Antifeminism Might Become Illegal in the Nordic Countries

by Featured Guest on March 29, 2013

By Henry Laasanen

The Nordic Council has received recommendations from the expert panel to forbid antifeminist speech in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway).

The “Expert panel” was full of radical feminists and profeminist men.

The report is written in the Nordic languages (except Finnish) and some parts in English.

In the report antifeminist speech and right-wing extremist hate speech towards immigrants are treated as a part of the same movement.

MRM is labeled as part of right-wing extremism.

The report has an English summary (page 35).

  1. Antifeminist Threats and Harassment must be made Illegal (We recommend that the Nordic governments ensure that threats and harassment on the basis of gender are made illegal. Hate speech online must be prosecuted similarly to hate speech in other public spheres.)
  2. Low threshold services for reporting threats and Harassment must be established (We recommend that the Nordic governments establish a low threshold service for reporting antifeminist and extremist threats and harassment. )
  3. Annual national surveys of anti-feminism must be implemented.
  4. Research on anti feminism must be prioritized.
  5. Increasing equality and anti-discrimination requires the change to Masculinist standards
  6. Measures to aid marginalized men and boys should be implemented.
  7. Anti-feminism should be part of the Equality officers’ activity area.
  8. The press must take care of their responsibilities against antifeminism (The media must ensure that it has the competence to meet extreme actors without legitimising them or their opinions. Editors of online comments’ fields have a special responsibility to ensure that their users are not made targets of threats and harassment, and that xenophobic and antifeminist sentiments are not fuelled or legitimised.)
  9. Cooperation on antifeminism between countries and groups must continue.
  10. Interdisciplinary Nordic anti-feminist conference should be conducted.

Point number 8 interesting: “Editors of online comments’ fields have a special responsibility to ensure that… xenophobic and antifeminist sentiments are not fuelled or legitimised.” The expert panel wants to treat MRM same as racist hate speech, and Editors of the media must obey.

I am described in the report
Finnish gender researcher (and feminist) Katariina Mäkinen describes me (Henry Laasanen) in the report this way (Page 34).

To illustrate the importance of what we do, I will talk briefly about the views of one of the most profiled Finnish antifeminists. He claims to be a gender researcher, runs five different blogs, and claims to be a spokesperson for men with a low status in society. His blogs are explicitly antifeminist and misogynist, and he is contributing to normalizing hatred towards feminism and women. In particular, he argues that women’s sexuality gives them power over men, and draws on well-known theories about sexual capital to back up his arguments. Serious gender research is taken out of context and ridiculed.

This blogger is regularly interviewed in the press, and there are several readers who believe that he is indeed a scholar and that his unscientific theories are valid.

I don’t have any connections to extreme right or to the social conservatism, but I am treated as a part of right wing extremism with Anders Breivik etc.


How the report will be received in Finland?

Finland is ruled by the state feminism. In the equality politics feminists have total hegemony and politicians have no guts oppose feminists, because opposing feminism could end their career and label them as misogynists.

It’s entirely possible, that expert panel’s recommendations will be taken granted in the Nordic countries.


Feminist strategy: connect MRM to the extreme right

In the Finland we have only the liberal MRM organization, called “Men’s Equality”. Organization has no right wing or conservative opinions. In spite of that, feminists and left wing multiculturality praising researchers desperately want to connect finish MRM to extreme right wing.

Feminist strategy here in Finland is to connect MRM to the right extremism and to the social conservatives, because they are the “official” bad boys.

It doesn’t matter, how many times finish MRA says, that we are more of an ultra liberal kind than the conservative kind.

I have read tens of times in the internet, that “I want to go back to 50’s” and  “I want my wife to stay home” in the traditional way. The truth is, personally I am for the MGTOW and for the PUA ideologies and I have no intentions of going back to the old gender roles.

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