Scandinavian Men Leaving Feminists to Themselves

by Ethical on January 25, 2013

Feminism loves heavy state subsidization like mold loves moisture, so it’s no wonder that in the world’s most extreme welfare states like the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, and particularly Sweden, feminism is stronger than in any other places in the world.

But is a staunchly feminist country the best place for women? Women certainly seem to like it, though according to some that might be because the question of whether they enjoy feminisms larger consequences is too much of a logical leap to be within reach of her rationalization hamster wheel:

The environment in Sweden produces women who are … deeply narcissistic and chronically unhappy.

No doubt there are some aspects of equality in Scandinavian countries that women there may not enjoy. Men for example treat them equally, exactly how a man would treat any other man … meaning roughly.

Swedish men speak to Swedish women in ways which would be considered very unacceptable in other places outside of Sweden.

But there are also aspects the women certainly do enjoy. Like (at least according to some comments) the heavy government subsidization of their life choices by men:

Economy wise: Swedish men pay on average 55% more taxes than females, but the average pay of men is NOT 55% higher. In fact, it’s statistically been proven, that all things being equal other than gender, there is no difference between male and female earnings here.

Most of the social care payouts go to females, and the general child care payout goes to females by default, not to both parents.

To say this feminist sociopolitical climate is disincentivizing is as much of an understatement as saying a bloody mauling and partial consumption of a tourist by a polar bear does not encourage pleasure hiking in Svalbard.

The short answer is it quite bad for men and well liked by women as long as [you're] not too ambitious … for men this is a nightmare. Many laws are highly anti male and remove accountability from women. Speech which is not politically correct can land you in jail and bar you from employment. Your children can also be taken if your politics are deemed as not politically correct. The press is heavily censored and full of feminist propaganda.

if you cohabit with a Swedish woman you will be lucky to get 4 or 5 years together (or even less) before she becomes bored with you and gets physically attracted to someone else and just leaves. Plus that 4 or 5 years will be one long argument because the women here are so full of themselves, full of anger too, and they always think they’re right about everything. It’s no wonder the divorce/dump rate is so high here. And another aspect is that because both partners have to work like crazy all the time just to live because the taxes and cost of living are so high it is very difficult to have a quality relationship and the temptation to cheat on your partner becomes too high … There are plenty of foreigners who have come here to get together with a Swedish woman and then deeply regretted it.

No wonder Swedish males are opting out of reproduction in such proportions and birth rates of ethnic Swedes are so far below replacement level. Inevitably someone else has to pick up the slack and provide labor as well as replace the population. In that respect the feminist climate and it’s suppression of reproduction among the native population might partially be responsible for the heavy Islamic immigration and the negative impact associated with assimilating such a large influx of foreigners so quickly.

Some of reports of these negative impacts are astounding. Remarkably, there are stories of Muslim no-go zones where bands of young men enforce Sharia law and police are barred from entering for fear of their lives. Not that you could blame the Muslims for stopping the feminist plague from entering their neighborhoods after seeing what it did to their host country. In fact you might applaud the efficacy with which they’re able to inoculate themselves. Because for all the fear mongering one thing is for sure: as a cultural containment Sharia law stops feminism cold.

But whether or not the reports of no-go zones are real or simply racist or xenophobic fear-mongering is difficult to tell. On one hand there is the heavily censored mainstream media. On the other there’s the unabashed bias of the radical right wing; the only ones who seem to have the balls to brave the enforced silence and highlight these issues. Any of these right wing activists might be the deeply principled and unbiased free thinkers they say they are, but with the sporadic, unedited, and poorly funded news coverage they can muster it’s hard to verify their accounts. Because by necessity they’re unpaid amateurs, those who disseminate right wing coverage likely would never be able to publish their material professionally for pay in the main stream media.

One of the reasons for this lack of response is a deliberate and pervasive censorship in the mainstream media, to conceal the full scale of the problem from the general public. However, I suspect that the most important reason has to do with the extreme anti-masculine strand of feminism that has permeated Scandinavia for decades

But whatever the truth, there are likely SOME serious issues with the integration of large migrant populations there. Growing reports point to increasing lack of safety for women. Feminism might actually have worked against women’s interests in this regard because after being bullied to the point of being legally obligated to have to sit down to pee, and being made a laughing stock of in front of men around the world, Swedish men are not in the position (or perhaps not inclined) to be the white knights who will come to their countrywomen’s aid.

The male protective instinct doesn’t take action because Scandinavian women have worked tirelessly to eradicate it, together with everything else that smacks of traditional masculinity. Because of this, feminism has greatly weakened Scandinavia.

Taking Sweden, which was recently called “the Saudi Arabia of feminism”, as a measure of whether feminism benefits women, the answer may also be no for the simple reason that women have become so feminist the men of their country not only are disinclined to protect them, but no longer want anything to do with them at all. While the website has been loudly denigrating American women as “the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc” and has been advising men to look for partners abroad, Swedish men have been quietly going about doing exactly that in such great numbers the trend promises to transform the entire country within a few short generations.

Scandinavian women marry abroad too, but whether by choice or by the lack of willing participants from other countries willing to submit to them, they generally only marry men from other feminist Scandinavian countries.

When it comes to Norwegians marrying someone abroad certain trends have developed over the years. Currently most Norwegian women who marry from abroad marry from Sweden, Denmark and the UK. Most Norwegian men who marry from abroad marry women firstly from Thailand, secondly from Russia and thirdly from the Philippines.

Women from other countries of course are flocking to the rich and (they perceive) easily handled Scandinavian men.

The import brides have clear reasons for their marriage choice: Russian women marry Norwegian men because of the ‘Norwegianess’ – meaning that Norwegian men are more domesticated than Russian men therefore Russian women have less domestic responsibility and more ‘freedom’. South-east Asian woman marry Norwegian men because they want to up-grade their lifestyle and also use it as a means to support their family in Thailand.

Predictably Scandinavian feminists want to see an end to this practice of Scandinavian men taking foreign brides. Misandric laws make an ineffective choke collar for men who can just send a woman back to her home country if she becomes controlling, overbearing, or otherwise unpleasant.

Through this study an unfortunate trend has surfaced. Some of these marriages have turned out to be a very bad arrangement. By Norwegian law a foreign spouse may be sent back to their country if the marriage hasn’t lasted for more than three years.

But in the feminist’s eyes giving any power whatsoever back to men forced to pee sitting down is terribly unjust.

Some Norwegian men use this power to control their spouse. He threatens divorce, and in turn will send the import bride back to her home country, if she doesn’t do what the man wants or the marriage has problems. It is known that if the marriage is disagreeable in the eyes of the Norwegian man he will divorce his first import bride, sending her home, and then, I quote from the documentary: ‘they pick up a new younger wife from abroad if the marriage has conflicts’. Some of these import marriages trap women into a life of insecurity and service.

Particularly unjust, they feel, if the gentleman is older and offering his status and privilege to underprivileged foreign wives who give him their youth, beauty, and faithfulness in return.

An upsurge in marriages between older Swedish men and young, underprivileged foreign women raises serious questions about gender equality, according to a new report.

In a new ‘migration by marriage’ study, experts at the University of St Andrews found that over a fifteen year period there has been a 44% increase in young women moving to Sweden from mainly poorer nations to marry.

The study also found that the poorer the country of birth of the migrant woman, the bigger the age gap between her and her Swedish partner – a finding that experts say raises serious concerns over such women’s freedom of choice.

Swedish feminists may have to rush to insert a finger into this leaky dyke. Swedish men are now so keen on finding love abroad that Sweden may have the highest percentage of men with Thai wives in any country outside Thailand. But though feminists have not yet launched an all out assault, their rhetoric is beginning to sound like the beating of war drums:

According to ROKS, current regulations make it too easy for men to start relationships with foreign women and bring them to Sweden for the sole purpose of taking advantage of them.

So getting back to the question of whether women would really like to live in an überfeminist state where feminists have free reign to create:

a vision of hell as dreamed up in the minds of the man-hating women who litter internet toilets like Feministing and who live in countries like Sweden, once proud nation of Viking warriors.

The answer seems to be that by the point things get this far men don’t care. It’s far easier for a western man to find a less unpleasant non-feminist foreign bride who will cook, clean, bear his children, and attend to his sexual needs, then get rid of her if she doesn’t, than to tire himself out with the exhaustive effort of trying to house train a snarling native feminist. Scandinavian men may have been over civilized by the feminist laws of their respective countries, which by all appearances have had the opposite effect on Scandinavian women who have become quite undomesticated. But the former rugged Vikings appear to have gotten accustomed to his modern luxury. And to a civilized man looking to enjoy the comforts of his home in peace, snarling undomesticated animals still belong outside.

