison except in older porn — which does exist but still can’t be accurately compared. It’s a difficult matter to objectively evaluate.

It is true that current technology makes it possible to have more and better paraphilias with better means of expression. But maybe such things were largely private fantasies before recently.

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Dire Badger January 25, 2014 at 04:22

hmmm… kind of a tricky subject for me, I used to be into the ‘furry’ scene.

Took a while for me to grow up and realize that what I was REALLY into was D&S… and when you consider evolutionary psychology, for all of human history and tens of thousands of years before, D&S (dominant male, submissive female) was not so much paraphilia as it was the normal, standard relationship between the sexes.

I believe strongly that the perversion of this basic psychological need, the destruction of it as a standard sexual outlet, is the core behind many of the more outrageous fetishes… a need for dominance, when left unadressed, manifests itself in bizarre and humiliating ways.

much of the paraphilia is, to put in a nutshell, a way of ‘controlling’ the encounter… a method of humiliation that makes someone feel ‘in charge’ despite the fact that the current culture thinks that natural dominance is at best criminal, and at worst truly insane, despite the often instinctive need to be dominated many females express (look at the popularity of shades of grey, bodice-ripper romance, and of the bad boy archetype…utterly dominant.)

Neitsche describes it very well. a brief browse through the high points of several of his books hits the psychological hammer right on the head, with nary a hiccup (what few there are are mostly due to the then-and-current immaturity of psychology as a ‘science’. The biggest hiccup being, of course, the ridiculous theory that somehow the psychology of men and the psychology of women has some sort of common ground.)

but sometime, seriously look at what sort of paraphilia is most popular… it almost universally involves some sort of humiliation in order to establish a dominant in a scene.

It’s ironic that feminists have always commented about ‘gender being a cultural construct’, and the more they try to recreate men and women without gender, the more and more screwed up such individuals become… Gender is not a demand that a culture makes upon an individual to conform, rather it is a safe haven for the vast majority of individuals to come to an understanding of what they really are and really feel… the more you destroy the idea of gender roles and identity, the more lost, confused, and filled with cognitive dissonance individuals become as the ‘real world’ fails to match what they instinctively KNOW to be right… and that stressful psychological dichotomy is guaranteed to come out in some fairly nasty, unhealthy, and aggressive way eventually.

My pet proudly presented me a new belt last week… not to hold up my pants, but to whip her ass with. She has NEVER come as hard as she does after a good whipping… It helps her focus any intellectual distress, lets her know her place in the world as a submissive, and confirms for her my willingness to make sure she stays in her place, regardless of any attempted shit tests. She LOVES when I put her in her proper place, although every once in a while her psychology seems to demand that she test those bounds… knowing that her place is stable, safe, and assured seems to bring her no end of comfort.

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Grant January 25, 2014 at 06:59

“When the number of unattached men hits critical mass, and we’re headed in that direction, sexual order breaks down, and people begin to behave like pigs at the trough.”

It is not only sexual order that breaks down. I took a class in Chinese history when I was in college. The professor told us something very interesting that I have never forgotten. He said that throughout the history of China, whenever the number of young, unmarried men rose above a certain percentage of the total population (I think it was around 10-15%), there was a revolution — the reason being that there was a critical mass of young men who had no wives, no children, and nothing to lose. I don’t know where exactly he got that statistic, but he was a very bright guy and he understood Chinese history extremely well, so I have no reason to doubt it.

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Patriarch January 25, 2014 at 07:23

@Jacob Ian Stalk
Thank you for referring to feminism as a disease. After almost thirty years of study, for me, that is still the best way in which to begin a definition of it. Feminism: An all encompassing social disease that begins with the belief that men and women are equal as opposed to being different. And subsequently that authority should be shared equally… The belief that the sexes are equal is a delusional one and it is this most basic of delusions that leads to psychosis. In turn, anyone that believes this base delusion becomes psychotic. Any group of humans that collectively believes the delusion becomes collectively psychotic. As feminism’s defense system is so strong and it’s impacts so devastating to would be cures, it is likely that only group death followed by rebirth can cure it.

