What a Relief

by W.F. Price on November 7, 2012

It’s over. Now we can get on with things.

My take on the election is that people stuck with the devil they know, and are still smarting from the disastrous Bush presidency. However, I think Obama owes Clinton big time for campaigning on his behalf. That clinched it, because Clinton remains so popular with working class folks in the swing states.

As for policies, it will be a mixed bag for men. Neither Republicans or Democrats will openly support reform. My local elections made that obvious, with Republicans promising to crack down on men with more domestic police hunter-killer squads if they were elected, and Democrats merely promising more of the same goodies for women.

The one good thing Republicans might do is cut programs that openly discriminate against men, but they will more than happily shift more of the burden onto fathers, as they did in 1994. Democrats, for their part, seem dedicated to preventing children in the first place (the little brats compete for public funds with voters) rather than punishing men. In fact, the Obama administration pushed states not to run up men’s arrears while they are incarcerated — a much needed reform of an extremely punitive and cruel practice that put many poor fathers in eternal debt simply for being unable to pay a couple months of child support. What judges would do was imprison men without trial for owing arrears, and all the while the arrears would grow while they were in jail. This would lead to a cycle of debt and imprisonment for men who had not even committed a crime (owing child support is not a crime, but it is treated as such).

Everyone is talking about the racial element of the election, and although it’s very relevant to who won, in terms of policy it won’t make much of a difference, except perhaps in the Supreme Court. White nationalists ought to accept the fact that the United States is no longer a “nation” in the true sense of the word. We are not a people united by common culture or ancestry, and nobody can change that at this point. The US is essentially an empire, and nationalities are always subordinate to the empire. Try asking 1st century Jews in Palestine how it worked out when they defied an empire — not very well. However, if this bothers white nationalists, they should console themselves with the fact that white Christians are the single most powerful nationality in the US, and will remain so for a long time to come — probably permanently. After all, Romans still exist; we just call them “Italians” today.

If there is to be any reform along ethnic lines, it should be to recognize different nationalities (all of them, including white Christians) and grant them all some basic rights as peoples – not just individuals – including the right to live according to their customs, religions, and so forth without having to go against their values.

In the long run, exotic ideologies like female supremacism will wither as other factors, such as placating squabbling nationalities fighting for a piece of the pie, grow in importance. I am quite confident that feminist policies and initiatives will come to be little more than empty platitudes as the realities of imperial and provincial bankruptcy begin to dominate politicians’ concerns. In countries such as Mexico, for example, feminism gets plenty of lip service, but in practice it doesn’t exist.

We are going to face an era of high taxes, inequality and a negative sum fight over dwindling returns. America has had its day, and as triumphant victors usually do, it squandered its advantages, and is now in maintenance mode.

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Tom Smith November 7, 2012 at 14:23

The one thing that this election taught was that we have entered an era where no man can win the white house without building a coalition of all the splinter groups. And in fact, this will mean promises of all sorts of “goodies” regardless of whether the promises will be kept.

To get elected, this means a white man will have do two things. First, promise “goodies” to all of the splinter groups. Second, using rhetoric and personal history, tap into “non-white” ethnicity to convince the other “non-whites” and/or women to vote for him. And this seems to be the future for the forseeable future.

The other interesting part of this election was the family voting demographic. This was: the people who supported single motherhood voted heavily for Obama and married people tended to vote for Romney. This statistic probably means we’re entering a period where support for single motherhood (without a strong presence of a father) will be glorified by the Obama administration (i.e. another 4 years of the “war on fatherhood.”)

We all need to stay vigilant of what happens with men’s and fathers’ rights. Those of us that fight for fathers’ rights in the courts can see the coming battle. But in the next 4 years, I will fight- at least in my own way- for the right of dads to have access and meaningful time with their children. Also, I will fight to insure that additional incentives are not added for the would-be single mothers.

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Towgunner November 7, 2012 at 15:05

Make no mistake about it, this is the beginning of the post Americana Era. No, it didn’t matter who won, well not really, but it did. As it applies to the MRA, barry has his “structural” feminists to fundamentally transform america. So, look for more social engineering etc. Thats bad. But consider this Romney would have stalled an inevitable process with our defunct system. As such, maybe he wouldn’t be a passionate supporter of feminism, but, he wasn’t going to cut or reverse anything either, so, we’d languish in a sort of malaise for a longer time. With barry back for another four years the reset and collapse will happen sooner and that’s what we’re looking for. Once there are no funds for the presidents office for women and girls, there will be no funds for the center for women in the media or anything else – feminism dies. Of course so do we, but, we already have.

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keyster November 7, 2012 at 15:22

If would seem the GOP is not so “Big Tent” after all. Republicans will essentially have to become what was once referred to as “Blue Dog” Democrats; only pet social issues, while feigning concern over budgets, deficits and higher taxes.

The white marriage rate is historically low, and the population is not keeping up with it’s death rate. Combine the special interest groups against the privilaged white male class, and he doesn’t stand a chance.

New GOP Platform:

Single women – govt paid health care, including abortion and contraceptives. Pay Check Fairness Act passed.
Hispanics – Amnesty for ALL illegal aliens, currently in the country, with a more efficient path to citizenship for new immigrants.
Blacks – Work rule for welfare dropped federally. Reduced sentencing for drug crimes. Extended food stamp and housing benefits. Reparations for slavery.
Gays – Equal marriage and anti-discrimination policy.
The Poor – Raise capital gains taxes for everyone making more than $1 Million dollars to 45%. Shift these funds to govt housing and education and job training programs within inner city neighborhoods.
Guns – Abolish ALL semi-automatic weapons. Institute Govt buy-back program.

The demographics have permanently shifted.
This is the official tipping point.
There are no conservatives, just moderate democrats and socialist Obama-esque democrats…like Canada or the UK. The check and balance between right and left no longer exists.

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Avenger November 7, 2012 at 15:56

@Keyster-You’re forgetting one thing, The Republicans control the Houseof Representatives and they are the people who write the laws, not the President. They can also block laws.

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dragnet November 7, 2012 at 16:07

I’m skeptical of the notion that Obama has problem with white voters–working class or otherwise. What he has is a problem with white Southerners. The data from yesterday isn’t available yet, but there is the breakdown from 2008—from a Pew poll of non-Hispanic white likely voters:

Northeast 51 41
Midwest 42 51
West 45 48
South 27 66

Obama (and Democrats more generally) is plenty competitive among white voters everywhere but the South. If one thing changes out of this election, I hope this notion that Obama has a problem with white voters can finally be put to rest.

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Numnut November 7, 2012 at 16:15

Strong rhetoric Mr.Price and and spot on.
I’ve seen the good cop bad cop routine the repubs and dems play also.

The dems hand out the goodies whilst the repubs play strong enforcer of money driven laws.
All points lead to less freedom and money for the working class.
Get the popcorn and metaphorical sandbags against the flood of oncoming legislation.
It’s getting close to the time a new “hate speech’ law will shut down unwanted net discourse.

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Numnut November 7, 2012 at 16:18

This here was outstanding for clarity:
“Neither Republicans or Democrats will openly support reform. My local elections made that obvious, with Republicans promising to crack down on men with more domestic police hunter-killer squads if they were elected, and Democrats merely promising more of the same goodies for women. ”

Cudos for the courage to cut so close to the bone of truth.

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Erasmus November 7, 2012 at 16:21

How do you feel about marijuana being legalized for recreational use in your state?

