The Truth about Older Women and Younger Men

by W.F. Price on December 21, 2012

Now that more money is in the hands of women and more men are hard up and without a job, it’s likely that there will be more older female/younger male couples. However, rather than true love relationships, many of these will likely be some sort of gigolo setup or outright fraud. Unfortunately, I think fraud will come to be more the norm, because it offends a woman’s pride to support a man, even when it would be fair of her to do so.

The number of lonely middle aged women is getting to that critical point where they will be seen as resources to enterprising young men who are down on their luck. Anecdotally, I’ve been hearing about this for some time, particularly in regards to men who set up internet dating accounts, only to discover that the majority of interested women are five to fifteen years older.

Some men are happy to date older women, but they are a pretty small minority. It simply isn’t a normal practice anywhere in the world, which strongly suggests there is an insurmountable biological basis for men’s preference for younger mates. However, there’s more to it than that. Unlike older men who date younger women, older women are not usually generous with younger men. Rather than accept that their advanced age is something they ought to compensate for, which men are usually all-too-happy to do, they tend to instead delude themselves and act coquettish, as though they are half their age, despite the fact that their charms have all but worn off. So the man who goes into this kind of relationship expecting that she’ll be understanding and generous is typically disappointed. This leads to resentment, which I suspect is behind a fair amount of the fraud.

For honest men, dating an older woman is generally a bad idea, because not only will she have less to offer sexually, she’ll demand more as well. The more money she has, the more she’ll expect you to spend on her. The worst story I’ve ever heard of concerning a woman with a younger man (boy, actually), was when a teacher seduced a friend of mine when he was 15 years old. She was in her mid-30s and had a son who was only a few years younger than my friend. Really a weird situation, when you think about it. The son was not at all pleased. So, my friend, who came from a poor, single mother household, asked her at one point for some money. Not as in a strict sex for money exchange, but instead just some cash to get around and amuse himself. At this point, the woman exploded, calling him all sorts of names, saying he was trash, that he didn’t deserve anything, and he should be happy he was getting some from her for free. Keep in mind that she was committing a crime at the time. Rather than take revenge on her, which would have been as easy as calling the police or the school she was employed with, my friend just cut her off. However, even to this day he recalls the treatment she subjected him to with a great deal of bitterness. It had a negative effect on his life for the next ten or fifteen years, during which time he had a difficult time connecting with women in a healthy, non-exploitative manner.

Unfortunately, older women all too often do have this attitude of contempt toward younger men. After some experience, most men figure this out, so by a certain point the remaining men who are willing to date older women are well aware that they will have to defraud them in order to get anything in return for their efforts.

The following story, in which a younger Irishman ripped off a New York woman to the tune of $4 million, will probably become more common in coming years:

A 60-year-old American woman has been defrauded of millions of euro by her younger Irish lover, who she claims had been leading a double life, the High Court has heard.

New York-based Ms Elisa Rodino claims that Thomas J Queally, who is aged in his mid forties and who had been engaged to her, has stolen approximately $4m of her money.

A large portion was lodged by him into a bank in Ennis, Co Clare.

She also claims that Queally, who she has not seen for months, had another finance while engaged to her.

Today at the High Court lawyers acting on her behalf secured a number of temporary freezing orders against US based Mr Queally, of Lahaknock, Kilmaley, Co Clare.

The orders prevent Mr Queally reducing, dissipating or transferring funds below a value of €1.6m held in a bank account at Permanent TSB in Ennis, Co Clare.

Ms Rodino from Cathedral Avenue, Hempstead, New York claims the money in the Ennis bank account, approximately $2M which was converted into Euro, is hers. She claims that it was moved by Mr Queally from a joint account held in the US in both their names.

Seeking the orders Ross Gorman Bl for Ms Rodino said his client was a vulnerable woman who had been taken advantage of by Mr Queally.

Several years ago she inherited wealth in the form of a significant property portfolio in New York following the death of her father.

