Some Thoughts on the Manosphere Growing Up

by W.F. Price on December 5, 2012

It’s been quite an experience watching the so-called manosphere take shape over the last few years. Its emergence was bound to come at some point, but origins do have an influence on how things turn out, so I’m honored to have played a part in building it.

Just a few years ago, your typical man would fall all over himself to accommodate feminists, and even men’s issues forum members often went out of their way to profusely apologize to women for any perceived slight. Men resorted to making excuses for standing up for themselves, and seemed ashamed to do so.

That’s changed, and now feminism is rightly identified as a special interest group. Feminists no longer have the moral high ground, and are now seen as the power-hungry, grasping and self-interested agents that they are. Although they’ve secured a place in the current ruling paradigm as coalition partners in the horde known as the Democratic Party, they no longer have the liberty to play the field. Like an aging harlot, their reputation is finally catching up to them, and the allure has all but worn off.

When I first started The Spearhead, the intent was for the site to serve as a catalyst for a new approach to dealing with feminism. I was partly inspired by Heartiste, who rapidly attracted a large following with his witty approach to Game and his incisive critique of contemporary sexual politics. His writing was fresh, new and a whole lot of fun to read. A number of bloggers saw his unabashed iconoclasty and found themselves agreeing wholeheartedly — these writers formed the real core of the emergent manosphere. Heartiste (then known as Roissy) wrote things that nobody dared say, but he did it in such a sophisticated, intelligent way that it was impossible to write him off as a primitive vulgarian.

Another inspiration was the work I’d been doing for years prior to starting the site. In the course of my work, I’d read and edited thousands of radical tracts (among other more mundane stuff) for publication in reference books. Everything from the Socialist Workers Party to Radical Women to Mafkarat al-Islam. Hell, I even waded through Juche screeds issued by the North Korean regime. It could be mind-numbing, but it was an education in radical political activism. It taught me a few important things.

First, I learned that feminists were extremists, and that many of the feminists in positions of power today were indoctrinated by far-out radical groups some 30-40 years ago. Radical Women, for example, may be little more than a worn out old core of radical feminists, composed of bitter, hateful crones, but it was a nursery for the types who now sit on the Supreme Court, in Congress and in city government and administration throughout the land. Even today, its members have easy access to mainstream media and frequently get the opportunity to voice their opinions in such staid institutions as network television and radio. This is because they have friends in high places. When women were hired for affirmative action purposes, these groups practiced cronyism, and placed their supporters in powerful jobs.

Another important lesson I learned was that these people will never play nice. They fight to win and play for keeps. Compromise is off the table. There is no compassion or sense of justice, fairness or any of that. The opponent must be vanquished. For feminists, the opponent is men.

Finally, I had the opportunity to learn about what had brought about the current state of affairs from men who saw it first-hand. These men, some of whom are gone or past retirement age now, took me through it step by step, and gave me some important history lessons that have helped me avoid some of the pitfalls that the rookie inevitably stumbles into.

So, armed with this knowledge, I decided that the only way to deal with them was to take the gloves off and fight back without mincing words. If they are willing to take away men’s children and reduce them to poverty, why not let them have it? Throughout history, these kinds of things were considered acts of war. That is no exaggeration at all, and it’s really quite amazing how docile and complacent men have been in the face of their dispossession. If men hadn’t been disarmed by easy access to sex (or the illusion of such) following the sexual revolution, I’m fairly sure they would have put a violent end to the injustices of contemporary family law.

It was a new approach, and it worked. It earned vitriol from feminists and attention online, but most importantly it emboldened more men to adopt the same tactics, and to get over their worries about offending feminists, being called names and other minor but understandable anxieties.

There were also some fortunate coincidences that contributed to the development of a new, more muscular form of male advocacy. Just as The Spearhead started to get going, Men’s News Daily started to scale down, and its editor – Paul Elam – offered to write some pieces for The Spearhead. Paul is uniquely suited to this new approach to feminism. More so than I am in many ways. For me, it was more of an idea – an abstract concept – but Paul lives and breathes ideological combat. He’s a bit of a volatile substance in that way, and probably ought to come with the same warning you’d see on a package of TNT.

Fortunately, he’s been able to harness that power, and A Voice for Men has been growing in strength and depth for the past couple years. I can’t say I exactly predicted that would happen, but I definitely had a hunch that it would, and encouraged the opening of his radio program. Since then I’ve withdrawn from that scene, mostly because I bit off more than I could chew in trying to be a family man, an activist and a writer and support myself at the same time. Sometimes you’ve got to recognize your limitations and be practical about priorities, so I avoided the activist part. I’m better with ideas than managing people anyway, so writing is probably a better use of my time. However, I think activism has a lot of potential to both grow and make a difference. It’s indispensable, actually, and it’s good to see that it is more or less converging with the new approach to confronting feminism that emerged online a few years ago.

For the future, I think what is needed is more narratives, more stories, and more compelling content that stirs people’s passions and imagination. You can only go so far with intellectual arguments, and few people are truly motivated by them anyway. One form of media that definitely needs to be exploited more is video. Documentaries, true-to-life stories, action shots of demonstrations and other video projects could have a whole lot of appeal. But rather than just raw video, there must be a compelling story behind it. Video of a raucous demonstration, for example, might get a lot of hits for some time, but it will quickly be forgotten if it doesn’t contain an element of drama. I’m convinced that human stories are the key to both sympathy and attention.

