Are Nordic Men Really “Manginas?”

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by W.F. Price on January 26, 2013

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that Nordic men are submissive and strangely androgynous, but in my experience that’s anything but the case. Above is a Knud Bergslien painting commemorating the Birkebeiners’ perilous flight through the woods with the young prince Haakon Haakonsson, saving him from a rival faction trying to consolidate rule in Norway. I like the picture — it’s a nice example of masculine childcare. I’m sure the two-year-old prince had a fun time on the voyage to safety in Trondheim.

Here in Seattle there are a lot of people of Nordic descent, and I happen to be one of them. Two of my great grandparents immigrated from Norway around the end of the 19th century and then met and married in Seattle. My great grandfather was from Trondheim, and my great grandmother was from Bergen. Norwegians liked Seattle because it’s similar in many ways to Norway. Puget Sound is a long fjord teeming with marine life, there are lots of trees and mountains, and it’s often wet and cloudy — just like home (although a bit warmer). Swedes and Finns seem to have preferred the Midwest, as that’s more like where they came from.

So I grew up around a lot of old Norwegians and assorted other Nordic folks, many from the old country. I still see them from time to time when I go up to the ski club for a bit of skiing, and amazingly some of them are still going strong. There are 80-year-old Norwegian men (and one Swede who’s pushing 90) at that club who put in 20 miles of skiing a day. They are tough as nails, and although Nordics have a reputation for being short on words, they are actually pretty friendly and can have fun.

One might ask whether they defer to women. Not as far as I can tell. Their wives come along from time to time, but they certainly don’t act like a bunch of androgynous butch types. They seem pretty content with their respective roles. However, life has changed a lot back in the old country — these are old men who came to the US after WWII for the most part. Back then, with the exception of Sweden, the Nordic countries were in pretty bad shape. The war and occupation were devastating to industry and the economy. People were poor and cold. Reconstruction was the most pressing issue — not gender equality. So immigrants from that period were quite conservative. Like my Norwegian great grandmother who came a half century before, they were far more concerned with having a decent life free from want than they were with competing with the opposite sex. Ironically, that great grandmother, who began her career in Seattle as a hotel maid, ended up wealthy due to smart real-estate investments (seems the patriarchy wasn’t all that effective at keeping women down in the early 20th century). But did she grow bored with her husband and dump him for an alpha? No, it seems that her only vices were occasionally gambling in Chinatown and perhaps spoiling her children a bit. From every bit of evidence I am aware of, Nordic gender relations prior to Olaf Palme were cordial, conservative and healthy.

So what happened? I think it’s the same thing that’s happening everywhere in post-industrial society, but it may have had more of an impact in Nordic countries because the shift was more severe. Living in northern Europe used to be pretty tough. It was not always a land of plenty — far from it. Just getting through the harsh seasons meant hours of physical labor every day. Chopping wood, feeding animals, butchering, milking, plowing, harvesting, fishing — the list goes on. The hard life over there is why the US opened its doors to immigration from Scandinavia; Nordic farmers were just about the only people willing to make a go of it in the northern Great Plains. And in the Northwest, their willingness to work hard on fishing and whaling boats and in the woods in logging operations made them attractive hires. Even as recently as the 1950s and 60s, many Scandinavian neighborhoods were working class ghettoes that Anglo Americans wouldn’t deign to live in. In Seattle, all that remains is Fishermen’s Terminal, where poor fishermen still live on boats in the off-season, but the SWPL scum are hard at work trying to get rid of them, too.

Thanks to natural resources, technology and a strong native work ethic, over the last 50 years the Nordic countries have transformed from relatively poor northern backwaters to some of the wealthiest societies on earth. This has led to profound changes in day to day life, and as always that makes a big difference in social behavior. Men no longer need to plow fields and chop wood, and women no longer need to tend the fire, milk the cows and handle heavy iron cookware. There’s far more leisure time, and gender roles just aren’t clear any longer. In the Nordic countries, this made a much bigger difference than it did in warmer, more forgiving climes such as the Mediterranean region and most of East Asia. I am convinced that the reason there’s so much gender weirdness in Scandinavia and Finland is that the changes there as a result of the modern lifestyle have been more profound.

But still, as I’ve heard from some Scandinavians, and seen for myself up at the cabin in the mountains, when you put the Nordic people back in their natural, traditional environment, things have a way of going back to normal very quickly.

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Peter January 26, 2013 at 12:26

In other words the technology created by men is our doom. Maybe we should have listen to God in the first place, when he said, don’t make a drawing of anything in the sky or on the earth. Their are two ways we could go, turn back to God, pray to him ask him for forgiveness or try to build even more technology like an artificial womb or robot sex partners and try to fix it that way. My guess is that most will choose the later, even if it will disrupt our societies even more. But the other way would mean admitting that we and all who came before us were wrong in just about everything. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t see that happening, human pride and such.

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geographybeefinalisthimself January 26, 2013 at 12:29

I would have to say that manginaism levels are relative across cultures and national borders.

I would not consider most men in supermajority Muslim countries to be manginas (in fact, I would consider “Muslim mangina” to be almost oxymoronic), but there is definitely truth to the idea that Nordic men are more likely to be manginas. Unfortunately, there is little anecdotal evidence emanating from the Nordic countries of ethnic Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Icelandic/Finnish men putting up resistance to the onslaught of feminism there, so they’re not helping your cause.

