by W.F. Price on December 5, 2013

Hi folks, I’ve been forced to take something of an extended delay past the holiday due to circumstance. Unfortunately, problems from divorce do not just go away after it’s over, and mine have once again caught up to me. In short, I’m in trouble with DCS (child support), and this time it’s pretty serious. This is because I was unemployed and had my income imputed on divorce (this means that they force you to pay at a previous income whether you have it or not), which led to accumulation of arrears. If you haven’t read it before, here’s the background on the situation. I was working it down for a couple years, but things have dried up lately, and I have to deal with it immediately if I want to see my kids for the holidays and stay out of the King County hotel.

Hopefully, I can come up with enough to do that and will be back to focusing on writing again soon. All in all, it’s just another day in the life of millions of non-custodial fathers, so it isn’t the end of the world. But it still sucks.

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving!

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