“Heroic” Single Moms

by W.F. Price on July 25, 2012

Stories about women shoplifting and subsequently abandoning babies when caught by security have grown in frequency in recent years. Maybe they think by taking a baby on their stealing jaunts they will be immune from suspicion, and then when they get caught figure that the baby will help them get away. Or maybe they simply aren’t thinking at all.

The following video shows a mother ditching her child when caught by WalMart security, closely followed by the child’s hefty aunt, who fights off the security in the parking lot. The mother is pretty fast; you can see her running full-tilt – away from her baby – down the lot on the way to (temporary) freedom.

The two women were picked up at a local dance club partying it up a short time later.

I wonder how much more of this it will take until preachers stop carrying on about the “inherent goodness of women” and depravity of men. How much more maltreatment and neglect of children will it take before default mother custody and glorification of single motherhood finally comes into question?

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