What Does Feminism Look Like on YouTube?

by W.F. Price on December 11, 2012

If you search for “feminism” on YouTube, the results are quite encouraging. All but a couple of the videos are clearly hostile to the ideology. Even more encouraging is the fact that every year, fewer and fewer young people watch TV. Feminism appears strong on TV shows and in major newspapers, but these forms of media have come to be associated with senior citizens and the aging, white progressive demographic that dominates our childless cities.

Young people don’t flick on the TV for their entertainment any longer, instead choosing to spend time online, where there is far less progressive control and influence. And when you look online, it’s pretty clear that people don’t like feminism. This is why those who are looking to appeal to young people are avoiding the f-word like the plague.

Young people hate feminism, and I can only see this revulsion growing stronger as it begins to cough out its death rattle.

I don’t know for sure what feminists could do to improve their image, but perhaps I could offer a little advice. If they really want to get young people on board, I think Futrelle should start posting YouTube videos of himself talking about how he’s a sex-positive male feminist.

Yeah, that ought to do it.

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