Last August, in order to aid Mr Queally in a court case against a former employer, she agreed to put his name down on one of her bank accounts. It was a deposit account that contained US$5M.

Mr Queally asked her to do this because it would show that he and Ms Rodino were a couple and that the work he did on her properties was due to their relationship, and was not a contract of employment, counsel said.

Last October Mr Queally was due to meet up with Ms Rodino in Spain, but never showed up. When she arrived back in the US she discovered that money had been transferred to the bank in Ennis and to a US bank account.

Counsel said that his client did not know exactly where Mr Queally is at present…

The old “let’s get married” bait and switch — the golden trick for any aspiring gigolo. Mr. Queally is obviously a rogue, and ought to be punished for defrauding the woman, but if we heard the entire story she wouldn’t come out too clean herself, I’d wager. Queally probably figured she owed him that much for romancing her (he might be about right — it comes out to a million a year for the stud service), and he wouldn’t get it any other way, so might as well…

I expect a lot more of these stories in coming years. During the Victorian era, when young “gentlemen” were often desperate and completely broke, romancing wealthy widows was a popular means of securing some funds to survive. This is the origin of the prenuptial agreement. It was not, as many might assume, devised to protect men, but rather women (of course), because back in those days men gained control over family finances. Today, women are given more control than they had in the old days, which only guarantees that more men will resort to subterfuge to rip them off, and what better target than a middle aged or older heiress or divorcée?

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Anti Idiocy December 21, 2012 at 11:35

The way the overwhelming majority of women have been behaving 24/7 for the last half century, it’s hard for me to feel any sympathy for any of them.

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El Bastardo December 21, 2012 at 11:40

Mr. Queally is obviously a rogue, and ought to be punished for defrauding the woman, but if we heard the entire story she wouldn’t come out too clean herself, I’d wager.

Honestly, this is very common in the reverse; speaking of Anna Nicole Smith. TO be fair, I agree with you, what he did was terrible and evil. Yet it happens in the reverse every year for millenia, and the courts are all too happy to give the aspiring “actress” (female gigolo nowadays) the complete amount of funds she stole, and payments on the rest he owns. Maybe with a mansion or other property to boot.

I feel bad for you lady; I truly do. The thing is, if we tell women they cannot be punished; I would be appalled if he got screwed and thrown in jail for the same crime.

I am on her side, yet still we all know the truth. Marriage followed by divorce si the legal version of this. Had he of just taken her to a justice of the peace and waited a month; he would maybe not have to worry about it.

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geographybeefinalisthimself December 21, 2012 at 11:48

“Rather than accept that their advanced age is something they ought to compensate for, which men are usually all-too-happy to do, they tend to instead delude themselves and act coquettish, as though they are half their age, despite the fact that their charms have all but worn off.”

Most women my age (thirty-one) never had any charms to begin with, so the older woman/younger man concept will likely dry up because if the woman has no charm in her youth, she’s not going to get any charms in old age.

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TFH December 21, 2012 at 12:12

I have said this for a long time :

Old ‘cougars’ will pair up with young Mexican guys seeking greencards. This will be their real ‘path to citizenship’. Then they will abscond with her money to Mexico, and marry a woman younger than them to start the family they intended all along.

Serves these old spinsters right.

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TFH December 21, 2012 at 12:14

Exhibit A : John Kerry.

Married a wealthy woman a few years older than him, who herself got money by being the widow of a Republican Senator. She didn’t earn it herself (and her many gaffes showed her to be out of her element in high society).

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ron105 December 21, 2012 at 12:27

“However, rather than true love relationships, many of these will likely be some sort of gigolo setup or outright fraud.”

How true that is. I was doing older ladies back before it became hip, before “cougar” and “milf.” There was no name for it then and the trend-chasers thought it was ‘disgusting.’ That is, of course, until the entertainment media (and porn) made it acceptable. From my first time and for years to follow older ladies was my stock in trade. These are fun, but are not real relationships. It is purely sex, novelty, etc.

