Meet “The Patriarchy”

by W.F. Price on May 7, 2013

The breaking news about the Cleveland kidnapping/sex slave case has all the trappings of the feminist narrative, except for, well… the suspects.

CLEVELAND — The police had been called two times to a house where three young women from Cleveland, who disappeared about a decade ago and who friends and relatives feared were gone forever, were found on Monday, the authorities said on Tuesday. In 2000, the owner of the house, Ariel Castro, had called the police about a fight in the street. In 2004, the authorities interviewed Mr. Castro, a driver, after he “inadvertently” left a child on a school bus.


Mike Iwais, 35, a grocery store owner who lives near the house where the women were found, said he would see Mr. Castro strolling around the neighborhood, in nightclubs or restaurants. Mr. Iwais, who has lived in the neighborhood for 35 years and like Mr. Castro went to Lincoln West High School, said Mr. Castro played in a Latin music band at a club called Belinda’s.

“But I never saw anybody going in or out of his house except him. Not even one person,” Mr. Iwais said. ” We all thought he lived alone because he was always by himself going in and out of the house. Sometimes he would sit on his porch and drink beer.”

“He would have beers with people, other guys in the neighborhood, in their yards or on their porches, but he would never invite anyone over,” Mr. Iwais said. “And sometimes, you would say hello to him and he would not acknowledge you. It was strange.”

Feminists love to point to these incidents and use them to discredit the overwhelming majority of ordinary men, as though they have anything in common with the Castro brothers. They are used to portray every middle class guy as a potential menace to society and freak who would keep girls in a sex dungeon. But it turns out that, in fact, the fellows who kidnapped these girls are about what you’d expect: a few disheveled, low-class weirdos.

So why is it that despite the fact that the guys who commit these crimes are almost always on the bottom of the male power and privilege scale, feminists are constantly linking abuse of women to men’s power, and agitating for stripping what remaining male privilege exists?

It’s time for the patriarchy/male privilege narrative to be exposed for the sham it is. Privileged men are least likely to abuse women; patriarchal types are most likely to protect them. It is overwhelmingly the powerless, those without privilege and the undesirable who resort to crime to obtain sex. The few others, like Ted Bundy, are simply the exceptions that prove the rule.

But perhaps the real issue here is that women aren’t as interested in making up stories about guys like the Castro brothers, because those guys don’t turn them on like Christian Bale in American Psycho.

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Norm May 7, 2013 at 13:50

The Castro bros. will have many women getting their panties wet over them, especially when their trial is over. Remember the old perv in Austria a few years back?

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geographybeefinalisthimself May 7, 2013 at 13:50

“So why is it that despite the fact that the guys who commit these crimes are almost always on the bottom of the male power and privilege scale, feminists are constantly linking abuse of women to men’s power, and agitating for stripping what remaining male privilege exists?”

Feminists are the only ones who don’t realize that “male power” and “male privilege” are oxymorons, that’s why.

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Daniel May 7, 2013 at 14:13

I am afraid I don`t share your optimism here.

To feminists, men are men, and feminism has in this case ALONE enough powder to justify its cause for the next five years.

The truth is, this was the worst that could happen for anti feminist public relations at the moment. If this guy – Mr Castro – only knew how much damage he has done to men by doing this.

The case is such a gift basket for feminism, that I almost suspect it is fabricated.

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LivingTheDream May 7, 2013 at 14:27

Feminists know they are peddling lies, but they don’t care. All they care about is promoting feminism. They don’t care how many men they slander. They don’t care how many men get screwed over because of feminism. They don’t care about all the positive things men have contributed to society. It is important to call out feminists on their lies, but men should always remember no amount of evidence will ever change their minds. Feminists have and will never care about men, regardless of the countless men who have been or will be put through the feminist meat grinder.

However, there are still a lot of blue-pill men who are still able to be reached. It is important to keep elaborating on how feminism is poisonous, because there are some men who will eventually take the red pill. It may take one anti-feminism article/discussion, or one hundred anti-feminism articles/discussions. It is similar to trying to understand a difficult math equation or mechanical problem. At first, blue-pill men might not understand why feminism is destructive, but when the light bulb finally goes on, a lot of things make sense.

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Doc May 7, 2013 at 14:28

The fact is that men who are desirable to women have no need to resort to these types of crimes. I pretty much have my pick of women for my bed, who will pay their own way so that they can have sex with me on trips that I take, and otherwise do whatever necessary to be with me.

So thanks to feminism I have an unending supply of 18-25 year old women who are more than willing to share my bed. Why would I want to commit a crime to limit myself to one, or in this case 3? Seems way too limiting to me – it would be worse than being married. No thank you….

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Groot May 7, 2013 at 14:39

What feminists fail to see is that as men are driven more and more by their agenda to the bottom of the power and privilege scale, more and more crimes like this will be committed. Unchecked hypergamy ensures that men like these have no real chance for healthy relationships and often take through criminal efforts what alphas and the elites have access to; that being multiple women.

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TFH May 7, 2013 at 14:51

Women don’t understand cause and effect very well.

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MRA May 7, 2013 at 15:13

Privileged men are least likely to abuse women; patriarchal types are most likely to protect them. It is overwhelmingly the powerless, those without privilege and the undesirable who resort to crime to obtain sex.

Any red pilled person know this, the destruction of family and women ‘s”liberation” was accompanied with what? extreme police, legal, economical pandering of women, they just substituted the patriarchy with gov/federal state, the feminists women in the second wave knew that they needed to play with the hypergamous women’s behavior, but women are to naive to understand that they are more vulnerable now than never before, once the gov falls their “empowerment” will be gone, look at Detroit for a graphic picture

those without privilege and the undesirable who resort to crime to obtain sex.

Heroic singles moms created most of these men, we can say that is women exploiting women. The Betas and Omega that commits such crimes are the results of 40 years of feminism raising the number if these low privilege class men.

Notice that I used the word people, women form many cultures know that a society without powerful male hierarchy, its detestation to perish,women wanting high status men in this cultures is mostly a method of keeping themselves safe.

