Governor McCrory, I Have a Solution To The NC Education Cuts And Teacher Benefits Debate

by stompkinsnc on August 2, 2013

As I write this article, NC Republican Governor Pat McCrory is locked in a heated debate with teachers and teachers associations over sweeping education cuts he approved in late July of 2013. This article will not debate any merits of either sides position on this conundrum, but I am going to offer a solution that makes sense regardless of how hard it is for many to face. In this article, I am going to not only explore how NC Governor McCrory can find new money to prevent education cuts and teacher’s reduction in pay, I am also going to show how he can save lives.

Sounds reasonable right? In this debate, it seems to me that each side in this matter is more focused on economics and principles rather that what is best for children. Governor McCrory has a State budget to balance to prevent collapse of the NC education system so that teachers have a job to go to, and teachers are worried about their pay and benefits. Oh sure, each has thrown in their fair share of the “It’s in the best interest of children” which readers here will immediately recognize as a statement designed to prevent any dissent on your agenda because if you do then you must be for uneducated and starving children. This tactic is commonly used in the Men’s Rights and Father’s Rights community against our desire to be respected as equal partners in our children’s lives by feminist and the family law system which throws this scripted phrase out on an hourly basis in order to quell any discussions of equally shared parenting regardless of how the system is actually hurting families and children.

But I digress, this article is supposed to be about finding money to avoid cuts in NC education and teachers pay and benefits.

The plan I am about to unveil will generate upwards of 500 million dollars in new revenue yearly that Governor Pat McCrory can then use to settle the concerns teachers and others have about the education system in North Carolina, but my points will not be popular for many.

nc educational cuts, teachers pay, raises, and benefits

My Six Point Plan That Governor Pat McCrory Can Use To Fix Cuts In NC Education And Teacher’s Pay And Benefits

  • If NC Governor Pat McCrory would immediately push legislation that brought about non-discretionary and unilateral equally shared parenting to a system fraught with two parents battling each other tooth and nail for 18 years  in order to win in the family courts, or to prevent the other parent from winning, I believe this would save countless lives. You disagree? Have you considered the numbers of kids in broken families who commit suicide each year because they are forced to endure familial fighting between parents and grandparents that WANTS the other parent to be bad to maintain custody, or lose it? Have you considered the numbers of parents who commit suicide, murder, and domestic violence because they were marginalized by the courts to the role of visitor and payment provider four days a month? In a equal system, one where there is nothing to fight over, there will be less needless death. But how does this help Governor McCrory bring new money to State education programs and teacher pay and benefits? Under a shared parenting plan, where kids can enjoy a equal relationship with both parents, step-parents, and grandparents, there will be more involvement by the entire nuclear family which would take expended resources away from the schools and put the responsibility on parents where they should be.
  • Currently in NC, via the family courts, we incentivize single parenthood by pushing one parent out of a child’s life as a parent and making him/her a visitor who has very little decision making ability and ability to nurture his or her children. This is likely done because the State of NC needs a non-custodial parent paying child support to trigger federal Title IV-D money which replenishes Welfare. If you take the marginalized parent from the role of visitor and put him/her in a empowered position of parent again, then you will see more direct support from that parent which will negate the need for State and Federal programs to support the custodial parent. Governor McCrory can then take a huge portion of Medicaid and Welfare resources and put them into teacher’s pay and benefits, along with averting educational cuts.
  • Once step two is done, the former custodial parent will have the opportunity to go back to work or further his or her education because they have more free time. These newly working parents who were once in the position of not working in order to draw a State check will add more money to the tax system and create new jobs. NC Governor McCrory can then use these new tax benefits and put them towards education money and teachers pay, raises, and benefits.
  • The NC Family Courts have become almost comical with the constant stream of parents coming to court in order to denigrate the other parent in order to maintain or get access to the Welfare system as the custodial parent. It seems to me nothing is ever solved in this system as it continues to be somewhat like a cattle call that just goes on and on and on. Now I realize this makes lawyers happy because they can bill for 18 years, but the reality is the average parent spends roughly $20,000 a piece in the family courts and studies show that they fight two of these battles over 18 years for a grand total of $80,000. If parents were not spending this money in the courts, I suspect they would be happy forking out a good chunk of this change towards teacher’s pay, raises, and benefits.
  • As stated earlier, there is a huge incentive to have children in NC and then dispose of the other parent so that the hopeful custodial parent can have access to educational assistance, medical/dental assistance, financial assistance, job assistance, housing assistance, food assistance, and tax incentives. Absent this obvious problem, you will see two things happen: 1) There will be less children conceived because both parents will be fully financially responsible for kids instead of just the non-custodial parent. 2) This will result in a decrease in overcrowded classrooms and children who are acting out physically, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically because they have the resources of both parents, step-parents, and grandparents to deal with problems that usually are dropped in NC teachers laps.
  • Under a system where one parent wins, while the other parent is marginalized, there are often times very sick children and more times than not, social services has to get involved to sort or the details of what is going on and usually has to provide some level of services and programs. Under my proposed system, we take the parent we pushed out of the child’s life in the courts, or by the parent wanting the other parent out to get access to social services programs, and we use them in the role of parent which negates the need for social services. Governor Pat McCrory can then take money from social services derived from an empowered parent and use it to avert educational cuts and teacher’s pay, raises, and benefits.

nc governor pat mccrory

In an effort to support this article, we ask that you extensively share this article on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that others can learn more about this important topic. If you decide to tweet this article, please inform @PatMcCroryNC and encourage him to respond.

