Where is Bill Price?

by Uncle Elmer on January 4, 2014

Questions are being raised after notorius MRA kingpin vanishes from the internet.


Seriously though, people are wondering what has happened to Bill. At this point it is a mystery that will eventually be revealed.

Since I have a user account on his esteemed blog, I can post essays and moderate comments to my own essays.

So I am setting up this open forum for friends and foes alike to offer their support for him.

When I get a round tuit, I will send him some pizza money through paypal. Given recent outpourings of financial support for amateur victim hoaxers, we can pull together and back up one of our own.

I will be offline this afternoon but will moderate comments when I return; if your words don’t show up right away I will unclog them as soon as I can.

Let’s hope this whole affair is just an elaborate hoax to gin up publicity for the manosphere.

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