What Will Future America be Like for Women?

by W.F. Price on August 4, 2012

I’ve been reading the Detroit blog for years now, fascinated by the decline of the once great city. Nature is reclaiming the decaying urban landscape as residents flee to safer and wealthier towns and neighborhoods outside the city. Aside from a few diehard holdouts, those who remain are often the most hapless and dysfunctional of all. Houses in Detroit cost less than used cars, police budgets are strained, and streetlights are being turned off to save money. It’s a hell of a story of a modern city going to ruin.

If it weren’t for vast, middle America, many of our other cities would be suffering the same fate. Our urban centers rely on commerce, consumers and taxpayers across the nation. If our nation’s economy truly becomes hollowed out, and it looks as though it’s headed in that direction, there will be a number of Detroits across the land. California’s smaller cities are already going in that direction as the state is bankrupted by entitlements and Democratic policies.

So how will this affect women? Feminists are known for supporting economically destructive policies across the board, so I thought they might be interested in what life is like for the women left behind in Detroit:

He first had sex with a hooker when he was 18. He’s been with hundreds of them since. And he’s put a video of nearly every one of those hookups on his website. “I just like bad girls,” says the 36-year-old Detroiter who goes by the name John Juan, the persona behind foulfowl.com. “I’ve always liked bad girls. The temptation has just always drawn me in, and finally when I got up the courage to do it, I enjoyed it.”

For a decade now, he’s shot video not just of himself having sex with prostitutes, but also interviews with them talking openly, often enthusiastically, about their lives as street hookers in Detroit. They share vivid stories about their arrests, their addictions and their customers — the ones who’ve raped them, the ones they’ve robbed with knives or guns, the ones who show up with wives who want to watch, even the one man who pays for their services, takes them to a motel, ties them up and shouts Bible verses at them. Many of the women he films are weathered and aged by drugs and sickness and thousands and thousands of johns. Some of the site’s subscribers, particularly those from Europe and Asia, ask him to find the most haggard prostitutes possible, and he gleefully complies.

“Two nickels are better than a dime, and 10 pennies are even better,” his website’s motto once declared.

He’s chronicled hundreds of them — emaciated ones, obese ones, a few visibly pregnant ones. Some are toothless, some have open sores on their skin, some are covered in scars. Some admit reusing condoms, or having diseases; others shoot up heroin or smoke crack in front of him. The settings are seedy motels, vacant buildings, dirty apartments, weedy alleys, even the backseat of a stripped-out stolen car once.

The hookers he finds have sex with him for just a dollar or two, or for a ride somewhere. Once it was for some chicken wings, another time it was for some hair gel. One took two Newports as payment.

Absent a technological breakthrough along the lines of the industrial revolution, there are going to be a lot more of these stories going around very soon.

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