What are some other areas that we failed to mention where money that goes into sustaining a divisive family court system could free up money for education and teachers in States like North Carolina?

About The Author
stompkinsnc is a blogger and shared parenting advocate in North Carolina who works with non-custodial families as they work to bring about comprehensive family law reform which moves this industry from one of gender and sexual politics to one of true best interest of children to have both parents and extended families.

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El Bastardo August 2, 2013 at 11:34


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geographybeefinalisthimself August 2, 2013 at 11:44

I know this doesn’t sound closely related to the cuts to teachers, but I think right-to-work laws (the right-to-work states being Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming) should also cover public-sector unions, especially teachers’ unions, but all public-sector unions. Right-to-work laws covering the public sector would reign in their worst abuses.

I do not have really any empathy or sympathy for a subset of employees (public school teachers) who are impossible to terminate despite doing a bad job for years on end. I also consider them overpaid and underworked. The vast majority are both female and brazenly sexist and do not get even a reprimand for it. They resort to medicating, again, mostly boys, because they can’t handle basic human behavior. A fast-food employee cannot force an irate customer to take a pill to calm down before getting a hamburger. They consistently whine about their working conditions when their occupational title is neither injury-prone nor fatality prone. I could probably think of even more reasons why I have no empathy or sympathy for public school teachers anywhere in the United States.

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El Bastardo August 2, 2013 at 11:51

I facebooked it to the Govna himself. See what happens, look for a comment by Jesse James.

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El Bastardo August 2, 2013 at 11:51

Also to several newspapers. Got an appointment, will see what happens?

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Ode August 2, 2013 at 18:16

If Feminists were truly sincere about helping out “the children” they would stop doing what they currently do because obviously it is not working and has been a failure for the past 3 generations ever since the policies were created. Or maybe they honestly do think they are helping out. There is a way to describe the mental state of a person who keeps on doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result…

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Highwasp August 2, 2013 at 19:16

OT – Men Going Their Own Way now have a portable shelter if needed:

Formerly Homeless Man Invents Portable Shelters to Help Others…

This looks like just the thing to assist with ‘starving the beast’ and literally going ghost…

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Highwasp August 2, 2013 at 19:31

Hey – what a concept – Family taking care of one another instead of State run institutions pretending to do so…. Naah! What would we do with all those shiny new prisons? And the schools, universities, gov’t buildings, law offices, law enforcement, court systems and the entire Divorce/Grievance/Victim Industries would crumble… Heck the USSA would go bankrupt if Men were to be put in charge of their families.

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stompkinsnc August 2, 2013 at 19:36

Actually, feminism is hurting far more women in the family courts. For each Father they nail, they are also nailing a paternal grandmother, a step-mother, and usually another female in the family. Also, feminist is hurting half of all mothers in world – who have male children and will one day be a marginalized paternal grandmother wondering why she does not get to see her grandbaby much but who 30-40 years back was adament about Mother’s Rights.

Dire Badger August 3, 2013 at 04:03

wow, we could have summed this all up with ‘the way to fix family courts is to eliminate family courts’

Why do all of you socialists have to keep ADDING law atop law to try and ‘fix’ a device that is stupid by it’s very definition. You are not ‘protecting’ the children, you are ‘destroying’ the parents.

Get rid of family courts. If two people split, whoever has the kids takes care of them. Sure, occasionally things might suck for whoever draws the short straw, but if custody is really disputed, That’s a job for civil court, not the family court star chambers.

Marriage is ‘two people getting together for the express purpose of creating and raising children’. Fuck tax breaks. Fuck litigation. Fuck ‘marriage law’. Marriage is a social contract between two people…. If they CHOOSE to draw up a contract, well, that is contract law…. if they do not choose to do so, it is between them and possibly their community or church… government needs to stay the fuck out of it.

Nosey socialists always demanding that the government has to get involved in every aspect of our lives… No wonder this country is consumed with lust for ‘jersey shore’ and other ‘reality shows’ so they can try to get involved in the lives of other useless people and maybe ignore for a while how utterly vapid and useless their own lives are.

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oddsock August 3, 2013 at 07:41

Off topic but nevertheless interesting

What I find interesting is hearing how difficult it is for Dr Helen Smith to speak directly and positivley about men despite her published book “Men On Strike” she still doesn’t understand, then again, she started out as a feminist. The interviewer Andrea Tantaros actually sounds more supportive or at least far more understanding than Dr Helen Smith who, on occassion, sounds clueless.