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A January 25, 2013 at 04:08

> because after being bullied to the point of being legally obligated to have to sit down to pee

While I hate having to appear to defend Sweden and feminists, that isn’t actually a law. There is no reason to exaggerate when reality is bad enough.

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The Contrarian Expatriate January 25, 2013 at 04:12

My question is “What the f.uck took them so long?” Scandinavia has been this way for decades so kudos to the young men of this generation who refuse to drink the kool-aid.

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Zorro January 25, 2013 at 04:25

Feminism loves heavy state subsidization like mold loves moisture…

…is as much of an understatement as saying a bloody mauling and partial consumption of a tourist by a polar bear does not encourage pleasure hiking in Svalbard.

Not since P.G. Wodehouse has simile and metaphor been this funny!

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Zorro January 25, 2013 at 04:33

It’s kind of funny, now that I finished reading the article, but it reminds me of something I saw on an MRA site a few years ago.

When women reject the men, it’s Thursday.
When men reject the women, it’s over.

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Nemo January 25, 2013 at 05:04

“Swedish feminists may have to rush to insert a finger into this leaky dyke. ”

Hmmm … is the double entendre here intentional?

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geographybeefinalisthimself January 25, 2013 at 05:08

“But whatever the truth, there are likely SOME serious issues with the integration of large migrant populations there. Growing reports point to increasing lack of safety for women. Feminism might actually have worked against omen’s interests in this regard because after being bullied to the point of being legally obligated to have to sit down to pee, and being made a laughing stock of in front of men around the world, Swedish men are not in the position (or perhaps not inclined) to be the white knights who will come to their countrywomen’s aid.”

I’m HAPPY that Swedish men are unwilling to come to ethnic Swedish women’s aid within Sweden. I’m also happy that there is an increasing lack of safety for women. I think the immigrants to Sweden (whether the catalyst for the lack of women’s safety or not) is a good thing.

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Thos. January 25, 2013 at 05:10

Off topic, but that’s one way to send a message:

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dubchick January 25, 2013 at 05:15

There are no longer any civilizing influences on women in the north and the west. The entire edifice depends on civilized men, and men alone bearing the burdens of ensuring peace, progress and development.

The question no policy wonk nor leaders seeks any answers to is what types and kinds of children do such uncontrolled and unmoderated women beget.

In the low behaviors and base character of children weened on these degenerate women, does one see the growing squalor and decay of future society.

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Paul Murray January 25, 2013 at 05:48

“because both partners have to work like crazy all the time just to live because the taxes and cost of living are so high it is very difficult to have a quality relationship and the temptation to cheat on your partner becomes too high”

Riiight. So, working hard increases the temptation to cheat on your partner. Ok, but I really can’t see the connection. What’s the mechanism here?

Or are they just making excuses?

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Doc January 25, 2013 at 06:52

“marry women firstly from Thailand, secondly from Russia and thirdly from the Philippines.”

They may be p*ssy whipped but they have their heads on straight where it comes to marriageable women – although you never want to bring such gems back to the belly of the beast. Keep them in the country you found them so they don’t pick up any bad habits.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Scandinavian women, but they are purely for fun – just like American women. Never forget that you are a walking target if you’re male, and you can live quite well enjoying as many women as you can handle. Just never forget you are a convenience, so use them as commodities and always trade up after a short time. Women tend to want to nest for a bit, so as long as you’re always looking, and have several on the line, you’ll do well…

Plus, it helps to keep them in line, and you are a lot less likely to put up with sh*t when by kicking them to the curb you get new p*ssy… That is the biggest reason to always be cultivating women and have some on the side. Sneaking around can be fun, just never confuse the excitement for anything other than what it is.

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Uncle Elmer January 25, 2013 at 07:07

As a “squarehead” I can attest to the fact that Scandanavian men like to obtain foreigns wive for the purpose of taking advantage of them, as seen in “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”.

Though he must be prepared to entertain certain aspects of her culture. For instance, I am now in the middle of the semi-annual month-long ritual of Choosing a New Cell Phone, which involves the male being sequestered amongst packs of females at the cell-phone provider hut while being subjected to intense sensory overload of gigantic wall posters of empowered females with their new cell phones and being blasted by annoying music, while his bride is attended to by cell-phone salespersons imploring her to get the latest cell phone, which she will have purchased by her oppressor-husband, then when they return to their domicile, will display much histrionics over the inadequacy of the new phone, prompting a return trip to the provider. This process will be repeated until consensus with the OppressedBride’s hen house is reached, culminating in a the symbolic carrying of the “latest” cell phone for tribal concurrence. The exhausted mate is tossed aside like a fetid rag until the next phase of the cell-phone dance is initiated.

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bruno January 25, 2013 at 07:14

Importing a foreign bride doesn’t solve anything, because it’s the government, the laws and the regulations who are uplifting women to the status of first class citizens, and oppressing men to the status of slaves.

So after a short time, especially after a few conversations with social workers, lawyers or police officers, the foreign woman will realize this, and….. voilà, … a new entitled money-grabbing man-hating princess is born.

And she has the full violent force of the government on her side.

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geographybeefinalisthimself January 25, 2013 at 07:50

I think we should refer to Sweden as “the Taliban-era Afghanistan of feminism”, because that would more accurately describe the status of men there. Saudi women probably enjoyed more freedom in their own country than Afghan women did in theirs during the era when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

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Rae C. January 25, 2013 at 08:11

Aside from maybe not aging as badly/dramatically as northern European women I don’t think the difference between these imported wives and indigenous (non-Sami) women will prove to be substantial. The issue is the institutions that keep many of the various bad ideas and policies in place and not the women themselves. There are numerous women raised in immigrant communities who over time come to think and behave much like the wider female population, often to the detriment of society and even themselves (in the long term).

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Anony January 25, 2013 at 08:20

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keyster January 25, 2013 at 08:35

Importing a foreign bride doesn’t solve anything, because it’s the government, the laws and the regulations who are uplifting women to the status of first class citizens, and oppressing men to the status of slaves.

It’s true. They’re converted by the culture, if not the local gentry in a matter of months. Which means you need to live in their country and assimilate into their culture. That’s a major adjustment, as I love the conveniences and leisure of Amerika…like owning guns, golf and a good cheeseburger.

You can keep them happy in their country because the competition in worthy men that can support them (or want to) is slim. Drag them to Amerika and they’ll soon realize what a loser you are by comparison; start bitching about wanting stuff and probably join N.O.W..

American women are not the problem per se, American culture is. Alien women from another planet will adapt to it, because it suits female nature…by cunstantly reminding them how bad they have it and how special they are.

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Mikediver January 25, 2013 at 08:45

Ethnic swedes do not have a below replacement fertility. Come on, lets be honest in our criticisms.

Honestly, the total fertility rate (TFR) inSweden, including all native born ethnic swedes and the immigrant population, was 1.67 per woman in 2011. Replacement TFR is 2.10. So, yes it can be definitely stated that the Swedish women are well below replacement rate in fertility.

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El Bastardo January 25, 2013 at 09:27

snarling undomesticated animals still belong outside.-Ethical

All the statements published by feminists in this article sound more like women’s teeth chattering as they are like bitter, unmaintainable animals teeth chattering in the cold; begging to be let inside. They only think they have “domesticated” their “once Viking warriors.”

In actuality; when “mama ain’t happy, no one is.” Mama, just happens to be dad; and daddy, well, let’s just say he ain’t happy. Time to bend over feminazis. HAHA

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Norm January 25, 2013 at 09:31

There are documentaries on Youtube about radical Islam and how the number of rapes has gone way up due to them. I don’t hear the Swedish feminazis complaining much about this. If they did it would bring in to question the countries liberal policies on other things like immigration and multiculturism.

If a Swedish male physically intervened, he can get injured or worse or even sued. Best thing is to call the cops if they see a crime in action.

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keyster January 25, 2013 at 10:27

There are documentaries on Youtube about radical Islam and how the number of rapes has gone way up due to them.

It’s a Leftist conundrum. The Marxist/Feminist needs to be sensitive to cultural differences, even if it means conveniently ignoring Sharia Law at the expense of Muslim women…otherwise she loses support from the Left. Remember, Muslims are considered an oppressed class by liberal westerners, and therefore above criticism.

