Gay Marriage Developments in Washington State

by W.F. Price on December 14, 2012

Now that gay civil marriage is the law in Washington state, a number of people have decided to enter into arguably the worst contract in American civil law. Most, judging from the media coverage, are lesbian, despite the fact that gay males outnumber lesbians by about two to one. Men – gay or straight – simply aren’t as interested in marriage as women.

In about a year or so, I plan to go down to the courthouse to see if I can’t find some lesbian divorce proceedings. I’m quite curious about how these will go down, because it could have implications for Washington state fathers in their own custody cases, as children will be involved in many of these civil marriages.

However, there are already some signs of potential complications. Many of the lesbians appear to be entering into civil marriage contracts with ready-made families; i.e. they already have children. In most cases, I assume, from prior relationships. Yes, some lesbians do get artificially inseminated, but the normal heterosexual method is more effective and much cheaper (and profitable — don’t forget child support), so most lesbians with children get them that way.

Now, what’s really obnoxious about this is that despite it being obvious that some of the lesbians obtaining civil marriage clearly had their children with straight men the old-fashioned way, their new partners are invariably called the children’s “parent” by the news outlets. If the father has joint legal custody (usually does not mean joint physical custody) – and joint legal custody is the norm in Washington state – this is a violation of the father’s rights and abuse of his status as a parent. The fathers of these lesbians’ children are being treated as though they don’t exist, and I’ll bet most of them are paying child support, which will likely help pay the mortgage or rent for the new couple. Lesbians actually prefer women who have ready-made families because of this convenient perk.

So, although I don’t care whether lesbians sign onto a civil marriage contract, it’s a different matter when fathers’ roles are being hijacked by the new partner. If gay marriage means that children’s and fathers’ rights must take a back seat to lesbian rights, then gay marriage is indeed two steps back for one step forward. Hopefully courts will clarify this matter, and not allow women to use gay marriage as yet one more tool to separate children and their fathers.

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