Andrea Tantaros guest Dr. Helen Smith Are Men Going On Strike ?

MGTOW is the only way. They are starting to squirm already. They ain’t seen nothing yet.

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FTLOTBP August 3, 2013 at 07:43

No more plans for the system. The “education” system needs to be dismantled and promptly done away with. I’m sure plenty of you already know this name, but look up a man named John Taylor Gatto. He explains what the system is actually about. Long story short, the schooling system is about creating cannon fodder, mindless consumers, braindead sheeple. That is the point. Any ctual educating that takes place in schools is either completely coincidental and unintentional or takes place because another kid wakes up and sees the schooling Matrix for what it really is.

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Yldri August 3, 2013 at 07:51

“stompkinsnc”, your comment about it hurting other women is not entirely unsound in theory, but there are two major issues with it:

1) You make the very implausible assumption that said women were not the same kind of people in the first place. Statistically? You can bet they never had any problem destroying other people’s families, encouraging it, or simply passively supporting it, and will have a change of mind only when it eventually bites them in the calf, just like that feminist recently who finally took action when her own son got into a legal quagmire over a false rape accusation. That’s not honesty or evolution, that’s reaction, just like chicken running to cover when it’s raining. They had no fundamental change of heart, it’s rather “feminism is perfectly right, just spare my relatives, please”, just like, to take an extreme Godwin example, a nazi would have been fine with deporting jews as long as they spare his jewish girlfriend. Egoism, cynicism and narcissism at its best. They deserve no compassion.

2) Second, we have, once again, to clumsily bargain with women with a tool as cheap and pleady as “it hurts women too”, otherwise they will never turn their brain on. Men had no problem abandoning privileges when they felt it provided net benefits for them, but harmed women. You didn’t have to bribe them with “it hurts men too”: no, in that hypothesis, it didn’t hurt men too, that was the very point, it benefited “us” at the cost of other people’s suffering. No adult mind should need more argument than that, having to bargain that way only highlights how women have absolutely no basic sense of justice, and need material gain to undertake any kind of action.

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Prof. Woland August 3, 2013 at 08:08

Prior to ObamaCare, we were able to do this via our health insurance. The carriers charge higher premiums for people who were morbidly obese or not insure them altogether. Starting January 1st, of next year that will change. When your rates go up, part of that will be the fact that the rest of us will be required to carry the dead weight (no pun intended). Expect the Health and Human Services to go into action as the national nanny forcing carriers to cover things such as laparoscopic surgery, dieticians, special foods, etc. all in the name of protecting our health.

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joeb August 3, 2013 at 09:14

Asking the State to give up viable revenues for the good of the people would be like pulling teeth .
We are talking about Lawyers here . They have an uncanny self interest which prohibits them from caring about the people and only allows them to think In there own self interest . ( They do take an oath to the state )
We all know relinquishing control over The divorce industry would result in 30% less poverty . Thats common sense
But why would they ? The system runs off of poverty The more poverty the bigger the system . The lawyers are riding that wave and they will fight for it , Right up to the point where it hits the rocks .
Id bet every lawyer in the world would duck the issue .
With a don’t piss in the Pool wink wink Nod Nod mentality . We call it corruption!
Thats the part the frustrates me The Old guards club . Not a single one would do the right thing if it means lost revenues ( for them ) or making an honest living .
But Mgtows forcing that wave against the rocks as we speak action and more action is whats needed . They ignore suffering !

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migu August 3, 2013 at 09:46

Actually you are just another busybody with a grand plan doomed to failure. For some reason people resent being told what’s best for them, especially when their supposed best interest is imposed upon them with a badge and a gun. Perhaps people like yourself should mind your own business and not bother yourself with managing the lives of others. Manage yourself and leave it at that.

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oddsock August 3, 2013 at 12:53


The Real American: Low paid, part time & defrauded

Stacy Summary: As opposed to a dream, the reality is most Americans are low paid, part time workers without health care and requiring food stamps to get by. This is a fact. So let’s just stop talking about the people as a super power; there is a powerful elite, indeed; with nuclear and chemical weapons which they’ve been using against resource rich others for decades now. But the dumb, overweight, barely employed population shouting USA! USA! USA! at this global carnage get the economy and democracy they deserve. Once the dollar loses reserve status, it will be the best thing to happen in the life time of any American under the age of 60 because all this stupidity will not be possible to sustain and USA! shouting foodstamp recipients will have to get a job, which means demanding an end to the oligarchy for whom one shouts USA!


Part-time work accounted for more than 65 percent of the positions employers added in July. Low-paying retailers, restaurants and bars supplied more than half July’s job gain.
Universal health care: Americans are grossly misinformed

The American residing in Belgium also voiced confusion about his fellow Americans willingness to pay so much more for health care insurance, co-pays, deductibles, etc.