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DCM January 25, 2014 at 11:02

“Grant January 25, 2014 at 06:59
It is not only sexual order that breaks down. I took a class in Chinese history when I was in college. The professor told us something very interesting that I have never forgotten. He said that throughout the history of China, whenever the number of young, unmarried men rose above a certain percentage of the total population (I think it was around 10-15%), there was a revolution — the reason being that there was a critical mass of young men who had no wives, no children, and nothing to lose. I don’t know where exactly he got that statistic, but he was a very bright guy and he understood Chinese history extremely well, so I have no reason to doubt it.”

A country like China with a long, well documented and well studied history is virtually a laboratory for understanding human behavior overall. While Western civilization was disrupted and in Western Europe nearly crushed during the Dark Ages, China seems to have little loss of continuity and unlike Egypt, with a longer span, hasn’t been repeatedly invaded and changed from the top down or lost so much documentary evidence.

Someone with knowledge of other countries could make a comparison here with the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and the Russian Revolution in terms of male population. Also a comparison of the male populations in the colonies that became Canada and those that revolted to form the US.
If there is a correlation feminists will claim it proves men inherently violent though it actually shows men organizing to solve pressing problems instead of rationalizing them “away”.

There are some doctoral theses awaiting students…

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Thos. January 25, 2014 at 12:21

My fetish is women who want nothing to do with me.

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A Woman Who Loves Her Husband January 25, 2014 at 13:36

This is a good article loaded with poignant questions. If we want to see why our country is shifting in this direction we need look no further then our public education system, Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the field of psychiatry. These are 4 powerful areas that have proven to be very successful in any mass behavior modification agenda.

These groups claim they just want people to accept “differences” as they hide their real agenda behind the cloak of “diversity”. In reality true diversity is no where to be found or tolerated via any of these organizations who are spearheading these agendas because what they are really demanding is “conformity” where they want the masses to all think the same. That’s about as far from true diversity as you can get. I believe the agenda is to keep people divided. If the agenda is to keep people divided, weak and thus easier to control, there is no better way to do this then to destroy the traditional relationship, and make moral behavior appear to be dated, trite and even barbaric when the exact opposite is true.

In no other area have we see doublespeak work so affectively as we have witnessed in the women’s rights movement and the gay agenda. They claim they fight for equal rights and yet all of the demands that come with those “equal” rights give one set of citizens unequal rights, unearned privileges and unwarranted advantages at the mercy of all others who are not in those select groups. Of course none of these agendas are constitutional in the least in terms of truly treating all people as equals. Giving women the right to vote is where women’s “rights” should have ended. Alas, it did not stop there because the goal was not true was male domination.

I am a woman and I strongly resent these man hating nuts in the women’s movement who continue to do all they can to tear down the fabric of our society by making men their number one target. We continue to see the dangerous aftermath of what happens to children coming from fatherless homes and it isn’t pretty. Gone are the days of seeing men as leaders,protectors, and good providers. Movies and TV shows rarely if ever portray a males character as a smart individual who makes a great leader. Instead they portray men as idiots and dolts who need their wives or CHILDREN to help them get by.

The women’s movement has done more damage to women as a whole then any other organization since this country was originated. Unfortunately it took heavily indoctrinated women who were takers and losers themselves via seeking handouts they did not personally owned attained on the coattails of the hard work of others who helped this movement become far more destructive.

Do we really have to ask why the public’s perception has altered so greatly in terms of the elevation of “sexual freedoms” to reach a critical mass point where people are demanding “rights” based upon their lifestyle? Think about that and please let it soak in. Do any of you base your business relationships on the sole information of who a new business partner has SEX with? I would hope that would be a resounding NO because it’s none of your business who someone sleeps with and a person’s sex life has no business being brought into business. Nonetheless, This is what they are asking us to accept. They want us to delve deep into the private lives of everyone we know and then “catagorise” people based upon their “sexual preferences.”