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Senior Manchild December 21, 2012 at 12:27

¨The number of lonely middle aged women is getting to that critical point where they will be seen as resources to enterprising young men who are down on their luck.¨

I don´t know if any of you follow The Plankton, but it is interesting reading. She has recently commenced a dalliance with a ¨young twinkle¨; his age is not being clearly divulged but he is at least 15 years younger than her late forties. What I find rather interesting is his timidity. She obviously wants a physical relationship but doesn´t seem to have made a move over what appears to be a couple of months basically drinking tea. I can´t decide if he is too scared or playing game; maybe not interested, of course. Either way, scared or coy, it would be a result of where society has evolved over the last half century. Many young men in particular have been emasculated and many others have gotten game, so women particularly older women are going to have a increasingly harder go of it in the future; with older men today rather cynical about them.

This week she has a rather telling telling post about lack of intimacy:

It starts out with some great insights:

¨An old friend, whom I should have slept with twenty-five years ago, took me out to lunch. We fancied each other but somehow never got over the hump of seduction, which I like to suppose he regrets as much as I do, though had we done so, chances are we would no longer be such good friends, if friends at all. Over lunch, he told me that when he and his wife separated for a few months, women – married and single – threw themselves at him. He could have slept with at least six (but didn’t; he adores his wife and is not unfaithful). He was not boasting. He was stating a fact, and he was startled by it. He agreed he had kept his figure and is solvent and easy to talk to, but nothing had prepared him for the desperate way in which some of these lovely middle-aged women hit on him. I told him that this just confirmed my whole less-than-rosy outlook and, as one of these “desperate” women (who doesn’t throw myself at people, but perhaps should?), I found it depressing.¨

An older man who has his life together can be choosy, while a younger hormonally charged man may not be as easy to corner as a plankton might have thought.

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keyster December 21, 2012 at 12:41

Hugh Hefner, who is 86, is engaged to be married to a bonified “11″ named Crystal Harris, who is 26. Can you imagine having sex with an 86 year old woman? Even if she was a billionaire?

That’s the difference, and that she’ll get pregnant before he dies to carry on his lineage. Her father Ray Harris was 50 when he impregnated Crystal’s mother.

I couldn’t pretend to love an old woman just for her money.
I’ve got a conscience.
Young gold diggers are having sex with their proxy fathers.

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Opus December 21, 2012 at 12:45

I concur: in my view women seducing young men is far worse than an older man with going with a young woman. I will set out why beneath, but may I firstly draw your attention to two rather different but identically pitched artistic interpretation of the theme: they are Hugo van Hoffmansthal’s libretto, for Richard Strauss’ opera, Der Rosenkavalier – where the heroine (who in the end does the right thing) is about 45 and her young lover Octavian is 17; the second example is the Rod Stewart song Maggie May. Both (and I think this remarkable) begin at the crack of dawn, when the sun rises, and in Stewart’s lyrics, ‘The morning sun when its in your face it really shows your age’: Stewart’s pretty music hides what (if you read them ) are VERY dark lyrics.

I take the view that for an older woman to seduce (even though she will claim it was the other way around) a young man, barely out of adolescence is far far worse than an older guy who takes up with a young woman. I am not concerned here with why that is; merely why it is so wrong for a young guy to be the lover of an older woman.

The dynamics as between men and women is such that it is far easier for a woman to sleep with a man than the other way around. An older woman who seduces a boy is thus playing on that unfair advantage. You may think I am being hypocritical because surely the guy wants to score – of course he does, but at the same time two undesirable things occur: firstly instead of competing with and against his peers for a woman of a suitable age, thus ascertaining his correct SMV pecking-order – he, as it were gets a free pass to pussy – just as he might if he were to resort to the local prostitute – and which would not beyond the lure of instant experienced sex be his choice of lover; second, by reason of the fact that men are so protective towards women he (although old enough to be her son) will attempt to act the provider and protector – she may even be menopausal. In the Hoffmansthal, this is brought out very clearly and in the Stewart you can also see the emotionally difficulty the boy has in escaping from the women (‘pick up my bags and go back to school’).

