Jewish Feminist: Holocaust Survivors “Judenscheiss”

by W.F. Price on July 21, 2012

We often see white nationalists claiming that feminism is a Jewish invention cleverly designed to attack the white race. If Jews could get white women to hate being mothers and wives, the reasoning goes, then white people will be bred out of existence. A number of people seem to fervently believe this, and think that if only we could erase pernicious Jewish influence white women would magically transform into the angels that animate their febrile fantasies.

Well, sorry folks, but modern political feminism started before the Jews were even emancipated in the UK. When Abigail Adams pushed John Adams to grant suffrage to women shortly after the American Revolution, does anyone think there was some fiendish rabbi whispering in her ear? To assume that women need Jews to tell them to ask for more than they already have is to demonstrate the darkest ignorance about the nature of women.

The psychic forces that contribute to feminism are always simmering under the surface of human society, so feminism will easily emerge under the right conditions. Women will leverage their sexuality for political favoritism when the opportunity arises, just as men will use their political power for access to women when they get the chance. Feminism is simply a politicized form of prostitution whereby women gain favors and privileges en masse by virtue of being sexually desired by men, and nothing else. This is why, year after year, feminists can get away with the spectacularly self-serving and obvious lie that their material accomplishments are so meager because men didn’t “give them the opportunity” (i.e. give them more money, power, etc.).

In the following article, titled “Breaking Bad Karma,” a Jewish feminist who writes for Jezebel goes on a really nasty rant about her grandparents’ generation, essentially calling them moral degenerates and spiritually sick. She uses AMC’s Breaking Bad to draw a comparison between Jews and Walt, the show’s meth-cook protagonist:

I wondered if anyone had alerted Hitler that in the event that the final solution didn’t pan out, only the handful of Jews who actually fulfilled the stereotype of the Judenscheisse (because every group has a few) would remain to carry on the Jewish race—conniving, indestructible, taking and taking. My grandparents were not excluded from this suspicion. The same year, during a family dinner conversation about Terri Schiavo, my father made the serious request that should he fall into a vegetative state, he would like for us to keep him on life support indefinitely. Today he and I are estranged for a number of other reasons that are all somehow the same reason.


…Walt and Breaking Bad express one of our most inherent psychological fallacies: the ability to do any number of consciously reprehensible things while persisting in considering ourselves the protagonist at all times. From world wars to breaking hearts, we cling to the destruction done to us in the past as a justification for the destruction we will cause in the future.

The above is no different from the Anglo feminist who spouts hateful nonsense in a gender studies class about the “evil Christian patriarchy”; you know, the one that nurtured her and built the institutions she uses to denounce her kinsmen. Or the Irish Catholic feminist, like Mary Daly, who does her best to undermine her folk and religion. Or the black feminist, like Oprah, who funds some of the most awful fictional portrayals of black men out there today. There are so many examples that it would be easy to fill a page off the top of my head if I went on.

Feminists can’t help but try to tear down their own people, no matter who they are. It’s a shameful impulse, but so common that anyone who is familiar with it can instantly recognize the pattern. The reason for this behavior is that the tribe demands sacrifices from its women that they often don’t want to make. Under ethnocentrism of any sort, which is and has always been the human norm, women have an obligation to be good wives and mothers; not to kill their children, fool around with the strangers, have fun at the community’s expense, etc. However, lots of women – especially feminists – really feel resentful about this. So what do they do? Naturally, they trash their tribe in an effort to provide a justification for not doing their duty. When feminists attack their own people, it is just a means to rationalize their disobedience and lack of loyalty. They don’t need anyone to convince them to feel this way, because it’s human nature to be selfish, and no women – not even Jewish ones – are immune from that tendency.

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