The only outrage about how women are treated under Sharia Law comes from the White-Knight-Right. Feminists are relatively silent about it, because their concern is the progress of educated white women over men. They’ll borrow from broad statistics that include ethnic and poor white women to make a case against “hetero-normative privilaged white males”, but the “unwashed” women of the lower class are mere pawns in skewing statistical discourse.

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A January 25, 2013 at 10:27

> There are documentaries on Youtube about radical Islam and how the number of rapes has gone way up due to them. I don’t hear the Swedish feminazis complaining much about this.

They have lost all sense of self-preservation. There was a recent interview with a Swedish feminist who said that it didn’t matter if Somali rapists come to Sweden as asylum seekers – if they stayed in Somalia they’d just rape someone there, so what’s the difference?

Yeah. The feminist was a woman, by the way.

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Mikediver January 25, 2013 at 10:57

There is evidence that the ethnic identity of rapists in Sweden is being intentionally hidden by the tightly controlled Swedish press. In neighboring Norway in 2010 it was reported that 100% (yes that is not a typo) of all violent rapes were done by Islamic immigrants. It seems just across the border there is no evidence of any rapes by Islamic immigrants. This dichotomy seems very strange. Did Sweden attract an entirely different type of immigrant? Or is it the multi culti, as a lefty imperative, must be protected at all costs.

Feminists have never really cared about protecting women from rape. They merely use rape as a means to punish men.

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Alonso Quijano January 25, 2013 at 11:09

Aah Swedes. Respected the world over for the complete absence of any discerning personality, the habit of giving funny names to cheap wooden furniture and the idea of turning sewing machines into motorbikes.

A people so uptight, Opus would be proud of them.

That’s during the day, mind you. With some government distributed alcohol in the game, voilá, witness the original transformers. When drunk, most Swedes turn into guidos, which is quite shocking and probably the reason they pretend not to remember the next day when they meet you at the office. Girls are ultra easy when drunk, yet so little fun that it feels like being with an emotionally underdeveloped twelve year old.

I’d love to see the Swedish resistance movement grow in numbers…put on those black shirts, Swedes, and scare the hell out of your feminazis.

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A January 25, 2013 at 11:45

> There is evidence that the ethnic identity of rapists in Sweden is being intentionally hidden by the tightly controlled Swedish press.

Yes. The Swedish establishment hides a lot of things. Consider: the Finnish department of immigration dutifully records that 85-90% of all Somali asylum seekers in Finland are illiterate ( For some reason, the Swedish department of immigration doesn’t consider it in the nation’s interest to record the same statistic for Sweden. One wonders why that could be.

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keyster January 25, 2013 at 11:46

There is evidence that the ethnic identity of rapists in Sweden is being intentionally hidden by the tightly controlled Swedish press.

American press does the same thing. Even though DV and “dead-beat dads” are disproportionately black and/or hispanic, ALL men are included in Feminist legislation.

Same with the Gun Control debate. Shootings (killings and woundings) are overwhelmingly inner-city black and/or hispanic street gangs battling over drug turf using illegal semi-automatic hand guns, but the liberal/emotional response is to ban ALL “assault weapons” because of a few psychotic misfits looking for infamy. They don’t care about the inner-city folks dying, as much as they do using them to skew statistics to suit their agenda…. to punish and control the hetero-normative privilaged white male.

The press has a liberal bias and selectively reports news that suits their worldview. They also never question studies or reports, as long as the report favors their agenda. You have to resort to Fox News and other conservative outposts, because they’ll dare to ask questions and cover stories the non-Fox News media won’t.

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Opus January 25, 2013 at 12:11

I had nothing to say about Swedes, but I feel compelled to respond to Alonso Quijano’s assertion that (they) being uptight, I would approve of them. I do not hold any brief for Swedes, but just because the males are quieter than us Brits (and doubtless considerably less up-tight) and thus considerably quieter than Americans, does not mean they have no personality. They seemed pleasant enough to me the only time I was a visitor to their piece of Scandinavia and the men sober and full of good sense, save in one respect – they are terrible manginas. I have to agree with you however on one matter: Abba, Ikea, and Volvo are very funny names.

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domestic discipline democrat January 25, 2013 at 12:45

I love the idea of Muslim men defending patriarchy in the heart of the Scandinavia bubble. It would make a great book….Oh wait, as usual Burroughs thought of it first.

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Szebran January 25, 2013 at 13:08

This comes from a Yahoo Answer (for whatever its worth) but it appears that at least 15% of Sweden’s population are foreigners.

However based on that User’s answer the actual number of non_swedes living in Sweden appears to be much higher. Apparently the Swedish gov does not keep ethnicity statistics.

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Ratty January 25, 2013 at 14:01

Keyster: “American press does the same thing. Even though DV and “dead-beat dads” are disproportionately black and/or hispanic, ALL men are included in Feminist legislation.”

Now, now Keyster … that’s a low blow.

Were all suffering the jim-crow niggerization the same as each other, even if we react badly differently.

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jay January 25, 2013 at 15:15

I wonder if the swedish men can ally with muslims for the MRA cause. Then it is Swedish men and muslims enforcing sharia law with the feminist government not being able to do anything about it.

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keyster January 25, 2013 at 15:29

Now, now Keyster … that’s a low blow.

If “low blow” means politically incorrect fact…which is all we ask our media to report. Much like the Muslim culture (from whatever Muslim dominant land) is different from native Swede culture, the American black and hispanic cultures are different than Euro-caucasian Americans. Those that don’t/won’t assimilate (speak english, adopt a similar value system, etc.) fail in the dominant culture – hence the racial disproportionality.

Welfare Reform targeted one group, and that was blacks. The key tenet of Welfare Reform was shifting financial responsibility to BabyDaddies (regardless of race) by government fiat. An entire State System was set up to enforce child support and jail those that don’t comply, as a result of Welfare Reform.

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beta_plus January 25, 2013 at 17:57

This article is astonishing. As a half-dane, this is everything that I suspected but couldn’t prove. I just wish that it focused on Denmark and not Sweden ;)

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Attila January 25, 2013 at 18:44

Let them rot ………….

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realist January 25, 2013 at 21:19

Swedish men do not need “domesticated animals” – most of them know how to cook and most of them clean and do whatever needs to be done to run a house. That’s just not how they view women at all, besides there are many singles – 40% in Stockholm live in single person households. So they don’t usually look for a “housemaid”. The people over in Sweden do not have such rigid gender roles as in the Anglosphere. Also, it is more egalitarian for men too – automatic joint custody, paternity leave, they hardly ever pay on dates, no alimony, almost all women work and split the bills. In fact, that’s why many women choose to remain single too, they don’t really gain much from shacking up with a man (as you can in America or Russia). When you hang around at a cafe in Sodermalm in Stockholm in the middle of the day there are many men with kids and even babies – the dads are on their paternity leaves.

You can’t expect the women to be all domesticated and demure / submissive, if you want them to work full time all their lives and pay half of the bills AND birth your child on top of that. They’re just not gonna be feminine but become like men. Btw, many Swedish women look more feminine than Anglo women.

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realist January 25, 2013 at 21:22

Oh, and Sweden doesn’t have the obesity problem – the people there are trim.

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kuis January 25, 2013 at 21:49

I banged quite a few Swedish women when i was there; the men are such terrible manginas that even a short scruffy man like myself was.getting action! but they are.arrogant for sure. It is a different kind of arrogance to the type we are used to seeing in the Anglosphere; it is more of the ‘quiet’ variety, and therefore not immediately apparent, but it’s more deadly because of it. and the women are the.biggest naggers. I felt like killing myself on a few.occasions after hearing it.constantly, but that might have been the weather and the general atmosphere; Northern Europe is depressing to say the least.

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Olaf Jesperson January 25, 2013 at 22:08

While bringing in foreign brides such as ones from Thailand and Philippines might make certain Scandinavian men happy for the short term. The long term consequences of such immigration will be the destruction of Scandinavia as we know it. The Muslims don’t generally intermarry with the Scandinavians so they could be repatriated in the future, but the intermarriage with Asians produces mixed offspring. By diluting your genetic inheritance by mixing with very different peoples, you are not achieving anything positive. This is the weak man’s way of dealing with things. The answer to the problem is to fight back and destroy feminism. Destroy governments that support it. Go back to the old ways! Women are weak and will need men to support them, once their artificial support structures are gone. Once women depend on men again they will naturally return to what they were in the past.