Of course some boys, perhaps if just a bit older will use the woman (for money, for a green card, whatever – I see the gigolo as being essentially that bit older – mid to late twenties). If, however, they stay together, then when she is – say – 70 he may still be young enough – say 45 – to pull hot chicks. As Welmer rightly notices the woman is often deluded by the fact that the guy gets a hard-on into believing she is really as desirable as she was at 21 – she like most women misunderstands male sexual desire. She may parade him before her girl-friends who will surely envy her choice, but few will be sufficiently up-front to point out that the choice is delusional or, more importantly, that what she is doing is effectively sex-abuse.

I have known a couple of women who have done this: in the first case I severed all connection (but not out of jealousy) – she had taken up with her 21 year old son’s 21 year friend, when she was past menopause – and in the second my attitude made my contempt clear, where the woman menopausal woman had acquired a north-african lover: when there are so many white anglo men desparate for any form of female affection I find that beyond contempt.

Rule of thumb: if a woman has a younger lover, and especially if he is foreign, then one must assume that he is being bought, but I always take the view that where money passes between a man and a woman, that no matter in which way the money passes it is the woman who is whoring herself out – marriage (1.0) is an entirely different matter.

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JFinn December 21, 2012 at 12:50

I was looking forward to this new show, “up all night.” I love all the three main actors, and was intrigued to see a role-reversal sitcom. I was ready to see the stay-at-home dad be the one who’s constantly bashing the thoughtless bread-winning wife whose contributions are marginalized. As I suspected, there was no role reversal. In fact, it’s a sitcom on steroids. The wife is constantly mocking the **** out of the house-husband.

A woman views her mates as a sub-human who must sacrifice his comfort and possibly life in order to make the woman’s life easier. If the woman is rich, she could be richer. She does not get off on the notion of saving him, protecting him, or helping him. Cougarism is purely about sex. Women don’t have empathy for men, like men do for women. Their so-called nurturing instincts are limited to their children, for a limited time, and in a limited way(most of the hard-earned resources must come from their mates or from the government, otherwise the kids starve.)

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tiredofitall December 21, 2012 at 13:12

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TFH December 21, 2012 at 14:45

Don’t forget this male vs. female SMV chart from Rollo :

This is a great chart to send all over the place, and make women paranoid.

Women don’t realize how much the ‘oppressive’ old customs benefited them. They closed the natural age gap to ensure that women married a man just 2 years older to them (or the same age, if high-school was when they met up).

Yeah… they dismantle that, and then whine that a 35-year-old woman does not have prospects. Thus, women don’t understand cause and effect very well.

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keyster December 21, 2012 at 15:33

Can you imagine Hillary or Oprah seducing some young impressionable “hot” young man on their staff?

I can’t even imagine any succumbing to their advances.

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Hf December 21, 2012 at 15:46

So when young men do it to older women its “defrauding” them…why is that not a surprise

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livingwell December 21, 2012 at 15:55

I’d do Oprah for a free car, and not some cheap compact!

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MRA December 21, 2012 at 17:30

That is the difference in Latin America, in Latin America older women know that the money is what young men are after, is common there to see young good looking men dating older women while at the same time dating younger women with the older women knowing fully well, I met Latin guys from the Caribbean who went to the gym, one of them in his late 20s was the toyboy of a older rich woman but he had a 19 years old girlfriend and a child with her less than 1 years old.

The problem is that older Anglo like to lie to themselves and believed that even when the are old dating a younger men is the young men whom must feel greet full.

Also hypergamy makes it hard for women to settle for a low status man.

