Women’s Excessive Emphasis On Reproduction

by Joe Zamboni on December 10, 2012

By Joe Zamboni

Women overemphasize the importance of all things reproduction-related because it’s the basis of their claim to being treated like royalty, to tyrannical power over men, and to gender supremacy. Females focus on sexual attraction (clothing fashions, hairstyles, make-up, plastic surgery, etc.), sexual relationships, romance, marriage, having babies, motherhood, child care, raising children, teaching children, and many other reproduction-related activities because this fundamental strategy confers prestige, power, and influence on females. This is particularly true for those attractive adult females who appear to be biologically capable of having children. In spite of all the feminist propaganda thrown at them, the dream of many, and perhaps most, American women, remains to get married and have a family. But we Americans as a culture are suffering from an extreme over-emphasis on the importance of reproduction.

Like the worker bee in the hive, it is a man that enables the queen (a woman) to focus on reproduction. Marriage, as we have established it in America today, is all about setting up a little fiefdom, where a woman is made the queen. For example, the house is without question in the vast majority of marriages the royal dominion of the woman. And from the time they are very little, males are indoctrinated to make sure the females get everything they need in order to perpetuate the species. Thus it’s a man’s role to provide food, water, shelter, protection, money, etc. We are told that those men who offered such diligent life-long service for their queens (wives) in fact had offspring that were more likely to survive.

But maybe that’s a myth too, that’s engineered to enhance the power, prestige and influence of women? If you look around, you’ll notice many single mothers without the fathers anywhere in sight, without the fathers providing a damn thing (at least nothing directly, since it is largely men’s taxes that support such women via government aid programs). Those single mothers seem to be having many children, and the latter seem to be surviving quite well. So perhaps the story about the great importance of reproduction, and how critical it is for men to cater to women’s many needs, is simply another brainwashing technique used by women — a technique at this point culturally well-established — but nonetheless a technique used to enslave and subdue men?

In support of the notion that this gross over-emphasis on the importance of reproduction is in fact not necessarily the result of the natural evolution of the species, consider the ecological state of the planet. As anyone who has seriously studied this matter can tell you, we humans have gone way too far with this focus on and infatuation with reproduction. The alleged evolutionary strategy intended to make sure that the human species continued has been way too successful, and most of us humans are loath to admit that the strategy has long ago outlived its usefulness. Few people dare to talk about how humans are dominating, crowding-out, and in many cases exterminating nearly every other species on the planet, with the exception of insects and rodents, and those that we harvest for food (such as cattle). Why is it that so few dare to say the emperor (this evolutionary strategy of over-emphasizing reproduction) has no clothes?

The answer lies in the words of French writer Voltaire, who wisely said: “In order to find out who controls you, one only needs to find out whom he cannot criticize.” As many men’s rights activists can tell you, women do not take criticism well. Most American women believe they are above criticism, as though a lowly vassal, aka a man, cannot criticize a Queen (with a capital Q). At the same time, among many of this author’s friends, the typical husband’s response to a wife’s complaint is no discussion and no argument… simply “yes dear.” How did this lopsided and perverse situation come about?

We clearly must be able to criticize, to tell the truth, about what’s happening if we as a species are going to be able to adapt ourselves to new situations. But the myth supporting the bending-over-backwards that men engage in to please women is something that women don’t want to mess with. For women, the system as it now stands works for them. Never mind that feminists have been screaming about “equality” for decades; clearly those women didn’t mean what they said. In spite of feminist dogma, most women think that of course men should support women via alimony and child support. And no, women shouldn’t have to pay alimony and child support to men, or so they claim. This illogical position can only be continued as long as we men keep this reproduction strategy myth in place.

Catering to the female has to stop. Men need to stop buying diamond rings, getting on their knees to ask women for their hand in marriage, paying for dates, opening doors, and in so many other ways taking care of women as if each and every one of them were the sole queen bee in the hive. There are billions of women on earth, and a great number of them are expendable. There is no serious current danger that the human species will die out. There is no rational justification to act as though any particular woman is a queen bee. And after a man has had sex with a significant number of women, he’ll come to appreciate that no sex is worth being a slave. It doesn’t matter if she is Cleopatra or some other great sexy beauty. (Note that the myth of the Trojan War, the myth about men waging a protracted and costly war to recapture the beautiful Helen of Troy, is absolutely consistent with this over-emphasis on reproduction, teaching men that they should be giving everything, including their lives, to save a super-beautiful fertile young woman.)