In the interest of full disclosure, my heritage is a mix of guido, mick and kraut, and I do not think Irish, Italian, or German men are anywhere near men of Muslim ethnicities in not being manginas.

Your spell-check still suggests that “mangina” (but also “guido”) is a misspelled word.

(To me, the only good thing about Italian heritage is the excessive body hair. I also think the only good thing about Irish heritage is the jokes about excessive drunkenness. My ancestor with German heritage was so ashamed of his heritage that he changed his name to something Dutch so he would be more accepted in New York. I wonder where I got my ethnicity-based self-loathing.)

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zimmy January 26, 2013 at 12:34

When life is easier that’s when womyn take over and ‘feel’ that men aren’t necessary. Of course, it’s men who allow this.

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Zorro January 26, 2013 at 12:44

Em…are you talking about Nordic/Scandinavian immigrants, or even descendants of immigrants? You take an Italian, Pole or Czech out of their homeland and let them have kids, those kids would freak if they went back to where Mom and Dad came from.

I used to have a wonderful lady boss in NYC who always went off on how she was Italian. Born in Brooklyn, never once visited Italy. Knows only the Italian curse words she heard on Scorcese pictures. But she has a great ass and can make ziti better than Giada de Laurentiis. So she figures she’s Italian.

I have no doubt that many, many cultural and ethnic traits are passed along among generations. The Czechs are proud of their work ethic, and fathers routinely beat it into their sons (sometimes literally). Remember that film My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I used to pal around with a gaggle of Greeks (don’t say it!) from Athens. That film was not a comedy; it was a documentary. Greeks retain their Greekness until the women take over, then they go feral.

I’d like to meet actual Norsemen in Norway who have to deal with this fembot shit before I give them the benefit of the doubt. There’s something about this picture that just doesn’t click.

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W.F. Price January 26, 2013 at 12:46


I’m talking about immigrants. People who came over after the war.

Salvatore January 26, 2013 at 13:13

@ 1/3 rd guido
What’s-a matter you?
Gotta no respect?
Why you look-a so sad?
Ah!, shadda uppa you face

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Alex January 26, 2013 at 13:37

Given that the Nordics have the ability to live/work anywhere in the E.U. there’s no incentive to stay and fight the fembot matriarchy, butting their heads into a wall for decades. I’ve seen no study on the matter, but I suspect many who are unhappy with the current regime simply move to more amenable surroundings. That’s completely in character with the Nordic mind set – their ancestors travels to trade, raid, war and conquer were measured in degrees of latitude and longitude.

I suppose it’s possible that with the risk taking adventurers leaving the gene pool, a more submissive and manginafied male is rising, but the sheer number of imported Thai wives (which the feminists are bitching about) tells me that these men, tied in place by love of country/family/friends are resisting in another manner, displaying a stubborn resistance to a politically correct feminist regime.

And for those who say that their foreign wives will be corrupted soon after arrival, I remain doubtful. Asian women generally know which side their bread is buttered on and will not cut off their nose to gain approval from the feminists.

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geographybeefinalisthimself January 26, 2013 at 13:38

@ Salvatore

Yes, I am, in fact ashamed of my heritage. ALL OF IT, not just the guido part.

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redolent January 26, 2013 at 13:48

Men whom promote female-centrism as a cultural ideal and a social model subjecting all society, quite rightly attract the label of weak character.

No man gains any dignity or nobility casting himself as a willing doormat but only attracts to himself a greater loathing and hatred for willing such diminishments on his fellow man.

It is not clear that Scandinavian men excel in gender weakness or role confusion over and above say, english, european, north amerikan or australasian men.

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minuteman January 26, 2013 at 14:44

I think part of the issue is that Scandinavian women have always had a much higher social position than women in most cultures. I understand from reading the Norse Sagas, that even in the days of Eric The Red, women were allowed to own property, marry whoever they wanted and divorce when they wanted. I think they had the kind of equality 1000 years ago that most people thought feminists were looking for 50 years ago. Since we have since discovered that feminism is really misandric female supremacy, they had a real head start. If that is the case, expect it to get a lot worse here before it ever gets better.

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jay January 26, 2013 at 15:51


Sharia law seems to be the future of sweden.

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Jaego January 26, 2013 at 19:46

Nordic Men and Thai Women will produce children who don’t know who they are and never can. Marry the woman and keep her in Thailand? I wonder how the Thais will treat those kids. Not well if the Thais are anything like the Vietmanese or Koreans.

A big part of the toxic modern paradigm is the loss of ethnicity – a prerequisite if the Globalist One World is to be created. People have to be nothing so the State can be everything.

