A Typical Local Political Ad

by W.F. Price on September 23, 2012

Evidently, American women are under siege, even here in Washington state:

The above is one of a few ads against John Koster, who is running in the WA 1st district against Susan del Bene, another Microsoft lackey (like Maria Cantwell).

There’s another one in circulation with the same message that I couldn’t find on YouTube, but it gives away the real demographic target of these ads: older women. Although young women are pictured above, these issues seem to be most important to baby boomer women, which confuses me, because they have no need for either birth control or abortions.

However, a guy I used to work for, a boomer himself, told me he thought that these boomer women who had abortions will go to their graves defending the feminist ideals, even if they had a negative impact on their lives, such as childlessness.

I’m starting to become resigned to the idea that boomer women are going to vote us into a full-fledged feminist mess no matter what, and it’s going to take an even worse economic crisis than we currently have to finally force a change.

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