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Sun January 25, 2013 at 22:54

There are many issues I take with the article, ranging for the grouping of all Scandinavian countries to be like Sweden (which they are aren’t), to the no go areas/Islamization/demographics/etc being a delusions (which is isn’t). But that isn’t what I want to talk about

As someone who has talked to Swedish men (college to be exact). Most Swedish men (we are taking native here) tend to be very emasculated. Besides the obvious physical features, they are very soft spoken, no willing to offend, very egalitarian, weak, lacking strength, and easily regurgitate feminist dogma.

I feel that there is less sex in general in Sweden due to to men being less interested in asserting themselves and chasing women. In fact there are articles about this. Most times if anything the women are the ones asking the men out if at all.

It isn’t as secluded as Japan, which suffers more from anime/gaming/technology, when it comes dating, however the dating scene tends to be pretty shallow.

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Ratty January 26, 2013 at 00:04

Keyster: “If “low blow” means politically incorrect fact…which is all we ask our media to report …Welfare Reform targeted one group, and that was blacks.”

I hear you Keyster. I really do.

The political and media classes are such connivers with a shared interest in dining out on the remaining carcass of what were once great societies. But to do so they must create and maintain captive constituents.

Oh, by the way Keyster :

Because they are growing extinct like the black species, what do you think they call true-blue conservatives, wielding EBT welfare cards in the urban and inner city jungles of amerika ?

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Zorro January 26, 2013 at 04:18

There is evidence that the ethnic identity of rapists in Sweden is being intentionally hidden by the tightly controlled Swedish press.

If this is true, then Sweden is by no means a feminist paradise; it is a feminist hell, and the stupid cunts are doing everything possible to conceal the fact. When you create a society where women are routinely raped as a matter of Islamic policy, and the feminists who permitted this to happen try to suppress the fact, then it only proves feminism is its own worst enemy and hasn’t the intellectual fortitude to admit it.

…just like a woman!

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Dave January 26, 2013 at 04:42

When legal contracts discriminate against men, don’t be surprised when men stop signing contracts.

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David K. Meller January 26, 2013 at 05:19

Rape stats in Sweden, or other femitopias, ought to be looked at with suspicion in any event.

Aren’t Swedish feminists just as inclined to cry rape falsely–whether the victim of the charges is Swedish or Muslim–as feminists anywhere else? And if Sweden is as dominated by feminist man-haters as the governments of other countries, isn’t it just as probable that such false rape or DV charges will be upheld, regardless of the facts?

Food for thought!

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crypter27 January 26, 2013 at 06:27

Swedish men will not protect a society that hates them.

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keyster January 26, 2013 at 08:06

As an example of media liberal bias and how they selectively report to suit their worldview (tangential to feminist media in Sweden) – over 300,000 people marched in DC to protest Abortion this week and not even a mention of it in the non-Fox news media.

Whereas some anti-fracking group or Peta or Code Pink puts out a press release and 16 people show up at the Capital building steps with placards and a bullhorn and it gets WIDE coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and CNN.

That the mainstream media is so hopelessly in love with Obama and LeftThink should scare Americans. He rules with impunity.

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Andrew S. January 26, 2013 at 10:25

I love how feminists think that feminism is the natural order of a society. The costs are high, from all the laws and regulations companies must follow or they get sued, Colleges have all their laws they must obey or face the wrath of feminists. You have productive men being taxed out the wazoo, hefty child care payments for men, and unjust alimony payments. Oh yeah, and all those big government social programs that benefit mostly women, those aren’t real cheap. Feminism is very expensive, and is only sustainable by the wealthiest of countries. So not real sure Feminism is the natural order of things for anything but countries with most the wealth.

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Opus January 26, 2013 at 10:26

It seems to be the consensus that Swedish Males are Manginas: Who are the three most famous Swedes, the two Bjorn’s and Benny; talented for sure but those Abba lyrics are very female-centric (and their thinly disguised Protestant Hymn-Tunes). Recently our host was discussing The Seventh Seal, so he can tell us. What did Blok do the whole movie to escape death? Nothing as far as I recall. Now had this been America, Bruce Willis would have kicked ass and saved his entire family as well and all in just over ninety minutes. All Blok does is play chess; even a game of cricket would have been preferable.

I think it must be correct that Swedish men fail to chase women and that Swedish women chase men, as Sun says (which is partly why I am very suspicious of those Muslim Rape statistics – but I do not know). As Olaf Jesperson says, seeking a bride in Thailand is ultimately no answer. I know a young barman here, who has married a Thai and very cute (a 7 if not higher) and petite she is too, but you know there is no way he could have pulled anything so hot amongst the home-grown totty – certainly nothing more than a 5. Will she tire soon and hypergamously seek something higher? because, for sure, most guys would find her very desirable and some guys have a lot more dosh than a barman – he’s not that bright though pleasant.

This talk of Mangina Sweden puts me in mind of that Swediish slut I dated. Here is the salient point to show how Mangina these Swedes are: She told me that she lived in an apartment in a rather charming town in the north of the country, and invited me to visit her. It being rude to refuse, I obliged and stayed the week – as well as a few dayswith her in Stockholm. Came the day of my departure from her appartment, and I, not speaking a word of Swedish other than Jag elske deg (I lie you see) she looked up the time of my train and went off to work. Some hours later I left for the station to discover that there were no more trains that day, my train having left hours earlier. It was winter and not wishing to freeze to death (they centrally heat the bus-stops and sidewalks up there!) I decided that the best thing would be to get back into her appartment – if I could – but I had put the keys through the letter box. Could I retrieve them and then let myself in? In one of life’s most serependicious moments, and having got back to the appartment and trying to put my hand through the letter box, I hear in fluent English a voice behind me saying ‘You must be Opus. Let me open the door for you’. I turned to see a tall, blond, good-looking guy. This it turned out was the ex-bf (who she had cheated on two years earlier: I knew all that) and who (this I did not know) – it not being her appartment at all – he had allowed her to stay in his appartment during the week, as he worked away. What self-respecting woman, would do such a thing (the lieing bitch) and what self-respecting man would allow her to do so. He even offered me the opportunity to sleep the night in her bed – that is to say his bed and he slepped in the spare-room. He definitely deserved better than her, (as did I) but what can you do when you are such a hopeless Swedish Mangina! Naturally, I broke her heart – or so she said later, but apart from all the other problems, that level of duplicity surely puts her in the unmarriagable category. Perhaps in the end she married the Swede after-all. I never discovered.

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Tam the Bam January 26, 2013 at 10:37

Olaf: I’d have thought the Scandiwegians were already more EastAsian/Siberian mixed than the general bog-standard Western European (who are a pretty mixed bunch to begin with, but in a different way).
The aboriginal Saami seem to be a creole of Atlantic Facade (sounds a bit hitlerian, it’s really just a hand-waving term for “postglacial extreme western, above the Rock of Gibraltar, to the North Cape”) and Uralic/Siberian hunters/herders.
The general “teutonic” flavour of the peninsular peoples (incl. Denmark) seems to be the result of LBK agriculturalists moving north and pretty much “swamping” them in a complex series of reflux movements and longterm interaction, including fucking everything in sight, at the farming limit, which crept up and down as the climate varied, leading eventually to the eventual “germanisation” of the zone between the Baltics and Gauls when the climate took a decisive turn for the worse in the late bronze age and they retreated south (driving all before them, Conan-style, in the usual manner).

A parallel situation, but as geographically separated as it is possible to be, can be inferred from the results of testing of so-called Andronovo, or “Scythian” or “Tocharian” burials (related to the famous “Mummy People” of Xinjiang, it’s assumed). They’re R1a males mostly, with a few recruits picked up along the (incredibly long) journey, who’ve taken South Siberian women (permission not necessarily asked!) from hunter/forager groups resembling the Evenks and so on.
Very handy in a harsh land (as the voyageurs and Hudson Bay men found out millennia later), having a country wife who knew how to live in the forest, after the last horse died in the snow and had been jointed and smoked.

Further south, the results of a similar coming-together (fnar fnar) of East Asians and “Caucasoid” types gives us the Uyghurs, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and so on.