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LatinoinNYC November 7, 2012 at 16:22

The U.S.A became an empire after it won WW2. This country is truly in serious trouble with this Marxist commie in there for another four years. The powers to be that have been running this corporation called America since 1913 have selected every puppet of course Kennedy tried to do the will of the people so they killed him. I told folks here many months ago Obumba was the selected puppet, and Romney was a terrible candidate.

The market tank over 300 points today a clear sign if what is coning. The economic collapse will happen under the Marxist Obama.

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Troll King November 7, 2012 at 16:42

Yeah, men never stood a chance as a demographic. I was a bit hopeful early on but it became obvious once the debates arrived and I saw both politicians fighting like starving dogs over the last bone to get the female vote.

One of the more interesting things to look at, going back even to the primaries, is the influence that so many new splinter groups have had. The fact that Ron Paul was able to influence so much of the early GOP debates is quite interesting from my point of view. Maybe as a liberal and registered dem and a young man I never paid attention to the libertarians in the last two elections, which were the only two I could vote in, but I have always, even before being eligible to vote, followed the independent and more closely identified as a independent than a democrat. So, the heavy libertarian influence really amazed me.

I think a lot of it comes from the shifting left of the democratic party from a classical liberal, quasi-libertarian view where individual rights are paramount, to more of a socialist/communitarian view of liberalism that is more concerned about group dynamics and identity politics than before. I think that is why Obama needed Bill Clinton so badly. Has there ever been a time in history where a seated president was second, or third if you can’t the first lady, with respect to his welcoming at his uncontested primary? Everyone admitted that Clinton stole the show.

If you look at other areas, especially thinks like Atheism+ and the feminist appropriation of all atheism and other classical liberal spaces, then I think my assertion is correct. The GOP was run off the tracks because they realized they no longer had a stranglehold on what was called “the angry young while male” vote during the 90s and early 00s. Those men are now in their late 30s and 40s and aren’t as reactionary and the current crop was brought up in a much more independent minded and liberal social structure.

I am very much in that social structure and I have seen others talk about how they can’t stand Obama and the feminist-socialist libera/communitarians(collectivists) but they would never vote for the Republicans because of the heavy religious right. As someone who is an atheist, who doesn’t give a shit about gayness or gay marriage, who doesn’t give much of a shit about abortion, (I have very varied views on all those topics but they don’t drive me like they do those on the right and left in my decision-making abilities cause I am not an ideologue), and also agrees with most of the libertarian and many consevative principles I can understand those peoples concerns. I a huge chunk of High School being told I was going to hell for the way I dressed by the stuck up cunts wearing purity bracelets who are now single mother welfare trash watching honey boo boo child and other assorted shit on TV.

I am also someone who watched Tipper Gore prance around congress and got the mommy-brigade to try and ban rock music and videogames and basically anything I liked to spend time doing as a teen and young man banned. Then a few years later it was the O’reilly’s of the world trying to blame columbine and drugs on videogames and rock/rap music.

Anyways, what I am trying to point out is that there are a lot of men and some women who are like me and are liberal on various issues while also being conservative, or maybe it isn’t consevatism these days but I always thought personal responsibility and property rights and fiscally sound policies and so on was conservatism, who have been abandoned by both parties. The GOP, I think, thought they could count on us but they didn’t realize how far they have drifted from what we consider valuable. Hell, I grew up in a shitty public school in the south before No Child Left Behind and after it. From what I know from guys in my age range who have children it has only gotten worse under Obama.

So, is it surprising that most of the GOP candidates came out and mimicked Ron Paul and said they would shut down the education system or the prison-industrial complex? The problem is that you can’t really be GOP and run a sucessful campaign that way. You will lose the housewife and conservative mommy and religious votes if you are for marijuana reform or whatever.

So, many guys, like me, voted third party or they voted for Obama. Look at the number of third party candidates. There must have been a dozen or so on my ballot. I also think this ties into how the Tea Party became so popular, but they tended to be more socially conservative.

One thing is for sure, neither party has my interests or the interests of liberally(philosophically independet) minded men at heart.

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cyclotronMajesty November 7, 2012 at 16:49

Yes, we are facing further balkanization, America is going to become the most chaotic nation on earth. I don’t think the republicans are doing so well with men’s issues, they got hammered by the “war on women” rhetoric and cowered like a little boy under mommy’s dress, what should have happened is that they boldly opposed and observed men’s rights issues. Even conservatives seem to be lacking in understanding of these things, they seem as ill informed as anyone any typical democrat with a 10 year historical memory. Republicans are stupidly becoming more like democrats, in order to win elections. The Christian right even is changing under pressure. People may still be Christian, but frankly are backing down from any strong opposition to homosexuality, or promotion of the traditional family structure. Problem is when you promote the traditional family structure, you simply reinforce the basis of the liberal feminist communist agenda. Republicans and Christians don’t understand that.

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Jimbo November 7, 2012 at 16:52

Basically a civilization and a race is withering, exploding and being conquered at the same time. The personal opinion that I’ve had for twenty plus years is that the shit is going to hit the fan eventually, it is only a matter of time. And, the sooner the better.

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Chris S. November 7, 2012 at 17:18

All the rhetoric is fine, but the bottom line is, We are Screwed.
The Liberals may be in power for the forseeable future.

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W.F. Price November 7, 2012 at 17:23

How do you feel about marijuana being legalized for recreational use in your state?


It never should have been illegal in the first place. So many pointless prosecutions for a trivial issue…

Troll King November 7, 2012 at 17:35

One thing that will be interesting to look forward to is what I already have been observing for some time now.

That is basically the resource-based fight between married women and single women.

If you follow feminism, or work in a gender-equal office or company, then you will constantly see these battles between the single women and the single mothers and the career, or liberal married mothers. They come up with harsh language to use against each other too.

It is pretty common to see women get vicious and use terms like breeder or parasite against single mothers or career mothers who need to leave work early to take a kid to the dentist. More and more it will be the single women, because they have more education, who get to work weekends and overtime and don’t get to have sex and the city type of lives who pick up the slack.

Right now this is only obvious in the workplace and on some feminist blogs in conversations between liberal urban young women and single mothers.

I predict that in the future this will easily boil over into the political and social realm. I don’t even think we will have to wait until the next presidential election to see this happen. I expect that it will erupt within a year or so, or as soon as the feminist lobby pushes president Obama to mandate enforced babysitters and play pens within companies.

There simply is one major problem, well more than one but anyways, with the social and political liberal philosophy of liberal egalitarianism(not to be confused with other forms of liberalism like libertarianism, utilitarianism, and their subtheories and so on).

No matter what theory of liberal egalitarianism you use there is always the problem of subsidizing other peoples choices. For most men and women who subscribe to these redistributionist policies, whether socialist or liberal egalitarian, most don’t have a problem if it goes to someone like them.

A single and upper-echelon educated urban female lawyer doesn’t have too much of a problem working doubles and weekends for a few months when the woman a few years older than her, but pretty much just like her, takes three months off for maternity leave. In fact, most women of this type, fill in the blanks with lawyer or doctor or accountant or whatever, will see it as a chance to prove themselves and move up.

