First Female USMC Infantry Candidates Wash Out

by W.F. Price on November 27, 2012

President Obama has ordered the armed forces to integrate women, and the USMC has now opened infantry training to women. Out of 80 female officers in the first eligible group, only two signed up for the USMC officer infantry training program, which requires a significant amount of physical strength and endurance to complete. On average about 25% of men fail the course for one reason or another. Unsurprisingly, both women failed it, with one dropping out on the first day and another withdrawing due to “unspecified medical reasons” a little over a week in. The two women joined some 30 men who also failed to make the cut.

The USMC requires above average physical strength and endurance from men, and very few women are at that level. In fact, for women it is a higher hurdle than it might appear at first glance, because a woman who can match a man in one particular trait, such as strength, typically cannot match the same man in speed, endurance or other physical abilities. For example, a female Olympic weightlifter may be able to lift as much as the average male marine, but she will be short and stocky and prone to overheating on long marches. She’ll also be slow and clumsy on agility tests. A women who can run as fast and far as male marines is likely built like a whippet, and can’t even lift the standard rucksack. One who can do the pull-ups is probably under 5 feet tall and weighs 90 lbs, and so on…

Of course, there is now a mandate to have women in combat, so someone is going to come in and make changes to the infantry training program so that women can pass it. Marine Corps officials are already talking about “gender neutral” (i.e. lower) physical standards.

So, once again, we see our elected officials hard at work spending our money to make the US military less efficient and less capable. Feminism is now an expense one cannot avoid anywhere, even in matters as fundamental as national defense.

The end result will be a weaker, more expensive military — one that provides both paychecks and self-esteem boosts to people who can’t even perform the job. Kinda like our wonderful public schools.

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