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evilwhitemalempire January 26, 2013 at 20:31

i doubt that post ww2 immigrant nordic men are ‘manginas’ but for the native population today that could be debated

here’s some new food for thought on this issue

couple A: man is dominant over woman

couple B: woman dominant over man

which couple will make more children and why?

if the woman is dominant then the woman controls sex

if the man is dominant then the man controls sex

if the woman controls sex then some sex happens

if the man controls sex a lot of sex happens

but introduce viable birth control (including safe abortion) into the equation and now which couple makes the most children and why? again, doesn’t take an einstein

if the woman is dominant in the relationship then the woman controls the pill

if the man is dominant in the relationship then the man controls the pill (he’ll use his power to make sure she’s on it)

now when women control the pill more children get made [maternal instinct, 'oops' pregnancies to trap man, etc.] than when men control the pill
makes sense?

put another way: without birth control male sex drive trumps ‘will to motherhood’ as means of baby making
but WITH birth control female ‘will to motherhood’ trumps male sex drive as means of baby making
(this could also account for the declining western population as the new baby making drive is inferior to the original)

plus if an oops pregnancy happens the guy in relationship A is much more likely to demand, and get, her to have an abortion.
none of this “i’ll stand by you whatever decision you make, dear” business for him!

now let’s suppose scientists have amassed a body of evidence from identical twin studies, and etc. that show that things like personality and behavior have a sizable genetic component

then we can reasonably conclude that there is almost always a genetic component to one’s dominance or submission

so this would imply that widespread birth control use will, over time, substantially alter the genetic demographic leading to fewer ‘strong’ men & ‘weak’ women and lead to more ‘weak’ men & ‘strong’ women

social/cultural changes would inevitably follow

but how can evolution work so fast?

consider how long it took for the russians to produce a race of silver foxes as tame as puppy dogs

this shows that evolution can actually work quite fast when changes in just one or two genes can influence the expression of a whole cascade of others [e.g. a single mutant gene on the y-chromosome that affects the amount of testosterone leading to a less aggressive male, or a mutant on one of the x-chromosomes that promotes testosterone (such that the presence of 2 of them doubles the transcription leading to a female that is more aggressive than if she'd been born a male instead)]

btw were the nordic countries some of the first to use modern birth control?

if so then this might explain why the nordic countries are the most ‘advanced’ in feminism

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jay January 26, 2013 at 21:53


But with the feminism of modern day the future of sweden as far as I can see is sharia law.

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June10 January 27, 2013 at 02:39

Oh, not a new record, only the 11th post and a mention of “Sharia Law”. Good try Jay! ;-)

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Opus January 27, 2013 at 05:08

For some reason, which I cannot explain, Norwegian skier Ingvild Engesland (and coming to the end of her averagely unsuccessful career) in a wardrobe-malfunction of major proportions felt the need to pose for a photographer thus revealing all her Viking charms (and I mean all). Of course she apologosed to her fans later for her massive lapse of judgement – and it was surely the fault of some man. Naturally I have her photos stored for all time on my computer as a record of this unfortunate lapse. Bring on more Norwegians I say!

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W.F. Price January 27, 2013 at 06:09


Therese Johaug is better looking than Engesland IMO.

minuteman January 27, 2013 at 08:19


I believe you are right. The people who stick up for themselves and look out for their own will win out over those who choose not to breed/breed with foreigners or emigrate every time. History will show that patriarchal cultures flourish and feminist ones go the way of the Dodo. Demographics is destiny.

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Atavismintransience January 27, 2013 at 13:43

I’m from Scotland, northern Scotland to be precise. I wonder if some of the same observations about Scandinavia apply to where I live?

Certainly there isn’t as much hard labour to do anymore. There are farmers and fishermen in rural areas, but the biggest economic asset is the oil and gas industry – something that Scotland and Norway share in together due to having territorial control over a large area of the North Sea.

In regions such as Fife in Scotland, coal mining was the occupation for many in times gone by, but that no longer exists and there is a lot of unemployment in towns like Leven, Cowdenbeath, etc now.

It’s also worth pointing out that in some parts of Scotland such as Caithness in the far north as well as Orkney and Shetland, Nordic placenames are found (Wick, Thurso, Lerwick, etc). Similarly the town of Fort William looks like it could be located along the coast of a Norwegian fjord – not sure if that is similar to what you would see in Washington state in the USA.

The fascinating thing was that when reading Anders Breivik’s 2083 manifesto, I came across the word ‘kulturmarxister’, and I wondered if the suffix ‘-ster’ was common in Norwegian? Because in Caithness in Scotland, there are a number of villages that end in that same suffix? (search for ‘kulturmarxister’ on this page) (many of these end in ‘ster’)

Can anyone provide some insight?

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W.F. Price January 27, 2013 at 14:22

I wondered if the suffix ‘-ster’ was common in Norwegian? Because in Caithness in Scotland, there are a number of villages that end in that same suffix?


I’d assume it’s from “stad” or “stathr,” which means place. In American English we have “homestead,” which is also related. It’s an old germanic root, preserved in German as “stat.” My great grandfather was named Tingstad, meaning place of the Ting.

Of course there were lots of Norse in that part of Scotland. A thousand years ago Vikings, Britons and Gaels created a sort of syncretic culture that prevailed along the fringe of the Northeast Atlantic. Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Orkney, northern Scotland and to some extent coastal parts of Ireland were part of it. That’s pretty much exactly my heritage, if you take it all together.

Tam the Bam January 27, 2013 at 14:35

Atavism: Fit like min?
There is AFAIK no connection beyond the Norse/Norn language.
In the marxister it’s just the ordinary plural of marxist.

