Kate Harding Gets her Hate On

by W.F. Price on December 13, 2012

Kate Harding kicked off Jezebel’s “Fuck You Week” with an anti-MRA rant that rehashes the familiar garbage feminists resort to when trying to smear their rivals. Apparently, it was prompted at least in part by the Toronto incident, which goes to show that the confrontational strategy is bearing fruit.

Incidentally, I noticed that a couple people I know personally have “liked” the article. I’m not going to say who they are, because they are entirely anonymous people of no particular importance, but it highlighted (for me) the kinds of men who actually still think feminism has some moral legitimacy. They are essentially urban, progressive techie dweebs. No families, no kids, and probably no women to speak of. In fact, I happen to know that one of the guys who liked it – a skinny little keyboard jockey – got arrested for domestic assault and was then served a restraining order a few years back, which rendered him temporarily homeless. Sigh… Some guys never learn.

Maybe, rather than go into details about the Jezebel screed, which isn’t worth the bits in its unicode, I should discuss this phenomenon of hopeless urban betas supporting feminism. Given what a raw deal these guys have, it’s kind of baffling. What could possibly motivate them?

I maintain that, like most progressive “righteous” causes, it’s mostly based on fear. A deep, constant terror of the consequences of breaking ranks. Being called a “sexist” is as terrifying to these people as being called an infidel was to a 12th century cleric. They think it could result in instant banishment from their well-paid jobs and expulsion from their carefully cultivated social network, which is so important to them. This network is important largely because it has replaced family. Destroy the family, and people rely on more artificial social constructs, like street gangs for example. Unsurprisingly, most urban progressives have only tattered remnants of family, or they live far, far away from family. I think of the shattered families they grew up in, and it’s no wonder that the more sensitive and thoughtful among them who managed to find gainful employment in a profession are so plagued by insecurity and so needy.

In a sense, they are like the monks of the Middle Ages, who found common cause amongst strangers – not kin – by adhering to a very narrow world-view, chanting the same litanies, praying to the same icons, and following other common rituals. Their very survival, as they see it, rests on a sort of spiritual/ideological fascism that both disciplines and protects them.

One might think it crazy that some errant monk would respond to chastisement, often physical, with an even stronger commitment to his faith, but that was the typical outcome. In the same manner, many men in this hyper-PC milieu of the progressive urban elite respond to personal setback and punishment for perceived transgressions with redoubled fervor, becoming all the more fanatically devoted to the ideology that chains them. It’s a sad, small existence, but amongst the more intellectual sorts it is pervasive.

If you challenge the views that they hold sacred, they might fly into a the kind of rage that characterizes a cornered beast. “Bad words” are amongst the most frightening things in their lives. Although I wouldn’t recommend provoking these types, it can be rather amusing to do so, because the hysteria they display is so ridiculous.

So what can we do about these men? I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to either reach out to them or to fight them. For one thing, they are a small minority of the population. White males make up some 30% of the population, and these guys probably under 20% of them. So, we’re looking at around 5% of Americans here, and that’s being generous. Nor do they really want to get involved in the fight (with a few minor exceptions). If they do open their mouths, they are most likely pussy begging. You’ll see them pop up on Jezebel from time to time, but how many men actually read Jezebel? If you aren’t writing about men’s issues, why would you care? The only reason I can think of is that some of the guys think it might help them get a little action by teaming up with the feminists.

When it comes to the curious phenomenon of the SWPL urban male, we ought to simply ignore them. Confront the feminists, and keep your eyes on them even as they attempt to throw men in front of themselves to fight us. Just brush these men aside and keep going after the feminists. Ultimately, the only men we have to worry about are the cops. It is only the law we have to follow — not some breathless weenies telling us we’re “bad men.”

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