Feminists Show How They Feel About Free Speech at Warren Farrell Presentation

by W.F. Price on November 19, 2012

Dr. Warren Farrell, who has devoted a great deal of his life to men’s issues and taken feminism to task for its blatant double standards and hatemongering against men, addressed a group seeking men’s equality at the University of Toronto on Friday evening. However, he was delayed by a group of anti-speech feminists and some street trash they picked up who had nothing better to do than fight the police. According to a feminist interviewed after the disturbance, there were about twenty protesters, although other feminists later claimed triple digits online.

Here’s a video of the feminists misbehaving:

Naturally, the cops went easy on the feminists, which is why they do this kind of thing — they can get away with it. If real men got physical with the cops like that instead of a bunch of spoiled college feminists and their gutterpunk buddies, they would have drawn weapons. Kinda makes Warren Farrell’s point, but then again it also makes the point that seeking “equality” with women is a quixotic effort.

However, that isn’t to diminish Farrell’s work. The man has done an effective job in calling attention to the sham that passes for gender equality, laying feminism’s hypocrisy bare to all who care to look. That’s what really infuriates these feminists.

Word to the wise: a lot of the street trash who show up as “muscle” at these protests shoot smack and/or meth and make a living selling their ass, so you probably want to avoid physical contact if you encounter them. If you are ever in a position where you must defend yourself from them (try to avoid it if at all possible), it is far better to use a weapon that can keep them at least at arm’s length than your fist. Both HIV and Hepatitis C are real risks, which is why the cops wear gloves at these events. At about :20-:30 in the video you’ll notice one of the cops putting gloves on before getting close to them.

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