Nice Guys and the Perils of Ovulation

by Featured Guest on October 28, 2012

By Lyn87

Normally I don’t pay much attention to – or put much stock into – the latest “study” in the pseudosciences, but this one caught my eye. Apparently there’s a new psychology study that confirms what most of humanity has suspected all along: nice guys need to watch out.

The study was conducted by Martie Haselton, a professor of psychology and communication studies at UCLA, and UCLA doctoral student Christina Larson. Given the feminized climate at UCLA there is not the slightest chance of anti-female bias, so when these two admitted that women’s mating priorities can swing wildly over the course of their ovulation cycle, you know they’re on to something.

The gist of it is that women prefer stable men most of the time for their long term relationships, but when they approach the most fertile part of their cycle they become more dissatisfied with those men and prefer more “sexy” men.

That won’t surprise anyone here, and it is merely the short-term version of the typical carousel-rider’s long-term mating habits: go for “sexy” alpha men when she’s young and fertile, and then settle down with a nice beta provider as her fertility dwindles.

It’s one thing to watch as many young women go feral – now that we’ve removed the stability that patriarchy used to provide to family and society we have created two generations of women who would have been considered unmarriageable as recently as 50 years ago.

It’s another thing when a young blue-pill guy marries one of these creatures today.

Not to worry, though, say our intrepid “experts.” Her preference for “sexy” during her maximum monthly fertility does not translate into wanting to break up her long term relationship. They assure us that, “… “Mr. Stable” need not worry too much as the apparent negative feelings during ovulation don’t seem to affect long-term commitment.”

See? There’s nothing to worry about. She may screw the bass player when she’s ovulating, but she’ll be back when her hormone levels even out. Isn’t that nice?

In other words, if you’re a stable provider-type, the woman who is content to consume your resources is happy to be with you for three weeks out of the month. The flip side is that she is most likely to cheat with a “bad boy” precisely when she is most likely to conceive. No problem, though: she still wants you (or at least your resources) for the long haul to help raise the kid.

It just won’t be your kid.

The researchers give the obligatory nod to the pseudoscience of evo-psych with this quote, “In the reproductive arena, women probably evolved to desire men who could contribute both quality care and good genes,” Haselton said. “The problem is that there is a limited number of potential mates who are high in both. So many women are forced to make trade-offs.”

Trade off? Hardly. The destruction of the normal family structure has created the conditions that give today’s feral young woman everything she wants: the genetic material of the “sexy” guy and the resources of the stable one.

If even the Psychology Department at UCLA tacitly admits that women have a natural propensity to cuckold nice guys, I cannot fathom why it is still considered acceptable to put any man’s name on a birth certificate without DNA confirmation.

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