There’s a lot of opportunity out there to make a difference, and as long as I have the ability I’m going to keep doing what I can to bring attention to men’s issues, because it’s a worthy cause. Fathers and children belong together, brotherhood is a noble ideal, and freedom from tyranny is worth fighting for. These are timeless concepts that have animated men as long as humans have walked this earth. They are also directly responsible for progress; without them we’d still be living in a state of barbarism.

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Zorro December 5, 2012 at 05:34


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Bill December 5, 2012 at 05:53

Apparently while we are growing up, the jizzebelers are complaining that white men are just taking the victim card. What they don’t realize is that we would not have to be playing this card if they didn’t play it. I read the article and just laughed my ass off at the way the women was slowly getting angrier down the article. The comment s at the end where the stereotypical Obama crap and I even read on on when a men walked into a women’s center and the guy asked the head of the center where the mans center was she said ” the multimillion dollar stadium down the street (partially subsidized by the gov)” what she was showing was ignorance on two levels. First the stadium is going to be bringing money into the area so it is an incentive to be coming to the city (more money into economy) and secondly she show the sexist that is present in the feminist community completely pushing off and annotation that men could be hurt by domestic violence by simply saying we have are “center” so we should too. I would also like to point out the women’s center (shelter and rehabilitation center) is only going to be a drain on the economy with the exception of the women working their being overplayed by the gov only wasting more taxpayer money for less reward. And guess where that taxpayer money is coming from.
Check out the article here

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Days of Broken Arrows December 5, 2012 at 05:53

Great writing.

I notice the influence of the manosphere when I click on articles and videos that have a feminist slant. Years ago, the media simply published this material and that was that. I see these headlines and groan to myself “Oh, no.”

But my disgust soon turns to amusement because I always see comments — and lots of them — that forward ideas developed within the manosphere. Sometimes such articles receive more “dislike” votes than “likes” because of this.

I assume getting the media on board is the next step. James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal seems to be the first writer to be incorporating ideas developed in these parts into his articles. Support his writing. We need more like him.

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X December 5, 2012 at 05:55

When are you graduating these memes into the international collaboration effort of a misandropedia ?

Mere links and site mentions are not sufficient acts of spreading mens rights dominion, in a fast developing and fast paced internet.

Afterall that’s the next logical step on the hard road towards institutionalisation of men’s interests.

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freebird December 5, 2012 at 05:59

Excellent post.
I agree the gamers where the coffee in the morning that opened the eyes.
They offer reward where was there none.

I still write a lot of anti-game posts
around the ‘sphere,but proper credit is due,and that’s all there is to it.

Big shout out to the guys doing the gravel shoveling in the political arena:
Fathers and Families,RADAR.

Thanks to Paul Elam for doing the thankless job,I’ve come to like you a bit.
To the men,by golly:
Now that we’ve had our coffee,it’s time to get out there and go to work.

The demon family-killing beta-raping fems have only gotten this far by having no resistance.
Let’s provide that fucking resistance.

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cooterbee December 5, 2012 at 06:01

Very astute!

The Men’s movement will continue to evolve. Some of the ways are already clear:

The MRM will adopt vacuous emotionalism. Because younger men are fully familiar with it. Because, like anything else, men can master it and women will no longer have a monopoly on it. And most importantly, because it works. When the average man is more adept at delivering scathing and dismissive one-liners than any woman, libraries of facts and stats will start to gather dust.

The MRM will decouple from father’s rights. As time goes by fathers will die out and be replaced by single, childless men who have no personal experience with divorce. To these men, the products of a woman’s cunt will be only as sacred as the products of her ass.

The MRM will narrow its focus. Single, childless men will be served by it. White Knights and Manginae will be on their own. The next generation of MRAs won’t represent a biological demographic but a social one.

Right wing politics will fall away. The next generation will not have much interest in the Constitution, markets or anything else. With the state of schools nowadays, they may not even know what the Constitution is never mind the 1st or 2nd Amendment. The memory of liberty will die with their elders.

The future of MRAs is bright while the future of men in general is grim.

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Tom Smith December 5, 2012 at 07:10

Mr. Price, As I read your post, I realize how much additional work there is to be done. We need to insure that “equal justice under law” is a phrase that is applied to women (and men) in all areas. This is something that has been lacking for some time (and men have received far from “equal justice under law.” What enforcement of this phrase means is:
1) that when a man gains custody of a child and a woman is ordered to pay child support, the judge must ENFORCE the order against her the same way the judge would do against a man;
2) that fathers (married or unmarried) have rights to see their children and judges must enforce this right (and insure that adoptions are not done without the father’s consent);
3) that women are not allowed to commit fraud at the expense of men, particularly when a divorced man has his pension stolen by a disgruntled ex spouse (see, for the article where a court upheld the fact that plan did not have to return the money to a man which was fraudulently obtained by an ex spouse).
While there are many other examples, I suggest that working on these three goals in the family/pension law areas would be a good start. Thank you for your tireless work on this site- it raises awareness in ways you cannot understand.

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Uncle Elmer December 5, 2012 at 07:32


That must be a typo as “a” and “s” are next to each otehr on the keyboard, but it’s funny since it establishes a new meme; the biological classification of Manginas. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, Species. Can’t remember which, someone help me.

Maybe it’s Class. Example : “He was a Tartan-Tufted Hipster of the Class Manginae…”

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Uncle Elmer December 5, 2012 at 07:44

All right, this is the final straw. No more comments from Elmer until I pen my next Spearhead essay “You Just Got Canned”.

