Panty Activists

by W.F. Price on December 18, 2012

Looking for anything to stay relevant, feminists are vandalizing store displays with their own underpants to protest sex-positive Victoria’s Secret lingerie that expresses approval of sex.

What’s odd about the protest is that the targeted underpants actually follow feminist ideas of making consent explicit. They display messages such as “unwrap me” and “sure thing,” which, although not particularly sexy, definitely give the go ahead. If a woman has a sign on her underpants that says “f*ck me,” she’s making a very positive statement of consent, provided she took off her pants or dress herself. So what’s the problem?

It seems that feminists actually resent the idea of consent, despite wanting men to ask for it. Consent (actually, it’s really assent in this case — feminists don’t understand the language that well) is something women don’t like to make explicit. There’s something unattractive about loudly proclaiming a desire to have sex before the act has even begun.

So feminists, never to be outdone, came up with their own slogans, which are essentially sex negative. They display messages such as “no means no,” “I’ll let you know when I’m ready” and “ask first!” — total mood killers. The most obnoxious of all says “LISTEN to what I want.” If I were a young man and I saw those messages on a woman’s underpants, I’d just tell her to put her pants on and leave. However, I doubt any non-moronic woman who wanted to sleep with a man would wear the panties the feminists designed.

As for real rapists, why would they care whether women consent or not? That’s what rape is all about — not caring whether she wants it or not. For those guys, signs on panties don’t matter a bit.

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