You need to look no further then Sex Ed in school to see why we are encountering such a rapid shift in public opinion towards the acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles. Once again, under the myth of “diversity” children today are not allowed to disagree with an alternative lifestyle lest they wish to face bogus discrimination charges based upon their own “diverse opinions.” They continue to lower the age more and more whereas the indoctrination to accept gays, lesbians and transexuals is being thrust upon 5 year old kids in school who are definitely not mature enough to handle the content much less make an informed decision of what is right for their own lives. To make it worse our schools are acting as if parents are mere roadblocks to bypass because they truly think they own all children while they are in school. Thus the materials for Sex Ed have been proven to equate with hardcore porn with federally funded taxes being used to teach children how to “fist and uriniarte” on each other while advancing the gay lifestyle while they are still maturing and developing. IOf you don’t believe it look up “FistGate” and see the then self admitted gay school Czar Kevin Jennings neck deep in handing out fisting kits to kids at schools without parental notification of what he was doing. See how he was directing kids to gay sites online and how he traumatized and defiled the innocent mindset of many kids who had no idea what that “after school” conference was really about.

As a parent of one kid who is now in college and another I have homeschooled and kept out of the hell holes known as public schools I can tell you that the child who made it through public school was hardcore brainwashed into not just accepting these alternative lifestyles but she was made to feel personally responsible for helping these organizations with their agendas. In college it is much worse with the first two whole weeks of school being devoted to nothing but these Diversity agendas with pep rallies, special groups, peer pressure to sign up for everything and hardcore brainwashing sessions to force these kids to accept these lifestyles and then turn them into henchmen to help them target other students. So much for “academics” in a college no less eh? With a college education costing up to 800% MORE the it did when I was in school I resent knowing that my dime was used to further the indoctrination of my own kid at the college level. At least in a public school I could put it on record that NO sSex Ed class or Drug Awareness class (aka the Just do it campaign” was allowed to be administered to my child for any reason. I also put it on her record that my child’s sexual preference and her sex life, or LACK thereof was NOT the business of the school and any teacher who approached her to write a paper on her sexual preference or to share her sexual “experisnces” was to be deemed as a pedophile threat and I would use the laws accordingly on my side. It is not about wanting your kids to remain ignorant as these nuts would have you is all about knowing they have our kids for all of the formative years of their lives a majority of the hours of those days and if we allow them to form the perceptions about sexuality on our kids against our wishes and against their control we are just as guilty of the results.

Now it is much worse. We now see gay parades that are allowed to ignore all laws of decency as grown men flaunt their sexual organs that are barely covered up by a costume SOCK with bare rears hanging out. We see transvestites who are in MID-transformation going shirtless to reveal their new surgically installed breats. We hear gays and lesbians demand equal rights as they declare they just want to live normal lives like heterosexuals AS they take their adopted and artificially created children to these parades that have row after row of adult content booths loaded with dildos, sex toys, and inappropriate materials for children.

Now it is much worse.. we now see transvestites fighting to become teachers in our class rooms. We see openly gay men fighting to be Boy Scout leaders and they are winning. Meanwhile No one has stopped to ask WHY are gays and lesbians being allowed to infiltrate and take over our institutions? Meaning…if they used a fraction of the money and resources they have used to infiltrate and take over our traditional institutions and used it to create their own groups this would mean offering a real DIVERSE choice for people to send their kids to a gay school, gay scouts etc etc. they do not want s to be diverse or to have a real choice because the goal is to corrupt what was and to take it over. The first stretch of gaining real power is to immaculate the men who were from birth biologically created with more muscle mass which in every sense of the word means they will always be stronger and thus the best protectors. Sad but true on that front the women’s movement has made great disgusting strides. Every step of the way the women’s movement voice was given front stage to silence and neuter men. We are ALL paying the price for those damages now. Instead of telling women they were not born with the muscle mass needed to be affective firefighters, police officers and soldiers on the field they have instead watered down those strength endurance test in order to allow women into those positions which results in placing REAL lives in danger because women are not physically capable of performing those duties. On a lower but notable level gone are the days of male chivalry…why should men be chivalrous if women are only going to cut them down to size for daring to treat them like ladies?