In the farm names of Northern Scotland and the Northern Isles it’s a settlement-indicator, like -by(ar), -bist/bust and Raymond Lamb told me what it meant once but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten.
The whole thing that is, -ster.
Oh hang aboot,I remember, it’s a contraction of -bister =bólstaðr. Phew!

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Tam the Bam January 27, 2013 at 14:44

Price is probably righterer than wot I are.

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Atavismintransience January 27, 2013 at 15:04

W.F. Price,

That’s interesting, thanks. And yes, I was aware that the Vikings did have influence in those territories that you mention around that time.

Isn’t this supposed to be an “anti-feminist” blog or website?

Here in Scotland, few people particularly care about ‘feminism’. I never hear people even talking about political ideologies, history or anything like that – maybe it’s just the people I hang around with. But I must say I’ve heard a lot of people on the internet talk about how the political left despises white people, particularly heterosexual men. Is this something that runs strong in America?

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Atavismintransience January 27, 2013 at 15:20

Tam the Bam,

Nae bad, yersel’? I da ken fit this website is a’ aboot, “anti-feminism” or some shite?

Thing is I don’t speak Doric myself even though plenty of people I know speak it. It’s usually people older than me and/or less formally educated that do.

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W.F. Price January 27, 2013 at 15:22

Isn’t this supposed to be an “anti-feminist” blog or website?

Here in Scotland, few people particularly care about ‘feminism’. I never hear people even talking about political ideologies, history or anything like that – maybe it’s just the people I hang around with. But I must say I’ve heard a lot of people on the internet talk about how the political left despises white people, particularly heterosexual men. Is this something that runs strong in America?


Oh yes, this site is very much opposed to feminism. I think Scots have enough problems of their own dealing with the postcolonial fallout to have to worry about feminism and like issues. I’ve noticed it’s the same in FSU states — feminism per se doesn’t really “click” with them because they don’t see what all the fuss is about.

As for the American political left “despising” white people, that is an enormous lie they indulge in at everyone else’s expense. They like their own white selves very, very much. It’s just that they really hate white people who question their particular brand of entitlement. They also fear nonwhites (but not as much), locking them up at prodigious levels and keeping them out of their exclusive neighborhoods with a very heavily armed and judicially assisted police force (e.g. Rudy Giuliani “zero tolerance” police policy).

I don’t know why the so-called “left” can call itself that any longer — they are the most fascist faction of American society by a long shot.

Atavismintransience January 27, 2013 at 15:32

W.F. Price,

What the hell is ‘the postcolonial fallout’ when it’s at home?

And actually for what it’s worth there are some feminist activists in Scotland, mostly Glasgow, which as a city has a fair bit of left-wing activity. But where I live? Nah, I wouldn’t say people really care that much, at the end of the day there isn’t really much of a strong animosity between men and women at least where I live.

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Tam the Bam January 27, 2013 at 17:30

I dunno Atavism, I feel a fair bit of animus towards Nicola Sturgeon still. Getting the price of drink hiked up for the working man, but not for her and her chardonnay-quaffing fannymuncher ilk.
In fact it’s not the first time she’s annoyed me, I’ll have a think. Because it’s a bit O/T (again).

At the end of the day, I think the Nogs give off the impression of being manginas, f, ex. to Stallywood, elsewhere, simply because they have (1) a highly developed sense of individual liberty and responsibility developed from the pagan period and further bolstered by Calvinism, and (b) an attitude that I’ve been on the receiving end of, where if you have some sort of mishap in the woods, hunting, say, through unpreparedness, ignorance or foolhardiness, then they just kind of look at you and leave you to deal with it. With a slight shake of the head. A different sort of European would of course expect manful assistance and a bit of harsh ribbing.
Nope. In their estimation you’re a fuckwit, you got yourself into it, get yourself out. What the fuck are you even doing here, if you can’t cut it?
So those bar girls noted in another post comment were not regarded by the local men in any proprietary way, and this clearly baffled the foreigner. Wot, no White-Knighting? No AMOGging?

If he’d asked, I expect he’d have got the Finnish Riposte. “Are you here to talk, or to drink?”

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peter January 27, 2013 at 18:15


In Sweden men are the most unequal. Women get to have sex, money and a longer life, but men are discriminated against, argues sociologist Sigge Bergman.

MEN are being mistreated.

When equality is discussed in Sweden, people talk about women’s right to equality. Still, I would argue that 80-90 per cent of serious gender problems are men’s. Lion’s share of deprivation, such as homelessness and exclusion, is directed to men. Only men have a military service. Men will receive longer sentences for the same crimes. In custody struggles men are at a disadvantage. The man does not even have the right to know about his fatherhood if the mother does not tell her.

School discriminates BOYS.

The feminization of the school environment favors girls. From the first primary levels girls are better readers than boys, and success in other subjects is based upon literacy. High schools are filled with girls, and 64 per cent of university graduates are women.

Women have sexual power.

Men want and need sex more than women. This gives women power. If a woman wants to have sex, she can get it, yes. Men are forced try again and again to please women. A large number of men is excluded completely from sexual relations, except through prostitution – and that is also prohibited. In general, women’s sexuality is considered a good thing, men’s sexuality not. When a man wants a young and big titted blonde, she is immature chauvinist. When a woman wants a dark, handsome and successful man, a woman knows what she wants and that she is entitled to it.