He added that he enjoys having more money in his pocket, rather than paying so much more for health care insurance with no guarantees.

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Thos August 3, 2013 at 13:24

This pretty much sums up a lot of things:
Women in front but men provide the muscle.

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Denis August 3, 2013 at 14:01

First time I have EVER seen any support for Equal Shared Parenting and Family Law Reform on this web site.

(After years of asking Price to support these initiatives)

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Justinian August 3, 2013 at 17:33

OT –

Part-time women doctors ARE a real problem. Why is it sexist to say so?

Since some 70 per cent of medical students were now women, she said, the fact that many of them wanted to have children and then go part-time meant a ‘tremendous burden’ on the NHS if it effectively had to train two GPs to do the work of one.

In reply the junior Health Minister Anna Soubry said: ‘You make a very important point when you talk about, rightly, the good number of women who are training to be doctors, but the unintended consequences . . .’

She didn’t actually finish her sentence, but left the thought of ‘the unintended consequences’ hanging in the air. For these three words, she was instantly jumped upon and metaphorically beaten up by a steady procession of angry women.

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DW3 August 3, 2013 at 19:57

Screw any reforms, even good ones, that help teachers and their unions. Saving money by fixing family law in order to give teachers higher pay is pointless, at best.

We might as well ask for what we actually want, instead of trying to make a clever deal. Sadly, I believe that many, many more kids need to suffer before any reform is possible. Even after all these years in the struggle, it still makes me feel ill when I think that people are content to earn their living off the suffering of innocent children. I barely even stress over myself or over fathers, I’m a bad dude, have made some bad choices in my life, and must deserve some bad stuff, but surely my kids don’t have any bad karma coming?

My own mother still won’t fully back me to try to get access to my younger son, and all she’d have to do is sign an affidavit saying that my ex-wife is not accurately describing my mother’s views. Rest assured that I’m not holding my breath, so I don’t put much stock in the “feminism hurts women” argument winning much support.

Forever is a long time though, and some day my younger son will seek me out when he’s an adult, and I’ll tell him the painful, honest truth about the mistakes I made when I was married to his mother. I’m a grown man, and I accept responsibility for making some poor choices.

I sure won’t hold back from being blunt about the fact that the only thing preventing him from enjoying a relationship with his father as a boy was the evil, greedy people who were happy to make money off of his suffering.

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stompkinsnc August 3, 2013 at 20:47

I guess I should point out that I never really intended to fix education by reforming the family courts, it was more satirical to make a point.

Dire Badger August 4, 2013 at 00:39

Fix education by teaching your children right from wrong. Fix it by teaching critical thinking skills and how to educate themselves before they ever reach a classroom. Fix it by watching teachers, and censoring them if they attempt to brainwash your children with propaganda. Fix it by firing the teachers that are unfit to teach, the leeches and users that drain the funds away from the few who are left that genuinely desire and are able to teach your children.

Most teachers today are nothing more than admen taking advantage of the opportunity to indoctrinate your children at the youngest possible age.

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oddsock August 4, 2013 at 07:24

I am not a fan of AVfM not by a long shot however; John The Other has recently posted what I believe to be one of the best videos regarding Mans true shitty position in society and the way forward.


Right wing white knight nut jobs should not watch it. It may upset you quite badly.

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Thos August 4, 2013 at 09:03

Off topic but a woman scientist has an article about being pro-equality but not pro-feminism because the latter does not practice what it preaches.

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geographybeefinalisthimself August 4, 2013 at 09:03

OT but it relates to false rape accusations (I realize that the link is from the New York Post):

Unfortunately, it took over a quarter century from the time Tawana Brawley made her false rape accusation (granted, she was fifteen at the time but still old enough to know better) until she ended up with her wages being garnished for her actions. She remains defiantly unapologetic, probably because the $627 being taken out of her paycheck per month apparently isn’t hurting her enough financially. If 100% of her wages were being garnished, maybe then she would be apologetic.

Even so, the message to all men is painfully obvious. Even if a false rape accusation does catch up with a woman, not only does she not end up incarcerated, but justice moves at a pace that comparing it to snails or glaciers would be insulting to both as both snails and glaciers move faster than justice for men affected by a false rape accusation.

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Dire Badger August 4, 2013 at 12:34

The only difference between ‘right wing nut job’ MRA’s and “Leftist commie” MRA’s is who should take responsibility.

Right wings think that only men are capable of changing things for the better of men. The world is arrayed against us but we, as men, need to get angry and fix our problems ourselves.
left wings think they should cry and piss and moan and count on others to pity them and change things for them, or they should run away and give up.

@Oddsock- I know you LOVE taking sly jabs at conservatives at every possible opportunity, but your trolling is getting REALLY old, and is counterproductive. Actually, it makes you look like a bitchy cunt.

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oddsock August 4, 2013 at 15:19

Dire badger

I did warn you


Right wing white knight nut jobs should not watch it. It may upset you quite badly. ( obviously it did )

@Oddsock- I know you LOVE taking sly jabs at conservatives at every possible opportunity, but your trolling is getting REALLY old, and is counterproductive. Actually, it makes you look like a bitchy cunt.