Some may not like being forced back down to their previous station when the mommy comes back to work, but most won’t complain about it, outside of a blog comment on feministe or two, because they realize that in the next few years they will meet their beta herb future husband at a charity event to protect some sort of sea urchin and they will fuck, though not as passionately as she does the drummer who partakes in meth on the weekends, in the back of his prius and she one day will be able to take a few months off of work and remodel her new townhouse in between yoga and pilates sessions and buying furniture for the baby.

See, the problem with subsidizing other peoples actions through redistributive policies that shift burdens and responsibilities onto the collective is that peole will only put up with it when they are the ones who can benefit from it in the future or when the people benefiting from it are a mental stand in for them, AKA when it is someone like them with their life choices and what not.

Talk to liberal urban feminist single women and it becomes painfully obvious. If it is a conversation about food stamps and WIC then they will never talk about the tattooed from wrist to wrist baby momma with three different children from three different men who strips on the weekends and who snorts oxy, who dropped out from community college and beats her babydaddies children, who stands in line at the grocery store with two buggies, one filled with WIC and EBT approved goods and the other that will be paid with a wad of 20s that is full of beer and unhealthy food.

(I worked in a grocery store in the south and this is much more common, and decent cause there are way too many honey booboo child mothers than decently hot tatted up emo strippers, than what any feminist will ever describe)

Nope, the feminist will describe, pretty much universally in my experience, some one that is just like them with respect to class and education and work experience who simply made a mistake while in gradschool and forgot to take a, probably defective, pill and totes believes in abortion but abortion isn’t for her cause she is 28 and attempting to finish up a masters of sociology and we totes need WIC and EBT and all the other things that glorified single mothers currently have access to that we as a collective can’t pay for cause this fictional character that she just described to you is a mental stand in for herself if something were to happen with her current boytoy and she needed those services. This becomes obvious if you ever have the pleasure to point out to these women a woman who is enjoying the perks of this subsized collectivist redistribution who looks and acts nothing like the person you are talking to.

A example of this can be seen in the feminist movement quite often. Look at the conversations between baby boomer feminists in white collar fields and the young single and urban, sometimes single mother by choice or after a starter marriage, women.

A late 20s woman who still prefers being called a girl decides to get preggar and takes maternity leave and it sends the boomer women into a tizzy. They start complaining about how the young women take for granted the sacrifices and work of the generation before them. They complain about how they, the boomers, are still struggling to find a work-life balance and struggling to take care of their tweens who they had with IVF help at the ages of 40+ and now they can’t be home with their househubby, or more often their second husband or cats, because now they have to work double shifts to cover for the choices of these spoiled third wave feminists who are ungrateful and btw there is no such thing as a third wave cause there is only second wave and that sez pozzy and riot grrl shit doesn’t count cause I am a woman, I fought for more than spoiled girls to go to college paid for by daddy….My parents told me that a proper woman got married and supported her husband in college and a career…..I put my mom in a nursing home because of those comments….I didn’t fight so hard all this time, trying to break the glass ceiling and putting up with a masculine work environment full of sexual harassment…I still remember this one time from 73 where this jerk of a boss had the temerity to make a joke, about sex…can you believe it, while me and three secretaries were standing in the room….I had to put up with sexist chauvinist pigs and these intelligent young professional women want to throw it all away by staying home for a full year and waiting on their husbands all while calling themselves grrls….Listen, IT IS CALLED W-O-M-A-N!….ugh1111!!!111!!!!!11!11 (lulz, I have literally seen boomer feminists say this type of stuff.)

I think I have made my point. In the coming year we will see women rights and socialist and collectivist and communitarian(they are slightly different on a social/political philosophical level) liberal egalitarin and redistributive policies move center stage on the heels of this Obama victory.

This will be beautiful to watch. This is due to women having no real social or formal structure around combat. They are so used to being part of the female herd(collective) and being cared for that when they suddenly find themselves as part of the outgroup they are shocked and they become vicious.

I can think back to middle and highschool and how I learned about this. The few male teachers would sometimes break up fights between boys but they preferred to allow the female teachers to do this. The female teachers always told me that they didn’t mind because they knew the boys wouldn’t hit a woman, and especially not a woman in charge. So the female teachers would simply place themselves between the two boys and the fight would stop immediately. If it was a male teacher it usually stopped immedialy to because the male teachers had height and size advantages but sometimes it would and the male teachers would take a punch or two trying to break up the fight.

Now, with the girls the story was completely different. I have never, as a gen y male, understood this ‘sugar and spice’ shit that people talk about with respect to females. Girls fought just as much,if not more, than boys did in my white trash public school. They especially had worse consequences. Go and watch the fifth season of the Wire. I had one female friend of mine smash another girls head in with a brick and put her in a coma. She bragged about it like she was some tough shit, the boys rarely bragged because there wasn’t anything to brag about if you got sent to juvie for busting up some other boy. It was usually not about inflicting damage but instead about dominance or self-protection for you and your clique. Girls not so much. Damn, it is depressing to think about how fucked up my schooling was due to a majority of divorced and single mom by choice families. Anyways.

The female teachers hated trying to get inbetween the two or more girls who were fighting. Unlike the boys the girls would continue to scratch and bite and pull hair and sometimes rip off bras(yeah). I remember seeing my french teacher get between two girls. We were standing around yelling, “bitch fight..Bitch fight…cat fight” and she came to break it up and they didn’t stop going at each other and went after the french teacher too. By the end of it both girls and the teacher had scratches all over their faces, there were tits hangnig out and clothes and even hair extensions laying all over the floor and all of us, me and my bros, thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Interestingly, the few male teachers would literally walk away and disappear if two girls were fighting because they new that not only would the girls scratch them to shreds but all it took to ruin their career was to have one of the girls in state of half-dress claim that he groped her or felt her up while breaking up the fight for him to face a ruined career.

Now, imagine all of what I have typed but instead of taking place on a feminist blog or in the break room or in the cafeteria of a white trash school in the south it will take place, with so, so, so much more, center stage within the political sphere over the next couple years and more.

Lolololxzzzzz. It gonna be good. I am going to stock up my fridge with beer and popcorn and stock up a folder on my desktop with gifs like this one:


Here is an entire site full of them for you guys to enjoy:


Get ready, cause I am warning you all.

It gonna be good. We will get to see the single moms square off against the teen moms and then go head to head against the stressed out working women who proclaim,”what I really need is a wife, not a husband” with respect to how overworked they are and they will get pushed up against conservative latino housewives and aging lesbians who are dealing with IVF battles that should be subsidized by Obamacare cause it is just so expensive and so on and so on.

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Rebel November 7, 2012 at 17:49

Before I say anything more, I want to issue an apology to the members of this board.
I have seen the increasing number of typo errors I have been making recently and I feel I need everyone an explanation.
My lung cancer is progressing fast and I was put on medication: morphine, in ever increasing quantity.
It kills the pain but reduces my concentration ability, even though I run through double and triple proof-readings.
I might have to stop posting altogether, eventually,much to my chagrin.

At least, this is off my chest.

Now, about Obama’s victory, I think he pandered so much to women and Latinoes that it made the big difference. The White majority in the U.S. is quickly eroding: the Republicans will soon have no alternative but to “massage” the entire electorate.

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meistergedanken November 7, 2012 at 17:59

Rebel, I sincerely hope that you have loved ones that can keep you company during this dark time. Such burdens can perhaps be made a little lighter if there are others with which they can be shared. I wish you the best, though I know you only through your comments here.