” The descent of the Kyrgyz from the autochthonous Siberian population is confirmed by genetic studies.[15] For instance, 63% of modern Kyrgyz men of Jumgal District[16] share Haplogroup R1a1 (Y-DNA) with Ishkashimis (68%),[17] Tajiks of Panjikent[18] (64%, three times more than other Tajiks[19]), Poles (57%), Pashtuns (51%),[20] Ukrainians (50%), Russians (47%), Bartangis (40%),[17] and even Icelanders (25%). Low diversity of Kyrgyz R1a1 indicates a founder effect within the historical period.[21] Haplogroup R1a1 (Y-DNA) is often believed to be a marker of the Proto-Indo-European language speakers.[22] “

The men are generally as hard as nails, and tough as old boots, and many of the women are, like some Saami women, IMO absolute stunners, despite the rough lifestyle.

No complaints about the perils of miscegenation from me, check them out :) (there’s a load of obvious Russians in there too, so be picky)

If this is your future, well, I’d count myself a fortunate fellow indeed. And good riddance to the nagging crones.

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Tam the Bam January 26, 2013 at 10:40

@ me: ” .. eventually to the eventual .. “ WTF? Saturday after Burns’ Night .. more coffee, for god’s sake ..

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Opus January 26, 2013 at 10:54

I fear I did not make that quite as clear as I intended; so to explicate:

Not withstanding her cheating on him (they had lived together for two years prior) he allows her to continue to live in his appartment for the next two years and a half years after their separation – during the week: she visits friends at weekends – (and for all I know longer still).

He knows all about me and is still happy for her to use his place as a love-nest.

He offers me his bed.

Christians approve of charity but surely there must be a limit even to that. Turning the other cheek eventually becomes self-flagellation (cue The Seventh Seal, again).

I cannot think that her getting the train-times so wrong was deliberate, but if it was it might have been a’ lets you and him fight over me’. Frankly, I think a game of Chess would have been more agreeable to both the Swede and myself.

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Tam the Bam January 26, 2013 at 11:42

Opus, perhaps the Sven don’t care so much because like all Scandinavians, he’s perpetually and uncomfortably aware that the third and best chess-player (the guy with the scythe) is always lurking just outside the firelight, at the forest’s edge.
Puts petty things, like squabbling over mere women as though one were a dago or a turk, into sharp perspective.
It’s up to her, go, stay, all the same thing.
Fine if she’s willing, otherwise, on your way, flicka.

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Opus January 26, 2013 at 12:47

@Tam the Bam

You could be right. I’d like to have asked him, but I just cannot think that had he been a Geordie, or Mancunian that I would have escaped without a beating – but he offers me his be – ye gods. Now, Welmer, is taking this a bit personally, but he shouldn’t because, (though he seems to have fogotten this) he is an American, even though he looks like Hagar the Horrible. (english cartoon character)

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Tam the Bam January 26, 2013 at 15:26

Opus, if I was reduced to hobnobbing with Geordie, Mackem, Smoggy or Monkeyhanger lasses, I’d richly deserve that beating. Stick to one’s own species; a sound rule for life.
And Hagar is an American comic, I think?

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Stallywood January 26, 2013 at 15:29

I used to love Norway. In the 80′s, before I was stationed in problems Spain, it was my Favorite vacation spot. The women were beautiful and down for anything, and there was not a sign of crime. But even back then, the men were manginas.
Even back then I knew that these women would drop you for another guy without hesitation. As a matter of fact, this happened to a lot of my shipmates when we paid Trondheim, and Bergen a visit. That honey that was all over you the night before, had no problems switching her attentions to another American. I remember how we would enter/strut into a nightclub, and just take it over. the Norwegian manginas, just sitting quietly, by themselves in the back.
I remember there girlfriends making moves on me, with him right there. Its hard to believe this is where Vikings came from.
I hated coming back to American women. I really did. Having beautiful, sexy, feminine women, chase you, and buy you drinks ect.. what a nice difference than what I have here in good ole Nofuck, VA.
Its a shame that the Scandinavian governments value diversity over the welfare of its women. They would rather let them be raped, then stop the Muslim immigration.

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kuis January 27, 2013 at 05:37

lol@all Blok did was play.chess.

Feminists are just trying to limit our options and ensure that we marry a local hippo instead of an attractive, thin, young woman. I’ve met plenty of men that have Thai or Fillipina wives and they treat them well and their wives appreciate it. They are not being held againsg their will, and some of them even come from well off families. Feminists don’t have a fucking clue. My friend’s brother

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Opus January 27, 2013 at 11:42

@Tam the Bam

Those are definitely some good looking women you linked too – so I am indebted – though they don’t quite look like anyone round here, as we are r1b1b2 and I am definitely suspicious of any country that does not have a single vowel in its six letter name.

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Tam the Bam January 27, 2013 at 13:14

@Opus: Well that’s because the downstream flavas of R1b*, the “brother” group of the R1a variety that nearly all Scandinavian R-haplogroup men (and most Slavs) belong to (it’s even hailed by some excitable researchers as a “viking” marker in Britain!) seem [NB!] to have either brought their own women with them from wherever the hell they came from, or mixed with proper middle eastern farming groups (in the female line) before ending up in the back of beyond, at the edge of the world. They don’t seem to have the East Asian substrate that the Scands have (exhibit A: Björk Guðmundsdóttir).

The previous western european farming and hunting groups such as presumptively [NB!] the likes of Iceman Oetzi’s G2/K, and the ubiquitous and ancient I (uniquely European) may also have “provided” women (with their own mtdna haplogroup letters, of course!) for the R1b mob, contributing their own special twist to the variety of hotness expressed.

But R1a and R1b are ultimately joined at the hip (“ballock-kin”, as the schemies say) somewhere around the Black and Caspian seas, in the very latest palaeolithic of that region, possibly even as late as what civilized nations to the south knew as the copper age, when they seem to have gone walkabout, and ruined it for everybody else.
Key tech:- The wheel, horseriding, wool, bronzeworking, and possibly bacon, salami and proper cheese(trail food/war chow).

Wow this must be the worst derail I’ve done yet. Better give it up.

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Opus January 27, 2013 at 14:41

@Tam the Bam

Your knowledge of race makes me feel very ignorant – but it is very interesting.

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AmericanInSe January 27, 2013 at 14:59

Where is the documented research? References? Statistical analysis? How about more truth & less fiction! Swedes have more equally towards gender issues which is about time the rest of the world catches up. This article is so exaggerated! Where is the HonesT journalism?!

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Tam the Bam January 27, 2013 at 16:39

Opus, I’m cheating. Been my hobby along with, or rather evolving from, genealogy, for about a decade. I didn’t make it up, just shamelessly nicked it, lock, stock and two smoking ones.

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SixStringsForever January 28, 2013 at 10:13

Having worked previously with a couple of Swedish guys I can honestly say that they are some of the most boring bastids God ever put breath into…….they’re as dull as ice-cold ditchwater and about as fun as falling into the stuff.
Sweden is a fine example of how not to do things and MRA’S in the UK & US will never follow a nation that has undergone a pussy whipped personality by-pass.
Go to hell Sweden!!!

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Uncle January 29, 2013 at 07:39

In Sweden, a long time ago I was told that white Swedish women would literally hunt non-white-men. They would go after them, as sleeping with white man is sleeping with the patriarchy (enemy), while sleeping with the other is giving the finger to the patriarchy. Also many types of physical assault in Sweden is considered rape (if the victim is female).

The countries with highest rape allegations are Scandinavian countries (Uber Feminist Countries) and with it I would bet it also has the highest rate of incarcerated innocent men.

In Sweden, the conviction rate of rape by none-white men is higher. It would not surprise me as for all their talk feminism history lies in white knights and the KKK.

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hpx83 January 29, 2013 at 08:09

Hehe, this is funny stuff. I’m from Sweden, and I am of the generation that is starting to protest. If someone wants an interview with an inmate of the saudi-arabia of feminism, I’m available :D

Seriously though, most of what is written in the article is correct, although some things are worse, and some slightly not so bad as mentioned. What I can tell you is that there is a big confusion happening here, because we do not actually know how women are supposed to be anymore! There are only faint traces of the traditional gender roles, which is causing a serious mess.

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EasyRob January 30, 2013 at 07:44

@stallywood – I am sure none of your buddies did not rape any of those lovely Norwegian girls you speak off. lol
These rape “stats” seem a bit far-fetched since we are talking about Scandinavian women who aren’t exactly innocent violets.
I love the way people are beating up on Scandinavian men but not looking at there “own” women in return, I mean the situation is worse in UK/USA/CAN and Australia/NZ. Good luck finding a life partner in those Anglo sphere countries.

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OhReally February 3, 2013 at 20:29

Straight, fast, and simple:

Swedish men should be marrying and having babies with Swedish women. Period. Swedish men have allowed their women to exceed their natural sphere of influemce beyond all reason. Time to get your women under control whether they like it or not.