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Justinian May 7, 2013 at 15:29

This story seems to have some colorful players:

The fabulous Charles Ramsey calls 911 – and again, no fucks are given by Cleveland 911

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joeb May 7, 2013 at 15:52

I remember all these cases well . Lets not forget the profile of the white guy in his thirties in a white van being Hung out there for all of Cleveland to fear .
I have a buddy that does windows in Cleveland During all these Kidnappings he was pulled over and searched not less then once a week
He switched to a blue caravan with windows to avoid the constant harassment .
I can see what price is saying ,If your living on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland as a Hispanic male . I can tell you your about the farthest thing from white privilege on The planet .
You got about a hundred More blocks before your over 110 street .
I will say from the Anthony Sowell to the Castro brothers . We have there’s no shortage of weird in Cleveland
I hope they don’t drag the Roberto Ocasio Foundation, throw the Mud . I seen some good work here by that organization .
This all reminds me of Michelle mason , She had been taken when she was young , Only to be killed years later by Anthony Sowell . That’s something your not going to find in the Papers .
I don’t see the Feminists asking about Michelle, The truth is the story doesn’t fit there Narrative .

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keyster May 7, 2013 at 16:40

Of course feminists have been playing a game of “self-fulfilling prophecy” with regard to disenfranchising men and destroying the concept of the nuclear family. This can only manifest and perpetuate itself through more instances of disaffected and socially pathological males acting out. The male/female relationship is what tames the male. And so there will be more cases where feminists can say – “See, men are the problem.” But of course there will also be more females acting out that will not be reported or discussed – such as the recent proliferation of female teachers sexually abusing students.

In a morally relative society, everything is OK to do if it makes you feel good and doesn’t hurt anyone else too much.

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TheLastSaneMan May 7, 2013 at 17:21

I feel the need to place blame where no one else has yet – Missing (Potentially) Hot White Blonde Syndrome. Let’s be frank here – for everything the feminists are going to say about how these women were victimized by these men, the fact is the feminists gave not one shit more than everyone else on the planet who weren’t the victims’ relatives. Every time a Pretty Hot Young White Thing goes missing (like Natalie Holloway), or a potentially PHYWT goes missing (Madeline McCann, Caylee Anthony), the news goes into 24/7 loops regarding every excruciating minute of the search for them. News conferences are held every hour on the hour, the top forensic experts and criminal psychologists weigh in, and it is made clear that the whole country, nay, the world, is together with the family of this poor PHYWT.

Now, the kidnapping victims in Cleveland were gone for 10 years. How many missing PHYWTs have we endured on our television sets and radios? How much news coverage of them have we heard, how much do we know about these people? Probably more than the Cleveland kidnap victims, which I would bet real money that the vast majority of you (sans the guy who already said he heard about it in a post above this one) have never heard of before now. Now whose fault is that? Sure, the media can easily take the blame for this, but you’ll have to note, that when it comes to missing children, NOW and every other feminist group is about as silent as everyone else if said child isn’t an actual or potential PHYWT.

Which gets me to my main argument: I’m not saying that the police shouldn’t do their due diligence in attempting to rescue PHYWTs along with every other missing child and person in the country. It’s just that whenever I hear people talking about how we need to do this, that, and the other for child safety, I’m wonder if they would feel that way if it was anyone other than Baby Jessica up there? Feminists go on and on about how we need to help women, and do more to ensure that women have equal rights. My take on it has always been this: if you really want to help women, there are far better places than a rally to do it. You won’t find feminist one helping the fat, diabetic old woman with only one leg on a scooter at Walmart, trying to get beans from the top shelf of the isle. You won’t find feminist one helping another woman fix her broken down car so she can get to work and make a living. You don’t have to go far to find these kind of women, and yet, you never see feminists helping any of them.

Missing children are the same way – want to help a missing child? Go to a Walmart or some such shit, look on the wall. There’s tons of small, grainy, black and white photos on the walls of the exits. Go take one, get a better picture, talk to the family, get some facts, and start spreading the word. Make a YouTube page. Use some of that godforsaken social media that everyone is bragging about – it seems to be able to get people fired for telling innocent offcolor jokes, it’s about time it did something useful for a change.

Anyone can do this, including feminists. But they don’t. Why, is beyond the scope of this post. But anyone can do it. Now, when all of the media coverage is on these 3 women, you can be assured that some feminist somewhere is going to use this as an example of what happens in a society where men don’t care. This feminist will neglect to mention, and the host will neglect to ask, why the feminists apparently didn’t care enough to do anything for anyone in this situation before it became newsworthy.

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Jacob Ian Stalk May 7, 2013 at 17:39

“The case is such a gift basket for feminism, that I almost suspect it is fabricated.”

This is on the money, I think. I have to ask, how did three adult women with at least one child between them fail completely to make their distress known, if it ever existed, to anyone in their own street for ten years, unless they themselves had no intention of being found?

There’s a great deal more this case that we are being told by the hysterical press. Call me a trafficking apologist if it satisfies your need for drama, but I suspect we’ll find the women are nowhere near as innocent or as victimised (if at all) as the cutesy-pie pictures being plastered all over the papers suggests.

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joeb May 7, 2013 at 17:42

I lived in Cleveland for 20 years if you need me to translate that 911 call for you ,I will . k bro
Can you Imagine being in Charles Ramsey’s shoe’s . There a white Bitch in a wife beater freaking out and she wants me to call The police ” The guys that want me Dead .
So I’m going to tell you my Alibi first .
By the way I got one of those 99 cents Little doubles , At the Mc Dee’s I know you probably got yourself a Angus burger from the King . You hearing me Bro .
I know at some point he was thinking , Ha bro I did not break into that house and steel that white bitch .
You want me to give you My address , Are you crazy . Case closed the Black guy did it .
Listen Bro there’s a crowd Building Means ,I got backup , while Thinking ” trust you , No way , Ill sit for weeks before someone try to untangle this Mess .
She said her name was ” ohh No don’t give them the right name that Implies I know more then I do .
Help she need a ambulance , Charles Knows , Send everything ,your going to anyways . Who are you Kidding . I know where I live .

Summation: Charles handled that superbly . Charles Knows he will be sitting around Latter with the bro’s Telling the story’s and Drinking a few and Maybe somebody will buy him one of Those Angus Burgers .
Do you hear me Cleveland get the man a burger .