It is often claimed that the shorter life expectancy of men is their own fault. Why do men not stop smoking and drinking what? That, again, is not telling that on women’s health is used 60 percent more money than on men’s. Part of the difference is due to maternal and child health services, but also a big part comes from attitudes. Society, still has the expectation that the requesting men are whiners. It prevents men from seeking help from a doctor. It should be figured out how to improve men’s health. After that, this should be given the money necessary and it should be accepted that some of the money is away from women’s health.

Women have more money than men

We often hear that the female euro is XY cents. The money available for human consumption, is not only the sum on the salary, but also the money from the spouse and government transfers. Women marry more often than men a wealthier spouse. In addition, the man is on average three years older, and he dies six years younger than his wife, so that the woman will have almost ten years of life to use her inherited property. When talking about equality actual available money should be compared rather than salaries. Women have access to more money than men.


Swedish state gender policy is based on feminist ideology: gender policy guidelines are taken directly from women’s organizations’ target programs. So we live in state feminism. In the Gender Equality Unit of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health 17 people are working, one of whom is a man. Political parties are mandated by law to have women’s organizations, but not men’s organizations. Swedish universities have five faculties of women’s studies, but none in men’s studies. Instead of democracy one could often talk about femocracy, so aggressively the State advocates only the equality of women.

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Greg Munroe January 27, 2013 at 19:05

If this website is to grow and have appeal to men around the world the jargon and the abbreviations need to go. I am a native English speaker living in North America and I am of the same generation as the webmaster but I am perplexed by some of the writing here! What is the point of using abbreviations like AMOGging when most of the readers don’t have a clue what is meant?

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Y Worry? January 27, 2013 at 19:55

Hi there
I don’t think that Nordic men are suffering from manginitis to any exceptional degree. They – we – are less macho than, say, our Latino brethren everywhere, but that has been national traits up here for centuries. Ultra short background on Norway: Yes, women had exceptionally high status before Xianization, mainly because of their importance in farm economy. Roughly, the physical marker of the division of labour was the threshhold – outside was man’s work, inside women’s – food, for instance, harvested in the brief summer months, had to be preserved to last all year; the housewife who did this earned “key power” – could unlock storage lofts and food chests and determine who ate what when. A good housewife was a sine qua non of survival.
The Black Death ended for ever the “Viking Era” in Scandinavia (yes, shorthand), leaving about a third of the populatio in a geographically extended and diverse country; simultaneously never being entirely christianized (making for much more relaxed sexual mores than common in Europe) as well as having a darks treak of puritanism (elevating “female purity” and all the concommitant values).
First Wave Liberation = Industrialization, mechanization (esp. of farming and fishing) and consequent urbanization liberated land workers, leading to a “man driven) exodus to the cities (such as there were), creating a “safe space” also for women to work outside the home (first as teachers, later as typists, secretaries, store clerks ….).
20C saw a truly national project of nation.building, i.e. a thoroughly politicized population agitating like fervent missionaries in our own coutry, eradicating superstition, ignorance, disease, poverty, misery …. leaving a culture highly impressed with government action to ensure public welfare goals.
1970 we found oil and transitioned overnight from 3rd world to the world’s richest country. One in ten are cash millionaires; calculating by assets, many, many more are. New generations are complete strangers to hardship. Higher education for everyone was a cultural watchword.
This created a second, female driven wave of urbanization, away from the thinly populated mountain valleys and fjord farms to population centres with access to education, more colourful courtship candidates than the taciturn farm boys (preferably media guys, it seems), and, above all, café au lait. It is mainly the left-behind farm boys (that is, the group that stands to inherit farms and so does not want to move) that resupply the rural population from abroad. In some cases, entire counties are restocked this way; Vestnes in Romsdal has been portrayed in a TV docu soap as “Thaifjord” ( on account of how many thai wives were there.
Scores of grlz with diplomas establish themselves as career women; making up 40 % of the work force, IIRC. However, of all people employed in Norway, around 52 % are public …. well, servants; and here, women make up 70 %. Combined with high taxes, this makes the labour market a badly camouflaged wealth transfer device from men in productive positions to women in administrative positions. This gives power, and this power is of course visible and active, enough so that “government feminism” officially is the prevailing brand. Like I said, a culture highly impressed with government action to ensure public welfare goals, including equality.
So …. on the minus side, this leaves men with:
- all the negative aspects of family law, except, thank Thor, alimony, which does not exist here.
- National Service for men only, although women may opt to serve.
- Quotas and Affirmative Action programmes in Academe and Boardrooms.
- Negative tax/welfare ratio for men
- Suicide/death/accidents/life expectancy
And some more – all in all the same issues that MRAs worldwide also list.
On the plus side:
- Fairly reasonable feminists, who are actually considering men’s POV to an astonishing degree.
Many of them act as egalitarians; besides, government feminism is per definition not very effective.
- Many arenas (and public acceptance, even enthusiasm) for male ctivities, primarily in sports and outdoorsmanship,
but also in culture, economy, science and politics; traces of “ladism” abound.
- Lots of tall blond valkyries looking for love, and displaying a refreshingly empirical methodology.
- Last, but not least: Norway is a small place, (semi-)transparent, with a particular brand of common sense that in reality is a mask for slightly lazy insouciance …. everybody is too busy speculating on the housing market to have enough energy to be too silly on ideological issues; those that do, do it as lifestyle identity choices, like hairstyles.
But as anyone knows who lives in a sufficiently small place, homogenity can be a killer if you get on the wrong outside.
The system has its victims, also.