From the Department if Useless Advice :

Citigroup To Cut 11,000 Jobs; Six Things NOT To Do If You’re Fired

elmer :

I disagree with point 3. “Don’t take a trip”.

After I got laid off from Encorpera on my 50th birthday, I took my severance pay and spent 3 months in SE Asia. Had a great time, I tell you what.

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zed December 5, 2012 at 08:04


I can’t decide whether to classify them along with algae, or dung beetles.

Clearly, they are not vertebrates because they have no spine. ;)

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Uncle Elmer December 5, 2012 at 08:14

Good point Zed. They also exhibit the ability to change their shape and “pour” themselves into a cravass, like sea-slugs.

As for the Forbes essay and its ridiculous photo essay, it is at the top of Google News because of the Citigroup story. In the last 15 minutes added 1000 views.

This is what outlets such as “The Spearhead” should be trying to achieve.

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brigadon December 5, 2012 at 08:22

actually, cooterbee, I don’t see where you are coming from at all. MRA’s seem to be becoming MORE conservative, rather than less. What you are describing is the rise of PUA’s, as a class. I can definitely see MRA’s and PUA’s breaking apart profoundly (They already are) but Masculism has become firmly entrenched within libertarianism, and you know what they say, every couple of generations rebel utterly from grandparents.
A huge backlash is already forming, and I suspect we are a lot more likely to see a religious revival and possibly theocratic dictatorship than simply ‘more of the same’.
Then again, despite being on the same side as Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, and the rest, I am a soldier, not a politician. I (and many like me) am disgusted with being a victim, and refuse to play the nonviolent, victim card. Feminists gain power through consensus reality, celebrating mediocrity, and shaming. Men gain power through cooperation, celebrating accomplishment, and competition.

Using feminist tactics only gains temporarily, and costs us our self-determination and pride, and without pride men are dead or worthless. I am not saying men should act like monsters, but pacifists that happily stand on the shoulders of dead soldiers and act like their unwillingness to risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor somehow makes them morally superior utterly disgust me.

I appreciate the hard work that PUA’s have done to break into and deconstruct the female psyche. I really do, and I am happy to give them credit where credit is due. However, that being said, I would be just as happy to respect the hell out of them as worthy enemies, the same as I would respect a rabid wolf. PUA’s have accomplished amazing things, but like the grasseaters and pacifists they are a symptom, not the disease. I don’t consider their particular version of sickness to be ‘stepping up to the plate’, although I am certain that they will defend their ‘I just live here’ viewpoint vociferously.

PUA’s and MRA’s are NOT on the same side, not even remotely. They are useful to each other, and can cooperate in minor ways, but in the end their goals are utterly alien and opposed… They are more or less natural enemies that are only cooperating because a meaner, dumber predator is in the area.

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David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™ December 5, 2012 at 08:49

heartiste is racist….

similar to amanda “squarejaw” marcotte…

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keyster December 5, 2012 at 09:06

It’s ironic that the urban hipster mangina type is becoming the new dinosaur, while the Grand Old Conservative white-knight type is a mere fossil of himself. There’s still some lingering Manginae out there; guys hoping to score by empathizing with feminist memes on college campuses (just like there dads once did), and very few white-knights that are probably atheletes or attend SMU.

But there’s a whole other sub-culture of young men (and some women), who’ve never heard of the “Manosphere”; Roissy, TSH, AVfM, etc…for whom feminism has gone way over the top – a caricature of itself. These aren’t political activists (they aren’t even political), they comment whenever and wherever they can behind the safety and security of internet anonymity – – where they can tell us “how they really feel”.

At some point the major news outlets and major web sites have to start noticing the deluge of anti-feminist sentiment and follow up on what young men are REALLY thinking. This is much more than just a few neck-beard trolls living in their parents basement. Problem is they won’t report on it because – they’re deathly afraid of Feminist, Inc. backlash for even implying an alternative view. Gloria Steinem’s Women’s Media Center monitors EVERYTHING, looking for feminist criticism in the mainstream. (Blogs are dismissed as extremist, fringe, a few crazies, etc.)

I think Sandra Fluke and the “War on Women” was a tipping point. It started to get ridiculous and even very few liberal/Democrat men spoke much about it. There’s little room for guys behind all those “Women for Obama” banners. They sensed there was a little more behind Obama’s appeal to women than just “women’s access to healthcare” – – that the authentic multi-culti swagga Alpha and booming oratory was a little sexy too.

BTW thank you Welmer.
I know you put a lot of work into this.

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cooterbee December 5, 2012 at 09:18


I didn’t mention PUA at all. I am of the opinion that it has already run its course and is on its way to oblivion. As for the notion that MRAs are getting more conservative, I can agree that the old timers are getting more reactionary every day. My speculation is based upon the idea that as more men come of age who have never known liberty, these men will be largely apolitical. Added to that, men that marry will be the most likely to divorce.

They will be breeding their own fifth column. For every aspiring patriarch that pledges to breed Jayzus fearing sons, another will be breeding overindulged, hypergamous whores. Neilson’s for Fox News will plummet. The apolitical and unattached males of the future will win by attrition. They will be far more likely than pig-headed traditionalists to survive divorce or any other form of male dispoability.

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Outcast Superstar December 5, 2012 at 10:20

I did a post about the Manosphere as well a couple weeks a go. I will post the link rather than copy and paste my entire writing so it won’t take up so much comment space.

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driversuz December 5, 2012 at 10:27

“Amoebic Manginae?” Or is that redundant?