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greyghost December 21, 2012 at 19:15

This is one more lesson mr greyghost can add to his motivational speaking o the teenage boys and young men. You want to fuck an “older woman” tell her up front you want empathy and to be taken care the way any rich man takes care of his young girl friend. And then fuck that ass like it was the last pussy you are ever going to get. She tries to get you to quit your job. Just tell her ” you know women don’t take care of men and you are no different than any other women other than i like fucking you. besides that you are more interested in controling me than sacrificing yourself for me. you know I’m going to fuck the shit out of you tonight for even trying this .” Always talk to her like she is a just a fuck buddy.
I talk to the young guys like that. None of that respect women stuff. Once you open up like that the young guys give you a big clue on whats going on in the young man world.

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greyghost December 21, 2012 at 19:19

BTW Ive never had sex with a woman over 38. I’ve never seen a pussy older than 40. A few years from now mrs greyghost is going to be some new stuff.

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Senior Manchild December 21, 2012 at 19:20

Years ago, I read Helen Fisher´s second book which mentions how older women love cock…

For the old gals, where there´s a hard cock, there is hope.

ya know,

They´ve got something to work with, manipulate; of course, it isn´t the cock that is the ultimate target of their manipulation.

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Huck Finn December 21, 2012 at 20:20

“older women are not usually generous with younger men”

Those older women still do not get it. They now lack sex appeal and it is not a dating relationship for life or love. Yet, those cougars dating their sons still stereotype the (young) man to be a typical human male ATM. Men know that if they are dating a woman 20-40 years younger they are expected to play the role of dominant daddy for a woman who is into age-play or she wants a daddy the banker man in many cases.

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survivorman December 21, 2012 at 20:50

I was once a “boy-toy” – she was 37, and I was 30.
Life was good. She showered me with gifts…for a while.. It lasted exactly 1 yr.

Now – at 56 yr/old (and in good shape – 6′ 0” and 175lbs.) I’m finding that all of a sudden, I’ve become “Mr. Good Enough” to some older women.

Sadly, being a boy-toy at this point completely out of the question..

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Paul Murray December 21, 2012 at 23:58

I’ve seen a couple of these on Judge Judy, belive it or not. A sub-5 woman suing her live-in lover for money he “owes” her. It’s perfectly obvious to everyone that these “loans” and gifts were simply money she was paying for sex.

The amazing thing is that the most recent one I saw involved a pair (won’t say “couple”) who were both on welfare. She had housing for her brood of kids, of course. This arrangement happens at all layers of society.

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Fleshlumpeater December 22, 2012 at 02:09

Look gents in an upside down world we’ve all got to adjust our expectations lower.

And the sooner men adjust to the new Topsy-Turvey free for all of intimate relationships, the better.

I kid you not, bestiality is today quite legal in Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

Now. So what if a younger man defrauds an older woman in the course of his gigollowing her ? Life’s a bitch nowadays anyway.

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MaMu1977 December 22, 2012 at 16:53

It’s all about the frippery with the age of consent, IMO.
For women, male AOC=the ability to get a hard-on and women AOC =anyone who didn’t watch the same TV shows as I did when I was a child.

As long as she’s receiving non-drug aided sexual attention from a man (or, as long as her bones aren’t actually brittle with age), the average modern European (American, British Commonwealth, European, etc., in lifestyle and breeding/nurture) woman sees sexual access as equal exchange. It isn’t difficult to find older women in more “traditional” areas (South America, Asia, Africa) who will understand that youth has a price (Japanese MILFs, for example, have been known to spend thousands of American dollars on their boytoys.) However, in a more feminist environment, you see the opposite, obviously. IME, it is not especially rare to find modern-day “Wives of Bath” in even *rural* First World nations (I enjoyed more than a few weekends of paid travel, lodging and meals at the purse of a very fit 43 year old German women, if I may be candid). But, when you are living in a city, with “Forever 21!”, as your feminism-enabled life guide, things become twisted. I can’t find a link for it, but there’s a commercial that airs on the East Coast that features a 60+ year old woman who actually *says, “I’m over 60 years old, but I have a long life ahead of me.” No concerns about accidents or ailments, so the fact that she’s (visibly) a grandmother means nothing. You think that such a “vibrant, healthy” woman is going to take money out of her pocket to pay for a younger man (or, if cheated out of some money by a younger man, shrug her shoulders and reflect on his youth?)