For the record. I will “troll” as you put it, any Left Right or Centre political nut job that wants to try and return men to the status of being a beast of burden wage slave pack horse especially by way of shaming tactics child like attempts at insults or faux appeals to patriotism.

P.s I dont give a flying feck how you think it makes me look. Its a cross I have always been willing to bear even if it just awakens a few men its well worth it and, I kind of like it, I am usually called much much worse lol.

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GraniteSoldier August 4, 2013 at 22:54
Scottscobig August 5, 2013 at 11:47

Privatize the courts and the schools. Seriously, it’s the only viable short term and long term solution.

Get govt pinheads out of control over these and all other things.

We don’t need an overclass of people with the power to force us to bend to their will and give them our money.

This article only addresses a part of the problem- a symptom of the true problem-govt.

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Towgunner August 5, 2013 at 13:10

Why the F*ck does Dire badger have even 5 down marks? Why! What’s a matter with some of you? Seriously, if you keep denying this left and right stuff we’ll never get anywhere. What is it going to take to make you people see the obvious? The left has delivered feminism to us, the left is the source of identity politics, the left is the champion of women and, even if you don’t believe in any of those things than believe this – the left is the enemy to men. oddsock, why the f*ck do I care what that loser john the other has to say? What’s he got, eh, more doom and gloom? Yeah, that’s real constructive. White knight? WTF do you think a “white knight” is? Some Cross wearing, Poindexter with a bowtie? Perhaps some jock alpha male sporting his varsity jacket? And, of course, both are wearing Rush is Right T-shirts. ?? Those people don’t exist. I understand white knights to be someone like a male co-worker or boss unfairly supporting a female co-worker(s) etc. Wash, rinse and repeat everywhere else i.e. school, military etc. I’ve seen this happen before both in the marines and on wall street. But get this, all those “men” are leftists or on that side of the political fence. These legions of Alpha jocks that you think are the white knights are right here in the MRA, who the hell do you think has been targeted by feminism? Bernard Chafin had a series of Inferno’s this weekend that I suggest everyone should watch, most notably, his exposure and outing of a leftists troll. Look, I don’t like feminism, no one here save for occasional troll/feminists, does either. Get with the program sock, and all you other leftists. Its just this simple, you want change, you want to destroy feminism then the first step is to understand it, namely, how did it come to be. Much is revealed through this process, because you’ll realize that feminism is cultural marxism, period. Importantly, that means feminists want a larger state hence big gov = feminism. Let’s connect dots, what side of the political spectrum lobbies for big gov is it A) leftist or B) The Right…oddsock, care to answer? Exactly.

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Towgunner August 5, 2013 at 13:25

“I am not a fan of AVfM not by a long shot however; John The Other has recently posted what I believe to be one of the best videos regarding Mans true shitty position in society and the way forward.”

Then why f*(king post it? Why? What’s jto going to say that we don’t know already. Yes, thanks for reminding us that men have is “shitty” right now. Oh really, didn’t notice. As for the way forward? Spare me the typical aimless gibberish that jto spews. Here is a way forward, long-term get gov out of the business of arbitrating “equality” between the sexes…get them out. That WILL necessitate a smaller gov with checks and balances…there is just no way around that. Short-term: start exposing the inconsistencies of feminism, for instance, develop a narrative that men and women are different. Shed light on that simple scientific fact. Get a narrative going to introduce sex segregated schools. Call out establishments such as Curves as sexist, not to get them to change but to expose the double standard. Expose all double standards. Champion men, encourage excellence among ourselves, personally, physically, professionally, spiritually etc. Question – do you see any of that being discussed over at avfm? Question – did jto discuss any of those aforementioned items or anything like that? I posted on avfm’s forum a couple months back “I stand for excellence in men”, where I proposed ways for men to enrich themselves, empower themselves…whatever. The response was very telling, no, not down-arrowed or nasty comments…it was worse, NO, comments at all! You see, avfm is a bunch of losers. Of course, they’re leftists, they don’t want to or can’t accept responsibility for themselves, they need some “agency” of the government to do it for them. Just like feminists need the gov to give women money, put them in jobs they didn’t earn and, literally, make them feel good about themselves.

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geographybeefinalisthimself August 5, 2013 at 13:56

@ GraniteSoldier

I read that article.

Unfortunately the article still tries to invalidate men’s legitimate grievances, and expects men to advocate for their rights as though the way women advocating for theirs would also work for us. Men’s rights advocates already know that if Warren Farrell’s strategy had worked, men would have more rights than they do now.

The article also has the nerve to take a defensive tone on the idea that feminists have declared a war on men, as if it isn’t obvious to men already.

