Newtown: Put the Police State on the Table

by W.F. Price on December 18, 2012

With the latest mass murder, which was apparently tailor-made for a liberal push to abolish the 2nd Amendment, we see the sharks in a feeding frenzy. There’s no doubt that they smell blood, and plan to capitalize on it. Newtown is the contemporary liberal version of 9-11, and they appear to be intent on pushing it to their advantage to the same extent the neocons did in 2001, when some Saudi terrorists blew up the WTC and the US military ended up invading Iraq, which had nothing to do with it.

Yes, let’s be honest: this tragedy is being used by the regime to further their aims to reduce the USA to another quasi-totalitarian leftist state like the UK, which routinely throws people in prison for making bad jokes on Twitter.

I’m not sure gun control is even all that relevant to the situation. It’s just a push to do something to finally secure that permanent victory the Obama coalition is dreaming about. Killing a bunch of little kids doesn’t require an AR-15; a lever-action .30-30, a six-shooter and a hatchet would do the job just fine. But that isn’t the point. This is purely political. To weaken support for the Constitution, you have to find an angle, and the 2nd amendment looks like the weakest link in the chain of the Bill of Rights. Get rid of that, and it will be easier to throw people in prison for “hate speech,” which is really the top priority for the left. In order to jail us for what we say, they have to first take away our right to defend ourselves.

So I propose a little test here. If they really want gun control, that’s fine, but each and every restriction on citizens must also apply to the men tasked with keeping us in line. If we aren’t allowed to have high-capacity magazines and body armor, then the police, who are also subject to our laws, should not have them either. What does “equality” mean if one class of people – government employees – is not subject to the same laws as the other? We have more government employees than ever, and they have more power and armament than ever. Don’t believe me? Look at them:

All are carrying assault rifles with high-capacity magazines. In the overwhelming majority of instances, they do so going up against no more than one or two people armed with little more than a handgun. If ordinary civilians don’t need these weapons, the police, with superior manpower, organization and communication resources, certainly don’t need them either.

So fine. Take our guns. But give yours up, too. The arms race in the US is a direct response to the rise of the police and prison-industrial state. Why doesn’t the left ever mention this? Why, because the cops are their very own paid mercenaries. SWPL city dwellers depend on these guys to intimidate the minorities in their coalition — to keep them in their place. As the US grows increasingly fragmented, they will depend on them even more.

This gun grabbing is about empowering the state at the expense of citizens who believe in a free yeomanry — it’s about building an America under the thumb of a new Praetorian Guard. Fools. They are giving up our collective liberty for a little bit of precarious power, and they aren’t by any means putting a halt to future violence, which will come in spades when people realize it’s the only tool left that works in our hollowed-out, uncivil society.

I expect they’ll have their way, just like the neocon Republicans steamrolled Iraq despite the big lies their invasion depended on for support. La plus ca change.

For us men, it’s a wash. The police state is overextended at home. I’m not sure the left can take much more from us without wrecking their foundation, but that won’t stop them from trying. They instinctively understand that they are going to need a whole lot of state violence to keep the funds flowing, and I think that’s what’s really behind the all-out push to disarm American citizens. If they break all potential for resistance, it might give them a few more years of collecting government checks, driving their priuses around and taking yearly trips to Europe — after that who knows? We don’t plan all that far in advance these days anyway.

When it comes to gun control, I’ll just recommend that we give them an ear, but at the same time hold out for less government power. If they take our guns, they should give up theirs, too. I know they don’t want to consider that, but it’s an entirely fair demand.

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