Why Leftists Bash Creationism

by W.F. Price on August 29, 2012

One of our local petty luminaries, Bill Nye the “science guy,” recently lectured parents about teaching their children to believe in Creationism, saying that they are bad for doing so. Here in a West Coast city (Nye got his public career started in Seattle), bashing religious conservatives is about as brave as stomping on baby bunnies, but for some reason people always receive applause for doing so anyway.

As is often the case, Nye is wrong about a number of things, such as the claim that denial of evolution is unique to the US (plenty of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and people of other faiths all over the world have the same or their own Creation beliefs).

Anyway, it got me to thinking about the issue, and while I do accept evolution and don’t believe the world is only a few thousand years old, I don’t see why Creationism is any more damaging to children – or society in general – than the idea that all people are created equal, which is widely accepted despite being untrue (at least in the literal sense).

Additionally, it’s a lot less harmful than the “progressive” idea that gender is a social construct, which continues to be taught in universities across the land, despite being a harmful lie.

Another thing to consider is that if you do accept evolution as scientific fact, Creationism and associated religious faith fits right into the concept of natural selection, as faith is an adaptive trait. People who are believers have larger families, and therefore propagate more of their genes. If natural selection is a good thing, and leftists do tend to attach moral significance to it, then what’s wrong with adopting a strategy that provides an advantage, even if it consciously contradicts scientific wisdom?

I think the reason Creationism bothers leftists is just that: it gives their competitors an edge, while their own popular fallacies and illogical beliefs do the opposite.

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