Chick-fil-A President Shows Why Traditional Marriage Losing Support

by W.F. Price on August 2, 2012

The fact that Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, opposes gay “marriage” really shouldn’t be a big deal. About half of the United States feels the same way, so what’s the major controversy? It appears that if you’re one of the “good people,” that is, you are more wealthy, famous and fortunate than others, you have to support progressive causes. Because it’s the morally right thing to do. Or something like that…

This has led to some shameless bigotry on the part of blue city mayors. They are indistinguishable from Bull Connor, who defied the Constitution to enforce his views. Menino, Emmanuel and others of that ilk are the real intolerant bullies of our time, and they’re playing the part very well by denying Constitutional freedoms on behalf of a tiny, but powerful lobby that exerts disproportionate influence in their cities.

As for gay marriage, it’s a contradiction in terms for many Americans. It never would have gained support if marriage itself hadn’t been hollowed out and cheapened, and gay marriage advocates themselves rarely hesitate to remind us of this. One of the most common arguments in favor of gay marriage is that real marriage is a miserable failure amongst heterosexuals, so why can’t homosexuals join in? After all, it’s a joke anyway…

But Dan Cathy has decided to hold the line on the gays. That’s where the gay marriage opponents screwed up. First, they winked at adultery, then they lionized single mothers by choice. Then, they demanded victimized men pay faithless wives for their transgressions. And here we have Mr. Cathy holding himself and his family up as an example, because “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives.”

Well, Mr. Cathy, you are a member of a very privileged class. You inherited a thriving business from your father. You live in a mansion. You are rich beyond most Americans’ dreams. And yet you brag about the fact that you are in a traditional marriage. It isn’t much of an accomplishment, Dan, when your wife has such a plush life. Try keeping her when you can barely afford that new house or car she wants. Try keeping her when you answer to other men at work, and so does she. It isn’t so easy, and neither you nor your fellow Baptists make it any easier. Instead of going after the gays, why not the women who leave their husbands?

I’ll tell you why Cathy goes after the gays. It’s because they are an easier target in Christian circles. That’s why his endorsement of traditional marriage rings hollow. Homosexuals are barely 2% of the US population, and they marry at far lower rates than heteros. Yet Cathy would have us believe they are a threat to the integrity of marriage.

Pure bull.

I don’t believe in gay marriage, but frankly I don’t care what homosexuals want to call their partnership. It isn’t my business, and I don’t care. They can say they are married, just as Muslims can say Mohammed is the final prophet and spoke the word of God, and I’m free to hold my own opinion about it. It’s crazy that they want in on such a damaged institution, but I don’t think most of them intend to use it anyway, and that is the only reason I am hostile to the idea: it looks like more of an act of aggression against heterosexual norms than anything else.

However, I and other straight men ought to have a lot more issues with men like Cathy over their hypocrisy. How many Baptists get divorced? How often do their women file? It’s a national embarrassment, and here Cathy – a wealthy heir – rubs it in our faces and plays holier than thou.

Well Mr. Cathy, if you care about the sanctity of marriage, you’re wasting your time fighting the gays. Time to clean up your own backyard first.

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