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Dire Badger August 5, 2013 at 14:20

@Oddsock- Fair enough. You aren’t American anyway, so you are pretty much useless to me. Not too concerned about what’s going on in Eurotrashcan. I try to keep informed, but I figure when we finally get our crap ironed out we are going to have to go over there and save your asses from yourselves. AGAIN.
I always find it funny how the Europeans constantly make fun of America’s fascination with guns, use it as a bullet point for how awful we are, etc. and yet, every time they get into trouble… the world wars, falklands, etc. They sure seem to find armed Americans awfully handy.

What I don’t get about the UK is that they quite possibly have the most fucked up, twisted, corrupt government on the planet (even when compared to the US and Australia, and that’s really saying something) and yet, when was the last time there was an uprising against the government by it’s people? When was the last time an assassination attempt occured? I am not saying that there should be dead politicians filling their streets (although that would be amusing) but there should at LEAST be a few dead assassins.
Some of the most Horrifying literature about government excess of all time has come out of the UK. 1984, Brazil, V, and a ton more… It’s not like citizens there cannot SEE the oppressive oligarchy that they live under. If anything, the average UK citizen has it worse than the greeks did, and considerably worse than your average American (and parts of our country are talking very seriously about secession). There are people sitting in british jails just for using the word ‘Raghead’. You have thought crime, and ‘insensitivity’ crime. You have people sitting in jail simply for questioning why your government is being sensitive to the emotional well-being of convicted mass murderers and bombers. You have muslims literally slaughtering firefighters like cattle in the middle of busy intersections, and standing there smiling for your local police forces to take into custody, secure in the knowledge that they will not be punished, simply given room and board until they are released as another sign of sympathy for the muslim community.

Let me tell you a well-known story from Poland during the mongol invasion in the 1200′s.

A mongol patrol of 2 men stumbled across a merchant caravan. Imperiously, the mongols, dressed in rotting leather and carrying their sabers, ordered the chainmail-clad, and well-armed guardsmen off their horses. All 26 guardsmen quickly complied, kneeling in the dust.
One of the two mongol scouts, starting at the head of the line, started cutting off the heads of the guardsman, one by one.
At the end of the line, one of the guardsmen, a fairly new recruit just out of training, asked his fellow, “Why are we kneeling here letting them kill us?” To which his much more experienced companion replied “Shhhh! be quiet! do you want to make them angry?”

This is what I see happening in the UK. Your own government is inviting invaders into your country, letting them murder and rape, destroy and steal, and they are sitting on their hands and punishing anyone that stands up and resists… terrified of responding lest they be accused of racial insensitivity. WHAT THE FUCK? If your government doesn’t do something, why don’t a bunch of your young men get together and burn their fucking culture out? there are gutted christian churches, schools, and subway stations, why aren’t there burned mosques? There are dead firefighters cut into pieces in the middle of your streets, why the fuck aren’t there rows of dead ragheads hanging from your lampposts?

So when I call UK leftism/socialism/communism/victimism/feminism/sensitivity/political correctness or whatever the fuck it is referred to there as ‘Cowardice’, it is not an attempt to shame or encourage you, it is out of sheer disgust for the way that virtually every ‘activist’ from that area continues to spout their pacifistic, sheeplike assurances that ‘we can all just get along’ while lining up like children in ‘the wall’ to step into the meat grinder.

And you call that ‘Red pill’.

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Truth Seeker August 5, 2013 at 18:52

Granite, this looks like an obvious attempt to reframe feminism from the above author.

Feminists will always tell you they are part of a gender equality movement, even though that has proven to be patently false over and over again throughout history. Just another NAFALT gambit packaged for the more savy 21st century.

She attacks “the war on men” concept as somehow being an extremist position, then denies the fact that men aren’t getting married for very practical reasons right now (she probably thinks we all want to be part of a hook up culture, being mindless sex addicts who love passing around diseased sluts back and forth). Just as many are in commited relationships rejecting an institution that doesn’t work for them.

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oddsock August 6, 2013 at 10:35

Dire Badger Tow gunner

Was it something I said ? lol

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Towgunner August 6, 2013 at 11:53

Sock, don’t be coy. Its not so much what you said, its the moronic nature of your comments above. “Right wing white knight nut jobs” is a bit of a give-away, don’t you think? If JTO has a solution that’s going to make someone of the “right wing” persuasion cringe…um, no thanks. Why? Well, the left wing hates men and is the reason why we have feminism and why we all, consequently, come here. Get it?

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Dire Badger August 6, 2013 at 14:52

Yes, Oddsock. I have seen you poking fun at people that want to cure the disease instead of patch over the symptoms for YEARS. Most especially you are constantly starting shit with Keyster or backbiting him when he hasn’t even made a comment.

I don’t agree wholeheartedly with what Keyster has to say, but at least he is TRYING to resolve the underlying problems. Just like me. Just like a LOT of conservatives. The most important thing we try to do is look back at history and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t our forebears have these problems?” and identify the differences between THEN and NOW.
We also look at situations that are more or less identical, identify sociopolitical turning points, and apply them to the modern age, and try to figure out how they were resolved.

