What a Relief

by W.F. Price on November 7, 2012

It’s over. Now we can get on with things.

My take on the election is that people stuck with the devil they know, and are still smarting from the disastrous Bush presidency. However, I think Obama owes Clinton big time for campaigning on his behalf. That clinched it, because Clinton remains so popular with working class folks in the swing states.

As for policies, it will be a mixed bag for men. Neither Republicans or Democrats will openly support reform. My local elections made that obvious, with Republicans promising to crack down on men with more domestic police hunter-killer squads if they were elected, and Democrats merely promising more of the same goodies for women.

The one good thing Republicans might do is cut programs that openly discriminate against men, but they will more than happily shift more of the burden onto fathers, as they did in 1994. Democrats, for their part, seem dedicated to preventing children in the first place (the little brats compete for public funds with voters) rather than punishing men. In fact, the Obama administration pushed states not to run up men’s arrears while they are incarcerated — a much needed reform of an extremely punitive and cruel practice that put many poor fathers in eternal debt simply for being unable to pay a couple months of child support. What judges would do was imprison men without trial for owing arrears, and all the while the arrears would grow while they were in jail. This would lead to a cycle of debt and imprisonment for men who had not even committed a crime (owing child support is not a crime, but it is treated as such).

Everyone is talking about the racial element of the election, and although it’s very relevant to who won, in terms of policy it won’t make much of a difference, except perhaps in the Supreme Court. White nationalists ought to accept the fact that the United States is no longer a “nation” in the true sense of the word. We are not a people united by common culture or ancestry, and nobody can change that at this point. The US is essentially an empire, and nationalities are always subordinate to the empire. Try asking 1st century Jews in Palestine how it worked out when they defied an empire — not very well. However, if this bothers white nationalists, they should console themselves with the fact that white Christians are the single most powerful nationality in the US, and will remain so for a long time to come — probably permanently. After all, Romans still exist; we just call them “Italians” today.

If there is to be any reform along ethnic lines, it should be to recognize different nationalities (all of them, including white Christians) and grant them all some basic rights as peoples – not just individuals – including the right to live according to their customs, religions, and so forth without having to go against their values.

In the long run, exotic ideologies like female supremacism will wither as other factors, such as placating squabbling nationalities fighting for a piece of the pie, grow in importance. I am quite confident that feminist policies and initiatives will come to be little more than empty platitudes as the realities of imperial and provincial bankruptcy begin to dominate politicians’ concerns. In countries such as Mexico, for example, feminism gets plenty of lip service, but in practice it doesn’t exist.

We are going to face an era of high taxes, inequality and a negative sum fight over dwindling returns. America has had its day, and as triumphant victors usually do, it squandered its advantages, and is now in maintenance mode.

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