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Dale May 7, 2013 at 17:47

Keyster: I have seen stats re men from single mother “families” being far more likely to be criminals. But this should not be confused with a claim that the male/female relationship is what tames the male. Men need people, but they do not need specifically a woman, apart from a few obvious needs. Men are quite capable of having a fulfilling purpose (job, hobby, volunteer position) and fulfilling relationships (friendships, mentoring younger men) without women.
Women can hurt men when they make it difficult for men to have a safe or rewarding life on his own terms however. E.g. wife stealing his home and kidnapping his children, taking an unearned promotion or undeserved job due to affirmative action, etc.
I do not think men need to submit to a wife or her influence. I would say they need to submit to God… that is where I would claim any external, improving influence comes from.

I desire a good wife, but I can absolutely live without one, especially if I do not see a “good” one available. And I’m not even going to rob a bank! (or other untamed behaviour) :)

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3DShooter May 7, 2013 at 18:27


“So why is it that despite the fact that the guys who commit these crimes are almost always on the bottom of the male power and privilege scale, feminists are constantly linking abuse of women to men’s power, and agitating for stripping what remaining male privilege exists?”

Because it easy, the purview of weak minds. It is much the same when arguing with those who support ‘common sense’ gun control – they either cannot or will not deal with facts. It is all about the simple construct they create in their own minds, but doesn’t exist in reality and they cannot/will not see it.

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dejour May 7, 2013 at 20:35

One thing that can be pointed out is that the guy who helped the women, Charles Ramsey, is male.

So we have a male villain, but also a male hero in this story.

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Mark May 7, 2013 at 21:07

I detest men like this, but I’m keeping an open mind along the lines of what Jacob posited. 10 years? I didn’t see any bars on the windows. Unless they were in a cement-walled basement with an impregnable door at the top of the stairs, it seems they could have found a way out. If they were manacled or otherwise bound, does it make sense that they appear to be in good health, as the media has reported?

The humanity.

All the same, even if the women are found to have pathologically accepted their captive status, like old Patty Hearst and the SLA,
I hope these reprobates spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison, with a twisted, patriarchal white knight as a cellmate.

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Huck Finn May 7, 2013 at 22:30

A news report mentioned that the reason the police visited the house before was that the little girl (daughter) was left on the bus or something. The little girl was allowed to go to school? Strange.

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DCM May 8, 2013 at 03:25

The little girl going to school simply shows the females all accepted the situation.
Of course they immediately turned against the men as soon as someone else did — such is female nature, just as was going along with it in the first place.

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Rmaxd May 8, 2013 at 04:32

Meh, Just another fake feminist news story

No facts, no evidence … just some urban myth about a latino representing feminists fantasy of men running sex slave rings

FYI, its the politicians & men in power who can afford to run sex slave rings …

Having to feed & clothe THREE sex slaves isnt cheap …

There’s no way a poor latino in some shithole, could afford ONE sex slave, let ALONE THREE sex slaves


Only female latino welfare whores get cash & prizes for being parasites …

This news article is manufactured feminist propoganda, its completely fake

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joeb May 8, 2013 at 07:18

I seen the report about the incident on the school bus , Some things just don’t add up . This was not inside a vacuum like Most people would like to think , These girls had some knowledge of there situation and you can’t tell me that at some point in ten years a simply busted window or scream would not have freed them .
Mail men in Cleveland are trained to watch for these sort of things and they are vary good at there job .
So every day the mailman walked by without a clue . Hard to believe . Three socially active men and nobody knew of the oddity.
Maybe its just bad reporting . The press seems to get a certain delight in causing conspiracy theories from bad reporting .
One thing from the 1950 Id like to see back is the reporting was truthful .Propaganda was frowned upon , Bad reporting would get the reporter fired . And investigative reporters where Just so cool.

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Darryl X May 8, 2013 at 10:25

@ Mark and Jacob Ian Stalk – Great observations. When I first heard this story, as when I first heard many others, my first thought was that something doesn’t sound right here (besides the obvious). How could three women be held captive in a house for so long without a successful escape of at least one. You’d think that they would have tried to escape many times and just simple probability would suggest one of them would succeed sometime in ten years. A house in a neighborhood with lots of houses and people around. For most of the past decade or so, I can’t count the number of mainstream media stories concerning women who were allegedly victimized by a man (or men) only to be shocked (absolutely shocked) that the women were in some way responsible and/or complicit in large part for their own alleged victimization. Or even that the alleged victimization was nothing but a scam on the part of the woman in the first place. In this case, it sounds almost like the women were captives by their own choice. Almost like they were trying to escape someone. Their parents perhaps or some other circumstance of their own making. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. Like with countless other reports and cases. Yes, I think there is a lot more to this story than the mainstream media is reporting and we will likely hear about it later. Much later. Or not. It defies completely any mathematical probability.

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Daniel May 8, 2013 at 10:48


“So we have a male villain, but also a male hero in this story.”

You have the impression that feminists give much credit to male heroes?

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joeb May 8, 2013 at 11:31

Id like to take a look at one obvious point , These men picked these women as sexual companionship , Not mating stock .
If they where looking for mating stock the number of off spring would have been Higher .
I think some men today get confused with Mating and breeding . VS sexual entertainment.
These men are predators but , They have Truly deprived themselves of the one thing men should be looking at , The quality of offspring .
I know its eugenics , but we all look for the best possible outcome when choosing . We want large Male children .
These men choose what I would consider ” good entertainment” but , Not worthy of my DNA .
We make suggestions ever so lightly around the MRA , the modern Male being smallish and effeminate, But when the Modern Male chooses his stock for procreation we chose fucking stock over breeding stock .
I would consider this an evolutionary sickness . A mental illness or defect . Witch is obvious in this case but,It gives us a chance to look at The problem ” for what it is , Inferior males seeking sex . Or like we hear a lot of in the MRA , Pussy hounds , Pussy beggars , These might have been white Knights if put in a social setting that lets them flourish .
Most Likely they would have been The same ,pussy beggars :with the ability to influence any social setting .
Is This the description of the white Knight using his influence and social power to manipulate his setting to achieve Pussy ?
What do you think these men would have done if put in a uniform or government position , That right !!! they would have done the same thing just using slightly different techniques .