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Jaego November 7, 2012 at 18:05

There has been alot of hysteria about pot, but credible evidence indicates that it can lower IQ if used before age 18. It will impair functioning for those over 18, but this will reverse once stopped. But under 18, the damadge is permanent.

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LatinoinNYC November 7, 2012 at 18:57

I have noticed something here in news York, and that is a lot of single mommies at the corporate level. It seems to me career women in new York get married then a couple of years hater after the kids are born she kick the husband to the curbs. Also this is happening in all ethical groups.

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no name November 7, 2012 at 19:09

I smoked a lot of pot when I was a kid. It was not good for me and I honestly believe it is not good for young people to smoke it. It impaired my maturing, judgement, motivation and confidence. All at a very important time in my life. And, from what I witnessed way back then and what I witness now, it is the same for anyone who smokes it. I remember way back when the head Chinese guy said that there can be too much freedom. As a young man, I thought that was impossible. But, as the years went by, I came to believe that he was right. As does feminism and all of its reliance on the word equality, endless freedom sounds nice, but, in the real world, it is not so nice.

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meistergedanken November 7, 2012 at 19:26

I can not wait for all the people who think pot use is no big deal (“it’s better than SMOKING”) to be in a hospital one day and suddenly discern with a shock that their nurse or med tech is stoned…Just as they are hooking you up to an IV or doling you out some pills. Or that your kid’s teacher or daycare provider is totally baked (as you drop thems off for the day).

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W.F. Price November 7, 2012 at 20:38

There has been alot of hysteria about pot, but credible evidence indicates that it can lower IQ if used before age 18. It will impair functioning for those over 18, but this will reverse once stopped. But under 18, the damadge is permanent.


I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I can say for certain that it’s a lot easier for minors to score pot than booze, and that’s because it’s illegal and therefore unregulated.

Pot is legal in the Netherlands, but Dutch kids smoke less than Americans, probably for the above reason.

As for me, I don’t care for the psychotropic effects of the herb, so I don’t use it, but it does work very well for some inflammatory conditions (e.g. arthritis, colitis), and if I need it for that I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to use it at my own discretion. It just seems like a non-issue to me, but I guess some people think it sends the wrong message to kids.

Troll King November 7, 2012 at 21:55

On pot.

Well, first and foremost, I am getting buzzed right now on beer and I really shouldn’t be doing that because I have a five page philosophy paper to write on metaphysics that is due tomorrow. Now, these days I don’t smoke weed but I did for more than half my life and I also quit multiple times and even went to rehab, at the age of 18 because I was arrested at 17 for possession, instead of prom over it.

Now, I will say that pot is less detrimental than other drugs, even booze, and I will also say that I am far from a drug legalizer than you can find. When I was a stupid stoned teen who messed around with certain drugs I thought it was a good idea to legalize all drugs but within a few years time I went from knowing a few people in Juvie or prison and a few people who had overdosed and even died to dozens upon dozens.

I will say that I don’t think we should put people in prison for longer sentences than murder, on average, for drug use or even distributing but at the same time meth and heroin and even pharmaceutical like oxy are just bad news. I have known so many fucking people destroyed by that shit, entire families, that I don’t even know what to say. Hell, I live in the oxy central of america when it comes to trafficking of the drug and have been pulled over countless times and harassed because I used to live near a highway and interstate system that was the major pipeline from the Florida distributories.

Point is that I am not a legalization person but I do know that weed is by far the least of our problems and even more may be beneficial under certain conditions and even more is less destructive than booze, I come from a long line of patriots and also people who liked their stills and helped build NASCAR up to what it is today because they ran from the cops, but at the same time I do understand that it is bad for kids and kids shouldn’t have access to it. The best way to make sure that kids don’t have access is through regulation. Now, truth be told I don’t think it messed me up any on any real level. I think going infront of a female judge at 18 who yelled at me for making a reasonable deal with the DA instead of going on mandatory probation and claimed that if she would ever see me again in her court she would make sure I got a cell with bubba fucked me up a bit. One friend of mine went infront of another judge who did the time honored tradition of holding up a dime and saying, “this is what you are now” and then held up a silver dollar and said, “this is what you will be after you get out.” This was all as a scare tactic to fuck with some boy who got caught with weed, and it worked.

My friend spent two years in state prison and was raped and later killed himself. Our entire judicial system isn’t built around fairness or individualism and our freedoms from justice but instead mirrors the soviet system of destroying individualism to protect the collective.

In other words, while I think over use of weed, or even regular sustained use, at a young age isn’t good I also think it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Speaking of my experience, the cops who would pull me over for walking down the street while male or for driving as a teen male and then fuck with me constantly played a much larger role in my development than the few hours I spent high as a latchkey kid after school in a empty house being raised by TV and videogames.

Being fucked with and threatened constantly made me daydream about getting access to guns, which I didn’t have too much trouble with, and actually going all columbine, this was before columbine to be honest, and fucking some shit up. The weed was how I coped with that constant harassment. Just like the dwindling six pack in my fridge is how I cope with the constant misandry and bullshit I have to put up with from sheeple feminist loving assholes.

I have said it before and I will say it again. What the fuck do these boomer and gen x and to a lesser degree millenial feminist cunts hope to accomplish by raising boys to be men under a system that punishes natural masculinity from preschool to college hope to fucking see?

They, the conservative or liberal feminists, can blame it on whatever they want. They can blame it on rape culture or video games but the fact is that I have been fucked with so much over my damned life for simply existing as male that some times I feel like I will explode. I am not even 30. I didn’t grow up in the trailer park or subsidized housing projects, I didn’t get it half as bad as many of my single mom by choice raised friends did.

I dropped out of HS at 18 and got my GED and fulfilled all the requirments for my charges to be dismissed, over freakin weed lulz, that I made with the DA and I got a job and worked up to being a butcher before going to college in my early 20s. Then I realized that it isn’t as bad, but in some cases worse, to be in college as a male than it was in HS. So, I took some time off and fuck me the economy went to shit right around the time I should have graduated but didn’t because I changed majors a couple of times.

Companies are shutting down faster than small businesses are being created. Every day a person stands infront of the courthouse and reads out hundreds of names of people whose houses are being foreclosed on and I think that I am lucky because, unlike honey booboo childs mom and single mother cunts like her, I have less than 100$ in the bank and don’t know where I will go, other than my parents, to be fed by next week.

I went down to talk about EBT in the hopes of maybe getting a little bit of help but because I am a able bodied white man, with no former job in the last year that hasn’t been under the table, I don’t get help. One of my friends, from a welding class I took awhile back in the hopes of getting a job, got kicked out of his house and his family thrown on the street because his unemployment ran out because he was male. His wife got some and now they are living in an apt instead of a house because it is located in a section 8 location while they use to live in a cheaper rural home.

The entire system, even the non-government elements, are stacked against men. I couldn’t even get a fuckin job at the cabinet making factory in my home town or the pallet making factory. I applied at two mcdonalds and was told I was over educated and I don’t even have my degree yet. Luckily my mom wants me to finish so she is willing to help me with some money, the rest I make by working under the table by clearing brush and doing landscaping.

Understand one thing america, it is probably good that middle class guys like me aren’t being given the chance to prove our abilities because once I have enough money to leave this shit hole I will.