I have told my son about all of these targets that have been placed upon his head because I know the system is stacked against him. I know that if any woman tricks him into fathering a child by claiming she is on birth control she will have the upper hand to destroy him, even take his license so getting to a job is harder, and to take his net worth because the courts have stated that based upon a persons sex organ they will hand out “unequal” protections and “unequal” punishments. I have told him that if he encounters any woman who gets angry at him for opening her door he needs to keep moving on because she sees him as a threat to destroy and not a lifetime companion.

I have told my daughter that IF she truly wants equal rights she will earn whatever she gets on her own and she will refuse ALL tax funded handouts, scholarships,and jobs that are offered solely based upon her sex. I have taught her that she will never reverse sexual discrimination by using sexual discrimination against the opposite sex and the world doesn’t owe her a thing just because she is a female.

Throughout the years I have shown both my kids the obvious stereotypes revealed in movies in which men are portrayed as idiots. I have told them how damaging this is to our future because all homes need a mother and father that are equally respectful of each other. I have told them and more importantly showed them that marriage works through 28 years of being with my husband and laying the foundation of a respectful mutual relationship. Unfortunately if these behavior modifying programs going on in our schools are not stopped and the focus is not brought back to real academics our schools will be allowed to destroy any notion of a perfect union between a man and a woman for our future.

What’s most unfortunate about the gay agenda is this..if a true survey were given asking gays and lesbians if they were ever sexually assaulted the results would be astounding to the public. In all my years of making business acquaintances and friends every person I have met who claims to be gay today was severely sexually assaulted as a child. This is very relative as well when we take into account the types of materials they are using WITH children for Sex Ed. Several experts are just now coming out sounding the alarms that if these types of explicit material were given to these kids by a stranger they would be charged as a pedophile because this is exactly how a pedophile “grooms young victims” into allowing a sexual assault to occur. Look into the work of Dr. Judith Reisner for much more on the data and studies revealing how Sex Ed operates like a pedophile operates when they are grooming children for sexual abuse. Then ask yourself when did parents cede their rights to put the schools back into the proper role of only offering classes on”academics”?

People have also got to look at DIET for why so many males are becoming feminized. One ingredient alone can cause this feminization and it’s soy. It’s not a shock that so many more boys today are feminized when we realize soy is the go-to ingredient for everything from “vegetable oil” to all processed foods. Another ingredient is the plasticizing chemical used for the creation of plastic bottle etal..anytime you have chemical that has the ability to make fish asexual you have to be a fool to think humans cannot be affected. Those chemicals are noted to cause descended testicles in boys and to also make them grow breast. For girls they make them start their menstruation as early as 1st grade and they lead to breast cancer.

Last but not least is a much needed long look at the mental health industry. There is no other industry in the history of the world that is so threatening to the human race as this industry. Once again they are using psychological ruses and manipulations to help them modify the behavior of the masses. It has worked since the inception of this field of quackery so they have no reason to doubt it’s effectiveness now. They make absurd claims such as saying the sky is purple and they know repetition is the key to acceptance even when what the people really see is a blue sky. When an industry is allowed to enter into all your schools, and normal emotions such as anger towards injustice are turned into a disorder that needs anger management and the very custody of a child hangs in the balance of a “mental health” evaluation you can easily see the immense power that industry has been given.