The AOC thing becomes obvious when you measure the average female response to YM/OW vs. YW/OM sex. If the OM (older man) is anywhere near old enough to be the YW’s (younger woman) father, he’s scum. If the OW is old enough to be the YM’s grandmother, its no big deal. We live in a world in which a 70 year old man is supposed to be scandalized for marrying a 30+ year old woman, but a 50+ year old woman shouldn’t receive any punishment for sleeping with a 14 year old boy. Do the math- the man is considered a cradle robber for taking a (presumably) fertile woman off of the market at his age, but the woman is seen as “helping a fully developed male” reach maturity.
Women, quite literally, don’t see their age as an impediment to anything until they reach the point of breakdown. Conversely, they see any other woman through their own eyes. So, the 20-year old guy who meets a 16 year old girl at college becomes a rapist (because, none of them were mature enough to have finished high school before 18, its obvious that the older guy is a paedophile), but the 38 year old woman who buys a plane ticket for a 16 year old boy who she met online at the age of 14 receives crickets (don’t believe me? It’s happened in Australia on multiple occasions.)

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Prof. Woland December 23, 2012 at 08:50

I hate to say this but it is going to take a critical mass of women getting financially burned before we see any changes to the alimony / child support laws. As long as it is only men who are getting ripped off society is ok with it. Once women become the victims, reform will become imperative.

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Zigga December 30, 2012 at 21:09

I’m with an older woman and very happy. She is 19 years older than I am, and I am a successful, reasonably alpha guy in my 20s. She has an attitude and position in life not suited to her age (ie, she launched slow, and had some shitty long and failed relationships). We started off as a “I’m drunk, she’s more drunk, she’s hotter than all the others in this shitty bar, and she’s definitely into my dick” one night stand. We ended up moving in together, living with her in a city apartment is easier on me than living with my tenants. She is loving in the way only a woman from a previous generation could be, and shortly after meeting me went from ‘unsatisfied feminist’ to ‘happy reformed feminist’.

I do not want to have children, and she is childless, I feel terrible about that, and when time passes, and her hormones start to flip and drive us apart, I will be absolutely heartbroken. What we are doing denies biology, and will only end in ruin for both of us.

But it feels good now.

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Gigi February 18, 2013 at 07:19

I am a 40 year old woman, professionally secure, single, independent and happy. I have never been married. Ever dollar I earned, I have earned off my own merits. I’ve worked very hard for 20 years.
I have a younger boyfriend, he is 26 years old. He is wonderful and sweet. We are happy. I don’t have any issue with being generous, but I would never be condescending toward him.
Gents, I can understand your rancour when you have been at the receiving end of manipulative behaviour from women. My only offering is that it’s the same kind of anger some women have towards terribly domineering men who have bullied and abused women. Some awful examples of humanity exist, both male and female.
But please don’t cause the actions of some to colour your views towards all. You have mothers, and some of you have sisters and daughters. You must know some of us are just human beings. We love and we live. We don’t wish men harm just because they are men.
Stop the hate, please. It is a cycle where no-one wins.

