Governor McCrory, I Have a Solution To The NC Education Cuts And Teacher Benefits Debate

by stompkinsnc on August 2, 2013

As I write this article, NC Republican Governor Pat McCrory is locked in a heated debate with teachers and teachers associations over sweeping education cuts he approved in late July of 2013. This article will not debate any merits of either sides position on this conundrum, but I am going to offer a solution that makes sense regardless of how hard it is for many to face. In this article, I am going to not only explore how NC Governor McCrory can find new money to prevent education cuts and teacher’s reduction in pay, I am also going to show how he can save lives.

Sounds reasonable right? In this debate, it seems to me that each side in this matter is more focused on economics and principles rather that what is best for children. Governor McCrory has a State budget to balance to prevent collapse of the NC education system so that teachers have a job to go to, and teachers are worried about their pay and benefits. Oh sure, each has thrown in their fair share of the “It’s in the best interest of children” which readers here will immediately recognize as a statement designed to prevent any dissent on your agenda because if you do then you must be for uneducated and starving children. This tactic is commonly used in the Men’s Rights and Father’s Rights community against our desire to be respected as equal partners in our children’s lives by feminist and the family law system which throws this scripted phrase out on an hourly basis in order to quell any discussions of equally shared parenting regardless of how the system is actually hurting families and children.

But I digress, this article is supposed to be about finding money to avoid cuts in NC education and teachers pay and benefits.

The plan I am about to unveil will generate upwards of 500 million dollars in new revenue yearly that Governor Pat McCrory can then use to settle the concerns teachers and others have about the education system in North Carolina, but my points will not be popular for many.

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My Six Point Plan That Governor Pat McCrory Can Use To Fix Cuts In NC Education And Teacher’s Pay And Benefits

  • If NC Governor Pat McCrory would immediately push legislation that brought about non-discretionary and unilateral equally shared parenting to a system fraught with two parents battling each other tooth and nail for 18 years  in order to win in the family courts, or to prevent the other parent from winning, I believe this would save countless lives. You disagree? Have you considered the numbers of kids in broken families who commit suicide each year because they are forced to endure familial fighting between parents and grandparents that WANTS the other parent to be bad to maintain custody, or lose it? Have you considered the numbers of parents who commit suicide, murder, and domestic violence because they were marginalized by the courts to the role of visitor and payment provider four days a month? In a equal system, one where there is nothing to fight over, there will be less needless death. But how does this help Governor McCrory bring new money to State education programs and teacher pay and benefits? Under a shared parenting plan, where kids can enjoy a equal relationship with both parents, step-parents, and grandparents, there will be more involvement by the entire nuclear family which would take expended resources away from the schools and put the responsibility on parents where they should be.
  • Currently in NC, via the family courts, we incentivize single parenthood by pushing one parent out of a child’s life as a parent and making him/her a visitor who has very little decision making ability and ability to nurture his or her children. This is likely done because the State of NC needs a non-custodial parent paying child support to trigger federal Title IV-D money which replenishes Welfare. If you take the marginalized parent from the role of visitor and put him/her in a empowered position of parent again, then you will see more direct support from that parent which will negate the need for State and Federal programs to support the custodial parent. Governor McCrory can then take a huge portion of Medicaid and Welfare resources and put them into teacher’s pay and benefits, along with averting educational cuts.
  • Once step two is done, the former custodial parent will have the opportunity to go back to work or further his or her education because they have more free time. These newly working parents who were once in the position of not working in order to draw a State check will add more money to the tax system and create new jobs. NC Governor McCrory can then use these new tax benefits and put them towards education money and teachers pay, raises, and benefits.
  • The NC Family Courts have become almost comical with the constant stream of parents coming to court in order to denigrate the other parent in order to maintain or get access to the Welfare system as the custodial parent. It seems to me nothing is ever solved in this system as it continues to be somewhat like a cattle call that just goes on and on and on. Now I realize this makes lawyers happy because they can bill for 18 years, but the reality is the average parent spends roughly $20,000 a piece in the family courts and studies show that they fight two of these battles over 18 years for a grand total of $80,000. If parents were not spending this money in the courts, I suspect they would be happy forking out a good chunk of this change towards teacher’s pay, raises, and benefits.
  • As stated earlier, there is a huge incentive to have children in NC and then dispose of the other parent so that the hopeful custodial parent can have access to educational assistance, medical/dental assistance, financial assistance, job assistance, housing assistance, food assistance, and tax incentives. Absent this obvious problem, you will see two things happen: 1) There will be less children conceived because both parents will be fully financially responsible for kids instead of just the non-custodial parent. 2) This will result in a decrease in overcrowded classrooms and children who are acting out physically, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically because they have the resources of both parents, step-parents, and grandparents to deal with problems that usually are dropped in NC teachers laps.
  • Under a system where one parent wins, while the other parent is marginalized, there are often times very sick children and more times than not, social services has to get involved to sort or the details of what is going on and usually has to provide some level of services and programs. Under my proposed system, we take the parent we pushed out of the child’s life in the courts, or by the parent wanting the other parent out to get access to social services programs, and we use them in the role of parent which negates the need for social services. Governor Pat McCrory can then take money from social services derived from an empowered parent and use it to avert educational cuts and teacher’s pay, raises, and benefits.

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What are some other areas that we failed to mention where money that goes into sustaining a divisive family court system could free up money for education and teachers in States like North Carolina?

About The Author
stompkinsnc is a blogger and shared parenting advocate in North Carolina who works with non-custodial families as they work to bring about comprehensive family law reform which moves this industry from one of gender and sexual politics to one of true best interest of children to have both parents and extended families.

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