Feminists Caught on Film

by W.F. Price on December 9, 2012

In a stroke of good fortune, Studio Brule came along to document Warren Farrell’s presentation at the University of Toronto, capturing the essence of radical feminism with some great footage of the event and protest. They posted the video last week. I’ve been saying that good video is important, and the feminists made their appearance to give us quite a show.

The video shows feminists exactly as they are — not gussied up and made to look respectable as in the typical leftist media presentation. They are crude, aggressive, hateful and ugly, like a pack of snarling curs. One of them follows a young man around attempting to instigate a fight. Others taunt the police, who were going very easy on them given that they were engaged in criminally blocking access to a public event. In the US, they would be committing a civil rights violation for denying citizens the right to free speech and free assembly. In short, they were little more than a politicized criminal gang.

The contrast between the polite, tolerant young men who came to see the event and the feminist rabble attempting to deny their civil rights – actually deny their very humanity – couldn’t be any more stark.

Yet there are still those who are calling them victims, and claiming that the thugs and harpies are now “threatened” by the very people they victimized at their rally. Boo hoo. Paul Elam dug up the name of one of the little tramps at the protest, but I can guarantee that nobody gives a damn about her. At the very most, some future employer might think twice about hiring her, but seriously, she isn’t ever going to have that kind of job anyway.

Unsurprisingly, Manboobz Futrelle defends the spoiled, campus criminals, and tries to call Elam an “abuser” for exposing them. Meanwhile, he excuses their criminal, violent behavior. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand, and the above speaks for itself.

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