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Rod Van Mechelen November 7, 2012 at 22:25

Ron Paul had over 2 millions supporters who were very upset by the contemptuous behavior of the Establishment GOP during the primaries. Following the convention, many said they would not vote for Romney, but would vote for Johnson, write in Ron Paul, or not vote at all. Clearly, had the Ron Paul supporters voted for Romney, he would have won. And had the GOP nominated Ron Paul, instead, it would have been a landslide for the Republicans. But the establishment needed an establishment president–who will continue to lead us down the road to serfdom…and socialism–and neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson were it.

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brigadon November 8, 2012 at 02:54

@rod- I disagree. While Ron Paul would have probably picked up a lot of the libertarian and tea party votes, he would have lost the ‘moderate’ vote that Romney gained. Romney also had the religious vote, both liberal and conservative, which Paul would have lost most of (The liberal 40%)
There’s also the anti-nuke vote to think about. Frankly, nukes are the scariest shit on this planet, and while Ron Paul’s turtling up policies would have stood a good change of saving the economy, within 4 years isreal and both coasts would have been smoking craters. the conservatives on the coasts and the supporters of isreal (both sides) Would have had to be insane to support a man who encouraged abandoning the middle east and allowing the muslim fanatics to soon have access to nuclear weapons.
In addition, the veteran vote wouldn’t have supported a man who favors their downbudgeting.
Nope, I think most of Ron Paul’s policies made sense, but the loss would have had an even greater Margin than Romney.

So… electing Obama may have kept us alive for four to six more years… horrific conditions for men aside. Paul would have us dead in less than four, and Romney would maybe have given us eight more years.

All I can say is, get the hell out of dodge. If you cannot get out of the country, at LEAST get to a state that has friendlier laws and is way the hell away from New York, California, or DC.

I am voting for the Texas/Utah/Arizona area. In ten years they may be the only ‘America’ left.

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Avenger November 8, 2012 at 04:40

Would have had to be insane to support a man who encouraged abandoning the middle east and allowing the muslim fanatics to soon have access to nuclear weapons

Sure, I guess you didn’t hear of the Arab Spring. Only Israel has illegal nukes in that area.All Iran has is 5% enriched uranium, enough to run power plants that they need. Any oil they have they either need or need for export so that they can trade for other things they need. And do you think that the US can just attack Iran without Russia coming in? The Russians are also pretty dug in in supporting Syria. The Israelis want to expand, or at least have a buffer zone of weak countries around them. I’m surprised that the Russians are tolerating what the US is doing; bases in former Republics,missiles and antimisile defences around their country, US interfering right in their country with S Ossentia
and Georgia (both of these areas were under the protection and part of Russian for 200 years), those fake NGO’s the US has in Russia etc. And then you have the US Media(run by you know who) constanting attacking the Rusians on things like the lawful trial of the criminal Khodokovsky(not to mention the other criminals who absconded with billions and given protection in England,US and other places) Even Romney then said that the Russians were the No 1 concern Hmmm I wonder why.
We all know why Dr. Ron Paul was either ignored in the media or portrayed as some kind of nut. You had no choice in the election because both candidates are in the pocket of certain people. I guess that it never strikes you as odd that these candidates all go kiss the wailing wall or all Must be pro Israel and never even mention disolving the Fed Reserve.

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Avenger November 8, 2012 at 04:52

And btw, I wouldn’t assume that Obama is some sort of feminist. Boys are shaped by things that happened to them as kids. Obama’s mother dragged him around and he never knew his Kenyan father. She marries some Indonesian and she drags him there where he’s an outsider at school etc. Then she drags him to Hawaii where he went to a number of schools and then she dumps him with his grandma who likes to drink and doesn’t really like Negroes in general while she takes off back to Indonesia. I have a feeling that these early experiences left a very bad impression of females in his mind.

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American November 8, 2012 at 07:30

Conservatives have the deck stacked against them by democrats in the federal government pork bloating their voters, in return for their votes. Nearly all state and federal workers vote for more, and more federal pork bloating, by voting democrat.
Conservatives have the deck stacked against them by the American law enforcement “Manufactured statistics Alliance” with the Gender-feminist community, which is not only perverse, but un-constitutional. Gender-feminists can “Inflame” the masses with these manufactured statistics, and they will continue to win elections over, and over, and over, until these perverse and unconstitutional manufactured statistics Alliances are broken up.

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American November 8, 2012 at 07:38

Someone, somewhere will write the story “The rise of American gender-raunch”, and how they “Empowered” themselves not by extolling the virtues of being gender-raunch, but by “Inflaming” the public with their manufactured statistics.

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keyster November 8, 2012 at 08:41

When I was 18 I started smoking pot. It eventually led to meth, ludes, PCP, mushrooms, acid and coke. Anybody you hang out with that smokes pot always knows somebody else that can get other kinds of drugs. You like getting high and you want to experiment with different highs; like going from beer to vodka and whiskey. Most kids start out using pot and gravitate to harder drugs. They don’t ever say, “No man, I just smoke pot, I don’t do hard drugs.”. You get in with the wrong crowd and you’re set on a path to crime and/or addiction.

Besides pot is more toxic to your lungs than cigarettes. By the govt condoning pot use, we’re telling kids “Hey it’s OK to get high”. Pot is definitely a gateway drug to other various forms of a “good high”. Here in Colorado the “Dispenseries” can’t compete with the street, because they have overhead. It’s twice the price. And pot stores out number Starbucks in both Boulder and Denver.

It’s just another sign that our society is degrading and our culture changing. The Marxist counter-culture movement of the 60′s has won over the collective conscience – thru indocrination in acadame and reinforced thru the MSM. The Conservative message of individual freedom and self-reliance, smaller govt, etc. no longer resonates, because it’s not appealing to young people, minorities and women.

The GOP is the party of old white men. Democrats don’t represent old white men (unless they’re union members of course).

Romney was not as cool, hip and sexy…lacked the gravitas and charisma Obama has. Obama sings Al Green in perfect pitch, Romney sings God Bless America “a lil’ pitchy dawg”.

It’s impossible for the GOP to field anyone as cool and hip as Obama.
It’s all about star power – – our young/minority/female electorate doesn’t understand concepts like economic principles or what a Trillion of anything is. They do understand who Kim Kardashian is dating.

Keep them distracted with celebrity gossip and legalized weed.
Expand the enititlement society.
Eventual economic collapse.
The chaotic and violent streets of Athens today…in NYC, Chicago and LA tomorrow. Yeah, not much Romney could have done anyway. He was our last shot. Now we need to hasten the decline so I’ll live to watch it live on CNN.

Maybe those doomsday-preppers aren’t so crazy after all.
It’s coming faster than we think.

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shmiggen November 8, 2012 at 08:55

There are no conservatives, just moderate democrats and socialist Obama-esque democrats…like Canada or the UK.

There will be conservatives, but in their new incarnation they will definitely be left of where they are now. As you say, American Tories will start to look like UK Tories or Canadian Tories. (Or Aussie and NZ for that matter).

Old Conservatism:

guns, god, low taxes, patriotism, capitalism.

New Conservatism:

regulated guns, god, medium taxes, medium patriotism, mixed capitalism, health care for all.

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TFH November 8, 2012 at 10:01


I’m skeptical of the notion that Obama has problem with white voters–working class or otherwise. What he has is a problem with white Southerners.

I would agree.

But Michelle Obama openly detests white people, period.

I would say Barack’s bias against white Southerners were shaped by 20 years of Michelle and Rev. Wright. He probably did not have such bias until college or so.