Finally, start working on ridding your country of the hordes of racial aliens you have so foolishly allowed in.

That is all.

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Anonymous April 8, 2013 at 17:46

Dear Vikings, please return….

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Mick36 April 23, 2013 at 08:07

“Swedish feminists may have to rush to insert a finger into this leaky dyke.” What a sentence.

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Khaled Maiwada Abdulsalam May 6, 2013 at 04:06

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Joe May 21, 2013 at 21:51

wow swedish women are such crap and I thought our own western women (here in the USA) were trash!

forget this Im heading to thailand next summer biatches

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Julie May 24, 2013 at 11:01

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Falaxard May 27, 2013 at 13:39

Well as Swedish man myself I have to say that this article is heavily exaggerated.

While true that some men now go out of their way to treat women equally (myself included) most are still white knighting women all the time. We men do not pay 55% more tax than women the taxes are equal, but as stated in the article women get more of the benefits from these taxes than men.

The infidelity rates are sadly not exaggerated som sexologists in sweden have even stated that at least 10% of children was raised by a man who was unwittingly raising another mans child, one even suggested that the real number was significantly higher.

The media situation is quite bad but not unbreakable. Currently there are so many feminist people writing in mainstream media that it seems like it is censored when it really isn’t, it is just an effect of alot of women growing up with feminist ideologies seeking a way to get themselves heard in the media.

There are no “no go zones” There are however communities and suburbs that take the brunt of swedens lax immigration laws and completely broken integration politics. These areas are getting ever more immigrants and ethnic swedes are more or less fleeing these areas . There has been incidents where there has been riots in these suburbs and at times the police have refused to move in not to further inflame the situation.

On the subject of marriage, well we are more of a cohabitation nation nowadays with marriage rates declining alot. and even if people marry it tends to not last long. some men take “importwives” as they have been dubbed in the media and you are right that feminists alsodislike this kind of arrangement sometimes going as far as calling it trafficing.

As an end note I have noticed a trend in what women say they want in a man here in this country and it goes something like this. Swedish women want a man who is attentive, sensitive, knows what he wants, respects her opinion, is great in bed, focuses all attention on her, has hobbies and interests, is interested in politics, does not hold any deviating political view from that of her own, likes kids, wants to have kids late in life say 30-35, doesn’t want kids and likes to travel. in other words 2-3 different men depending on what mood she is currently in.

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Goran June 7, 2013 at 14:33

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Dani June 22, 2013 at 14:53

Falaxard, Goran, your comments rock. I was getting sick of reading all these comments insulting Swedish men and the current culture. As a Mexican-American who went to study abroad in Sweden, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed studying there. Not only is Stockholm one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever visited, it’s also one of the safest (especially for a woman). In Chicago (my hometown), I once made the grave mistake of riding the L train at midnight after a party. Upon exiting the station, I was harassed by some seriously creepy drunk guys who would have followed me home had I not run like hell. When I was in Stockholm, I never had to face this problem at any time of the night. Although it seems like such a minor thing, it makes a hell of a difference. I don’t exactly know how men are treated there and I’m sorry I never asked. From my conversations with my male, Swedish peers, I found them to kind, thoughtful, intelligent, respectful, and damn good-looking (jawlinejawlinejawline). I have no complaints and I wish I could go back to live there. Thanks for a great 6 months Sweden.

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Mason Castle August 1, 2013 at 09:07

Who ever said your not going to find a health lasting relationship in America. Your looking in the wrong places. Look at the mid west, the heart land, the south, the south west. You’ll many women to be feminine. Beautiful and have values. The problem with western society is the attack on families and the down playing the importance of values. People have become shallow, selfish, and uncommitted. Put some commitment, passion, love, selflessness in your relationships you’ll see these society start turning around. Men need to be men stand up! Fight for your women! Be masculine! Women need to be feminine not feminists! Realize that men are protectors and providers let them be. Put a little bit more of traditional gender roles and family roles back in place. Rely on God a little. Stop trying to do everything yourselves. What has relying on yourself and your politicians got you? Be Vikings Again!!! The World needs the Vikings again!! Take your Country Back!!!

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3
Mason Castle August 1, 2013 at 09:30

I appologize for some of the previous punctuation and diction errors. I hope you can understand my points dispite the grammatical mistakes. My system plugs words in automatically. Anyway men, lead, be strong and masculine, maybe you should be more like us American men. We see women getting raped we start kicking some serious radical Muslim ass!!! Protect your women! Really?! you could get hurt or get in trouble?! Come on does that really make sense!! Are you freakin kidding me?!! You Are decendents of the Fearcist warriors in history!!! Even if they are not your wives or girlfriends getting raped they’re your people. They are some of the most Beautiful Women in the world. Protect them, even if they are feminists they need you to be men they just don’t know it. Take charge. You gotta stop being manginas.

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Tiger Woods August 4, 2013 at 21:44

I think I realized this late. But yes, things worked out

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jack August 13, 2013 at 04:20

By Norwegian law a foreign spouse may be sent back to their country if the marriage hasn’t lasted for more than three years.

This used to be 4 years in Germany before being reduced to 2 years after campaigns about alleged abuse by MEN (in complete disregard of the fact that the law was meant to prevent WOMEN from abusing the immigration system in the first place).

Either way, I don’t think many women were ever repatriated under that law.

Firstly, a woman only had to get pregnant to be allowed to stay indefinitely.

Secondly, she could play for time by having a 2nd European bridegroom lined up, or she could pull tricks like accusing hubby number 1 of DV.

Lastly, an expelled Thai ex would be the one laughing if she could take back a monthly alimony back to Bangkok with her.

So I don’t think foreign brides of Scandinavian men have ever had to worry too much about what happened after the knot was tied. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so eager. It’s the men caught between a rock and a hard place, as usual

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Andre September 3, 2013 at 22:13

Dominance is earned. You shouldn’t run away from your women, you need to make them yield. I’m American and I have never had a problem with a girl talking back or not listening. And no I’m not black, I’m French descent .

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Hymie in Afula September 6, 2013 at 20:35

>> but the intermarriage with Asians produces mixed offspring

At first blush, your underlying premise has “curb appeal”. Especially when – yes, it’s true – white males are under attack just for being white males.

It takes a deeper level of thinking to ponder: “we WERE racially pure…. yet the females STILL went feral!!”

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Frank September 21, 2013 at 14:20

Im from denmark and dating a ukrainian girl by the internet i have lost my patience with the danish women nothing is good enough for them and feminist attitude is a daily subject. In places like ukraine and russia its normal for women to have family mutual respect for each other and caring for her husband as a part of their traditions and culture. I am worried about the massive feminism that increases a lower birthrate compared to rest of the world and the multiculturalism from especially the arabic world. If not women stop their hatred towards men soon they have destroyed their own identity.

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Ashley September 23, 2013 at 00:27

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edward November 25, 2013 at 05:52

Lived in Norway Sweden and Denmark and i can understand that men have enough of scandinavian women. Sure there are true beauties if you love blond but in general their character is bad: Marriage and relationship for these women is all about ‘what can i get out of it’. Spoiled to the bone. Any conversation with the woman at work about maybe doing something for yr husband out of love was met with homeric laugther as if it was the funniest thing they ever heard.
Scandinavia is best defined as an area where the women behave like men and the men behave like women

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kian November 27, 2013 at 12:15

among the swedish governors , only there are 3 men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it equality???????????????

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kian November 27, 2013 at 12:21

among the 16-17 states in sweden Only there are 3 male state governor!!!!!
is it equality ?????????? or it is marginalisation of men???????????

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Renn March 30, 2014 at 09:58

Brilliant article. I’m glad there’s a resistance army among Scandinavian youth rising up against the feminist cabal in control of the government.

First of all, the source of your problem is your departure from God as a nation. Start honoring God, having a relationship with him and praying that he would intervene in your country to change people’s hearts. That’s number one.

Also, I second the thoughts of the commenters who suggested that Scandinavian men stand up to these women and speak your mind. Tell them what you value in a woman. Tell them how feminism is destroying the country. I suspect that the majority of them hold feminist views simply because they haven’t heard anything else. Why not start a media company, or website to highlight these issues?

On an inter-personal level, every Scandinavian guy has to start verbalizing these ideas for it to sink in their heads. If they still don’t listen, vote with your feet and start seeking foreign wives.

