An Environmental Upside to Feminism?

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by Featured Guest on October 20, 2012

By Stephen Gee

I’ve traveled a fair bit during my lifetime. In recent times I’ve either visited or lived and worked in China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, Laos, UK, France and Germany. You could say I regularly ‘visit’ many places too – principally but not exclusively the UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada seeing as I’m an addicted netizen.

There are disturbing consistencies I’ve noticed in all these places which I’ve joined as ‘idea dots in my head’. Those dots are giving me an image I can’t really ignore and don’t like much.

Whether it be in Melbourne, Bangkok, Leeds, Ostend, Shanghai, Auckland, Los Angeles, Seoul or Berlin, it’s the same picture I observe, to a lesser or greater extent, but always the same picture.

Gridlock, pollution, waste, land, air, soil and waterways spoilt by……………. US.

Try, if it’s legal your way getting out of your car at a random spot and proceed to walk along the side of any major highway connecting cities anywhere for oh, say 100 meters. I’ve done this a few times on different continents but always with the same results – I’ve needed a plastic bag to collect the casually discarded cigarette packets, drink cans, bits of vehicles, glass bottles, and yes – plastic bags too.

Try finding rivers anywhere that humans exist in significant numbers that aren’t to some degree polluted.

Try finding a major natural, as in not man made, forest that isn’t degraded and shrinking.

Try breathing in downtown Shanghai, Paris or Auckland.

Try swimming in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River. Try finding green space anywhere in inner Shanghai or Seoul.

Try finding beaches near any urban center that aren’t to some degree strewn with washed up garbage – most usually plastic.

Try moving between any two major cities anywhere on the planet by road transport during busy times without being in a traffic jam.

From what I can see unless humans radically alter their behavior you won’t be able to do any of these things, not now and not in your lifetimes. The way things are headed possibly your children and grandchildren won’t be able to do those things in their lifetimes either.

Demographers tell us there are now 6 Billion humans inhabiting planet earth. They tell us that given current trends 3 important and converging demographic forces are on the near horizon.

First global population is increasing – some demographers reckon we’ll be at anywhere between 7.5 and 10.5 billion by 2050.

Secondly, more and more people are living in energy hungry cities which are relatively alienated from nature compared to rural and wilderness areas.

Lastly Billions of people worldwide aspire to the materialist levels of existence experienced by western / first world countries.

Adding these three factors together I can get the sinking feeling that during my lifetime I’m only going to see more of the somewhat ‘Silent Spring’ like scenes I’ve described above.

Then enter feminism (aided and abetted by misguided chivalry) and it’s unleashing of the materialist, hypergamous modern female.

Much has been spoken here and at A Voice for Men about the prevalence of sexist greed inherent in feminism, and of the forces of hypergamy in females being an instinct which left unchecked by culture leads women to use men as resource providing disposable appliances. Also much has been written at this site of men’s part in our current malaise – men who in cowtowing to their instincts to mate giving women the pussy pass and overindulging women generally with misandric laws and social conventions.

So I’ll try not to bore my audience by belaboring my point about such matters too much.

It’s simply this – given the growing international cultural meme that for men relationships with modern women come with terrible risks attached, and with the inevitability relatively soon of more forms of male birth control I’m beginning to have a line of thought that feminists unwittingly and inadvertently are doing us all a favor.

Namely that in the not too distant future more and more enlightened men, put off by modern women’s voracious appetite and empowered with their own new forms of birth control will become a powerful force to depopulate the planet to more environmentally sustainable and unpolluted levels.

Perhaps then I’ll come to owe feminists another ‘thank you’.

After all they’ve already inspired me to go my own way and become a human being rather than women’s appliance as I formerly was.

So perhaps I’ll someday also be thanking them for inspiring millions upon millions of men to protect themselves against women’s baser instincts and become the Green wing of Men’s Rights Activism.

It’s an intriguing thought isn’t it?

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