“Independence” Lesbian Style: Male Filmgoers Ripped Off

by W.F. Price on December 7, 2012

A film about lesbian separatism in the 1980s was recently showcased at the London Feminist Film Festival, where it sold out in several venues. Before showing the film, and after a brief introduction, feminist Julia Long demanded that all men vacate the premises, drawing a mixture of anger and enthusiastic approval.

Although it’s pretty scummy to take people’s money and then give them the shaft like that, I think the men who paid to see the film got pretty much what they deserved. Additionally, this demonstrates exactly how feminism – even the “separatist” kind – really works.

From the article:

Some voices managed to come through about the actual film: people asked how women managed to fund their communities, which inspired Fougère to share some incredible stories about building houses simply from surrounding trees, or about how some women were split between still working “out in the world” but coming back to the communes as their homes. She made a comment that could have inspired a huge and fascinating discussion: “You did it for a year or two, but you can’t be an activist and separatist forever, you move back to your functioning toilet at home.”

In other words, it was a failure. I’d like to see the “houses” the women built from “surrounding trees.” Somehow, I doubt they were as impressive as what Dick Proenneke put together all by himself in the Alaskan wilderness. I doubt Dick had to rip off any women to fund his efforts, either.

Feminists are really, truly shameless when it comes to using men. They will steal, cheat and use people, all the while calling it “empowerment.” So why didn’t Julia Long demand that the film be marketed as “women only?” She wanted the men’s money, that’s why. Once they’d paid, they could be discarded, to be replaced by the next batch of fools when needed.

Of course, she’s instantly ready with a justification for false marketing and theft:

This small incident, and the responses to it, teaches us some important lessons about levels of misogyny in our society. It is clear that those making trouble and “sabotaging” the festival are those who complained and demanded refunds…

Yeah, the misogynists are the ones who wanted their money back. Typical.

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