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MRA May 8, 2013 at 13:10

Feminists go on and on about how we need to help women, and do more to ensure that women have equal rights. My take on it has always been this: if you really want to help women, there are far better places than a rally to do it. You won’t find feminist one helping the fat, diabetic old woman with only one leg on a scooter at Walmart, trying to get beans from the top shelf of the isle. You won’t find feminist one helping another woman fix her broken down car so she can get to work and make a living. You don’t have to go far to find these kind of women, and yet, you never see feminists helping any of them.

That is the reason why feminism and church are very competitive, women are the largest “takers” in any society, while feminism care about the college educated woman like Sandra Fluke, the low income middle aged women is alone getting food and shelter, the church despite losing most of its value in the lasts decades is still controlled mostly by men while women are the majority of goers, if you go to many countries in South America, you’ll find hospitals and prison with many evangelicals praying to sick people and prisoners, they volunteer themselves, despite Latin America no being as developed as USA the best public school are controlled by the catholic church, nuns or priests, there is a conflict of interest for women, if they fallow the feminism doctrine they must reject the church but rejecting it will cost them due to feminist lack of empathy for women who do not bring nothing to the sisterhood.

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chinesefootsoldier May 8, 2013 at 13:56

Hysterical feminists at Manboobz now frothing at the mouth over their own twisted interpretation of this article.

That means you’re doing it right. Keep up the good work.

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Darryl X May 8, 2013 at 14:48

@ joeb – I challenge your thesis that these men selected these women. I have a sneaky suspicion that these women (when they were still girls) selected these men. The same way more than half of all women in the US during the past forty-five years selected men for marriage knowing darn well they were going to divorce him later, take him for everything he’s got and then marry up. Too many things don’t add up about this case. So many that I am even willing to question whether or not these girls were even kidnapped. More likely they are runaways who thought they were getting a better deal with these men than with their own parents. And when they got old enough to realize that they can do even better still, they stuck it to these guys (never underestimate the irrational boundlessness of hypergamy). By assuming that these men selected these girls instead of the other way around, you’re kinda presuming them guilty until they can be proven innocent. And I’m familiar with too many instances when the man was innocent. I don’t think these men are as guilty as the media portrays them and I don’t think the girls are as innocent as the media portrays them. But I understand and agree with the rest of your thesis. I’m still waiting on proof of its foundation though. When I try to think about how I would go about kidnapping just one teenager and hold her for a decade into her early 20′s in a suburban neighborhood, I am presented with so many logistical obstacles that it would seem near impossible to overcome all of them. Just for a few months let alone a decade. Then throw two more into the mix and that isn’t just near impossible but almost completely so. Not without their voluntary complicity. None of these guys looked to be of any excessive financial means. They weren’t rich. None of them looked like Einstein to me either. There was nothing accommodating about the geography. Their home wasn’t isolated from the community. It wasn’t off in the wilderness somewhere. It wasn’t remote. Think about how hard it would be to hold just one captive for a decade under these circumstances. Then think how hard it would be to hold three. The problems with that don’t grow linearly but exponentially. The cost. The risk of escape. Many other logistical problems. I don’t buy any of this for a second. As soon as I heard this story, little red flags went up all over the place. Same with Casey Anthony and Arias and Strauss-Kahn and Sandusky (yes, I know). Too many red flags in this culture of feminism usually means something. I’m not sure what it means here but it definitely means something.

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Anonxcf May 8, 2013 at 16:56

The Onion (a satiric online fake newspaper, for those who might not know) has an openly misandric article:,32360/

You’ll note that the other piece of news today- the Jodi Arias trial- certainly didn’t make The Onion pen a fictional account blaming the “those little biological and primal impulses (wo)men have that take over their entire psyches and dictate their every action” for the murderous actions of Jodi Arias- anyone trying to make such a connection would be immediately thrashed (correctly) for hatred of women and a ludicrous attempt to stereotype an entire sex based on the insane actions of a single member. But the mirror, it seems, is perfectly acceptable. Rest assured this joke, like many, could not be made in reverse.

The bigger issue is EXACTLY how misandric this is, however. It is preposterous extend the psychopathic actions of a couple degenerate deviants to AN ENTIRE SEX. And only someone with a true hatred of men would even be willing to write or publish such an article.

“misandric” continues to be highlighted in red in my browser. It’s misspelled. Perhaps I meant “Melisandra”? That’s the only word it could possibly be.

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Jill Brenneman May 9, 2013 at 10:49

I’m sure I’ll get jumped on for this post. Let me start by saying that I’m not a feminist. I don’t care to be part of “ists” because that forces a myopic viewpoint and life is a spectrum.

A very small minority of men do terrible acts like were committed by Ariel Castro. A larger amount of men do commit violence against women. Certainly not all. Certainly not even a majority. But a significant percentage.

Men have the power to reduce violence against women that women will never have because men listen to other men and and are influenced by other men far more than women. I wish you focused on that.

I do find it disheartening that a case as repulsive as what that man did to the women in Cleveland is one that appears to be piggybacked here to make men appear the victims of women. Feminists criticism of men fair or unfair is nothing compared to what Ariel Castro inflicted on these women.

I realize this will be taken as hostile but it isn’t intended to be. Just an opinion. Using this situation to point out how men are victims of feminist women seems petty, victimy and very disproportionate.

There is a time and place for everything. This isn’t the time to piggyback men’s hurt feelings in comparison to what we can all agree is the egregious victimization of the Cleveland women.

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Anonymous age 71 May 9, 2013 at 11:12

There WERE some unpleasant postings on this thread. Anyone who knows about the Stockholm Syndrome begins to understand why and how three women can lose the ability to resist.

I worked with a man who in his younger years loved to fight. He said once another young man said some very insulting things about him. He got him out in the country, and beat him and beat him, then told him if he ever told anyone who beat him up, he would do it again. The man never identified him. He told me most men and women are that way, hit them enough and they become incapable of independent thought or action.

Some years ago, I read a book about a group which tried to take prostitutes out of the trade. At that time not all were willing participants as most are today. They found a group of men who would take young runaway girls, and befriend them and have sex with them, give them a nice place to stay. Then, one day, they’d take a wire coat hangar, and beat the girl over every inch of her body, her vaginal area, her rear end, between her toes, her head, until every square inch of her body was almost raw meat.

When they healed, they did what they were told. Those pimps could take them into the police station for something and the girls would not say a word. They would hook and turn over the money. Anything to avoid being hit again.