The catering to female desire and female whim has gone way beyond what is necessary in order to get the job done, and in this case this author is talking about adequately raising children. The corporations have noticed how men work so hard, how they with great dedication act like worker bees, and so they hitched up consumerism with the desires and whims of the female. It is no mistake that women control 88% of American retail spending; this social design comes about through the alliance of supremacist feminism with the enslaving corporate elites. As a result of this social design, as a result of this socially-dictated over-emphasis on reproduction, men are expected to go well beyond providing the necessities, they must slave their lives away to make sure that women experience the luxuries shown in advertisements, live the life of the beautiful actresses in the movies, and have the exciting opportunities enjoyed by heroines in female porn novels like Fifty Shades Of Grey. This catering to women’s desires and whims has gone beyond obnoxious, repulsive and entitled — it is now dangerous, malignant, and out-of-control. Even if nobody cares about the impacts on the psychological health of men, this strategy cannot be sustained because it threatens the fundamental viability of the earth’s ecosystem.

Life should not be all about babies and bringing still more people into the world. Supposedly humans are intelligent and self-aware, not simply instinctual animals. It’s time we lived up to that billing. We as a species must rise above the unthinking instinctual drive to reproduce and look at the long-term consequences of our actions, notably how catering to female desires and whims is a painful path to destruction not only of males, but of females too, and ultimately of civilized society as well.

It is time for the worker bees (males in human terms) to rise up and revolt en masse. It is here where the men’s movement meets the anti-consumerism movement, meets the environmentalism movement, meets the anti- slavery movement. We don’t need more people. We need more personal freedom, more self-actualization, and more pursuit of happiness (in whatever form that may take for an individual). For a man who never wanted children, to be forced to devote a large portion of his life to economically supporting some spawn of his that he never intended to bring into this world, simply because his girlfriend, or perhaps his one-night stand, refused to have an abortion, or put the spawn up for adoption — that is slavery, straight out-and-out slavery. The fact that women are the only ones able to choose: having an abortion, putting a baby up for adoption, leaving a baby on a hospital’s steps without explanation or paperwork, or employing one in a large array of birth control technologies not under the control of men … that speaks volumes about the reproduction-related control that women now have over men. As Voltaire’s quote would imply, as long as women call the reproductive shots, and as long as men are not willing to stand-up and complain about the injustice of this situation, the control women have over relationships with heterosexual men will continue in its enslaving form.

The rules of modern American marriage also reveal how excessive the catering to females has become. It used to be in the name of reproduction, or if you like legal terms “for the good of the children,” but women have co-opted the system and now it’s simply about catering to women’s desires and whims (not genuine needs). If he has children by a woman, a man is obligated to pay 20+ years for child support. So what if she uses the money any way she wants, without any accountability, without any need to show that the children actually benefitted? If a man marries that same woman, and then later divorces, he may be required to pay alimony to this queen for life. So what if her child rearing days are long gone, and so what if she offers him no services in return? And of course, if a man is married to a woman, he’s also required to support the queen economically on an ongoing basis. So what if he does an equal share of the housework and she doesn’t have any children?

Marriage is a trap of gigantic proportions that men — intelligent men in many cases, men who just haven’t taken the time to fully investigate the facts — are still falling prey to, in tragically large numbers. The best way to stay free: don’t get married, and don’t get a woman pregnant. Have a vasectomy, use condoms, date older women, be celibate, and otherwise do whatever you need to do to prevent reproduction. If a woman who had sex with you does get pregnant, insist upon and then pay for an abortion. Our enslaving social system is profoundly rigged against men, and the most viable option is to avoid both the marriage game and the reproduction game.

It’s time that we men defined a desirable man’s life as something other than just being a worker bee, just catering to the desires and whims of females, and just “supporting the family.” What could your life be like without the obligations of a wife, children, child support, alimony, and all the other trappings of marriage and reproduction? Have you really thought about that? Do you dare?

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