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fred April 19, 2014 at 05:20

I’m from South Africa. We don’t have this Feminist problem. We just not allow it! All you have to do from my view is ;
1. Marry Eastern woman, your country will not listen to men. The feminist will not ever ever allow you to go back to feminine girls . Looks like there is not even one left!
2 . Join sharia law! That’s the only thing that will fix this, if the feminist don’t care if they are raped, then let it be !
3.Don’t ever give in to assist the feminist , they hate men! Please remember this. So hate them back, treat them like men! They will only learn the hard way.
4. Get Eastern ladies, they’re skinny, feminine and well mannered,,they treat you like their king!
Forget them , they are useless ,self fish and self centered .
5. Just the fact that they force you to pee like woman, how could you allow it in the first place!?
My friends remember the jezebell spirit, in the end she was eaten by dogs. !
Don’t ever help them against muslim rape,let them suffer as you did and feel the same pain and how second class citizens feel

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ishnoc May 2, 2014 at 20:17

In reply to those that were wondering why Scandinavian males ‘allow’ this behavior in women:

I am a Swedish guy, 29. Currently living in Japan.
It’s not a matter about why they ‘allow’ it, as much as it’s ‘they have no idea about the situation’. I believe I saw some mentions about it in the comments above, but they just don’t know about any alternative – which is why even suggesting that the whole system is messed up is met by hostility and accusations of misogyny.
Last summer when I was in Sweden I just barely managed to talk myself out of a situation where I in a group of males and females was asked why I am against (read: never use) the word ‘hen’ (a feminist invention to change our language, meant to replace ‘him’ and ‘her’ so people won’t know the gender of the person you’re talking about by… um, talking about him/her.) Caused some suspicious looks none the less.

Myself, I was a weak ass beta looser ’till my early 20′s when I first went to Japan for university, and that’s when I first realized how brainwashed everyone was – including me. Even now 7-8 years later (much of it spent in Asia) I still have problems putting my foot down around women (and people in general for that matter) and being proud of myself and what I do. All because I was brainwashed to be a feminist wuss by my own culture.

Swedish people are chronically afraid of anyone in a position of authority, or anyone standing up for themselves. Which is why our school system is turning complete garbage. Teachers can’t call down or dicipline students for disrupting classes and making it impossible to create a good learning environment – they’ll be lynched by a mob of angry parents for ‘daring to imply that MY son/daugther would EVER do ANYTHING bad. How DARE you say that.’ And then they for the love of the world can’t understand why the country has a horrible rating at the international PISA school tests.

How did it come to this? I don’t know. Did my parents know about another Swedish culture and just shut up about it and let me (us) be feminized, or were they clueless about it as well? I do not know. What I do know is that I am seriously disgusted by the attitude of people in Sweden, making it sort of like having to pull out a bad tooth whenever I for some reason have to go back to Sweden for some period, compared to here where I can be who I want to be (and like to be) and act and talk the way I want to be – heck as a guy I’m even encouraged to use specific male words and thought masculine and better off because of it, rather than as a misogynistic scum.
(Hillarious side-note: I mentioned this to a brainwashed feminist once and the reply was along the lines: ‘Enjoy your misogynistic man pig culture, where else would the misogynistic scum of the earth go if not Asia. Be sure not to be arrested for assault of women or any other acts of woman hate you are likely going to do when you drag your misogynistic arse back here. Please leave the country again ASAP.’
More than happy to oblige to that miss generic racists feminist.)


There is a Feministic Democratic Party in Sweden, for those that were not aware. Cutely named ‘Feministic Initiative’. The leader of this ‘Democratic’ party enjoy holding speeches around the country. Now, I used to study economy at a large Swedish university, and just yesterday I saw that one of my Swedish friends along with another group of students were proudly announcing that they had been talking with this feminist party and ‘managed to get her to open up a few hours in her very busy schedule’ to come and hold a seminar at my former university. About feminism. And how we all (men) need to act up. And what we ourselves can do to be better feminists. And if what we’re currently doing is really being good feminists like we want to tell ourselves.
… My friend proudly announced they got this seminar started and how he and everyone else should go. My MALE friend. I think they got 200+ ‘Will participate’ on Facebook in less than a day.

This turned out to be a really long comment, long story short, feminisms is so ingrained and pervasive that there is no escaping it, so I did the only thing that was left to me, leave the country and let them rot by themselves. I am actually looking forward to see the continued decline while they scratch their heads dumbfounded about why oh why this is happening to them. It is everywhere, the system is broken. And I sure ain’t gonna pay 33%+ income tax and 25% VAT (and increasing) in addition to taxes upon taxes upon more taxes to supply for this rotting feminist system. Enjoy your ‘welfare state’ all you want, I’m going to a nearby park on this lovely spring day to have home made lunch my girlfriend made us. (oh well, I helped out a little bit cause I feel bad about her doing it all herself)

/rant off

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ishnoc May 3, 2014 at 04:45

I’ll even take it a step further and make a few responses to some comments above – old as they may be.

For the people telling Swedish people to get their acts together and get the women under control/stop taking in undereducated resource draining islam immigrants: It is not that easy. I’d love to, but you’re faced with hatred, accusations and threats of police reports from females, and ‘what are you smoking dude’ looks at best, or the same attitudes as females at worst from males. Just what do you suggest doing?

Political correctness and feminism is at an extreme. You can’t even suggest deporting immigrants without being pictured as a monster. A few months ago everyone was in a frenzy because some Vietnamese girl was being sent back to Vietnam because she turned 18 (came of age) and she had no Swedish visa, relatives or any reason to be here at all. Everyone went crazy because they were going to send her back. My reaction: wtf was she doing here in the first place? Why has she been living here draining tax money for 8+ years without any relatives, or any reason at all? She’s an illegal immigrant who’s been draining our tax money legaly (big wtf there) for 8+ years and you’re in a frenzy because she’s being sent back? Wtf.

Exaple #2: What happens in Sweden when illegal immigrants are caught? People go into a frenzy. Because they are trying to get into our country illegaly? Nope. They go mad because they are being sent back. (driving campaigns in newspapers, occupying airports where they are being deported)
Of course saying anything of what I said here is not politically correct and I’m oh such a horrible person for thinking that illegal immigrants should not be welcomed with open arms.

Normal country: Get a job and you’ll get a visa and the right to stay there.
Sweden: Enter the country illegaly and appeal to the government/public. If the government agrees you are welcomed with open arms and awarded with tax payer money for doing nothing at all. If the govenment doesn’t agree, appeal to the people who will turn into a mob creating demonstrations walking around the cities until someone caves/another poor immigrant grabs their attention. In many cases: cash in on tax payer money for doing nothing at all.

Disagreeing or voicing any complaints means you’re a horrible person and a racist/misogynist. And as feminism 101 says, if you disagree with a female (or in the case about immigrants) you’re obviously a woman hater (or racist), and thus your opinions are invalid and ignored by default. Classic feminism.

Could I have fought the system? Maybe. Would it have turned just about everyone against me? Most likely. Would it have had any difference? Most likely not.
On the other hand leaving the country was a no loss, win/win situation. Imagine yourself how much you would enjoy living in a society ruled by feminism, feminized males and political correctness taken to the extreme. The choice is quite obvious.

Tip to anyone wanting to opt out of Sweden: Do as I did, pick a country of your choice and go for the governments CSN Study Aid Scholarship (everyones entitled and all swedes know about this study aid) and go to college at the country of your choice. While there do interns/job hunting and get a job there directly after graduation. Will you rack up some student loans? Yes. Is it an easy path? Depens on the country of your choice and if you have to learn a new language/culture, but it’s a whole lot better than remaining in Sweden.
Most of my close Swedish friends wishes they had done something similar. Most have started opting out from the Swedish dating scene. (a few never bothered with it to begin with)

I’ll stop here, I’ve already written 2 short essays, and I could go on for a long time here.

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Rob LeChef May 7, 2014 at 09:49

Before we jump on the scandalous Scandinavian cesspool, let’s take a good hard look at the US. The US, contrary to the bullscheisse, is composed of little, insecure, stupid, sniveling, jealous manboys who either dress like Justin Bieber or the meathead machoman who are so deeply insecure and try to make up for it with such superficial and unmanly, uncivilized rubbish and kindergarten aggression, it’s laughable. Big talk, but it’s all show and it doesn’t fool anyone, expect other weaklings who gather to pretend to be “men”. The truth is none of you have the slightest idea what being a man is.

