Michael Kimmel’s Quack Sociology

by W.F. Price on February 20, 2013

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan’s Marxist-inspired critique of 1950s-era American society, a number of leading feminists wrote articles in the NY Times about how feminism should march onward to eternal victory.

One of them was male feminist Michael Kimmel, who has been mentioned here on a few occasions before. In my last article on Kimmel, I pointed out that he is dishonest, and prone to using ad hominems (e.g. accusations of racism) to advance his agenda.

Male feminists often resort to twisting the truth because they have to. Credible statistics are not feminists’ strong point, because the ideology relies on denial of reality, and has from the beginning when feminists declared gender to be a “social construct” — one of the biggest lies to ever make its way into popular American culture.

Kimmel’s contribution to the NY Times concerns domestic violence, and why men must “change”:

Nothing better captures the importance of men helping realize the goals of feminism than efforts to end violence against women. Through courage and tenacity, women worldwide have made huge gains in raising awareness and forcing legal reform. But ultimately, because it is (some) men who commit this violence, it must be men who change.

By this we mean not only those men who use violence in their relationships. We also mean the vast majority of us who have remained silent. Because men dominate parliaments, pulpits and police forces, when we are silent, we allow the violence to continue.

According to Kimmel, because some men commit DV, some men don’t talk about it, and some men are tasked with dealing with crime and moral issues, we all must change. It doesn’t really make any sense, but it might sound convincing to some people.

OK, say there’s a heroin problem in some country, such as Switzerland. Some people are shooting heroin, some are selling it, and some are enacting and enforcing laws to deal with it. Most people – the vast majority, even – don’t talk much about it, because it isn’t a part of their lives.

So, this being the case, all Swiss people must change. Yes, they all bear guilt, and must think deeply about how they can change themselves to relieve themselves of the terrible burden of their shame. It doesn’t matter whether they use or sell dope, or even whether they have even seen it: they are part of the problem, and must change.

Kimmel is pushing guilt onto innocent people. It’s a tricky tactic, and works in Christian, guilt-based societies (probably not for much longer, though), but it’s manipulative and dishonest. What it really comes down to is self-aggrandizement, because Kimmel’s entire career is built around “changing” men. The more men who need to be changed, the better for Michael Kimmel, so what does he do? He goes around, like a quack doctor trying to drum up business through fake diagnoses, saying we all have a problem.

It isn’t about harm reduction, which would be as simple as diminishing the financial and emotional conflict in divorce and custody disputes by mandating shared parenting (something he opposes, BTW), but rather increasing Michael Kimmel’s stature and prestige.

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