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Mia April 22, 2013 at 15:42

…I am beyond disgusted with mens comments …wow ! I mean WOW!! I work at the stripp club and see men “like that ” all the time and still..chills down my spine !!.. What makes you think you have the right to say ” ..(something ..bullcrap..blah blah…..she is still deluting herself and acting like a coquett while her charms are long gone..).you have any idea how stupid YOU (men) look while drooling over a 22 yo and having that dumb smile on your face after she just gave you a wink to LITERALLY just get a dollar out of you. ??? You, “men” , are also aging and , may I add are even more pathetic than we , woman will ever be… We , at least can tell (errection..I am talking about) whether the lad iikes us

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ConchFritter May 31, 2013 at 22:51

If a 60-year-old man can have a sex life with his 60-year-old wife, why can’t a 45-year-old man do the same with a 60-year-old wife?

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ceeceegirl July 5, 2013 at 22:11

Just seeing this post now and it (and all the bullcrap comments that follow it) makes me so very, very sad, angry, even contemptuous. The author of this article (and his many male commenters) completely overlook the idea that a middle-aged woman and a man significantly younger than her could ACTUALLY FALL IN LOVE, plain and simple. Also, you ignore the idea that a woman over the age of forty could have any allure to a younger man as anything other than a Sugar Mommy. Let me set you straight: I am a 41-year-old woman, highly intelligent, well-educated, fit and sexy (yes, sexy!) and I get hit on by younger men ALL THE TIME!!! And no, I can’t financially support them because I’m underemployed and broke. But I have never ruled out the possibility that I could fall in love with one. And…you know what, having dated men my age and older, I can tell you that most of them are BORING and jaded and totally turn me off. Oh, and one last thing: to the guy who said you have never looked at a “pussy over the age of 4o”: you would never even have the chance to look at mine!!!

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TBCHB August 12, 2013 at 11:39

Wow all the hateful comments on here. I am surprised. I am a 40+ woman and have been pursued by a 22 year old for awhile now. We talk all the time and have much in common. He says he is in love with me but due to his parents never accepting me or us I won’t have a relationship with him, I care too much to cause him all that pain with his parents. He was unemployed for awhile and I paid for different things for him when we went out in a group, I never expected money back or for him to pay for anything for me. I keep telling him he should find someone his own age but as time goes on he is more and more insistent that I am the only one for him and he wants nothing other the to be with me. I did not pursue him or go after him and he admits it was all him. I am not a cougar. I have two almost grown children. I have been with a man 3 years older then me for years and he is selfish and just wants to be taken care of with all the creature comforts. I did that for years for him and I am done and over it. I want someone who wants me for me. Why is that considered wrong when it is someone younger. Why is it ok if the sexes were reversed? A 40+ man with a 22 year old girl? It is sad that as far a s society has come, this one thing hasn’t changed. I believe each circumstance has different reasons and you can’t take one or two and lump everything together and judge all of them. I believe what happened to your friend when he was 15 was a terrible thing, however I also believe it has jaded your opinion about older women with younger men. I am not saying I approve of older women with boys. I am saying younger men who can make decisions for themselves.

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SadAboutYou August 24, 2013 at 00:05

As a 43 y.o. male with a 55 y.o. female I can attest that the age difference can be hard, which is how I find this site, simply looking for ‘it can be hard to be with an older woman’. I had no idea how grotesquely misogynistic and cynical the result of that search would be! Fellas who live as though ‘young pussy’ is the end all be all of existence and measure relationships like currency…your dick is going to be old, wrinkled and shriveled one day like the rest of you and you are very likely going to be alone looking back on a very poorly lived life. Yes, there can be economic imbalances in relationships and no doubt there is a biological bias towards the young and beautiful. BUT, real people have real hearts and emotions, connections, caring and genuine love, not just money needs and self-aggrandizing sexual conquest motivating them. Early on in this thread, it became clear that an awful lot of guys responding haven’t got the first clue about being a genuine, caring, compassionate human being. It ain’t how old someone is…it ain’t how much money they’ve got…it’s WHO THEY ARE and HOW YOU FIT. Period. So long as it’s all about some narcissistic bullshit, you’re suffering and anyone around you will too.

