Swedish Equalism Endangering Lives

by W.F. Price on February 20, 2013

Since the late 90s, Sweden has mandated equality in firefighting jobs, which has required a severe lowering of physical standards to bring women into the force. According to Dispatch International, a Swedish magazine, female firefighters take more than ten times as long to open reinforced doors, which would leave most people dead if they were trapped in a burning apartment for that long:

If your apartment catches fire, firemen need to get in there fast to save you. A common apartment door can be forced open in 10 to 20 seconds; a security-enforced door takes 45 to 60 seconds.

Now information has leaked that female firefighters take more than 10 minutes to break through a secured door.

“If this is true, it is deeply serious. After that amount of time, there will be no life left to save on the other side,” says Henrik Persson, fire chief in Höganäs.

After the article in Dispatch International on January 26th [not in English!] on how the diversity agitation within the Emergency Services South endangers public safety, the editors have received several hints about how bad things are in Swedish fire brigades. The situation seems to be worst in the city of Lund, whose fire brigade has been highlighted as “exemplary” due to an almost perfectly equal gender balance.

Unfortunately for Swedes, firefighting conditions have been getting more difficult as the country becomes more like the rest of the world (i.e. more diverse), which has prompted many Swedes to enhance security, and therefore increased the time required to break through doors.

“The conditions when saving lives in buildings keep getting tougher. It is more common now that that we encounter security doors of various classifications when we need to enter an apartment,” says Henrik Persson.

“Forcing oneself through a security door requires strenuous muscle-effort and teamwork, under intense time pressure. And although I do not know of the specific exercise in Lund, where women took eleven minute to force the security door open, I am aware that competence is falling in several areas, simply because the demands for physical strength have been lowered.”

Can people survive eleven minutes in a burning apartment?

“No, after eleven minutes there is, in theory, no life left to save on the other side of the door,” replies Henrik Persson.

How many lives is enforced workplace equality worth? This is an entirely fair question, because we must ask at what point the right to life is trumped by the modern privilege of pretending that men and women are exactly equal in every ability. Unfortunately, I doubt an answer will be forthcoming.

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