Also, in the early days of this nation, it was learned when a woman, even an adult woman, was stolen by the Indians, in many cases, they adapted and did not want to go back with the whites. Most men, even older boys, never stopped trying to escape.

However, this thread, even with the few unpleasant postings, is not bad enough to deserve the total insults, name calling, and just plain ornery on Manboobz. They are the biggest collection of White Knights and manginas I have seen in a long time, desperate little men trying to find any justification for feeling they are superior to any other man in any way. No matter what you say here, except “we are men, therefore bad, please kill us to make the world a better place,” they are going to talk the same way.

I remember when the Texas woman killed her kids, and the Internet screamed, not for her head on a platter, but for her husband’s head on a platter. His fault. But, it wasn’t his fault. He had his mother spending most of the day with her, and was having her go for medical treatment.

I remember being told by a (now) Baptist deacon that if a man’s wife sins, or commits adultery, it’s his fault, and the Bible says so. The only problem is the Bible says no such thing.

I remember when Lorena sexually mutilated her husband, told the police she did it because he didn’t make it good for her, then suddenly after talking to an attorney said it was abuse, and now she is touted as a hero DV victim by women everywhere, instead of the vile fiend she really is.

I remember when Rihanna starterd beating her b/f with high heeled shows around the head, on the highway at speed, and he did what had to be done to save their lives, and she is portrayed as a victim of DV, instead of correctly as the instigator of that DV.

I remember when Mary Winkler shot her sleeping husband in the back, and received a few short weeks in prison, and he was defamed.

One of the things I have learned in my 7 decades of life is when a woman says she was abused, note who is dead. it gives you all the information you need.

I remember supplying counseling to more than 1,600 divorced men who had their children stolen away, mostly, not all, by an adulterous wife. Then told to pay; pay; pay; and go to jail if they lose their job.

So, while there were a couple comments here which were unpleasant or inappropriate, overall there is nothing that bad here. And, certainly not misogynistic.

Let me add a note. Something I have learned living in Mexico. Most men and most women in the US are not qualified to evaluate American women, because they have never known sane women.

And, most AW would be labeled as mentally ill in most other societies. Let me restate that. Most AW ARE labeled as mentally ill in most other societies. The people who work with AW tourists view them mostly as a sick joke, though the male hotel employees will take what they are given by the North American sluts.

They are also the most emotionally troubled women on the planet, by actual studies. The highest rate of depression and need for therapy and psychiatric treatment in the world. Anyone who doesn’t know that clearly lives in a cave.

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Anonymous age 71 May 9, 2013 at 11:30

I remembered a few years ago, a man stole a young boy, and kept him. By memory I think he used him as a sex slave. The boy also did not resist.

Until the man stole another young boy, some years later. The older boy was not going to tolerate another young boy being misused, and got the ambition to run, run, run, and the culprit was arrrested.

I have wondered in this case about that 6 year old girl. I wonder if the mother realized if she did not escape that little girl would also be raped in her turn. And, that pushed her to escape in the end.

It is just a thought, and I have been wrong before.

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Anonymous age 71 May 9, 2013 at 11:34

Also a comment about the rage on Manboobz about the poster here who boasted about having a lot of attractive young women in his bed. I have been married for nearly 38 years, and do not measure men by how much they get laid by different women.

But, you can be sure none of the desperate little men on manboobz will ever boast about having sex with attractive young women. Or, in most cases, any other kind. I have a strong hunch about this.

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Jacob Ian Stalk May 12, 2013 at 14:49

There has been a bit of concern over my comment above that seem to show insensitivity towards the alleged victims. Please don’t mistake what I wrote for victim-blaming, as some people here seem to be inferring and illiterate people elsewhere are gleefully doing. My comment was not about the alleged victims but about the media reporting of the incident and how ready we are to believe everything we see and read. Judging a case by the initial media reports and early spin is exceedingly foolish and dangerous. The media has the ability to control people’s thoughts and attitudes long before the facts of a case and any mitigating circumstances of a case are fully known, which is only a breath away from rule by hysteria. Let’s not spin my comment into some sort of victim-blaming, when it is simply a warning about believing the gynocentric media to be the source of truth.

I’m not suggesting for a minute the kidnapper in this case isn’t as monstrous as he appears but it behoves any right-minded person to wait till the facts are in and for the evidence to be properly examined and argued (i.e. due process) before drawing conclusions. Because it’s so easy for the average person to sympathise with the alleged victims, especially when the alleged victims are female, and to ignore any and all potentially mitigating circumstances if they exist when the alleged perpetrator is male (see Jill Brenneman’s comment above) or that sympathy is even justified, it’s especially important that due process is followed. If Castro is guilty as charged, his victims deserve the utmost sympathy and care, and he should be punished accordingly. Please don’t mistake any reminders about the media’s tendency to distort the truth beyond recognition with a lack of sympathy for victims.

The other point I want to make is that studies onto the Stockholm Syndrome may simply be earlier attempts to explain what is currently being described in the Manosphere as the Female Imperative. According to the Game fraternity (esp. Rollo), the Female Imperative compels women to seek to bond with the dominant male in the available domain. If this is so – and I’m not saying that it is – on what basis should Stockholm Syndrome be given any more consideration in this case than the consequences of hypergamy we see in normal everyday life?

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unknown May 13, 2013 at 02:35

My opinion is that feminisms need to justify its existence and the government needs a crusade to justify its increase of power.

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Jill Brenneman May 13, 2013 at 06:02

@unknown. In English this means what?

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Darryl X May 13, 2013 at 11:23

I was not blaming the victim or suggesting that anyone else was. But I was pointing out the obvious rush to judgment in a misadrous society. (yes, by the media but many others too.) My point stands – too many men have been convicted on too little evidence (if any) while the motives or even culpability of too many women gaming the system (and defrauding those men) have not even been questioned.

When this story was first broadcast, many red flags went up for me as they have for many other cases. I heard many people (men and women alike) condemning all three men whose pictures were plastered across every newspaper and blog across the country and world. As it turns out, two of the men arrested weren’t even charged while so many were condemning all three and jumping to some pretty spectacular conclusions about all of them which were baseless.