Y Worry?

(To Atavismintransience:
Parsing of “kulturmarxister” is not “marxi-” + “-ster”, but “marxist-” + “-er”, the latter being simply the plural suffix,
which would be “-s” in English; i.e. “cultural marxistS” (not “” marxi – sts”).
OTOH there are a number of place names ending in “-ster” in several Nordic countries (Falster (DK), Mølster, Møgster, Vister (NO), etc.).
The composition of the names and the meaning of the various parts have several roots, though (one would indeed be a contraction of “-stadr” (lit.; “place” or “township”).)

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Pirran January 27, 2013 at 20:48

@Atavism @Tam

I’m Cornish, so living in the oldest post-industrial landscape in the UK (the engine houses weren’t put up for the emmets) the reversion to an agrarian / fishing / tourist economy over the long term did seem to create solidly traditional gender roles until relatively recently.

The rise of slut culture, significant migration from the rest of the UK and high speed internet access does seem to have changed that significantly, but I would argue that the most pernicious effects of radical feminism are still felt in the major urban centers to the East. I would assume that Glasgow / Edinburgh is significantly more man-hating than further North.

When Bill Price mentioned “post colonial fallout”, I think he was referring to the migration waves from the sub-continent, but that had much greater impact (pro-rata) in the North of England than anywhere else. London was always a melting pot.

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realist January 27, 2013 at 22:04

To the Scots man:

The ending “er” is just the plural. For instance, kulturmarxist – singular, kulturmarxister – many cultural marxists. Same as, for instance, dag (day), but dager – days.

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Lavazza January 27, 2013 at 23:44

socialist, socialists
socialist, socialister

“ster” is “sts” for idealogues.

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Opus January 28, 2013 at 05:11

I was just thinking about Scandinavia; and its composers. Norway, Finland, and Denmark each have one acknowledged great composer in respectively Grieg, Sibelius and Nielsen: even Iceland has a great composer in Jon Leifs, but Sweden misses out, unless one counts Stenhammer, yet I have never heard a note of his music. As usual of course all these composers are men so obviously once again women are being oppressed, which is rather odd given what we have been saying about Scandinavia.

I refuse to say anything about the Scots for fear of fall out: The English are indifferent – even pleasent – to them, yet they hate us. When Wellington said of his new soldiers ‘I don’t know what effect they will have on the enemy but they certainly terrify me’ I instinctively feel that those new troops must have been Scottish – such is their doubtless justified reputation.

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kuis January 28, 2013 at 07:14

Southern Europe shits on Northern Europe for women. Yes places like Italy and Spain are.becoming increasingly feminist, but men in those countries still have a decent chance of securing a long term relationship with a woman who is 2-3 |points above their SMV. Guys like Roosh don’t see that–Latin America is mostly the same imo–because they are after quick lays, but women in.countries like Greece and Italy know they can’t find.everthin

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Tam the Bam January 28, 2013 at 08:43

Don’t panic, Opus. Most non-scum Scots (a select band, I admit) are frank anglophiles, although they’d never dare let the other scotchmen know it.
What grinds our gears are (is?) the bastard (epi-feudal) landlords. Who are English, or so thoroughly integrated with the rump of the once-mighty, now-rotting Stuart/Hanoverian Empire as to be totally indistinguishable. Starting right at the very top of your society, and not coming very much lower.

The internal peopling of the Isles is a complete dog’s breakfast now, since the “pacification” of the last celto-anglian-norse (perm any two) diehards, and the introduction of the fast seagoing packet ship and the railway. I have recent ancestors from Cornwall, The Potteries, a huge dose of old Lancashire, bit of Yorkie and so on. And I’m a Scot! (Well technically mixed, “anglo-norman” on both sides, (like the bastard landlords!) but that’s only the surnames. Scottish isn’t a “race”, no more than the Swiss, not since the days of the Cenél Loairn. We’re the oldest self-declared nation-state in Europe. Dig into any working class Jock and you’ll get a similar devil’s brew, probably more Irish-leaning).

As Brendan Behan said in Borstal Boy, the English are just great. When they’re in their own country.

Wahay! So O/T now, it’s just not real.

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Mikediver January 28, 2013 at 08:52

The term in Thailand for half Thai half Farang (white European, originally a corruption of French) is Luuk Krueng. These Halflings have been way over represented in Thai film and TV. Until recently they were the favored “look”. Now it seems to have shifted with the geopolitical/economic winds to the Korean look. Thais are very racist. Chinese-Thai are at the top, then central Thais, then northern Thais (lots of Lao blood and darker skin), then white Europeans (including North Americans), then southern Thais (Muslims), then middle easterners, then finally Africans. American blacks are included with white Europeans as Farangs, which is very interesting when you think of it.