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Adam in Chains December 5, 2012 at 10:40

one time, in my home, i was with some friends, they brings a new woman since they know im still single..

Well we start to get aquainted, but after about 20 minutes talking, she starts to the usually men-haters languages..
so, after 5 minutes.. i had enought, i stand up and i said:

i agree with you..
i will let you ride the alpha-cock-carousel
i will let you decide about your future
i will let you bang whoever you want
i will let you fight for your equality goals
i will let you find your way of life
i will let you choose your job

..but i will never let you ruin my own life so, please leave, close the door and never come back!

i let you imagine the rest..

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Bill December 5, 2012 at 10:53

I will say that pua and men’s rights activists aren’t the same by a long shot. Pua goal is to capitalize on the destructive system and use it to their advantage. Men’s rights activists are trying to fix the injustices done to men.
I am myself a libertarian and I have no problem with equal opportunity for women to “chase their dream of having it all”, but what I hate the most is when the rules are tipped to one side (currently women). Even though myself I prefer a wife to stay at home and follow the traditional model of a family, I have come to realize that until the laws are changed I could not retake that risk. I have had plenty of women that I could have married over the years but as I look back I am glad I didn’t marry them. Most of them are now divorced and are basically living off their ex’s paycheck and sucking out all the alimoney they can. With the exception of one who still isn’t married but even she has become something I could not marry not even mentioning love.
I currently enjoy being a pua when I am in the typical liberal cities (NYC,la, Miami) but when I have the luxury of working in small towns (especially in Mexico) I try to have a girlfriend (yes only one) because that is truely what makes a man happy. Having someone their not just for sex for commitment (well at least as much commitment as I could get before jumping over the line to marriage and risking losing half my assets). I am thankful I run my own company and get to travel and have a fairly well off life, but I do sometimes wish we could go back to the days like when my grandparents were married. They stuck together till their death and ended up dieting with in one day of each other.
Anyway I just wanted to point out that the rules are not going to change overnight and have to take time with slow progress in order to bring us back to equaliberium , so you might as well enjoy the liberal pussy being tossed at you but remember to slap a condom or two on and be safe.

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El Bastardo December 5, 2012 at 10:59

It is great to see the growth of the movement. I started reading this website early 2010 or late 2009? Either way; this site was my gateway drug; the mary jane to harder sites like AVFM, Heartiste, and a few others. It helped keep my sanity amidst the cacphon of women I was buried in. Some good, some bad. :)

Either way the movement needs to keep pushing, yet do it creatively. I think Price touched base on a very important topic: the story of human beings. It allows people to relate, and to focus on others like themselves in different circumstances. The Apostles of old did this, and the Church infiltrated the Roman Empire. People resonate with those who suffer; and that was the false dichotomy feminism used to lie its way in. Only, because I feel at least, they had strong financial backing.

We don’t have that kind of backing. We have to do this truly “grassroots.”

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sestamibi December 5, 2012 at 11:03

“If men hadn’t been disarmed by easy access to sex (or the illusion of such) following the sexual revolution, I’m fairly sure they would have put a violent end to the injustices of contemporary family law. ”

As more men recognize that it is indeed an illusion, can the violent end be too far away?

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zed December 5, 2012 at 11:23

“Amoebic Manginae?” Or is that redundant?

Aerobic and anaerobic Manginae, perhaps?

They are going to be difficult to classify. One the one hand, they resemble a fungus, but on the other hand they also have a lot of characteristics of slime molds. ;)

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joeb December 5, 2012 at 11:24

Thanks wc
I can’t remember how long ago it was but , I do remember you being the only person the would listen . Someware long ago on wordpress .
It seemed like a Impossable task to get men to listen .For there own good even . I was Just ranting at that time ,( although I still love ranting )But even rants are good for the cause it get them paying attention .
But ,things are moving forward ,A little You know I think its going to take a violent uprising to end the states hold on men and there money but, Lets see if common sense prevails .
The boys are hearing the message ,and thats what we need . If the law would hear The No slavery message it would avoid Violence

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dragnet December 5, 2012 at 11:30

“Just as The Spearhead started to get going, Men’s News Daily started to scale down, and its editor – Paul Elam – offered to write some pieces for The Spearhead. Paul is uniquely suited to this new approach to feminism. More so than I am in many ways. For me, it was more of an idea – an abstract concept – but Paul lives and breathes ideological combat. He’s a bit of a volatile substance in that way, and probably ought to come with the same warning you’d see on a package of TNT.

Fortunately, he’s been able to harness that power, and A Voice for Men has been growing in strength and depth for the past couple years.”

I mostly identify with the PUA/Game wing of the manosphere—but I have a lot of respect for Paul Elam and what he and his boys are doing over at AVfM. I thoroughly enjoy his muscular, combative and intelligent style and really look forward to his posts.

The hate he gets from Roosh et al is misplaced, misdirected energy.

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joeb December 5, 2012 at 11:54

I will be denouncing my membership to the SPL and discontinue any support I have given them over the years .;_ylu=X3oDMTE1YzZub2VtBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDE3MF8yMjI-/SIG=14ff13l2o/EXP=1354765651/**http%3a//

The SPL has sold out to the Feminist Goverment Money Im sad .

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Outcast Superstar December 5, 2012 at 12:27

Adam In Chains,

That was an awesome comment you made! I felt it was so good, I made it my latest blog entry while embededing Paul McCartney freedom song to go with it.