This same development has come to pass in many other cases. In this case, I still have many questions which remain unanswered (and the mainstream media has not shed any light on any of them). Of course I’m not promoting abduction and sexual molestation of young teenage girls. That’s absurd. It should be condemned. But I am also not promoting the culture of the US and rest of the developed world which ignores the obvious reality that many an innocent man has been defrauded by a young teenage girl because no one thought to think the unthinkable: that young teenage girls in this culture learn from a young age how to get away with many a crime by batting their eyelashes and playing the chronic victimhood card.

But maybe it’s important to start thinking the unthinkable without fear of being called someone who blames the victim. Or being called creepy. Men and women should be innocent until proven guilty. But women shouldn’t be absolved of responsibility or guilt just because they’re women. You can shoot the messenger but the message remains the same as it has for thousands of years of civilization. We live in a culture now in which too many men pay for the stupidity and irresponsibility and crimal behavior of women. They often pay with their lives. Lesson: don’t rush to judgment. Neither by condemning an innocent man nor by absolving a woman of responsibility. Based upon what has (and has not) been broadcast about this story, there are still many ways it can go and our three little innocent victims may not be so innocent. It would not be the first time.

During the past four decades, there are many cases, criminal or otherwise to support my position. The probability of a man predating sexually upon a young teenage girl (into her twenties none-the-less) is eclipsed greatly by the number of young teenage girls who have run away from their fatherless homes and taken up with an older man and exchanged with him sex for a better standard of living and more opportunity than her worthless mother could ever provide. And lied about her age while doing it. And then when it was convenient, sold the poor guy out for a better opportunity, shedding crocodile tears all the way. That’s not blaming the victim but calling a spade a spade. Even after the other two men have not been charged with anything, there are still many elements of this story that don’t rattle right. Certainly part of it is the culture we live in but other things too.

Every man (or woman) who visits this site should ask themselves honestly what their first thought was when they first heard this story. It will tell you a lot about your character. My first thought was about probability and statistics. The probability that all three men are guilty approximates zero. The probability that all three girls / young women are innocent is equally zero. Almost all people with whom I am acquainted automatically condemned all three men. Did you? The media did. I have no doubt one of the men is guilty. I think he is sick in a clinical sense of the word. Not so much a criminal. If any of the three girls are not already guilty of anything criminally, then at least two of three of them would have grown up to criminally defraud an innocent man.

And yes, I still think Sandusky is innocent. And OJ too. And that Anthony and Arias are guilty. Not because the two former are men and the two latter are women but because of probability. And my promotion that men and women are innocent until proven guilty even extends to men like Futrelle who I think would be happy that such standards still exist even if they are not practiced as rigorously as they should be. (It could happen to any man.)

My apologies to Jacob if my comment caused any misunderstanding. And another worthwhile comment and observation BTW re May 12, 2013 at 14:49 especially concerning Stockholm Syndrome. I always have to remember that when I post on threads like this that my comments may be misinterpreted. And that may be a reflection upon me (I am not infallible and it’s hard to put thoughts into words) but more often than not it reflects upon those who interpret them. There is an awful lot of whiteknightery in the population of MRA’s from what I’ve encountered. I certainly wasn’t blaming the victim.

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Jacob Ian Stalk May 13, 2013 at 16:45

Seeking clarification is infinitely better than a rush to judgement – it distinguishes between society and a lynch mob. The internet provides ample opportunity for both, unfortunately.

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Jill Brenneman May 16, 2013 at 10:37

Jacob Ian Stalk writes: “Seeking clarification is infinitely better than a rush to judgement – it distinguishes between society and a lynch mob. The internet provides ample opportunity for both, unfortunately.”

Completely agree on the above statement.

My question isn’t the above statement being applied here? There is nothing to prove that this was anything other than a monster that kidnapped these girls, tortured and raped them for ten years. There is nothing to indicate a conspiracy against men. These girls are reported to have injuries consistent with long term captivity, restraints, malnutrition. Michelle Knight is facing facial reconstruction and has loss of hearing. The police had to break the door down with a battering ram.

There was a rush to judgement here. And a lynch mob mentality. How many posters accused these girls of fabricating or desiring this? What a terrible accusation. Yet any retraction? No.

If you feel that men are being victimized and their rights being denied. That certainly is your right. There are occasions that the system is unfair to men. That happens to us all and we all try right wrongs and correct injustices.

But those here who made accusations about these girls that were unfounded. If these were your daughter, your sister, your niece would you want them to be treated this way? If this were you?

Clarification has come out with nothing to say this was anything but Ariel Castro being a pedophile, kidnapper, rapist. No one other than his defense attorneys has come forward to say otherwise. Even conservative media like Fox News is backing the account of the women.

Therefore why hasn’t there been action to support Jacob Ian Stalk’s position in the post 13 May 2013 1645.

Be responsible as rights movement and take the appropriate steps and state that you rushed to judgement and were incorrect. Otherwise you add to the harm of victims that did nothing to you or to deserve this.

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Heath May 20, 2013 at 10:15

I am not a usual poster on this site, but I have read article on it before. I’m a little late to the party with comments, however I’ve been following this case with extreme fascination and this seems like a good place to post my thoughts.
To start off, I clearly am not going to defend Ariel Castro in this case. No matter how much the story seems fishy to me, it is clear that the man was grown and in his 40s when these young women went missing. It is clear that at least 2 of them were juveniles…well at least one actually. DeJesus. Amanda Berry went missing on the eve of her 17th birthday. Age of consent technically. When I heard that particular of the story, I smelled fish big time. Then I heard the circumstances of the other two women’s home life. One was fighting a custody battle (and was a legal adult in every sense). The other seemed to have a strict home life (was not allowed to spend the night with her friend) at the age of 14, I’ve seen one too many young girls overreact to parental control. All of the women’s stories smell to high heaven of young, headstrong, distraught and perhaps rebellious young girls, perhaps with absent fathers, seeking attention from an older man. Then I heard that Amanda Berry in particular have birth to Castro’s child, and that he had called her mother from Berry’s cell phone to tell her they were going to marry and she’ll see her again soon. While that particular aspect doesn’t imply that Berry was agreeable to that scenario, it cause me pause to consider that the story isn’t being told in full detail.
****Again, the man was in his 40s and there seems to be adequate evidence that the situation at some point went from voluntary to involuntary on the girl’s part. Any time someone is involuntarily being forced to live in a controlled situation with padlocks and boarded up windows (and chains and leashes) the situation has obviously escalated to a point where legalities come into play. Therefore it is difficult to defend the suspect in any way, shape, or form. And that’s not what my comments are intended to do. I may sound apologetic, but trust me I’ve reached the logical conclusion that Castro did have control of this situation and that he is at fault for not respecting these women and their rights.
Here is my suspicion of how this all played out in the early stages:

I believe that Michele Knight was INDEED a runaway. A grown woman from a dysfunctional family with no father figure, low self worth, who was abused by boys her age in high school. Certainly a borderline person. My suspicion is that somehow or another, she knew Castro long before she went missing and he had sympathized with her and won her confidence. She may have even engaged in a casual sexual relationship with him. I’m almost 100% certain that she DID in fact run away from home to get away from the situation with her mother and the custody battle. Castro probably turned out to be a safe place for her in her mind. What else is a 21 year old runaway with no job or skills and family conflicts going to turn? I mean there are options of course, but this surprises me not at all. It happens all the time.
This situation may have gone on for an entire year with it being completely voluntary on her part. It doesn’t surprise me that the girl with the least to lose was the girl that first went missing. She probably didn’t want to be discovered. Not yet anyway.
Now lets say, for the sake of argument, that Castro was not really a monster of a person at this point. Perhaps lonely and estranged from his family, perhaps downtrodden and a loser, but still a decent person who felt like he was helping a troubled young woman out and possibly undeniably benefiting from the situation in his own way. I’d conclude that this is not only not unreasonably but also highly likely.
So at some point along the way, he meets Amanda Berry. From what I can tell, Berry seems to have had the most stable and closest to middle class lifestyle, yet evidently her parents were divorced. I’ve seen a video interview with her father in Tennessee. He seems to be a stereotypical type of lower-working class man who may not have had any direction or ambition in his life. He appears rather disheveled, probably on disability, a borderline person himself. That isn’t an attack on his character. He may be a loving dad, and a good person. I’m just pointing out that Berry’s background doesn’t seem to have a lot of good role models or stability.
So somehow Berry meets Castro and he charms her enough to win her trust and she confides in him some troubles, unhappiness, or fear. Now here is an interesting twist. I just read an article about Amanda Berry’s ex boyfriend being hassled by police. It showed a picture of him. He is a young Latino man. Nothing at all wrong with that, but it strongly points to Berry being attracted to Latino men. Just another piece to the story.
Factoring in the extra twist that she is on the eve if her 17th birthday, this story sounds like a classic case of a borderline girl who is almost an adult and literally smelling her new found rights as a “grown up” making the typical and not uncommon choice to elope with a man who is going to save her from her troubled home life. Thus the phone call telling her mom that she’s OK and that the caller was marrying her. At this stage in the ball game folks, that actually MAY have been the plan. Even if the marriage wasn’t going to be legal with a license and ceremony.

So, lets take a look at that possibility from Castro’s point of view. He has on his mind rescued two women and is a knight in shining armor. Perhaps the girls both at this point feel the same. But very quickly, the news media is reporting Amanda Berry as a missing juvenile because technically she went missing at the age of 16 years, 364 days and is also a high school student. I don’t know how age of consent works as far as choosing to leave home goes. Nevertheless, it was being reported by the media that way. As a possible kidnapping. This would suddenly put Mr Knight in Shining Armor in a precarious position. And probably Knight/Berry too. They may have been living together quite happily at this time. Who knows, perhaps both girls are also bisexual. The story starts getting a little cloudy here because its hard to imagine two girls voluntarily cohabitating with this man AND both having a sexual relationship. However, polygamy isn’t a word without real examples. In cases of borderline and troubled people, very little shocks me. I’ve dated more than my share of women who surprised me with bisexuality, sexual propensity to enjoy bondage or at least light dominance. This is a stereotype, but Latino men are well known for their dominant personality in sexual and family relationships. Given Berry’s obvious propensity toward Latin men, and given an obvious weak father figure, it wouldn’t surprise me that her primal desires might be OK with such an arrangement. Particularly if she found herself the woman of favor in the situation. Which evidence points to her being favored by Castro.
Other clues: she was wearing jewelry and mascara when rescued. Birthing his child, etc.
another aspect to this. Lets assume that Castro IS a monster of a person and both women were abducted. This case strikes me as a rarity in that he wound up having eventually to feed and provide for FOUR human beings as well as some pet dogs (3 lap dogs that were pretty obviously pets for the women). If h was truly a psychopath of some kind, the
Typical scenario would be that he’d wind up killing the women because the chore of caring for them would be too much of a burden. A truly heartless person without a conscience would justify it in their mind. OTOH, a man looking for sex slaves may very well abduct a woman. It does happen. Look at Kaycee Dugard. I have no doubt that was an abduction pure and simple because her step father witnessed it but was on a bicycle and couldn’t keep up. However, most cases like that only involve one woman or girl or one AT A TIME. Not even in the insane mind of an evil criminal is there going to be a desire to have such a headache of caring for and feeding 4 human beings whose status as missing persons could wind up coming back to haunt you. I’m just trying to see this from the eyes of someone caught up in such a scenario. I find it even more strange that he’d go that step further and abduct DeJesus.

Now to DeJesus. She is the most odd of the three women because there was a close family connection here. She was his daughters best friend.
Even the irrational mind of a sex predator is going to have self preservation as a top concern. He would have KNOWN that abducting a 14 year old girl, his daughter’s best friend, MAY indeed put him square
In the target of an investigation. That didn’t turn out to be the case, but WHY would this man jeopardize the situation with the other two women if it was indeed involuntary, by abducting a third girl who has close ties. This is not too far from playing Russian roulette!! Now maybe by this point he wanted to be caught. Perhaps that’s why he wrote the letter they found. Maybe he was daring the police to capture him. Or maybe by this point the other two girls were NOT voluntarily living with him. Maybe by this point he was in over his head already. Or maybe DeJesus
Really had a rough time at home as a 14 year old living under strict rules and she also ran away and he took her in. This is obviously where the story takes a twist that anyone can see puts him in a bad light. He would have known she was only 14. He would have been aware that Berry was in the media. He would have been aware that he was dealing with fire. He would have known that he would go to jail for this. Maybe he took her in under sympathetic circumstances and realized by the time her name was also in the headlines that he was on the edge of a razor. Perhaps this is when the beatings and control and imprisonment occurred. Or maybe later. Maybe one or more of the women started getting out of hand and he feared for himself and took extreme measures.