And ‘new age freethinkers’ wander in, insulting the results of our research, not even arguing against them directly but making sly digs instead, and start throwing around the same mistakes that us researchers saw failed dozens or hundreds of times before, acting as if THIS TIME it’s going to be different. THIS TIME women and pussybeggars will listen to reason. THIS TIME unlimited socialism and liscentiousness, immorality and atheism, purposelessness and daddygov will somehow work. THIS TIME somehow a ‘star trek’ dream of all humankind living in peace without property, family, community, faith, courtesy, honor, loyalty,or any of those other inconvenient things that restrict ‘natural freedom’ to do whatever you want is going to work. THIS TIME humans are going to treat each other decently, without any motivation whatsoever to do so. THIS TIME men are going to appeal to sympathy, start crying, and people will open up their hearts to the utopian dream of true balance and social empathy for all mankind.

And this dream of unicorn farting rainbow bright skittles is EXACTLY the same thing the feminists are spouting, albeit with a slightly different group of ‘victims’. Sure, the name of the great evil enemy changes. Sure, some details are different, but the core message is the same.

And yet, somehow, you and others like you are calling this load of highly polished, electroplated dog turds “Red pill”. As if that somehow gives your utopian dreams validity. And pre-emptively ridiculing any sort of research that shows that it is nothing but a dream. More importantly, taking pre-emptive personal potshots at the PEOPLE who are trying to display the illusionary framework upon which this impossible fantasy rests. And then, when they respond to your insults indirectly, you slyly turn it about and accuse them of ‘shaming language’.

Yes, it was something you said.

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oddsock August 6, 2013 at 22:47

Dire Badger Towgunner

Ok no problem, keep posting.

Ironically neither of you can see that the very contents of your posts do a far better job of pointing men toward the MGTOW path than anything I or any other MGTOW could post.

Nevertheless I will try and help you understand. First off, to me you both obviously speak from your conditioning in which you are trying to persuade men to stay in or return to the role of beasts of burden and disposable cannon fodder and you do this by using all sorts of old hat and very tired tactics used by feminists and women that most of us seen through years ago.

Look. When you have guys like Dire Badger appearing on the Spearhead making an anouncement that he “Swears to uphold the constitution of the USA and defend against all blah blah blah”, the first thought most guys reading that would be “what a feckin muppet” and that has nothing to do with the constitution.


The majority of men know what the left has done and who it supports, not that it matters, I strongly suggest it was not the left that brought us feminism, it was a group of very powerful and wealthy families, which you will discover if you do a little research, but like I said, that matters not a jot, the damage is quite obvious but the UNINTENDED consequence has been very liberating for men and NO I am not going to get into a pointless dick waving arguement about WHO brought us feminism. The left was quite obviously the best and easiest vehicle to infiltrate. As far as men are concerned, Left and Right both see men as nothing more than useful utilities to be disposed of as and when required.

The reason you get called right wing nut jobs is because of the type of comments you both make. The Right of politics is no better than the Left other than making promises of smaller governments and lower taxes (yeah yeah yeah .) Its as simple as that. Its the usual Punch and Judy show of empty promises and hidden threats from both sides.

Sadly, you will continue to chunner on about the left did this, the socialists did that, there are cultural marxists every where, blah blah blah while trying to sell men the snake oil of right wing politics that still sends men to prison in droves and to be killed in countless needless wars. And you pair of space cadets can’t understand why men are not buying your snake oil. Get real.

Perhaps if you stopped insulting the intelligence of men with your pathetic attempts to manipulate they would listen instead of laugh. No I am not having a go at you I am really trying to tell you how your posts will be seen by many.

If you both want to make a difference ? Face your conditioning first then you may find people will take you seriously, but then again, if you actually face your conditioning you would not be making the type of posts you do.

I hope the above is helpful but remember, although I am sure my post will make you both angry, your response will probably just send even more men MGTOW. You can both keep making Right wing nut job comments and I will keep rebuking them, and would do the same to any Left wing nut jobs.

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Dire Badger August 8, 2013 at 05:38

” First off, to me you both obviously speak from your conditioning in which you are trying to persuade men to stay in or return to the role of beasts of burden and disposable cannon fodder and you do this by using all sorts of old hat and very tired tactics used by feminists and women that most of us seen through years ago.”

The word ‘Obviously’ in this case seems to mean “I have no proof or evidence whatsoever”

In my case, I was a happy-go-lucky unicorn-fart breathing gamer geek weekend warrior convinced that all women ‘except for a few mean ones’ were princesses, All Men were created equal, gays were people too, god was an evil construct made up by manipulative priests to control humanity, racism was wrong, immigrants WANT to become citizens, Rape was worse than death, Technology would solve everything, women were just as good as men, courtesy was just a false front for losers that cannot handle the truth, stuff like ‘honor’, and ‘duty’ were just useless artifacts of the past, ‘family’ can mean anything you want it to mean, and all humanity needed was enough information to dispel ignorance and sweet reason would be enough to guide us to our glorious future.

