America is Getting Really Strange

by W.F. Price on January 28, 2013

I’m sure a lot of readers remember the “black helicopter” talk of the 90s. Lots of urban folks laughed about the paranoid people out in the boondocks, but there really were black helicopters flying around for various reasons. Some were likely on DEA operations, and others were involved in military training exercises. I saw one of these helicopters once while driving on a back road in Skagit county, WA around 2000. It was swooping down low and there was a door gunner hanging out with his machine gun pointed menacingly toward the ground — I assume it was a training exercise from one of our many local bases. Makes you feel pretty small to be in a little car on a dirt road with those big blackhawks flying overhead.

Since then, the hype over the helicopters has died down somewhat, but a recent exercise in Miami suggests they are back. Local Miami police and some military folks staged a joint exercise with black helicopters flying low through downtown, which is weird enough, but in this case they actually opened fire with what sounded like a autocannon, perhaps a chain gun of some sort. Unless they were shooting the Transformers sequel (it is supposedly being filmed in Miami), I can’t really imagine what purpose this served. Well, maybe they are getting ready to implement some gun seizure, who knows…

Here’s the video:

I suppose this isn’t directly relevant to feminism, but there is a connection. Thanks in part to women’s total faith in big daddy government, our “authorities” are starting to behave with breathtaking arrogance. Flying military helicopters through heavily populated areas and letting loose with automatic weapons – blanks or not – is a slap in the face to citizens, and can only be interpreted as an act of intimidation at best.

Update — more video:

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