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Huck Finn November 8, 2012 at 10:09

William, your article is a great piece: honest, insightful, and observant.

According to the Huff-Post: “The Obama campaign’s heavy focus on women’s issues for the past year paid off in a big way on Tuesday night, resulting in an 18-point gender gap that largely contributed to the president’s reelection”

— I think it is sad, dangerous, and symbolic of the dynamics and problems in our society with how politically we are seeing an increasing polarization of political values by sex with the tribe of men and the tribe of women increasingly facing off against each other. To quote a Biblical passage: a house divided against itself cannot stand. That teaching and observation is true for individual families, neighborhoods, communities, and countries. White Americans might remain the majority for some time yet we are a House divided against ourselves.

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Matt Strictland November 8, 2012 at 10:22

Note I didn’t vote as I live in California and my vote wouldn’t matter.

As for the win,

1st, election turn out was very low and that 2 million or so vote difference is more than likely what cost Romney the election. It was quite close in terms of the popular vote.

2nd , a lot of working class Whites, myself among them don’t trust Romney at all. I like his ethnicity and Mormonism well enough but he is beholden to facets of his party that are worse for the country than the Liberals. Obama sucks but Mitt would suck more I think

3rd, A vote for Romney is a vote for a war with Iran. Given that Obama is much less of a pawn in this regard and restricts his warmongering to drone strikes and hesitantly slowly reducing the useless wars we are in, we’ll O was a better choice on those grounds. The few people who think of these things probably considered that

4th, Excluding Obama care, Obama hasn’t done anything worse than Romney would do, and while a Romney win might slow the inevitable business backlash (I expect massive layoffs over the next few years) our decline into a 3rd world country with mass poverty and chaos is inevitable. In theory parts of the US might be saved as separate prosperous countries but even if a magic comet gave us the demography of 1969 or even a 100% White country our fate is sealed.

5th last, Automation made Socialism inevitable. If people have neither land nor work and perceive things as too unfair if there is any Democracy or are enough of a threat of rebellion or unrest , you will get Socialism.
The only around that is low unemployment , good wages for low to moderate skilled workers closed borders and a stable state retirement and public welfare system (you can’t have people saving 25% or the economy won’t grow) . Some nations try the export work around (Japan and Germany) but every can’t be a net exporter.

The set of conditions leading to a safe, civil, small State is difficult to achieve for a lot of reasons especially for the US In the end the US will be Latin America assuming something worse doesn’t occur,

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merrimac November 8, 2012 at 11:14

@ Rebel…Hang tight dude,…you’re in my prayers.

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American November 8, 2012 at 11:34

I believe Mens rights Activist could make alot of progress if we chose to make ” Healing the black matriarchal underclass” one of our foundational efforts.
God Knows the white Gender-feminist establishment isn’t going to help anyone other then fellow white gender-feminists.

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Pirran November 8, 2012 at 13:52

On a related note, Christian Mens Defense Network (CMD) has taken his blog private (for now – he could have just disabled comments) because of an avalanche of Gawker abuse from a piece that the fragrant Mallory Ortberg put up about his (perceptive) article on the slut vote (h/t unmaskingfeminism). Please feel free to add value to any of the delightful Mallory’s contributions on any of her sites.

Not that I’m asking anyone to beta-supplicate themselves in righteous fury at the “unfairness” of it all. Purely for the delight of the response from the outraged feminazis – some might even cry. Here are the original articles followed by her links (taken from my post on unmaskingfeminism):








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Rebel November 8, 2012 at 14:43


Thank you, friend.

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Mickey T November 8, 2012 at 15:46

I wonder what the climate will be like here at The Spearhead when Hillary Clinton has won the the White House in 2016. Right now there are slightly more women who vote than men. When Hillary is running, NOW will raid anywhere they can find an 18 year old female. According to CNN exit polls last Tuesday, 55% of women voted Dem and 45% of men did the same. When there is a female running for the White House in 2016 I suppose the 45% would increase sharply and the would be considerably more women voters.

We might look back and say we were better off with Romney in 2012 because he would likely win reelection in 2016 and there would be a good chance that Hillary would be “too old” in 2020 when she will be 74 years old.

I guess we’ll have a lot to more to forward to than an abortion shop and two castration shops on every corner.

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brigadon November 8, 2012 at 16:33

I am sorry, but the sheer amount of misconceptions (read bullshit) in your statements about drugs is astonishing. You normally have better sourced commentaries, I am disappointed.

No, pot is not even close to the amount of toxins that cigarettes put in your lungs. No, pot is not a gateway drug. Yes, pot can harm a developing brain, but it is far less damaging than nicotine in both a developing brain and an already devloped brain. And I don’t know where you lived, but where I grew up the weedeaters never touched the harder stuff.

The worst part is the analogy of ‘everyone knows someone that knows how to get harder stuff’. Guess what, in your average executive washroom, everyone knows someone that knows how to get cocaine. In the Navy, everyone knows someone who knows how to get meth. in high school, everyone knows someone that knows how to get… hell.. just about everything.

If anything, the pot legalization is states giving the finger to big daddy government. It holds hope that states may be able to reassert their own independence and decide on their own what level of sanity is neccessary. It means that states like my own, may no longer be dominated by liberal feminism dominated overpopulated nightmares like new york and California. It is hope.

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Szebran November 8, 2012 at 17:51


Hope U are able to continue posting for a long time.

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El Bastardo November 8, 2012 at 19:00

Loved the article Price; thanks.

Here: http://gloriusbastard.com/?p=1047

Great article you have written again. It really sucks that we don’t see much if any light in our tunnel right now. All we have is faith at the moment it seems.

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survivorman November 8, 2012 at 19:09


You’re an inspiration to us all, brother! Please keep up the *good fight*, and absolutely please keep contributing as long as you are able..

I can honestly say that you have assisted me in my “red pill” journey – Your posts here and elsewhere have been an inspiration to me for years..

Thank you!

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El Bastardo November 8, 2012 at 21:18

It’s just another sign that our society is degrading and our culture changing. The Marxist counter-culture movement of the 60′s has won over the collective conscience – thru indocrination in acadame and reinforced thru the MSM. The Conservative message of individual freedom and self-reliance, smaller govt, etc. no longer resonates, because it’s not appealing to young people, minorities and women.

And this

It’s impossible for the GOP to field anyone as cool and hip as Obama.
It’s all about star power – – our young/minority/female electorate doesn’t understand concepts like economic principles or what a Trillion of anything is. They do understand who Kim Kardashian is dating.

I did not want to repost your whole comment. These two parts stuck out to me the most.

I have often said to those in person that know me that for us to win any of our current struggles we have to make a counter-culture war. Also, of these, we need to reestablish our identity; and control our own narrative. Not Americans as a whole; but largely whites. I am not a White Nationalist. It comes from a conversation I had with a latina woman who was married to one of my supervisors comment to me about culture.

She informed me in a drunken haste that White Americans have no culture of our own. None of our own original food, dance, or ways of doing things uniquleyour own. I politiely did not comment. However, she is from Honduras; and I looked up her ountry’s food, and culture. It was heavily based from Europe. Like ours is; so her rhetoric fell on somewhat deaf ears.

It did strike me as odd so I did some digging. White people, I discovered, no longer control their own narrative. I have a suggestion; and I got it from a video game.