So before you go make a stink about the splinter in the Scandinavian eye (and it’s a huge ph.ckin splinter), pull the goddamn plank out of yours because you have no idea how to be men, women have no idea how to be women (even Einstein called the US a matriarchy full of pushover dickless men over 80 years go, so it seems like the US has been in whipped in Pussytown for quite some time), and you have no idea how to relate to one another.

You people are schitte.

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Taila Krøyer May 11, 2014 at 00:22

I’m a black American female married to a white Dane. I completely agree that the Scandinavian version of feminism is a total failure.

But maybe the more “politically incorrect” answer is not to blame the “colored” immigrant women for the destruction of Scandinavian culture, but to take a harder look at the incredibly spoiled and insecure white women these cultures are producing.

My husband was married before to a white Danish woman and had 3 kids together. The ex is a borderline psychotic, and by all accounts she isn’t even capable of taking care of herself, let along a husband with 3 kids. They were only married for only 7 years, but somehow the ex-wife got custody of the daughters while my husband got custody of the son (my stepson). The only reason that my stepson was allowed to stay with his dad was because it was clearly shown that he could not cope living with his mother. But these people who work in the social services (public sector in general)are mostly white, middle-aged, domineering women who have these incredibly inane attitudes towards feminism, and they just CAN’T possibly imagine a marriage failing because of anything the woman is doing. So there were many instances between his divorce and when he met me where he was close to losing custody of his son.

I really like Scandinavian men because they do tend to go the extra mile in treating their women well. I think all most Scandinavian men just want a woman who is loyal, understands him, and will take care of him. But a lot of the white women I’ve encountered here are total B*TCHES!!!!! They’re obsessed with themselves, and treat non-white women as helpless creatures who can’t do anything for themselves unless they as white women get involved.

I think if my stepson ever gets to a point in his life where he wants to start dating, he would be better off with anyone OTHER than a Scandinavian woman…But I’m not sure if he would be doing that much better if he dated a white-American woman.

Interesting fact: Even though only 7% of U.S. marriages are interracial, the white men/black women divorce rate is the lowest of ANY racial combination, even lower than white men/white women marriages.

The likelihood of a divorce would be significantly higher if the white partner in question was a woman.

You do the math.

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Stranger in the night May 17, 2014 at 02:45

To put story short,
feminist system was made to put rich Sweden in debt so bankers can steal a share of your income, the same bankers who employ your masonic leaders, and when men were humilated and started to boycott marriage it was necessary for the masons/bankers to import population from abroad. and because Swedish men were humilated from their own women they stopped defending them from being raped , as for the newcomers they are 1000 much more masculine than the native manginas and they are coming from war zones, add to that false rape statistics accusations which help the agenda of feminazi to humilate Swedish men more and more, by they are also the masons who fund the right wing same like they created Bin Ladin in Muslim countries to sabotage an real male revolution, simply put, democracy does not work, you are slaves of masons and bankers.

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justlooking May 19, 2014 at 04:13

This is what the future looks like in America, unless men fight back against the tides of feminism.
I predict that, ultimately, if American men did nothing to fight feminism, Islam will ultimately crush the movement, and this is how it’s going to be:
1. With unfettered feminism, there will be significant reduction in male-female mating, leading to reduced population.
2. This will then force the government to allow mass immigration.
3. Although, immigration will not be skewed in favor of any religion in particular, the Moslems, due to their beliefs about polygamy, will reproduce exponentially, and become the dominant religion, even in America, as it is currently happening in Europe.
4. In time, due to their sheer numbers, Moslems will influence and even create policies which will affect the greater population. They will be able to elect any leaders they wanted. Just as feminism is able to influence government today, so will Islam be in the years to come.
5. Remember that feminism is unknown in Islam. Also, Islam does not waste time on niceties of political correctness. It will run roughshod over feminism, and destroy it to such an extent that there will be no vestige of this movement remaining in the public consciousness.

Unfortunately, Islam will not only do this to feminism….it will do the same thing to modern civilization.

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Stranger in the night May 19, 2014 at 19:57

You have to choose, they will call you either mangina or terrorist,
yes, to be called men you have to earn respect not ask for it, and those masons want you men dead and they are your worst enemy because they are paid by mason’s bankers, you have to kill all feminists, end all family courts and revolt against the system, and beware, they will infilitrate your demonstrations, they will even lead it, and they will make their right wing scares people against you, they are the men who have the real terrorists, the right wing, so you men go up and end this democracy once for all, it is the way you became enslaved by bankers.

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Don June 13, 2014 at 15:35

And the cattle that are the human race do exactly what their owners want them to do; interbreed. “We can build a better world” they say. Lets get rid of those white barbarian men by turning their stupid women into self righteous bitches and then breeding the men with some nice little low intelligence south asians. Bye bye big violent white barbarians. “outsmarted you”, say the owners “you dumb vikings”. We will also poison all the free people in America and Canada and give what they created to our dog men. What next…oh lets murder all the hunter gatherers and herders. on and on it goes.

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posts. Keep up the good work! You know, lots of people are hunting round for this information, you could help them greatly.

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Bruno Rico July 22, 2014 at 04:39

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she moved out of the house and still went ahead to file for divorce…

I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful, great spell caster who eventually helped me out… I have never been a fan of things like this but just decided to try reluctantly cause I was desperate and left with no choice… He did special prayers and used roots and herbs… Within 7 days she called me and was sorry for all the emotional trauma she had cost me, moved back to the house and we continue to live happily, the kids are happy too and we are expecting our third child. I have introduced him to a lot of

couples with problems across the world and they have had good news… Just thought I should share my experience cause I strongly believe someone out there need’s it… You can email him via ([email protected]) Don’t give up just yet, the different between ‘Ordinary’ & ‘Extra-Ordinary’ is the ‘Extra’ so make extra effort to save your

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Steve August 12, 2014 at 17:52

Thank you so much for this article. Its like a breath of fresh air. I thought we were experiencing this problem in isolation here in Australia. So many of our young men are either killing themselves or sleeping on the couch in their parent’s houses because they have been kicked out of the homes they worked so hard to pay for. They are also stopped from seeing their children by draconian laws which favor women. The result of this is that men have to pay child support(but do not get tax breaks for this and have no say on how the money they pay is spent by the woman) but lose contact with their children (child support is not linked to the right to see your children). Men grow old in isolation and suffer depression and loneliness. Someone out there decided that fathers were not essential in shaping the lives of their children and were only walking wallets.

I am now actively looking abroad for a loving, kind and caring companion who will walk side by side with me through life and who will be there in my old age. I hope to be able to bounce my grandchildren with my future partner from abroad. May God Bless all the good men here searching for a happier and more equal life.

ps Why doesn’t feminism fight for EQUAL custody rights? I mean women still get custody of the children in approximately 90% of all cases. When stats are bandied around, why isn’t child support paid by men to women taken into account when they talk about how much money men earn/have? We should talk about net monies after child support/tax is paid.

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Janet Pickel August 13, 2014 at 13:24

Swedish women have abused their men. So now the men like more feminine women from foreign countries. The men are correct. They should have a happy home and not a nitpicking man hater. What do these ugly witches expect? They will be left alone.

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Micke August 17, 2014 at 15:36

Even when you bring a foreign woman to Sweden or Norway, in exactly 2 years, she will become a photocopy of the Scandinavian rabid women.
2 years is a very bad investment for a man, both socially, financially and emotionally. New Swedish laws have made it extremely difficult if not impossible to bring a second wife. One you return a wife, the Swedish migrations agency puts you on some kind of black list so bringing a new wife becomes out of the question.

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C.V. Compton Shaw September 1, 2014 at 08:11

Over 20 years ago, while upon a European vacation, I took the Ferry from Denmark to Malmo,Sweden. The first thing that I noticed that I was shunned by some Swedish women. In Europe, in general, I was very much liked and admired as a man ,by both men and women, with the manly virtues both in appearance and behavior. In the USA, this shunning and discrimination by women, especially feminists, and their male supporters of masculine men is, also, quite common. Thus, it became apparent to me, as I entered Sweden, that feminists and feminist cultures (Sweden and the USA), utilize this shunning and discrimination against masculine men as a form of cultural Marxist terrorism in order to maintaining socio-cultural-political-economic dominance. Thus, the noted passivity and the lack of male virtues by both American and Swedish men results from the same. The same has also resulted in the break down of both American and Swedish borders and American and Swedish societies, in general. Where have all of he Vikings gone? They, definitely are not in Sweden!

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