Meanwhile few people have ever looked into the inception of this industry or the utter lack of science in this entire field. Much less have they seen this field was based upon the work of forced drugging and the torture of humans to “conform” their behavior to whatever the head quack desired. Thanks to this industry we now have children on the equivalent of cocaine kiddie speed because they cannot sit still at 5 years old. We see men and women being placed on antidepressants that cause suicidal ideation. We see psychiatrist still have the power to suspend all constitutional rights of any victim they finger if that quack declares them unfit for society. No phone call is allowed and they do not have to tell the public even where that patient is. Meanwhile, to date, not one mental health label has one verifiable scientific test to verify any mental health label is a real medical disease. I share this because for every one of these agendas if anyone in society disagrees with them they will first face a forced “mental health” evaluation in which bogus science is used to help them control all dissenting thought. Dont’ believe me? Get into just one sexual harassment case at work, face one visit with social services or child custody courts, dare to speak out publicly about the gay agenda or womens movement and you will see the integral role the mental health industry plays in carrying out the forcing of the acceptance of what society itself would not ever accept willingly of of their own FREE choice. This is no a case of live and let live because no one has any business knowing what goes on in the sex life behind closed doors…they want full control of all our choices and there is a difference.

I thank you for allowing me to share. I truly do worry for my son and all men because there is a concerted effort going on that is intended to destroy men and make sure they never resume their traditional role ever again. If this is allowed to continue our future is bleaker then bleak.

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zimmy January 25, 2014 at 17:01

Male sexual perversion may very well be on-the-increase. ‘Modern women’ have lost the power of ‘mystique ‘ which until recently had been their gender tool of high value. Because of this loss some men need to exercise their erotic needs through ‘perversions’ or ‘sexing outside the box’ (so to speak). In short, the vanilla woman doesn’t do it for them.

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Opus January 26, 2014 at 07:35

Is falling in love with a cartoon character (never heard of that before) merely a version of loving ones Teddy Bear (a failure to mature). Is it really any different from people (especially women) who love Jesus.

If you can marry someone of the same sex, I can see no reason why one should not be married to a cartoon horse.

I think I am beginning to enjoy the decline.

I also have a theory about Ladyboys (I can’t tell them apart, well can you?) which is that men want women but with women proving so hard to acquire, men now turn themselves into women to make up the shortage – and they seem to be better looking too and not prone to put on weight. Can’t get them Ooops pregnant either – what’s not to love?

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continent January 26, 2014 at 09:50

@ zimmy.
You make a good point. Perhaps there is another culprit besides “feminism”

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DCM January 27, 2014 at 02:26

Today it’s no longer possible for most people to rationalize and trick themselves into believing they’re happy in their relationships — maybe that’s the difference.

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Masculist Man January 27, 2014 at 03:03

Excellent article,very well written.

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Terence January 27, 2014 at 04:07

Free love is expensive…

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Jim January 28, 2014 at 00:10

“A Woman Who Loves Her Husband January 25, 2014 at 13:36

Giving women the right to vote is where women’s “rights” should have ended. Alas, it did not stop there…”

No it didn’t stop there. Think about that for a minute.

Excellent post btw. If only more parents were that aware.

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Jabberwocky January 28, 2014 at 19:48

Dire Badger- I thought your post was incisive. I wonder why it got down voted so much?

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dire badger January 29, 2014 at 23:20


Because many many people, even blue pill people, are terrified by the idea that some people are natural dominants and winners, and some are natural losers and submissives, and every woman ever born is the latter.

The downvoting is passive aggressive trolling from femnazi quoteminers.

The concurring is a form of passive adhesive trolling

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Masculist Man February 1, 2014 at 20:31

Praising a post gets you a red thumb? It’s been that kind of day.

This is off topic and I hope Bill indulges me on this one but have you guys read this:

My take on it:

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Dire Badger February 4, 2014 at 08:16

@masculist man-
Actually, that was me, I was out of town for a couple of weeks, and thumbfingered it when i was trying to answer via my cell. Total ooops

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