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Outcast Superstar December 5, 2012 at 13:14

Just to edit my previous comment I replaced Paul McCartney freedom video with Dan the Man, I felt it is a little more fitting for that post.

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oddsock December 5, 2012 at 13:18
oddsock December 5, 2012 at 13:41

The Pain Body – Part One

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Cultural_Expat December 5, 2012 at 14:10

I am a proud survivor of the 1st wave of feminist VAWA funded domestic violence Restraining Order Writers (ya know…the old “…I’m in fear for my life…” verse); Well, my ex-wife wrote it as dictated to her by one of the many feminist centers that popped up during that watershed funding event.
It was the civil kind where ya don’t need know stinkin’ evidence of anything, just hysterical proclamations of fear, even though you’ve admitted adultery in the family home. Right after that and in the same year- 1996 -I filed for divorce and went through a 2-year legal ringer. I lost my home, my children, and ½ of my weekly income due to child support, mandated health coverage for my children, and the removal of any tax breaks for having children as I was no longer head of household. I am still paying this…in the end it will be about $300K and both of my children have quit High school and have largely been alienated from me-I hope someday they understand what happened to me and that I did not leave them of my own volition.
It seemed really unfair and unjust then…until I started reading about it…then I understood that the system works exactly as it is designed. It is meant to transfer money and power from those that earned it to those that want it. Politicians run the middle and get their cut of the action both in votes, money, and dishonorable prestige (Crazy Joe Biden). Costumed Beta Boys in Blue have their hand out for the VAWA funds for scuba gear, ATV’s, VAWA junkets to Vegas, Police dogs, tanks, and whatever the hell else those over-mommied anal and not to bright rule followers want. And of course the lawyers, the counselors, the schools, the social workers, blah…blah….blah…all thief’s and destroyers of virtue…all of them.
Anyway, I was an early reader of Fathers Rights, Men’s Rights, Angry Harry, etc. As I read Spearhead, Dalrock, and AVFM, I find myself more hopeful than in the past 15 years. It is congealing, men seem no longer willing to be shamed and thrown out with the trash only to be used as slaves. I applaud all of these well put together publications!!
In ending, I think of AVFM’s tagline “Compassion for men and boys,” and I’m touched deeply by it, because really, nobody has it for decent and moral men. This tag line also brings up a Christmas letter that an earlier victim, Christopher Robin of the Purple Heart House wrote in 2002. His Ex-wife and the courts had stolen his son, and at that time he had not seen or heard from him son in 1000’s of days. The letter is poignant, sad…and even hopeful. I’ve not heard of CR since and I hope he has reunited with what would be his adult son now. I repeat “…Compassion for men and boys…”
I quote some of Christopher Robin’s letter below.
There are not many of you reading this who’ve not been through the
corruption of family law courts. You have the scars to prove it whether
you are male or female, parent or grandparent. Some have a bit of hope
that things may improve … but most have also come to the conclusion
nothing will ever change.
You have realized that in order to function and try to “get over it,”
changes must be made in your lifestyle or the pain and anguish will
your life and your health.
You have more than likely cried until your body ached. You may have
on your knees praying, even though praying had not been a part of your
life. You most certainly have difficulty sleeping. You may have signs
gastronomic disorders. You may be having dinner in a restaurant and the
sight of a family with children may cause you to begin to sob, although
tears were never a part of your life. The longing to see your child, to
hear that wonderful voice say, “I love you Daddy!” may be so painful,
want to die. You cannot deny that has happened to you.
What do we do to survive this unthinkable hollow space in our lives?
Someone has taken every thing you ever owned and strangers are raising
children. It’s tempting to deaden the pain by any means possible …
booze or drugs will only lead to more complex problems. Your
number-one-project is to survive and work to become the success you were
before family court destruction. You deserve to have a successful
fulfilling life. You have paid and paid and paid your dues. Most
importantly, you must be ready for when your children come back to you.
The rest of this letter can be found here, I highly recommend it.
Again, it’s been a long, long, lonely road. I’ve gone MGTOW-I’ve had a couple of Girlfriends but absolutely no live in-I don’t trust a g’damn one of ‘em.
I look forward to when my child support enslavement ends and I can seriously look in to expatriating, but for now I want to thank and honor The Spearhead, AVFM, Dalrock and many others that are bringing the MRA to our sons. I hope our daughters will listen too and treat their brothers better than their mothers treated their own husband, fathers, and sons.

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Jacob Ian Stalk December 5, 2012 at 14:11

Thanks for this shot in the arm, Bill. You do seem to have your finger on the pulse of the Manosphere and are always ready with a booster when things start getting people down. Not saying that’s the situation now but those U of T thugs were getting me down. Your words, however, shift the antipathy one feels for that latest batch of feminist thug-spawn, towards an appreciation the nobility of brotherhood and civilised masculinity.

It’s not without reason you and The Spearhead are a beacon for men everywhere. Your conclusion sums it up the great joy it is to be a man, as simply but profoundly as it can be:

“Fathers and children belong together, brotherhood is a noble concept, and freedom from tyranny is worth fighting for. These are timeless concepts that have animated men as long as humans have walked this earth. They are also directly responsible for progress; without them we’d still be living in a state of barbarism.”

We will stay the course. No need to worry about that. Nothing in this world more powerful than men banding together for a righteous cause and there will always be righteous men. Brotherhood is God’s gift to mankind, and God always wins.

