Matt Forney Makes it to Portland

by W.F. Price on December 10, 2012

Matt Forney stopped by Seattle the other day on the last leg of his journey to Portland, so I went out and had a beer with him. It was nice to meet another blogger here, even if it was a pretty brief encounter. Matt’s a pleasant, polite young man who just completed a long hitchhiking trip across the US. He’s posted a couple articles here at The Spearhead along the way, and now that he’s settled in Portland for the time being I look forward to seeing him step up his output.

Matt had some pretty interesting stories to tell about his time on the road that included some colorful characters he met across the US, and insight into the state of the domestic oil and gas industry. It’s nice to see that it’s still possible for young men to strike out and explore our vast country, and I hope he inspires more to try the same.

Check out his site for further updates — I hope to see him cranking out some of the stories he told me about soon.

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