UK Man Wins Compensation for Paternity Fraud

by W.F. Price on February 15, 2013

In a sign that times are changing Richard Rodwell, a man whose wife fooled him into believing children she conceived by affairs were his, was awarded £25,000 ($40,000) in damages following a lawsuit he filed against the cheating wife.

After giving birth to two illegitimate children, his wife Helen divorced him and began to collect child support. Rodwell paid a total of $25,000 in child support before rumors concerning the paternity of his putative children began to surface, upon which he sought a DNA test. Much to his dismay, it turned out that neither of the two children he’d grown close to over the years were his.

Sadly, Rodwell married a really nasty piece of work. His marriage started to fall apart in 2004 when his wife began to openly conduct affairs:

…by 2004 the marriage was struggling. Mr Rodwell explained: ‘Helen was disappearing for several days without telling me where she was going. I only found out from used train and coach tickets I discovered.

‘I would collect the children from school as usual and walk into the house and it would be empty with no note or anything. Helen would go to places such as Newcastle or Manchester, and if I asked why she had gone there she would say, “Nothing to do with you.” ’

When Rodwell discovered the children were not his own, they rejected him, blaming him for ruining their lives. Sadly, they do not seem to have put the responsibility where it really belonged: with their mother. But this is one of the cruelest things about paternity fraud. The children are stuck with the mother, but they lose a father, so who are they going to blame? It’s easiest, of course, to blame the innocent party, because he is no longer “attached” to them.

His ex wife didn’t apologize, naturally…

‘I confronted Helen on the phone but she insisted I was Laura’s father. Finally I said I wanted DNA testing.’

The DNA test was done by mouth swab and when the result came back Mr Rodwell was stunned. He said: ‘When I saw the letter stating that I wasn’t Laura’s father I just broke down.

‘When I phoned Helen we had an argument and she just said, “What did you expect.” She didn’t even say sorry.’

One of the (intentional) results of feminism was that women were free to victimize their families with impunity, but it seems that in England at least people may have finally had enough.

It’s a shame what children have to deal with, but their mother committed fraud, and they will have to pay for it just the same as if they had a father who got caught embezzling from a company. The solution to these problems would be a complete overhaul of family law that removed all incentives for women to cuckold husbands and run off with children to collect support payments.

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