Either way, he was wrong and I have no sympathy. The moment he took in a full fledged minor he stepped out of bounds. The moment he decided to lock them up and imprison them, he was in the wrong. And I’m not insisting innocence from the start. I’m just presenting a scenario that is JUST as plausible as the story we are being fed.

Think about it, the three girls are very unlikely going to admit a voluntary relationship here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they discussed certain things among themselves when they had the chance. At some point it is undeniable that one or more wanted out. But lets examine that scenario. If one wanted out, it would jeopardize not only Castro, but also the other girls who may have still been there voluntarily. A snowball effect. I present to this page the theory that it would have take at least TWO of the women, entrusted to one another, to be agreeable to leaving and ending it. If just one woman wanted out, and the others were happy, she would have known the position she was putting the other two in. Out of guilt she may have talked herself back into being OK with it. To not create a bad situation for the other two who may have legitimately preferred being there.
I’m going to end this horribly long comment by saying that this is an exploration in human nature for me, to work all of this out. I’m more inclined to believe the media story than to believe a list of assumptions. Even if the plausibility is there. But you can’t deny that digging a little deeper, thinking outside the box, and shedding the presumption of man=bad or predator can lead you to wonder about this story.

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Heath May 20, 2013 at 13:11

What strikes me the most about this case, after countless hours of reading the first few weeks of stories, is that hardly a soul in the media, and almost as few in comment sections, has even called anything into question past the initial, “how do you abduct 3 women and hold them for ten years without anyone knowing”. That’s about the most critical thought that I’ve seen. It is as if though missing person(s) found automatically equals guilt on the part of the person they are found with. I do realize that in this case, there was a public spectacle with the escape. A 911 call. The missing person insisting she was free from her abduction. But I suspect that the same scenario would play out if a young woman had voluntarily ran away and lived with an older man and at some point things had soured, she might out of fear of admitting the truth about running away filled in the blanks for everyone. She would have known that the media already had spent ten years looking for the kidnap victim. Again, this sort of requires some mental acrobatics. But I’ve lately become a very critical thinker when it comes to not only the news, but also what I see coming out of most modern American women’s mouths these days. Even girls that don’t outwardly act like feminists will jump on board the man-hating bandwagon at the drop of a hat.
I’m glad that I was able to post these thoughts. Truth is, I don’t want it to be an argument and I don’t want to publicly be mistaken for a defender of this guy’s actions. Not at all. In fact, I posted a comment on a discussion where someone posted under the name Ariel Castro and called him a hero, and shamed that person. This discussion can go off into loony tune extremes. I think it’s wise for all men to understand a few things about the modern, particularly younger, American woman.
I will say that I’m 40 and have been married twice myself. In one case, I had to fight bogus allegations of domestic violence. I won the day and got custody of my child. The evidence against her was far far too compelling despite the first 6 months I spent digging myself out of that hole. Cuz any man in that situation knows that all a woman has to do is whisper that she was abused and it puts the man on his heels. If false allegations were punishable in family court, that would change.
So, here is a list of facts all men should understand about women before commiting to a relationship:
1) Most women are capable, and many do, of lying about domestic abuse in order to justify unfaithfulness, divorce, drinking, drug addiction, child neglect, etc. There is literally zero accountability once such an allegation is made, and most women know this. I wouldn’t say that most women actually DO make such an allegation. Fortunately we still have a society where around half of marriages work out. But we are pretty much on the borderline with the other half. If a woman senses that her ex spouse will fight them, or if he does, usually no punches will be held back. And the system is designed to coddle that.
2) if you are an older single man such as myself, you have to be very very careful with younger women. Particularly in their 20s. I’ve sort of resigned myself that I’m never going to meet another woman worthy of marriage. I’ve been dating for 3 years now off and on, and I won’t deny that it’s easy to be drawn to much younger women if they entertain dating you and you are attractive enough to do it. Just today I got a text from a 21 year old single mom that I had a short fling with a few months ago. She said she thought about me. Code for “hey I’m not seeing anyone right now and I’m lonely, we should hook up again”. I do this at my own potential peril, because women that young usually create their own drama. The potential is there for lies and accusations if I’m not careful. This is one reason why I entertain suspicions with the Castro case. This girl I’m talking about is a decent American girl as that goes. Somewhat modest and soft spoken. Not a feminist. She’s very needy however. Lives paycheck to paycheck and often doesn’t even have gas money. If I were a tad but richer and younger, I’d say she’d make a great woman to spoil and do the stay at home mom thing. That’s after all what 95% of women really want. But since I can’t afford another dependent, that will never be what it becomes.
3) don’t let a woman with family issues move in with you. There is nothing wrong with helping a woman out, but don’t be a fool.
I could go on and on.

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Jill Brenneman May 30, 2013 at 07:55

Why did Terry Anderson, Thomas Sutherland, Terry Waite, Benjamin Weir, Frank Reed, others stay in captivity? Surely they had chances in seven years to escape? Maybe they had Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe we should try to consider that their kidnappers thought they were doing the right thing? Maybe they were initially captives but found some sexual arousal in captivity and stayed willingly? Maybe they are men who simply didn’t want to work and wanted someone to give them food and shelter without making them work? Maybe they were bisexual? Why did they get in the car with their kidnappers instead of yelling help? Why didn’t they escape the first chance they could? Doesn’t the fact that grown men were held for years and never tried to escape sound fishy? Maybe it was just a conspiracy to discredit men by showing that men kidnap?

Sounds like a stupid paragraph? It sounds like a stupid paragraph because it is. It’s absurd. Frank Reed tried to escape. They beat him so badly he never recovered. The others didn’t try to escape. They waited until they were released because they wanted to live. No one asked the questions that are being asked of these women.

The US hostages in Lebanon were grown men. Men who had been around the world, were experienced in life and all had some position of power. Yet they reacted the same as the girls in captivity. Go figure…….

Apply your logic to men in captivity and it is illogical and insulting to the victims. Same logic applies to the women. Being female doesn’t make one a willing captive. Just easier to subdue because women are smaller than men and have less chance of fighting back.

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