What’s Anita Sarkeesian Doing with All That Kickstarter Money?

by W.F. Price on December 7, 2012

The little London Feminist Film Festival rip-off made me think of Anita Sarkeesian, who pulled in a couple hundred thousand dollars last June through “crowdfunding” (via Kickstarter) to make some videos about video games. She played the victim after some people were nasty to her online, and hit a rome run in her donation drive.

Crowdfunding has attracted some scrutiny, because it’s vulnerable to fraud. While I have no idea whether Sarkeesian is a hustler or not, I made a little mental note to check up on her every now and then to see what she’s been up to. Now that it’s been a half year, I thought I should check it out.

She runs a website called “Feminist Frequency,” and she apparently updates it once a month or so. Less, actually. The last update she made concerning her project dates back to August 1st, and at that point she’d purchased some 300 video games for the project. She says she’s hired a writer and a producer, but is keeping them “out of the limelight to try and shield them from any potential harassment. When I feel it is safe and appropriate to introduce them I will.”

Hmm… Well, I guess transparency is out the window (because of the misogynists, of course).

Since that post, she’s given a couple interviews, but publicly nothing has been said about her project.

Sarkeesian invites readers to check for updates on her project on Facebook, but there’s nothing there to speak of, besides a couple more game purchases. Evidently, she’s been flying around a lot giving interviews and talks, but that’s about the only evidence of “progress” on the project.

As I am eagerly awaiting what is sure to be a revolutionary video project of the highest professionalism and quality, I’m starting to get a little antsy about the media blackout. I can only imagine that those who funded it are also sitting at the edge of their seats.

BTW, does anyone know what model car Sarkeesian drives these days?

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