Why Socialism Doesn’t Work Very Well in the US

by W.F. Price on February 11, 2013

Thos. posted a link to a Talking Point Memo article gloating over former Illinois Representative Joe Walsh’s child support arrears. TPM is a partisan liberal site, pro-Obama and left-wing. You’d think that would mean that its readers would be humanitarian and compassionate, but then again, since this is the good old USA you’d know better.

Two former welfare workers express their contempt for people in arrears:

Joe Leydon

Way back when I was a welfare worker, I had to deal with deadbeat dads like this clown a lot.


Yeah. Me too. And they always had a long litany of self-pitying excuses. Most of my deadbeat-dad clients at least had enough judgement not to attack the welfare system.

Another compassionate response:


Throw this MFer in jail already and teach him a fucking lesson. First he can’t pay child support as a U.S. House Rep. out of some kind of deranged principle, and now he can’t pay child support because he can’t afford it. Bullshit. Maybe its time to learn how to do an actual personal budget asshole, now that you no longer have to worry about the nation’s budget concerns. Get your own fucking house in order before telling the rest of the country what’s what…you putrid sack of shit.

A predictable honkey deserves no pity comment:


What does Walsh think he’s going to get out of this?

Oh, I know. He’ll be hired by the (white) *men are abused* contingent.

What a freaking loser. His poor kids.

As we can see, liberals don’t believe in socialism or compassion for all people, but rather only those who agree with them politically. Rep Walsh, a Tea Party Republican, may be an extreme example, but the sentiment holds regardless. Socialism in the US is only supposed to be for some people — the people whose views are unimpeachable (by the left).

If you asked your typical “liberal,” he or she would agree that social benefits should not be extended to certain classes of people, regardless of need. The child support system itself proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Try it. After a few drinks, ask a partisan Democrat whether white Republican men should be eligible for welfare if they lose their jobs and fall behind on child support.

This is why I have a deep, deep skepticism of MRAs who think they can “win” by taking a liberal political position. A few of them may be able to win a few invitations to speak here and there, and perhaps someone might “listen” to them at some point, but there is no serious chance that the political left in this country is ever going to extend any compassion toward their “class enemies.” In fact, if they had their way they would starve us, and someday they may actually come close to succeeding in that goal. They will never entirely succeed, because when they take it that far there will be an uprising, but it doesn’t mean they won’t try.

Now, this doesn’t mean the Republicans will be our savior. In their current incarnation, they will not, because they aren’t compassionate toward anyone. While this may be preferable in some scenarios because it’s more fair, in the current climate and economic system, which is inherently unfair (why do broke fathers go to jail while bankers get bailed out?), it’s a losing proposition. A lot of people who vote for them, or who have voted for them, will need some help in the future because of the way our economy currently works (or doesn’t work), and if the Republicans don’t change their tune in that regard they will be abandoned wholesale, and they will deserve it.

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