Spearhead News: Olympic Edition

by Featured Guest on August 3, 2012

Spearhead News

Ever wonder why those in the manosphere complain about media bias?

Well take a look at this: a screen shot from the Yahoo.com “news” contributor Anna Holmes. Full article here.

You may remember this is the same Holmes of Jezebel fame. She is, of course, the creator of that left-wing feminist enterprise. Both Jezebel and Holmes herself are known for their misandrist attitude, and violent fantasies about men.

Interestingly enough, the piece quotes another feminist in journalist clothing, Ana Marie Cox, formerly the Washington Editor of Time.com, and current Washington Correspondent for GQ, who got her big break by publishing the story of Jessica Cutler, a Capitol Hill intern who was trading sex for cash with politicos and blogging about it, thereby transforming her into a feminist heroine.

The “news” article, as one would expect, has a feminist, though mostly racial slant, with a links to far-left magazine The Nation and Twitter comments disparaging Bob Costas, who noted the historic, barrier breaking nature of the first black woman winning a gold in all-around gymnastics. However, not enough non-whites are in gymnastics or even crew, Holmes whines, and this is a sign of the Olympics as being too elitist, too white, and of course, secretly racist. Sexism rears it’s ugly head too. Girls just doesn’t have enough opportunities to play sports, nor access to appropriate equipment or facilties, she says, citing approvingly a study by the feminist National Women’s Law Center. “Doesn’t sound to me like so many barriers have been felled after all,” quips Holmes.

Anyhow, as of today the U.S. has won medals in 43 events. More than half, exactly 24, had been won by women, either individually or as part of a team. Quite a few of these were team effort, more so than with the men, so the total number of women as opposed to men, who will leave with medals, as of today, is 31 for men, and 44 for women. That’s a 58.6% vs. 41.3% breakdown in medals, resulting in a 17.3% disparity. Yes, the Olympics are sexist indeed! Just not the way poor little Anna imagines. You can check out Yahoo! Sports medal page to see for yourself.

Is it any wonder why most men don’t believe mainstream news organizations anymore, assuming they bother to check them? American women are doing better than men in the Olympics (just like in college admissions and graduation rates, the number of suicides, levels of incarceration, yadda yadda yadda), and yet shrill feminist dragons like Holmes scream sexism every chance they get.

Time to check off Yahoo News as a reputable news source, if you haven’t already.

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