I am married to a Filipina from a solid middle to upper middle class family; mostly well educated professionals doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, etc.. I was the first foreigner marrying into the family. They were not overjoyed. However, now that we have been together for some time, and I have not beaten my Filipina wife, as they all assumed I would, they are pushing very hard for an imported baby. The overwhelming opinion in the Philippines is that a Filipina/White American baby is the most beautiful and most desirable. So, for the Swedish guys marrying the Filipinas (at least) the in-laws will welcome the baby with open arms (you guys maybe not so much).

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Lavazza January 28, 2013 at 12:21

Opus: No Swedish composer is as established nationally and/or internationally as Sibelius and Grieg. From what I can see Peterson-Berger, Alfvén and Berwald come closest (i.e. barely halfway).

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Opus January 28, 2013 at 14:16


I’d forgotten about Peterson: a sort of blue-collar Richard Strauss, I always think; never heard either of the other two – shameful isn’t it.

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jay January 28, 2013 at 15:03


White nationalists especially will be unhappy with your choice. After all you didn’t marry the white goddess.

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Sampza January 28, 2013 at 18:40

Are Nordic Men Really “Manginas?”

I think that swedish men and finnish men are very different. Here in Finland men are more masculine than in Sweden and feminism isn’t gone so far in Finland.

Put anyway there are many problems in Finland, biggest problem is that young men are not participating in society and they dont have any desire to kill them selfs doing too much work.

That is a problem because if men doesnt work like they have always done, our country goes bankruptcy. There is almost no benefits to work like back in the old days, women dont appreciate working men anymore like they use to do.

Why work like crazy if women and almost everybody else is treating you like garbage.

Many men just do enough to get by, thats not good thing in Finlands economy.

I hope that you understand what im saying, my english is not perfect :)

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kuis January 29, 2013 at 22:40

Sampza: If Finnish men are realising that it isn’t worth working hard because women don’t appreciate them, that suggests to me that Feminism is probably bad in Finland too.

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Sampza January 30, 2013 at 05:04


Feminism is bad also here in Finland, you are right. But not that kind of insanity goes on like they have in Sweden. I think that finnish men and women have much more common sense in this country and that kind of craziness that goes on in Sweden never will happen in this country.

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Daniel March 1, 2013 at 08:12

Hello guys!
As a Norwegian man at 36 living in Oslo it is very interesting to see Americans debate and wonder how “mandinga” the Scandinavian men are. I fully understand you are curious!
Your debate intrigues me a lot and amuses me a little :) The most amusing part is how you talk about “Nordic people”. To us raised and residing here it is of course a tremendous difference between Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Swedes and Icelandic people, even though the differences might not be so obvious to an outsider. But I would like to point out the correctness in your assumption that the people are far worse off in Sweden, in regards to feminism. The debate in Norway about Swedish political correctness, feminism and the high rate of immigration “over there” is generally agreed upon as “it is too late to save Sweden” and an increasing worry that the same might happen in Norway. The climate in Norway is still more open to critisizing political correctness (including feminism) than in Sweden, despite of the fact that feminism also has a stronghold on Norwegian public relations. An example of difference is the racial/rape debate where in Norway the public demands to know the ethnic race of the rapist – AND is often informed on this subject in the news media, whereas in Sweden it is forbidden to publicly announce such information.

Anyway, as for your mandinga debate I am conflicted. As a gay man, I myself am certainly effeminated to a degree. But also, I sort of live in gay heaven over here. The climate is usually pro-gay and I can easily befriend heterosexual men without them being sceptical of me or thinking I might try to have sex with them if I spot them semi-naked. The Norwegian men are liberal, loving, embracing, still mostly heterosexual and – in my eyes – still masculine. They love sports, hunting and the outdoors. They are generally strong and healthy.
Yet – as I can see you do – I also ask myself how far they are willing to let Norwegian feminism go. The Norwegian government and media is partly controlled by the feminist left wing. Will Norwegian men ever put their foot down? And if not, how so? Shouldn`t they at least think about their sons? I don`t know the answer yet. I pray in my heart that they won`t allow it to go too far. As a gay man – I don`t need some PC censorship to ban critisism of my kind. If I deserve critisism, then I can take it! I also don`t need to be hyped for my sexual orientation. What I need is happy and tolerant straight men around me who feel that their sex AND sexuality is needed and highly appreciated.
I know that we couldn`t do without them. We wouldn`t have any homes, heating or electricity, or cars and roads to drive them on. Or a polive department. I could go on and on. Society would simply collapse without straight men. The question is when will feminists understand this.
I love my straight male friends from the bottom of my heart for their tolerance, humour, warmth and the feeling of security they give me. To know that they in some situations might be discriminated because of their sex really pushes my buttons. Many other gays and women over here feel the same way I do. So please don`t think of Norwegian men as weak pussies bullied by women and gays. They ARE however bullied by the media and government.

The current Norwegian equality debate is whether or not conscription – yes you read correctly – should include women or not. Many interesting debates involving gender is happening over here. Perhaps I`ll keep you posted :)

I want to thank you for an excellent blog!