THAT was my conditioning. THAT was my canalization. THAT was what I had drilled into me all my life.

THAT was what I took the ‘red pill’ to unlearn. That took me 15 years of self-education, self-seeking, and poring through history, philosophy, and the great works. I began to realize a few important things:

Actually, since the entire comment became about the size of a small novel, I think I may put it up on my blog or ask welmer to publish it as a series.

Suffice to say, Oddsock, That I am finding it amusing as you relentlessly perform every single act that you claim me, Keyster, and towgunner do.

shaming language? check. space cadets? pathetic? Muppet? wow, dude. Good job.
Claiming I am ‘speaking from conditioning’? ooh, cool, what kind of conditioning teaches men honor, honesty, faith, and keeping their word?
Oh right, the military, and FATHERS. The ones who have built this world, invented the technology, formulated the philosophy. In fact, up until recently the military was the only bastion of ‘masculinity’ left. Lucky me that I went through basic training while they still kicked your asses for screwing up. Nowadays they sit in a circle and sing ‘kumbaya’.

What you fail to realize is that when we grump about the socialists and leftists, we are talking about ALL of the leftists. That includes all the ‘rightists’ that you assume we hold up as bastions of purity. That is utter and complete bullshit. most ‘rightists’ are fucking left-of middle as hell… you have only to look at George bush junior, supposedly a ‘conservative’ but leftist fascist extreme, to see where most of us actual conservatives class the ‘media right’.
You want to know who the actual right wing politicians are? Ron and Rand Paul are the only ones that come to mind, and even they drift a bit too far to the left for my liking. a lifetime steeped in compromise and the lies of congress can make anyone dream of skittles farting unicorns.

My viewpoints are not ‘right’ viewpoints, they are ‘the viewpoints of a conservative that has been studying history to figure out what fucking WORKED for the last 7000 years.” Stupid young cuntboys with their dreams of eternal nihilism are NOTHING. My appeals to honor and duty (No, not patriotism, you stupid git, read a damned dictionary)

So no, Oddsock, I am not asking you to discard your conditioning. You cannot do that. I am not going to appeal to your reason, since I learned long ago that most people barely understand what the word means, let alone are able to apply it to reality. I am not going to appeal to your sense of duty or honor because I figure you haven’t actually learned the value of either. Not blaming you, of course, since practically no one born in the last 30 years has learned the value of these concepts. I am not going to bother appealing to your logic since you have already cast me in the role of ‘aggressor’, and taken on a defensive stance… and I have learned that once a human has taken on a stance or belief system not based on reason, they would rather kill or die than consider, let alone admit, that their emotional belief might be mistaken.

In short, I am not going to appeal to you at all. I am simply going to ASK you to start reading historical accounts of real men. Great men. The men that built nations, that accomplished amazing things because of what they chose to do. I am not talking about the array of petty british lordlings that claim to have invented toothpaste, I mean REAL innovators… read their biographies. Men like Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Davinci. Men that changed the face of reason, like Louis Pasteur, Descartes, Sartre, Neische. Hell, even read the works of the monsters like Mein Kampf, Stalin, and Marx.

If you want to understand, or even successfully refute the anti-fascist conservatives, the ones that oppose unlimited socialism and the welfare state, who see the root cause of all ‘victim politics’ and especially feminism and race-pimping, read the books and histories that WE have read. Learn the politics behind the politics, the sociology and propaganda that lead the human race to jump into the sea like disney-prodded lemmings. Many can see that it is not conditioning you are trying to dispel, but hard-won understandings that you are trying to refute by pointing to a vision that many of us have outgrown.

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oddsock August 8, 2013 at 21:59

Dire Badger

Ok no problem.

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gender foreigner August 24, 2013 at 21:26

As a teacher (I’m not being intentionally self-degrading here through) of over 25 years experience in over 250 schools in every subject area, K-12 in French and English and in over 1000 classrooms, I can only laud any cut to the women’s government schools (aka, the Hitler Youth of Feminism).

Cut, cut, cut. Get rid of Kindergarten and below, parasite leave (aka, “maternity leave”), women’s studies, women’s history month, Hitler Youth Feminist rallies for girls, the giving of needles to girls only for diseases which affect boys and girls, affirmative action for women, the women’s teachers’ unions representatives for women’s issues, pink-ribbon campaigns, the parading of boys (stereotypically quite athletic boys from the high-school football teams) before whole-school-body assemblies in the gyms as the headgirls describe them as prototypes of the evil subhuman male race responsible for all evils…, anti-male plays sponsored by the women’s teachers’ unions… Well, you get the picture.

Let’s outright kill the women’s government schools and all of its appendages such as the ministries of education, women’s teachers’ unions, women’s political parties’ women’s issues committees, provincial bureaucracies’ women’s issues speakers in the women’s government schools… Well, you get the picture.

Well, you get the picture.

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