Naked Ukrainian Feminists Take On Muslims

by W.F. Price on April 5, 2013

In what is both a profoundly stupid and brilliant publicity move, FEMEN, our young Ukrainian strippers-cum-feminists, have taken to attacking Islam. Ordinarily, European leftists align themselves with Muslims, and only the right opposes Islam, so conventional feminists take a hands-off approach and keep their mouths shut. FEMEN, however, defies Western convention.

One of FEMEN’s “sisters” in Tunisia, a Muslim woman named Amina, made the mistake of exposing herself on Facebook and denouncing Islam. For her effort, she was promptly locked up in a mental ward, probably to protect her from the likes of one Almi Adel, a Salafist preacher who called for her stoning to set an example for other women, who might get “ideas.” And here in the West our feminists complain that they are oppressed…

This level of blasphemy is making editors at Jezebel nervous, as they are smart enough to realize that serious Muslims would not hesitate to put a feminist to death for it should she be unlucky enough to fall into their hands. It is the kind of thing that upsets the delicate coalition forged by hatred of the native populations of Europe, which consists of some of the unlikeliest allies of recent times.

However, if FEMEN’s goal is ultimately selfish, and the topless Ukrainian girls really just want to do well for themselves, it may not be a bad idea to antagonize Muslims. What better way to set up a situation where strong, vigilant (and attractive) Western men are called upon to rush in and protect the nubile young ladies from unkempt barbarian villains? If Femen succeeds in becoming a terrorist target, its members are certain to attract a more willing security contingent than the likes of Theo Van Gogh who, despite his bravery, was not the type to inspire feelings of heroism and self-sacrifice in young men.

It’s been my contention from the beginning that FEMEN really consists of hot girls who want to be taken care of by quality men. This is why they take off their clothes in front of bankers and athletes. They call it a “protest,” but it’s pretty clear what’s really going on there — they want to be noticed. And you have to give it to FEMEN: the girls have got what it takes, especially compared to their more comfortable and better fed Western counterparts.

However, the outcome for Muslim women who join FEMEN in their crusade is not likely to be a good one. In some cases, it could go very wrong. It’s one thing to take your clothes off and make a scene in Europe; quite another to do so in Dar al-Islam.

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