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Daniel March 2, 2013 at 01:32

Ooops I got the expression mixed up – obviously I mean “Mangina” :)

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Daniel March 2, 2013 at 02:37

Hello again guys. I feel I need to rant som more on the feminism/straight/gay issue as this debate got my fluids going since yesterday, so please bear with me :)

I presume you already have understood that the womens movement and the gay movement are closely linked. How so? The way I see it, is because they happened fairly simultaneously. You have perhaps heard of the “Stonewall riots” in 1969. This is considered to be the catalyst of the modern gay movement. Feminists and homosexuals quickly realised the benefits in supporting each other on the issue. They both needed a suitable antagonist. For the women the antagonist was the man, and for the heterosexuals the antagonist was the heterosexual. If you combine the two, you get the straight man! The perfect target for the combined movements, and the perfect link. Because when you think about it – there is really no logical reason for homosexuals and women to “team up”. In nature, they should also be antagonists. To me personally, the gay movement stand out as the righteous one, whereas the womens movement is based on the false notion that women too were opressed. Well, women never went to jail or were considered to be mentally ill because of being women, were they?

Anyway, because of the above mentioned link, AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND, you can probably expect that the majority of gay men and close to a hundred percent of lesbian women, consider themselves to be feminists. Personally I view “my kind” as brainwashed. In most universities LGBT courses are a part of women`s studies. And yes, I have also attended these courses. But please don`t write me off just yet… Whereas I do see that feminism certainly has contributed to making it alot easier for me as a gay man to be who I am today without feeling harassed, I do not make the same mistake as many of my homosexual brothers and sisters in believing we have feminism to thank for our privileged position. It was gays themselves who fought this battle, not feminists.

In women`s studies one is taught that both gender and sexuality is a social construct, and can be torn down if we push hard enough. I do not believe this for a second. I do however believe that we socially enforce the differences that are naturally there. And here the subject of this excellent article comes to mind. You Americans ask if the Nordic men are manginas. Well, during my – so far – two visits to the United States I noticed that you American men are very conservatively dressed. It seemed to me, that after a man turns 20, he starts dressing like his father. There is no difference any more. Actually, in general, I have the impression that Americans – and particularly the men – are very much afraid to be “different”. You all looked the same! This is dangerous. I have also heard stories about how this starts early, already in your colleges. The “nerds” can`t sit down at the same table as the “footballers”, and the two can not be seen communicating in public. This is dangerous. Don`t restrict yourselves and your fellow men like this. If you do, then feminsim have certainly won, in that women can be anything, whereas a man can only be a man, and preferably only one kind of a man. And this is one of the major differences between American men and Norwegian men. As I stated in my ranting yesterday, I don`t feel uncomfortable making contact with other kinds of men. One of my best friends is a hunter. Another is a prison guard. They are both happily married to women. They sometimes come with me to gay bars. I sometimes take care of their children. It doesn`t make them “manginas”.

Unfortunately, my visits to the US were too short to befriend any of you American men and to understand how you think. I would very much like to. My observations are therefore mostly visual. I did befriend our hotel clerk – Brian – talking to him whenever I could and he was available. He seemed to me to be very straight and very open minded. I hope that goes for most of you :)

So, I will stop my ranting now, with an important message to you. If you didn`t fall asleep already then please pay attention:

The feminist movement is bigger than ever, and growing. Both feminist and gay institutions receive millions of dollars in state benefits. The universities educate “professional” feminists each year, who need to find work within their field. The feminist wheels need to keep turning, to employ them. It is a very lucrative business! And it will never stop.

Dear straight men, you can bend over backwards trying to please these people. You can trolley your infants 24/7. You can cook all the meals at home and do all the cleaning. You can give all your top corporate positions to women. You can select gay presidents for the next hundred years. You can submit to them totally. BUT IT WON`T HELP!!! They will just keep pursuing their agenda. The “business” has become too lucrative to stop. I know it, because I know how these people think. I am a part of them.

So please set your foot down now! Before it is too late. Stand up for yourself, and your right to be an important and appreciated part of our common society. Don`t hesitate, and don`t think you have to give in even an inch! Because you don`t.

You have my vote :)

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Rob March 12, 2013 at 08:40

Daniel of Oslo,

If your Norwegian men continue to be reduced to nothing more than friendly, open-minded metrosexual manginas and gays, then Norway has no chance to continue in the future as a country for Norwegians. Plus your fellow Norwegian multiculturalist fascists are allowing your country to be slowly taken over by Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa and in few decades or generations, Norway would cease to be as truly Norwegian (of character, traditions and ways of life). Those Muslims have no desire to be assimilated into Scandinavian ways.

Bye bye, Norway.

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Daniel March 14, 2013 at 02:55


You are right in that the immigration is out of control, and this is worrying a lot of Norwegians.
Most people don`t want the muslims here, they are not welcome and hence will never be integrated into Norwegian society, also because – as you correctly point out – they have no desire to. It is very polarized, and a prime example of how the politicians are not synchronized with the people.

But don`t underestimate Norwegian men. They are – of course – no more gay than American men (I am not representative) and also not more meterosexual. 80% live in rural areas.

Some are willing to turn to violence as a last resort (like Anders Behring Breivik). Let`s hope it won`t come to that again, and see what the next election in September will bring. Things indicate that power will shift in benefit of the right wing.

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