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scatmaster December 5, 2012 at 15:04

Thank you for this Welmer. I had been slowing down my visits to your site as IMO (which does not mean much) itwas becoming staid. I have since relised by reading your post that there is room for combatting feminism with different approaches. Thanks for giving me the kick in the ass I needed and reminding me why I enjoyed this site in the first place. Now if I could figure out how to rate comment I would be happy.

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will December 5, 2012 at 15:21


The problem with institutions is that it requires that the problem will not go away in order to ensure its continued survival. Just like any organism that is interested in its continued existence.

An0ther problem is that of infiltration if the institution is sufficiently a threat to the status quo it will be infiltrated by spy’s and government agents leading the institution to be discredited and being led down a path of self-destruction or aimlessness perhaps even co-opted for the purposes of the power elite.

Better the manosphere remains decentralized ,deinstitutionalized that the power elite will find us as elusive as air.

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Born Free December 5, 2012 at 15:23

The growth and development of the manosphere in the last few years (2008 to the present) probably may have been in part due to the massive lay-off of so many thousands of men from the workforce. The last company I worked for was definitely female dominated from supervisors to upper management. Most of the “people” laid-off were men. I didn’t thing anything of it at the time but with so much time to explore the internet I had plenty of time to absorb the underlying truth of the matter. And I have no doubt many men in the same situation have also.

I say that young men who have discovered Game ARE on our side, whether or not they know it. They may be reacting to the excesses of feminism, but they are still realizing through Game that all the BS they have been exposed to about women is just that…BS.

Regarding Paul Elam, he’s a great guy doing a great job, but he does not speak for all of us. I am not one of his “zeta males” and I never will be. But the lesson learned here is that all the factions of the MRM do not have to agree 100% and adhere to one general consensus to be effective in our common goal of opposing feminism. All factions in their different forms will achieve our goals.

And to Bill Price, thank you for all of your efforts. I have not been able to contribute to the Spearhead financially becuase of my unemployment situation. But with recent job training I am optimistic.

With men’s collective focus and perserverence, the “mancession” will come to and end.

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[email protected] December 5, 2012 at 17:04

More thanks to:
Angry Harry!God Bless you man, I found you first.
Privateman,Elusive Wapiti!,GloriUSbastard!Woman and Dragon!
Dalrock!RationalMale!Hawaiian Libertarian!Carnivore!Neckbeard!
Patriactionary! Unmasking Feminism !
The Damned Olde Man!The Red Pill Room!
A Guide for a Young Patriarch!
MGTOW!Happy Bachelors!

Thanks for all the good reading guys,sorry about those I’ve missed,I’ve read and loved you all!

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freebird December 5, 2012 at 17:26

More thanks to:
NO-MAAM-thanks Rob!
Zed,Pook,Leap of a Beta,
Outcast Superstar,Men-factor,Whiskey,Patriactionary,M3,
The red pill room,Taki’s Magazine,
COTWA!,Gucci Little Piggy!

Once again,sorry for those I’ve missed.
(I know I have missed many)
Thanks for the free eduction guys.
I wish we could host an award show made for TV.

There ought to be trophies!

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highwasp December 5, 2012 at 17:51

cultural_expat – thanks for reminding me of how I used to be… uncontrollable tears at the most unlikely moments… panic attacks – complete devaluation as a human with nothing to live for… except spite, revenge and somehow hope that I can have a successful life.
That was 25 years ago ~ I am now looking at situations and circumstances that might make a ‘lesser’ man fall apart. Not me. I fell apart in my twenties – ain’t nothing worth falling apart for anymore.

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Mark December 5, 2012 at 19:11

I agree with cooterbie that my father’s conservatism, and even mine, will in effect be a quaint periphery going forward. I think that Mitt Romney will be the last of the old school Republicans who had a chance of winning.

But I have a lot of faith in what a candidate like Marco Rubio could do to revive conservatism’s appeal. Despite being put off by Romney’s self-deportation scenario, and effectively lumped in with the entitlement-consuming underclass by the strategic left media, many Latinos are family oriented, religious, industrious, and socially conservative. There’s a good chance Rubio could attract consequential Latino voters, and not just because he happens to share their ethnicity.

Price’s call for measured action in the Achane custody case is a great example of socially responsible activism. The best hope of any movement is to become an electoral factor.

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TFH December 5, 2012 at 19:39

I have said many times that I think Men’s Rights and Game are highly complementary, simply because anyone who is overtly not complying with the feminist agenda is damaging it. There are more than one way of doing this.

Paul Elam and Roosh are both damaging feminism. Just in very different ways.

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brigadon December 5, 2012 at 20:44

I would like to break apart the concept of ‘PUA’ and ‘young men who have discovered/learned/utilize game.
I utilize game extensively, but I am an old Stan Lee fan. With great power comes great responsibility. Actually understanding how women work, how to use their psyche and manipulate them for their own happiness or to ensure tranquility, how to turn aside the self-destructive urges women or put them to good use, is an incredible power.
Like I said before, I am willing to give the PUA movement credit for innovating and expanding game, and I use game extensively myself. But I would like to clarify that I still consider guys that are interested in nothing but an extensive string of easy fucks are, in fact, the enemy. They have been the enemy of progress and social stability forever, and they will always be the enemy.

On the other hand, I am willing to use them. Right now the behavior that they are exhibiting is a useful tool, one I (and hopefully the greater MRA movement) intend to use to it’s fullest extent. But, once we restabilize and rebuild civilization, they are welcome to return to being the travelling salesmen, pimps, users, and con men from whence they sprang.