I was playing Assasins Creed 3; and their take on our history was awesome. White people from that era were bad ass. When I compounded it together with my knowledge of indentured servitude; and white slave history; I realized just how far we had been forced by disengenuous Liberals of all stripes who are trying to make a class war of everyone against white males by disconfiguring the face of our history to the public in favor of minorities. An affirmative action intellectual genocide against the true history of white peoples if you will. Again, I am not a white nationalist!

However; if the history I have been reading on white slavery is absolutely true; and I now believe it is-they fear us!

Think about it; we overcame slavery which was worse than blacks (they bought their freedom and bought slaves themselves something most Americans don’t know), we overcame our own slavery ( plus 600,000 white families suffered death for 400,000 black slaves and state’s rights), we overcame all our nations enemies, we got into space, landed on the moon, invented most everything of importance; we have actually made some of the most deadly martial arts, democracy, the best forms of government and the worst (that is not saying much), the storngest military tactics, most scientific and engineering marvels, also the best businesses, and the strongest most lasting empires (more or less).

The thing is; we have to be confused and befuddled; divided and conqured. It takes alot to put us down; and trough it all the aspects of our true culture are still there! We tend to have a wild, untamed, adventurous spirit. Why we explore so much, fight so much, take so many of the hardest assignments. Fight so many perceived injustices; even if we have no clue what we are doing or saying. We are not the monsters they paint us to be.

If left alone, and to our own devices we will naturally cause problems for everyone. Ths is the real reason now in my mind why we have to be brought low in the White and Minority Ruling Class’s eyes; we are a threat.

Since we have discovered most everything; we must be forced out of the way for someone who is more……….controllable. Most white men do not sit on welfare. They work their own way out of it.

The problem for governemnt will be when we stop supporting all these institutions; again, I am not a white nationalist-but I can recognize that right now white males are or maybe were the driving force keeping welfare and social security afloat.

We drop out altogether, and nothing will remain. The government, I feel, needs white men to keep working, having kids; but most of all…..not ask any questions! When have we ever been like that?

Never. If we are being replaced; what will take our place? So far, I am not impressed. It is unfortunate, but sometimes people have to learn the hard way.

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Cloud November 8, 2012 at 21:36

So Kirstie Alley is on the Jimmy Kimmel show right now, and she just told a “funny” story about how she would FORCE her infant brother to show his penis to her female friends and charge her friends 15 cents to see it. Of course the crowd was laughing.

Kirstie Alley: “I was my brother’s pimp.”

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numnut November 9, 2012 at 05:48

Terrible Kristie story.For those fems reading that are thinking “well that’s not so bad.”
Here’s the gender flipped version:
Thom Kruise had a party were he sold views of his infant daughters vagina for 15 cents..

Still so harmless?

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zed November 9, 2012 at 05:51

I wonder what the climate will be like here at The Spearhead when Hillary Clinton has won the the White House in 2016.

I don’t consider a Hillary win in 2016 to be very likely. In November 2016, she will be 69 and the only president who ever took office at that age was Reagan. Right now she is older than all but 3 presidents were when they took office. The Reps may be the party of rich old white men, but I don’t think the Dems have become their mirror and become the party of rich old white women.

The last time the Dems held the presidency for more than 2 consecutive terms ended in 1953. Since then we have had one 1-termer from each party, and the rest have served 2 terms and then the country switched parties – except in the case of Reagan-Bush I.

If the economy improves, the Dems might win a 3rd term, but I still don’t think it will be Shrillery. She is still too polarizing. One of the female senators, or the female governor of New Hampshire, might have a shot.

I think it is more likely that economy will just muddle along with no real improvement, and by 2016 the electorate will be ready for a party change. The Reps may decide to go with their own “Magic Minority” and nominate Bobby Jindal.

Or, they might try to go for the tingle vote and go with a ticket of John Travolta and Tom Cruise, ;)

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zed November 9, 2012 at 06:02


You know that no apology is necessary to this group. However, it was a fairly adroit way of introducing a difficult subject. I imagine that you have come to terms with the fact that you are coming up on the end of the road, and those who know you will have to come to terms with it, too.

I hope it has been a good ride for you.

It’s been good to know you.

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oddsock November 9, 2012 at 06:37

Zed, with respect. Rebel was far from an ” adroit way of introducing a difficult subject”. He informed the Spearhead readers of his illness sometime ago. Perhaps you missed it ?

I have done my best to stay in touch with him via email, it’s the least I can do to support a friend and one of the original guys that shovelled the shit that enable sites such as this one to come to life and develop.

Then again, he is only a Man. Who cares ?

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Jabberwocky November 9, 2012 at 06:47

The economy will rebound in the next two years, but it will never take off like a rocket again until the next techno revolution (nano/cpu singularity/space resources/new energy source; which ever one comes first). Wages for unskilled labor will never rebound, as we now compete in a global economy where unskilled labor is cheap and easy to find. The gap between the haves and the have-nots will solidify, but the have-nots will gain better job/income security than they have now through government intervention. Repubs will become more moderate, especially on social issues. Democrats will lose their credibility as Feminist orthodoxy’s distortions are begun to be called out. Obama will end his next four years victorious as he will take credit for the economic rebound that is more the result of the natural economic cycle than government intervention. Moderate tax reform will have taken place, but at that level it will unfortunately stall (The government loves to jigger with taxes too much to keep them streamlined). The Republican party will look very different in 8 years, but the Democratic party will look very similar, which will be to their detriment. The dance will continue, the music will change, and in circles we will spiral on and on to a more stable future. Everyone needs to chill out. Everyone wants to be an apocalyptic prophet. I’ve seen it before, like, 2,000 years ago.

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Ethical November 9, 2012 at 08:00

Troll King said:

As someone who is an atheist, who doesn’t give a shit about gayness or gay marriage, who doesn’t give much of a shit about abortion … I can understand those peoples concerns.

Troll King we probably have similar opinions. I’m against abortion personally, but I wouldn’t stop women from killing their own babies. However without criticizing your stance I will take on the typical self righteous liberal Obamite who condemns a pro-life stance as ignorant. It must be pointed out there’s typically more than a little intellectual dishonesty in their dogmatic support for abortion. Those who reject restricting a woman’s right to choose as being too extreme are the same people who refuse to be shown evidence of how truly grotesque and cruel abortions can be to babies, and on top of that demand such evidence be suppressed from the popular media. Having turned a blind eye to the suffering of innocent young humans these same people eat vegetarian to avoid cruelty to animals. They refuse to allow any discussion on the issue because “the right choice is obvious”. If abortion is the intellectually correct choice then shouldn’t it be able to withstand the facts?
Troll King said:

I have seen others talk about how they can’t stand Obama and the feminist-socialist libera/communitarians(collectivists)

Having myself in the paragraph above just criticized the many educated, liberal Obamites who’ve truly tired me out with their overbearingly self-righteous prattle, I have to disclose that as a democrat abroad I would have sent in my vote for him too … if I wasn’t so disillusioned this time around I abstained.

Like Towgunner I’m settling in for the reset and collapse.

@Rebel. Sorry to hear about the cancer brother. I wish that peace be with you.

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Mickey T November 9, 2012 at 08:35

RE: Zed Nov 9,2012 05:51

A lot things can happen between now and 2016, but at this time, it’s not unrealistic to think that Hillary would have a better chance of running in 2016 if Obama were reelected. There would also be a better chance of her even running in 2016 rather than 2020 because of age.

