Augusta Admits Two Women

by W.F. Price on August 20, 2012

Augusta National, until this week a private men’s club, is now a mixed-sex club featuring two women, Darla Moore and Condoleezza Rice. Is this a tragedy, a triumph, or something else entirely?

Atlanta sports columnist Mark Bradley thinks it’s great, and writes that the organization has changed the world for the better:

Some may see this as the fall of one of the last bastions of male-dom, but here’s what we say to such folks: Come out of that cave, men. Nothing is the way it used to be, and a lot of what used to be wasn’t right and/or proper to begin with. Credit Payne for realizing that there’s a world outside the gates of a golf course. Credit him for being the man who finally made happen what needed to happen.

So long as Augusta National was men-only, the question would have been asked: “Why is it men-only?” There was no good answer to that, and there could never have been a good answer. The only right response was to render the question moot. Billy Payne has, and Augusta National is better for it. And so, in a small but significant way, are we.

Oh come on. What “significant” difference does it make to the vast majority of Americans that one of the most exclusive clubs in the country added a couple more elites?

Because the club has become a fixture of the political and business elite of the US, this move was probably inevitable. Elitist societies tend to lack what the French revolutionaries called “fraternité” (a sense of brotherhood), and the divide between elites and the rest of the country in the US has grown considerably over the last half century or so.

One of the historical realities that is often conveniently ignored by “pro-equality” feminists is that societies that feature many powerful women – and there have been a lot of them – are typically highly stratified. Social hierarchy and female power go hand in hand. It’s quite natural if you think about it: who’s usually more concerned about social status, men or women?

Augusta is simply adapting to the new normal, but it might as well have been part of it for years, so perhaps Mr. Bradley is correct in writing that there’s no good reason for the club to be men only anymore. However, to suggest this is progress is absurd.

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