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francine September 12, 2013 at 12:57

Oh geeze so many frustrated people…Most people are fecking boring…aging men get bad backs, sore knees, low libidos, prostate problems and woman get stronger libidos…I have a familly and don’t want to extend it, i don’t want to be trapped in a relation ship…A young stud is perfect! They know they will not spend the rest of their lives with me, they know if they want kids it won’t be with me…They appreciate the strait foward, uncomplicated and comunicative sex!

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Bibiana September 15, 2013 at 17:16

I don’t care for any of the behaviour described in this article. The teacher was a pedophile, the Irishman did wrong to rip off that old lady, and those older women sound not only sleazy but delusional. I really don’t think making love to or marrying someone older or younger is wrong as long as everyone is an ADULT and nobody gets hurt. But the things described in this article show exploitative, rotton behavior.

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lee September 15, 2013 at 18:49

Money doesn’t make men any more sexually attractive either. It just makes you the gross third wheel that the gold digger has to put up with to be with her first love… ur wallet. There is not one single poster of an old gross billionaire on any young woman’s wall.

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Marco October 3, 2013 at 06:57

I’ve been with an older woman in her early 50S, I am still with her. I’m very honorable and even when she has more money than me I give to her pretty much all I have to contribute with bills, electricity, gas,dates,etc . I am 31 years old, women said that I am a Latin princess, and she is beautiful , but lately I am becoming to loose that attraction that I always had toward her, anyhow I am still with her, I am feeling sometimes that I am using her because that attraction is not there anymore then I am going to end this relationships. My advice is for all of you, young guys, it is all right play with an older woman, have sex, have incredible sex,it is fine to go out to dance,have dinner, sleep with her, what it is not right is make her to love you because the money, establish facts, being honest. A older woman teaches you about life, pain, success and sex, TREAT HER HONESTLY.

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sue October 17, 2013 at 16:47

the lack of dignity amongst the cougar set simply astounds me. and doesn’t it hurt??? yes, old broads do dry up…oh that’s right, there’s whoremones for that – chemicals are fake. bingo!

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It’s really a good along with helpful piece of information. I will be pleased for you to shared this beneficial facts here. You need to stay us up to date this way. Appreciation for sharing.

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dan October 18, 2013 at 11:59

I’m a 25 y.o. boy from Spain, married with a 55 y.o. woman. I meet her when I was 11, and at first, she was not interested in me (normal), but one day, when I was 12, I told her something really beautiful, I tauched her parts, she was slim and ripped, and whe had sex. Since that day, we’re so happy. My parents had discovered our affair, but it was accepted and now we’re a happy couple. We have four kids (12, 11, 9 and 8 y.o.), yes I was a 13 y.o. father! and I’m happy to feel that I’m a real man (since time ago) while others were only children. Since 5 years ago we cannot have more kids anymore, but sex with her is an amazing experience (and she looks still gorgeous!). By the way, I get on very well with her 27 y.o. son and her 31 y.o. daughter!!!

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ruben baez November 16, 2013 at 05:48

I got woman older in me and she don’t have money she not even work I’m work and support her she older me by 12 years and I love her with all my heart

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Leo March 5, 2014 at 17:55

wtf? the relationship if a women is 2 year older than a guy or more is totally messed up. These old feminists are all over the internet typing stories about “I am a guy and she is 15 years older than me….lol”. I am 23 year old male. I have been with more than 200 females. 90% were younger than me. The older women, I am down for sex but no way for relationship. Why in the world would a fit young man settle with old women. The guys that go after old women:
1) Does not have pride
2)Lacks money
3)Is always horny/ cant go a day without having sex
4) has nothing better going on with him/cant get a gf
5)has sex with older women/ gets amused and sticks to her, we all know ppl get attached when they stay in together for a while

A guy with right conscience can’t even think about settling with old women. I can’t. I am not being rude, I like girls. I am just being brutally honest. And thats what I have to say.

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