Frankly, they damage women. damage them completely. In this current era, they are the barbarians that we MUST set free to teach women the stupidity of their chosen course to power. They abuse and destroy women, and right now they are utterly neccessary. White knights, chevaliers, and protectors HAVE to get out of these men’s way and let them teach the horrors spewed by feminism the lessons that we are ill-equipped to teach them.

I am a white knight. I truly believe in chivalry and the neccessity for it. I am the overprotective father, the husband that gets into a fistfight to protect the honor of his woman. The Ironclad wall and shelter of my family. The man that volunteers to stand between civilization and the barbarians. The man that never waits to get drafted, the boy too young and the man too old to join the military that lies about his age in order to serve during a war.

The hardest thing I have ever had to do was stand aside and let children, and women, face the consequences of their actions. I am no longer appreciated, I am abused and robbed, beaten by the system, turned into a leech on society that cannot afford a place to live and food to eat in the same month. Me, and every man like me, is learning that, for a time, we must set aside our shields. let our children touch a hot stove, walk away when a woman needs help due to her own stupidity.

But we can and will still fight. We may not be able to protect women and children anymore, but our job, our honor, demands that we still keep fighting, so when we are needed once again we will be ready. It hurts to know that the people we are fighting against are our own brothers, sisters, women, and children, but they are damaged beyond repair. It is possible that they will someday be worth protecting, but for now us knights need to keep the traditions alive, practice in secret, and destroy oppression wherever we see it, and support those trying to restore chivalry to the world… today’s publicly acknowledged chivalry is not TRUE chivalry, it is merely slavery with a neat sticker that allows weak men to preserve some modicum of self-respect while licking the boots of their masters.

The true code of the knight is to protect the weak, help the helpless, honor the honorable, your word, and your Liege. Treat those you have power over with benevolence and respect as appropriate, uphold honor and justice, and fight evil wherever you find it.

Feminists are not the weak, the government is not ruling with the consent of the governed, and worthless leeches are not the helpless. There is no justice left, honor only exists among those men that still hold to the code, and evil is virtually everywhere.

Someday, perhaps, a leader will arise within or without the MRM that is worthy of being called ‘liege’. When that happens, the TRUE chevaliers need to be ready to meet the needs. Until then, I plan to keep fighting the good fight until my head is covered with dirt.

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Jaego December 6, 2012 at 01:25

There’s nothing wrong with being a racist, Dave. A racist is simply a man who knows who he is and values his own.

Latinos and Family values? They “believe” in them but have more kids out of wedlock than Whites do. Don’t know about abortion and divorce but I imagine they will learn quick once they’ve been here for a generation or two.

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oddsock December 6, 2012 at 01:47

Here’s an interesting video I found, sort of reminds me of another group of people we all know.

Blaming Whitey

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cooterbee December 6, 2012 at 02:02

This tag line also brings up a Christmas letter that an earlier victim, Christopher Robin of the Purple Heart House wrote in 2002.

Last I heard, Chris Robin, a truly heroic figure, was pounded into submission through overwhelming force by the state of California somewhere around 2004. I am of the belief that they couldn’t beat him now due to the growth of the manosphere. He wouldn’t have been beaten then if there were more than a handful of men such as him. His moral courage and perseverance were exemplary. Hats off to a man most worthy of admiration.

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Ray December 6, 2012 at 04:54

“Although they’ve secured a place in the current ruling paradigm as coalition partners in the horde known as the Democratic Party, they no longer have the liberty to play the field. Like an aging harlot, their reputation is finally catching up to them, and the allure has all but worn off. “

I think gender feminists are somewhat less believed due to a lot of hard work by individual MRA’s and the MRM as a whole, but the need for refutation of their lies often appears endless.

The big lies of gender feminism are still being preached from Instructors podiums in college and university classrooms all across America as shown in Marxist Valley College at Youtube.

Just a couple of weeks ago the gender-feminist wage-gap-myth with all its Marxist embellishments was published on one campus I know of with no regard for truth. And if anyone dares question the Marxist-feminist propagandists they’re immediately name called misogynists, or Republicans, no matter their true political beliefs.

Gender feminism is much worse than just a mere special interest group, IMO, it’s a vile hate movement that destroys the lives of innocent males as shown in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube.

With prejudiced gender-feminist Obama re-elected to another four years, and lying Debbie Wasserman-Shultz free to foist the faux “war on women,” the immediate future for males is far from brightly shining. The great need for honest sites like “The Spearhead” is now greater than ever, IMO.

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Ray December 6, 2012 at 05:17

“…the guy asked the head of the [women's] center where the mans center was she said, ‘the multimillion dollar stadium down the street (partially subsidized by the gov)’”

Using the same reasoning, if you look at: the number of women’s stores in shopping malls across America, the number of women shopping there, the fact that 88 percent of all retail purchases in the U.S. are made by women (Bernice Kanner, “Pocketbook Power”), I guess in the same sense shopping centers are women’s centers. Where, and how, do women get all that money if we suspend disbelief for a moment to think women only earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. :-/

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Opus December 6, 2012 at 06:31

I suspect many if not most women would be genuinely shocked if they realised the extent to which men – and that includes those who have never heard of the manosphere, that is to say, most – are scathing about the behaviour of females. With men seeking avoidance of women, and the ongoing Marriage Strike – which is only going to grow, women are going, sooner or later, to turn on their sisters. I look forward to watching them scratching each others eyes out.