RE: Nov 9, 2012 6:02
I’m probably older than virtually all the men here and I have more experience (first hand) with Rebel’s affliction and I give this opinion with only respect and consideration to all:

Zed, I know you mean well, but you are acting like a fucking inconsiderate blithering idiot. Rebel really needs to hear that shit right now from people he respects and I only wish WF would remove your comment. If I’m not overstepping my bounds, I think it would be better if Rebel didn’t hear anymore of that kind of thing here. We should better judgment when trying to comfort our brothers.

Rebel, forgive me if I’m out of line, but among other deadly diseases, I’m a lung cancer survivor, so you might understand.

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Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) November 9, 2012 at 09:14


whenevr you guys are ready

your heritage awaits ye


why have men
homer, moses, jesus, mises, virgil, cicero, socrates, shakespeare, melville, hamlet?

why did men let the resentniks win, banishing the Greats from the college campuses and thecollective conscience?

when history is written, it will wonder why men forgot their natural, classical, exalted heritage.


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keyster November 9, 2012 at 10:05

Never. If we are being replaced; what will take our place? So far, I am not impressed. It is unfortunate, but sometimes people have to learn the hard way.

The European White Male has dominated the world in discovery and innovation for a millenium. It’s now time for women and people of color to have an “equal opportunity” to do the same, while the privilaged and guilt ridden white male steps aside.

California is the canary in the coal mine. They have a very liberal “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown as gov and liberals hold a super majority in their house. The people just voted for a tax hike on the rich so they wouldn’t have to make cuts to education (read: cover teacher’s pensions). They’re $60 Billion in debt and running at a $16 Billion annual deficit. Where California goes in the next few years, so goes the nation.

The Reps may decide to go with their own “Magic Minority” and nominate Bobby Jindal.

The GOP could run George Lopez for president and Eva Longoria for VP, and they still wouldn’t win even 50% of the hispanic vote. Grant amnesty to all illegals, and that voting demographic DOUBLES. Mexicans receive very little from their govt, so getting housing assistance, food stamps, free medical care, etc. from ours is like utopia. Our local Social Services office in my town of about 80K is packed with mexicans, (mostly madres with bambinos in tow), every day. They are very good at applying for govt assistance; have the game down pat.

Democrat strategy is one of identity politics because IT WORKS. The GOP is “the party of ideas”, of which no one fully comprehends because it can’t articulated into a neat sound bite, like “the war on women”. If the Dems and GOP launch into a pandering war for the votes of special identifiable groups – than what’s the point of the GOP, or even a two party system? The GOP will be like “blue dog” democrats and the Dems will be the socialists.

The GOP MUST drop their social issues narrative to survive. Abortion, amnesty, gay rights, equal pay, free college tuition, Judeo-Christian ethos, war on drugs, etc. The people have spoken and they want a center left country that enforces social/economic justice and equality…with rich white men. Once ObamaCare is fully instituted the framework is in place for a quasi-socialist government – – run by liberal elitists (think Mayor Bloomberg) who think they know what’s best for the unwashed proletariat outside of Washington DC.

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Lysander Spooner November 9, 2012 at 10:17

Secession is on the horizon.

Eff the wimmin, and the illegals and the welfare receipients, let them own their sh*t and pay their own bills.

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TFH November 9, 2012 at 11:35


The Reps may decide to go with their own “Magic Minority” and nominate Bobby Jindal.

Indians are less than 1% of the US population (although they are over 4% in Canada by now). He just won’t pull Hispanics at all.

Indeed, the fact that the only two Indians in high office in the US are Governors of Deep South states (Louisiana and S. Carolina) means that white Southerners voted for them, due to the quality of their message rather than color. Most of the whites in LA or SC probably don’t even know many Indians in person (very few live in those states), yet still had no problem voting for them.

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Mickey T November 9, 2012 at 12:23

A recent poll shows that 42% of people who voted for Obama, used his “presidential” response to to Hurricane Sandy as a major factor in deciding to vote for him.
I don’t how much of a part the last four years played in the decision.

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greyghost November 9, 2012 at 12:38

I like the idea of secession.
you have a good point about the social issue thing. I would drop it in fact the whole social issue thing is just government telling people what to do any way. The republicans should just be a party of any body can do what ever they want. No priviledges for any one. Gays marry? ok one at a time. Want to kill your baby honey? Sure that lady there is a abortion doctor she’ll help you waste that bastard. You girls wantto be tankers? sure just sign here. That would be the way to go. Bill Bennette the asshole whiteknight himself should push for a male birth control pill that the men will have to pay for with out tax payers dollars to show how tough he is on male responsibility. Nothing done to date has helped men like being shamed into buying birth control pills to prove you are a responsible man would. That shit would even work with blue pill manginas and whiteknights. imagine that manginas and whiteknights working and living as MRA’s (now that is leadership)
One thing for about this election the old line about the imigrants (mexicans) coming to america because they are hard working christians was just shot in the ass. What was it 70% of the ones that could vote voted for free shit from the government just like the empowered women. Can’t compete with that they are now the majority. How that fixes the only the male land owners can vote debate the original founders of the constitution had in place to keep this from happening.
For your viewing pleasure and a tell for a new MRA
BTW a new man may be joining the spearhead crew. He was depressed about the election returns and I gave him a place to go see what happened and why.

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Rebel November 9, 2012 at 12:53


Doing one’s best to write without spelling mistakes is a sign of politeness and respect.

I have shown, in the past, that even if my Enlish is far from perfect (not my mother tongue), I can write without making spelling errors.

I tried to explain to my friends here that my errors were not due to a lack of respect or a “don’t care” attitude but a “failure of concentration”.

I understand that no one required an apology: it just seemed like the proper thing to do. See no further than that, Zed.
There was no clever calculation on my part.

Oddsock, Mickey T: thanks.

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TFH November 9, 2012 at 14:16

Secession? Not going to happen.

More likely, some clever country will realize that productive Americans want to go to a low-tax place, and will fast-track citizenship.

Singapore has a points-based immigration system. They could easily choose to enable the highest-caliber applicants to become citizens in 6 months.

Once one country actually tries to roll out the red carpet for American expats, things will start to happen. A lot won’t even have to leave, but just having that option will reduce the amount of taxation the US can impose before the ‘Saverin effect’ occurs.

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TFH November 9, 2012 at 14:20

People, the vote fraud is so obvious. I am shocked that on one sees it.

Obama got 8M fewer votes than in 2008. Expected.

But Romney got even fewer votes than McCain 2008. How can that be?

Also, every swing state that was polling dead even ended up going 5%+ for Obama.

Clearly, 2M or more Romney votes were hidden and discarded. The fact that he got even fewer votes than McCain, on top of the huge margins in the key swing states (but not a similar 5% carry-over in safe states) makes it obvious.

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Ole Johansen November 11, 2012 at 11:19

“Everyone is talking about the racial element of the election, and although it’s very relevant to who won, in terms of policy it won’t make much of a difference, except perhaps in the Supreme Court. White nationalists ought to accept the fact that the United States is no longer a “nation” in the true sense of the word. We are not a people united by common culture or ancestry, and nobody can change that at this point. ”

I’m very disappointed over this,Mr.Price.
I see that my money donations are better used elsewhere.

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Ole Johansen November 11, 2012 at 11:31

The white voter turnout was almost 7 mill. less than 2008.
That I think is a significant message.
Is anybody in here heard of the “Sailer strategy”?

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