In the meanwhile it is only going to get worse. The Home Office, last week (as part of its latest offensive in their War on Men) whilst conflating Wooing with Murder, assure us that 18% of all women have been stalked – stalking being, a malign act intended to intimidate and frighten the stalkee. Comrades, Grain Production in the Ukraine is once again up 5,000% All praise to our Dear Leader! I suggested to our affirmative action Home Secretary Theresa May that the only honourable course was for her to resign but so far with no effect.

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Cultural_Expat December 6, 2012 at 06:42

Thanks for that update Cooterbee. That man lost everything and his dedication to fighting injustice and his eloquence remains an inspiration to me. I did find a corrospondence from Christopher Robin dated in 2012. His son is now 26 years old and he still has not seen him. I hope before this poor man dies he and his son reunite. Christopher Robin Jr…if you read this…your dad fought like hell, and truly sacrificed himself.

Here is some of Christopher Robins Letter from 2010:

“I am an old activist from the Hollywood Hills in Hollywood California. Fought for several years but still have not seen my son for 15 years… 5000 days.

I gave up for awhile because they bankrupted me and broke my heart but now it’s time to get back into action before either my son or I pass away.

He was 10 when I last saw him… he’ll be 26 in December.

I have written a letter to my son and hope he will be able to see it.


“Letter to Christopher Robin, Jr.

Hello my son. It has been about 5000 days since I last saw you so I have a lot of things to share with you. Your little dog Gretzky missed you very much. You can see his beautiful little face in the window of The Purple Heart House, waiting for you. A couple of years ago, he went blind, and I had to send him to puppy heaven. That was a very sad day.

Your little cousin Derek is 7’1” and was in March Madness this year. He missed two important free throws… you would not have missed them for sure! I was sure you’d be a really good basketball player and kept looking in the sports pages for your name but never saw it. I was sure you would be a singer since you were always better than me. Our singing act was so good that everyone was sure we’d end up on the Jay Leno show. I still have the Chevy we bought when your mom would not let us have the Chevy pick-up truck. Remember I told you that when you returned to me, we’d get our singing act together, buy a new Limo and go on the road. You never came back so I still have the same old car (and it is ugly!)

When I came home from court and the judge said you never wanted to see me again, I could not eat for a month. I lost 35 pounds in a month and all my students were bringing me food but I had no appetite. All my muscles disappeared for quite awhile but I am working out and trying to stay really healthy for when you return. I would love to teach you how to make my stained glass and wood art. I can’t do it anymore because arthritis is too bad but I could teach you in one day. You were always a good artist and you would be very good at it.

I still feed thousands of Hummingbirds every day. Now they take more than 3 pounds of sugar every day. All the other birds eat about 5 pounds of bird seed every day so it is a full time job feeding the birds who come to the Robin’s house. There are 3 big fountains here now where they can drink and bathe. It’s like a bird sanctuary in the center of the Hollywood Hills. I still have a tomato garden every year but the tomatoes were larger and tastier when you were here helping grow them.

I hope to get a letter from you some day to tell me about your life. What did they do to make you hate me so much? One day you will have to write a book to tell the truth about your life. I hope you are having a good life and are happy and healthy. I love you, my son, and I pray for you every day.

Love, Dad”

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JFinn December 6, 2012 at 13:44

We need there to be many different and somewhat conflicting pro-male camps and strands who recognize what they have in common. Including and especially liberal MRAs to tear the current Left in half. I’m a disenfranchised liberal, and an MRA. I completely support what I have in common with conservative MRAs.

Imagine government programs for males to equal those for women. Imagine half the media being pro-male. The UN. Half of the progressive humanist movements. My question for conservatives: wouldn’t that world at least be better than the current one? The world where conservatives attack liberals, saying that it’s the liberals who are waging a war on men, in response to liberals claiming that the conservatives are waging a war on men.

All you have to do is shatter the myth that men weren’t/aren’t systemically oppressed. A photo of a 10 year old African with an oozy side by side of an illustration of a 7 year old Spartan soldier is half of what you need to spark a revolution. A long and slow one, because we’re standing in the face of thousands of years of perfecting doublespeak(like “defend,” “protect,” or even “punch,” which only tell half the story) dating back to the times of hunting.

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Will-Penny December 6, 2012 at 14:36

In regards to the Manosphere growing up, please don’t forget such classic, influential blogs like Eternal Bachelor and Mirror of the Soul. If it wasn’t for them, I never would have discovered the Spearhead. Awesome as this website is.

Everybody might enjoy those older blogs too. I’d say they’re just as good as Heartiste.

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Outcast Superstar December 6, 2012 at 21:04

Most of Eternal Bachelor’s work is now on

Duncan at one point deleted his blog but somebody backed up his work and put it on Word Press.

Anyway my favorite piece or an all time classic that Eternal Bachelor wrote is called “Us Men Didn’t Agree to Feminism”

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freebird December 6, 2012 at 22:14

Thanks for posting the Christopher Robin comment.
The text seemed innocent enough but produced a stream of tears that seems to not want to stop.
It’s good to have that,it’s the tears that justify the anger,never forget that.
Yes,this man is crying and I’m not ashamed,not one fucking bit.
Soon comes the anger.

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BC Dad December 7, 2012 at 02:17

“I wish we could host an award show made for TV.”

This is a fabulous idea, the Annual Men’s Freedom Awards coming into your living room…
Categories to include Activism, Literature, Music, Research, Legal Arena, etc. I hope one of the big boys (are you listening Bill?Paul?Harry?etc.) picks up on this.

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